Monday, June 06, 2005

The West's War On Fun

Breaking News is that even medicinal marijuana will be outlawed all over America:

June 6 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to the medical marijuana movement, ruling that federal narcotics laws ban the drug even when it never crosses state lines and is used only to relieve pain or nausea.

The federal government lists marijuana among the most strictly controlled drugs, a classification that also includes LSD and heroin.

It's amazing that the biggest exporter and purveyor of pornography worldwide , has such an intolerant stance on a substance that has been proven to alleviate the pain of those suffering from immeasurable pain. The issue is basically, drugs are fun. And the West's War On Drugs, I am convinced has become a War On Fun. The motive for outlawing mood altering substances is baffling, until one examines the American initiation of legislation that allows Corporations to monitor their employees for drug use. In effect, it seems , that this is a quest to make Westerners better and healthier robots. To be good effective workers. It can't be anything else. The "Big Brother"-like aspect to the War On Drugs is taken to even greater extremes in second world countries desperately trying to ape Americans. There is no better example than Greece, where drugs are socially taboo, yet porn and "casual sex" are never treated with even close to an equal level of vitriol.


Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

unless i misunderstood u are u saying that ''fun drugs'' or wateva shouldnt be banned? probs misunderstood u, but anyway,
yes if they ban drugs there should also be sumthing done about ''casual sex'' but i think banning drugs is step of the way closer to doing sumthing about other demonic things lyk ''casual sex'' and other stuff.

2:20 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

No, I disagree. Drugs are a social topic to tyranize a public and a cover for the pushing of far more spiritually destructive behavoirs in society.

In Greek society I've witnessed that somehow in almost every social setting it is acceptable to berate "the evils of hashish smoking" and get into hysterics about kids smoking a hashish cigarrete , meanwhile murderous whores who kill Greeks (mainly their own children) are never discussed and are even protected by the law and by social norms. The full spectrum of political persuasions crys in unison over marijuana/hashish which granted does have proven medical beneftis for mankind, yet even clergy will not open their mouths by and large and utter anything about rampant homosexuality, promiscuity and abortions. Maybe because that's how the foreign masters want it?

BTW, I am not taking this stance because I am a marijuana/hashish smoker ,I am not, but I would be a liar and a hypocrite, like many Greeks are, if I said i never smoked and enjoyed marijuana/hashish. I personally don't use marijuana/ hashish because it gives me eccentric thoughts and tends to ruin my relationship with God and leads me to spiritual fall. But somehow , based on observations, I really doubt that this is why concensus is against hashish/marijuana.

In fact, cannabis plants are native to Greece and could potentially be a very lucrative export crop for the Fatherland, and could possibly help to wean the Nation off its reliance on far more destructive means of income from foreigners like homosexual and sexually perverted tourism.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

One more thing.I don't mean that all clergy will not open their mouth over rampant homsexuality, promiscuity and abortions. Only the most visible clerical leadership in Greece will not.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

I disagree that the United States' "War on Drugs" is a "War on Fun" and driven by corporate interests to keep the population better and effective workers.

After all, if it was really a "War on Fun", then the United States would not be so tolerant towards the perverse level of sexual promiscuity and sexual aberrance that are viewed as civil rights matters (and normal human behavior!) by the general American population.

The fact that American girls have their first sexual experience by the tender age of 15; the fact that oral sodomy and, to a lesser extent, anal sodomy, are viewed as acceptable sexual acts by mainstream society; the fact that revolting acts of female homosexuality have become so appealing to demented male viewers that they can be openly and widely broadcast on network and cable TV without fear of offending anyone; the fact that every manner of sexual perversion is available with a simple click of a remote control; the fact that every few months a new state is legalizing homosexual "marriages"; and the fact that those who profess ideas like waiting until marriage to engage in natural forms sexual intercourse are considered freaks of nature all prove that abnormal forms of "fun" are not only tolerated but promoted.

Furthermore, if corporations truly wanted to create effective and disciplined workers they certainly would not allow such raging and rampant lechery and debauchery to prevail considering that sexual addiction is far more destructive and addictive than any substance known to man.

In fact, if corporations wanted more effective and disciplined workers they would forcibly administer them intellectually-boosting, physically-boosting, and mood-enhancing drugs so that productivity would not only increase by ten-thousandfold (or more) but also so that the workers would be content with whatever working conditions existed and with whatever meager pay they received (if any at all).

Still, the real reason why there is a "War on Drugs" in effect has a great deal to do with corporations. Just imagine what would happen to the multi-billion dollar profits of the tobacco industry, the alcohol industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and a plethora of other major commercial operations if even a single illicit drug was legalized. They would all plunge drastically because many of their products would be rendered redundant at best and obsolete at worst. Thus, the Capitalists, who have major influence in US politics because of the funding they supply to the major political parties, work hard to keep illicit drugs as illegal as possible. That most of the world has followed suit is no surprise when one considers that most countries blindly follow the United States on account of its status as a superpower and those who aren't as subserviant are given major incentives by the United States government to fight a global war against drugs.

In addition, I must also disagree with your characterization of cannabis as a "mood altering" substance. While cannabis has some effect on the emotion and mood of the user, its most obvious trait is manifested by its mind-altering effects which drastically alter the perception of reality and state of awareness of the user. This highly distorted perception extends not only to difficulty in reasoning and problem solving, decreased coordination and concentration, and major short-term memory loss but even extends to the inability to correctly perceive time and to pulsing, stroboscopic visual effects. As such, cannabis, rather than being a "mood enhancer" (in the way that opiates are, for example), is better categorized as a psychedelic -- or, at least, a semi-psychedelic since most of the psychedelic effects are manifested in higher doses. (Although one could successfully argue that cannabis is not a hallucinogen, modern proponents of psychedelics do not define psychedelics based on their hallucinatory effects, but more often on their mental effects.)

Concerning Greece's bizarre social taboo of drugs but extreme tolerance towards promiscuity, you are quite correct. Ironically, things used to be the other way around. During the 1970s, for example, the US government funded studies of cognition in Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Greece -- countries where high-dose marijuana use was common -- amongst men who had used marijuana heavily for many years. Considering that the results of thesestudies, to my knowledge, were published just shortly following the fall of the Junta and that the subjects were chronic users, one may conclude that these studies were conducted during the Colonels' Greece. But that's just speculation.

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