Saturday, June 11, 2005

Orthodoxy Versus Neo-Paganism

Came across an interesting letter from a Russian Orthodox perspective, that I got off an Orthodoxy in England, of all places, website. The cleric seems to be saying that neo-paganism is both a return to the materialism of the Jews as well as that of the humanism of the Greeks, which in biblical terms means pagans. This excerpt stuck out for me:

On the other hand, there are those who would make our Orthodox Christianity into a mere shell of a religion, just another form of secularist humanism. They would swim with the tide, merge with secular Western values, simply because that is the easy way out. This is the religion of the Greeks, who rejected the New Testament in favour of an easy way of life, refusing Christ, because He did not justify their world and instead preached the other world. And His Church followed Him, preaching in the language of Christ, not that of Neo-Puritan political correctness. Beware, their secular values are the values of apostasy, they are the values which give birth to Neo-Paganism, where anything goes.

Does this seem to have a cryptic meaning? There are many who want to discard the Orthodox Christian canons in order to accommodate the world and its ever persistent promotion of sexual "liberation" and idolatry of the material things of this world.

What this letter does not directly address, understandably because it comes from a Russian perspective, is the recent pseudo-intellectual Greek movement of neo-paganism, which also is one more backward trend of modern, secular and humanistic degeneracy.


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