Sunday, August 28, 2005

How Pathetic "Legendary Greece" Has Become

These excerpts from The Times of London say it all:

It is late August and the Greek islands have suddenly found themselves swamped by hypocrisy. Every summer young British tourists — slappers and meatheads and imbeciles one and all — are decanted from cut-price jets into the nightclubs of Laganas, Ayia Napa and Faliraki, where they set about rescuing the local economy.

Their mode of operation doesn’t vary: drink as much as is humanly possible and then form a brief relationship with someone they met just after they were both sick and, if still possible, consummate that relationship swiftly, and preferably in a public place. This arguably altruistic act ensures that the grumpy black-clad locals are able to enjoy affluence instead of struggling by with only an emaciated goat or a small weekly catch of mercury-laden sardines for income

Dimitrios Varvarigos, the socialist MP for Laganas, believes that Brits who have been espied enjoying sexual congress in the town square should be extradited. “Young Britons have been shown in photographs engaged in acts that are not only low life, but criminal,” he remarked this week, adding that he’d seen a pair at it on his way to work that morning. Presumably, while these young people are offering a public demonstration of the collective British libido, the black-clad Greeks are hanging around with their Canons primed and ready.

For the Greeks it is an altogether simpler matter. As that minister of tourism said: “Like it or not, it is these kids who are paying the bills and propping up the local economy.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The second quote that you highlighted....why did you do that?

This is just some random vapid article which supposedly shows the true state of Greece?

If you needed this article to tell you that Greece produces nothing (except for tourism...the problem is that Greece has gone after the lowest of the low, i.e. Brits, instead of higher end tourism, not the fact that the locals are flipping out at the pathetic Brits), then you need help.

2:15 AM  
Anonymous slsplb said...

There is not much that can be done other than tighten the existing statutatory legislation which deals with good customs and decent behaviour. People caught fornicating in the open air ought to be removed from public view by the relevant authorities, be hauled to the nearest airport and waved goodbye. It is inane of the councillor to make such comments if they are not followed by action; instead he should have levelled a complaint to the police when his sensibilities were offended on the way to the office.
The kind of tourism that converges in the areas mentioned in the article is the lowest of the low from the U.K.. Let's be sensible if an aerea is inundated by rugamuffins, dont' expect virtuous conduct. The authorities are turning a blind eye to the moral depredations visited upon their island by loutish tourists. Tourism is a soft industry,subject to the vagaries of circumstances; the island does not depend on tourism alone for its economy, tourism is a contributor to the economy, and it could very well do without the flooding of backpackers,drunkards and fornicators who in an overall balance, apart for their nuisance factor have empty pockets.

6:45 AM  
Blogger Deucalionite said...

Yet another interesting post adelphe Hellenic Nationalist. Moreover, I agree with adelphe slsplb's comments pertaining to what Greece should do when tourists disrespect the nation they are visiting.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you Hellenic Nationalist for posting the link that directed me to the picture of Europe in 2015. It was very helpful for my geopolitical analyses.

I left a message in your post entitled "Europe in 2015," but I think I was too late to grab your attention. Sorry.

Thanks a lot adelphe and come by and visit my blog when you have the time.

Later adelphe.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Perun said...

I actually saw a program about all the "hip" nightclubs in Greece and how American/British tourists go there. My question is, why travel hundreds if not thousands of miles just to go to a shitty nightclub?

I dont know, but if I go to another country, I want to experience the local culture in its true folkish nature; food, customs, religion, etc. Oh well, perhaps Im just insane ;)

2:38 PM  

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