Thursday, June 02, 2005

Post Script to "Documentary On Greek Nationalism Reviewed"

The Hellenic Nationalist comrade who provided us with the report that became the blog entry "Documentary On Greek Nationalism Reviewed" now provides us a Post Script:

I forgot to mention something about this program that I just recalled. While they were interviewing the leader of Tripoli's anti-Fascist cell, they were standing outside in front of a dilapidated, spray-painted building that said something about Velouchiotis.

The anti-Fascist mentioned how Golden Dawn would spray-paint over "walls, buildings, homes, and anything else" (the idea that Golden Dawn would vandalize homes is ridiculous, of course) and then he admitted how his organization would go out and alter their texts or spray-paint over them (can't you be arrested for announcing on public television that you are a vandal?). The camera showed some of their"work". One of their vandalizations consisted of turning the final "η" in "ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ" into "α" so that it read "ΧΡΥΣΑ ΑΥΓΑ" ("Golden Eggs") which I'm sure you've seen plenty of times before. Such name-game stupidities that border on kindergarten-style humor are evidently very popular in Leftist artistic expression. I guess it makes sense considering Leftists typically retain the mental age of 5 year-olds.

Anyway, what struck me as truly moronic was that these same anti-Fascist Leftists would mark out the phrase "Long Live Metaxas" and write beneath or above it "Long Live Venizelos".

It's true that Venizelos and Metaxas would publically exchange political letters debating the positions of one another in the newspapers, but there was always a sort of respect between them. For example, on Metaxas' accession of Prime Minister and dictator, Venizelos' widow begged Metaxas not to let anything happen to the remains of her deceased husband and Metaxas swore that he would not allow the desecration of Venizelos' tomb. And even though Venizelos was the leader of the Liberal party, he was hardly a liberal or Leftist. In fact, it's difficult to claim that Venizelos was NOT a nationalist. After all, he was a major proponent of the Megali Idea and because of him much of Greek territory was expanded. Considering his role in the Asia Minor Campaign, one would think that Leftists would consider him an "imperialist".

But the fact that is most ingrained in my mind is that Venizelos actually praised Mussolini -- something I doubt those anti-Fascists know about. Here's a relevant excerpt from the essay "The Ideology andCharacter of the Metaxas Regime" by Constantine Sarandis (published in "The Metaxas Dictatorship:Aspects of Greece, 1936-1940"): "In everyday politics acclaim for fascism, and in particular Mussolini's Italy, came from such staunch republicans as the Liberal leader Venizelos [...]". Ironic, isn't it, that anti-Fascists praise a man who praised Fascism? I guess the joke is on them.

But Leftists, as we both know, are largely ignorant of history and have few heroes in Greece and thus often manufacture them. A recent example is the death of some Communist by the name of Charilaos Florakis who was recently praised by the president of Synaspismos as a "contemporary Makrygiannis" (!) despite the fact that Makrygiannis was a devout Orthodox Christian and revolutionary nationalist leader whereas Florakis was an atheist and staunch internationalist.

For more info on this, you can see an article by Diktyoy 21( ,
which was also published at E-Grammes:


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