Sunday, August 21, 2005

Athens Is Doomed

The IHT International Herald Tribune has a report on Bakoyiannis and what they allege to be her attempts to beautify the city of Athens , however, despite attempts to introduce more green landscaping to this urban misfit, Bakoyiannis and all Greece is still relying on what has been the main and the major source of revenue for Greece in recent decades--tourism:

But no one is quite sure whether Bakoyannis will remain in City Hall long enough to preside over a continuing transformation that could lure more foreign tourists, who are critical to the Greek economy, contributing 18 percent to the gross national product

The real figures on gross national product should put tourism somewhere around 50 percent, and its has only been recently dwarfed by foreign capital influx from the European Union.

What will really beautify Athens and ensure a steady tourists flow is a mass deportation of third-world immigrants, such as Pakis, after all, the major reason these Western tourists bother strolling around Athens is because it has fewer 'darkies' than those that roam the streets in their home countries. But then again, no tourism at all would be even better. Tourism only makes our women whores, and our men faggots.


Anonymous slsplb said...

I have mixed feelings about tourism. The aim is to attract wealthy and good tourists who are happy to flash their wallets, enjoy and admire the historic splendour of our nation. I, personally, feel ill at ease when I see throngs of sloven backpackers, dishevelled drug addicts and lost souls wandering in our midst without a Euro to spend. These are not the kind of tourists that will contribute to the Athenian economy.
It is correct to say that excessive tourism will bring in its wake the detritus of the thirld world. I agree with HN, the way to attract good quality tourists is to fumigate and erradicate the unsightly thirld worlders that batten sacred greek soil. These freeloaders are turning Athens into an ugly city. Where are our qualities of appreciating aesthetic beauty gone ? where ? What is happening to our wonderful land ?

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