Saturday, June 11, 2005

Helleno-Orthodoxy In Africa

The informative Arab news source Al-Ahram Weekly has a great article on our Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Africa , and Helleno-Orthodoxy's ancient and enduring legacy in Egypt and all Africa:

Agios Georgios, the Church of Saint George, stands on the ruins of the Fortress of Babylon, the Byzantine garrison around which clustered the earliest beginnings of Cairo. The circular church with its towering dome dominates its site in Coptic Cairo. It is here, and not at his official residence adjacent to Alexandria's Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, that Theodoros II receives me

He is clearly proud of the Hellenic heritage, and his work entails collaborating closely with the Greek government and diplomatic missions in Africa and elsewhere. Following his time in Crete he worked in Cameroon, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

In sharp contrast to Western churches, the Greek Orthodox Church does not suffer from dwindling attendance. The faithful flock to the churches, and not just on feast days.


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