Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Dynamic Genocide Duo: Germany And Turkey

An opinion article posted on the History News Network argues that Germany and Turkey should "atone for the guilt of genocide" by teaming up to stamp out ongoing Genocides:

Jews have an unusual set of rules about penitence. Acknowledging guilt is essential but, in Jewish tradition, it is not sufficient. Rabbinical wisdom teaches that apology to the victim is required, which Germany has done. The guilty party is required to make restitution for the harm inflicted, which Germany has attempted to do to the extent that such a thing is possible. But the final step only comes when the penitent faces the same situation a second time, and acts righteously.

Germany and Turkey now have that chance. These two nations can atone for the guilt of genocide by going to Sudan and ending the genocide that the Sudanese government is committing in Darfur.

At the end of the First World War the government of Turkey behaved very much as the government of Sudan is now behaving. The Turkish Army murdered tens of thousands of Greeks, a native population that predated the Turks in Anatolia by more than a millennium. In a calculated policy of ethnic cleansing, 1,400,000 Greeks were driven from their ancestral homes. The fate of the Armenians was far worse

There are two major contentions I have against this asinine suggestion.

My first contention is that in the post-modern West, there are historical precedents of genocide allegations wrongly hurled upon Nations targeted for their unwillingness to bow to the American-led "international community" and its often-times imperialist and globalist agenda. The most recent precedent of such a crime , is NATO's ghastly 78-day bombing campaign across the width and breadth of Yugoslavia in 1999, when, both Germany and Turkey competed against each other in whose airforce could drop the most explosives on civilian populations, a civilian population that ,ironically, they were both militarily allied against during the Great War in the beginning of the 20th Century.

My second contention is the indisputable fact that Germany is the sole country in all of recorded human history to not only verbally apologize for a genocide, just one not all the others, but also to pay enormous sums of money in reparations, and even to reconstruct, at great cost, the community centers and religious institutions of the one ethnic group that happened to get restitution for a genocide. Can anyone reasonably imagine Turkey publicly apologizing for the genocide of its native Christian subjects, much less pay restitutions and to build , at their expense, any of the countless cultural institutions or religious holy places destroyed by that criminal country?Can anyone even imagine the Greek political establishment merely mentioning such a suggestion?

Finally, what makes the article cited above and the suggestion of Germany and Turkey working together against Genocide most absurd, is ifluential scholarly analysis that notes German Responsibility in the Armenian Genocide

Turkey and Germany were stalwart allies during The Great War, scholars and documentary evidence indicate, that Germany as the dominant technological and military power in the relationship, assisted Turkey in its anti-Greek boycotts and deportation (i.e. ethnic cleansing) of Greeks living in Asia Minor, during the Great War.


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