Monday, June 06, 2005

Live Long And Smoke

Came across a fantastic, to say the least, website that has fantastic stories about tobacco smokers who have lived extraordinarily long lives:

Britain's oldest man, George Cook, died at 108 in his sleep in September, l997. He "smoked heavily for 85 years before giving up tobacco at the age of 97," ("World Briefs," Houston Chronicle, 9/29/97).

The Scottish Daily Record (12/15/97) reported on Ivy Leighton, 100, who smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 84 years, but cut down somewhat after her 100th birthday. April claimed smoking was the key to her long life.

There are two men who claim to be the world's oldest living humans, but their birth dates cannot be certified. One is Ali Mohammed Hussein, who claimed to be 135, of Lebanon. He "smokes like a chimney," but does not drink alcohol [CNN World News, "Born in l862," Brent Sadler, 5/13/l997].

Smoking is one of the only vices I still have, it feels too good to give up, I love cigarettes, always have, and I think always will...Stay away from hard liquor , that kills. Have a glass of wine , only on feast days, and drink to The Glory Of God.


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