Saturday, June 04, 2005

Greeks Killing Greeks

The Library of Congress informs us under its Country Studies/Area Handbook Program regarding Greece:

The decriminalization of adultery was another legislative reform of the early 1980s that had resonance in the structure of Greek society. The overturned adultery statutes, whose application followed the traditional sexual stereotypes by falling predominantly on women, had called for fines or imprisonment. Legalization of abortion, a process that had begun in the late 1970s with expansion of the conditions under which the law permitted abortion, brought conflict with the Orthodox Church and conservative elements of secular society. Abortion on demand at state expense was legalized in 1986. The number of legal abortions rose from 180 in 1985 to 7,338 in 1989.

This information, which has been cross-referenced with other international research bodies, would reveal that both New Democracy,which dominated parliament in the post-Aprilist 1970s, and PASOK , the dominant political party of the 1980s, are equally culpable in the mass murder of countless Greeks slaughtered by their whore-Greek-mothers with the aid of murderous-Greek medical professionals.


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