Monday, June 06, 2005

The Futility of Western Conversation

I came across this eloquent letter on Serbian-Hellenic Forum , republished below with the author's permission. Many salient points are raised and many good observations are noted. This is certainly a great narrative on the futile conversations, the void of intellectual depth, the basically heathen "spirituality" of the God-less and lust-crazed West:

To Zlatiborac

Posted by Someone named George on June 6, 2005, 4:36 am, in reply to "Re: Why are Serbs such a bad people?"


There is really no point in attempting to stimulate an intellectual conversation with an American or Western European citizen. These people not only know nothing about the rest of the world around them, but they know nothing about the very societies they inhabit.

Since the Western "way of life" is centered primarily around the obsessive and perverse pursuit of pleasure in order to temporarily distract these desperately lost individuals from the unbearable reality of their valueless and superficial world of market values and nihilism, they only know and understand one singular thing: to engage in selfish, immoral, and hedonistic activities in a pitiful (and subconscious) effort to prevent the personal existential crisis lurking within the recesses of their weak minds from shattering their pathetic grasp of reality.

Thus, the Westerner surrounds himself with vast materialistic comforts, attempts to climb the inconsequential social ladder of the inconsequential company firm he works for, and engages in animalistic and perverse sexual indulgences. By engaging in the afore-mentioned activities, he can sit back and delude himself with the self-gratifying idea that he is finally a somebody, that he has accomplished something in life. This goal of simultaneously justifying his worthless existence and escaping the cold, hard truths of reality drive him further and further in the abyss of selfishness and hedonism and leaves no room for any other pursuit.

Consequently bereft of all intellectual pursuits, the Westerner is by default an ignoramus. He knows nothing. Nothing about the world. Nothing about his society. Nothing about the primal actions that drive him. And nothing about himself. Yet the individualistic, selfish, and egotistical pattern of life that has ingrained itself in his shallow mind prevents him from accepting these facts which may hurt his narcissistic perception of himself. And so he believes himself to be master of the universe when he is not even master of the obvious.

The Westerner, unable to engage in a thorough and objective search of Truth because, after so many years of being intellectually-bankrupt, has completely lost the ability to reason and, also far too absorbed in planning the next attempt to fornicate with any given slut, cannot be bothered with complex questions surrounding any given multifaceted event. So instead, the Westerner relies on others to do the thinking for him: he relies on the simplistic and politically-motivated propaganda he sees on television and reads in various rags to tell him what is true and what is false, what is right and what is wrong, and then proclaims these absurdities as his own educated conclusions and interpretations of global events. A natural dunce, he is content with whatever disinformation is fed to him. After all, every single one of his sources for information are Western and know, best of all, how to target the imbecilic minds of the Western populations they need to influence for whatever reason.

But even if the Westerner knew facts that discredited the government's and media's version of events, he wouldn't care. It's not in his interest to care about anything above his own self. And, in fact, it would be detrimental for him to speak out the truth to his fellow employees and buddies during the water-cooler break at work. He would have to defend his non-comformist arguments for the very first time in his life. But, worst of all, he would no longer look globally informed to his peers, the very people whose judgements he relies on to gauge his social standing. So, for the Westerner, it would be best to live in blissful ignorance: believing everything that the majority was instructed to believe without questioning a single detail and then recounting the same propaganda to his fellow man in order to seem "educated" and "important" when, in truth, he was -- and would always remain -- brainless and without any worth.

So the next time you are approached by a self-proclaimed Western genius spouting out "facts", remind yourself of this and realize that you are not being confronted by a man but by a machine incapable of independent thought.


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