Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Segregation, New York Jewish Style

Came across this very interesting news article about vandalism to a new home owner by Hasidic Jews. The upstate New York region is replete with insulated Hasidic Jewish communities, and is also home to a small Monastery of the Genuine Greek Orthodox Church Of America, I have heard some stories first hand of racial harassment of Greek Orthodox Christians, by these Jews up there, a group of them came across a troupe of our clergy men and dared to spit in the face of one of our hardy older Priests, and he got a gob of spit right back into his Jew face. This sort of harassment and use of racial segregation is, in fact, a Jewish tradition.

It is safe to surmise that the only reason why this particular vandalism incident is even covered by a New York newspaper is because it happened to fall on this Alain character, who sounds by his name to also be a Jew, but in this case not a Hasidic Jew:

New Square house vandalized

August 19, 2005
NEW SQUARE Part of a house that a California-based real estate investor bought recently at a foreclosure was purposely knocked down this week, Ramapo police said yesterday.

The owner, Alain Fattal, angrily pointed at rubble Wednesday afternoon, blaming the Hasidic Jewish community for destroying his property to prevent him from owning the house.

Fattal, 34, said he bought the house as part of his business after the previous owner didn't pay the mortgage. He said he had been waiting to negotiate a price to sell the building to the community, but village leaders never called him.

"I am very upset at this hooliganism," Fattal said. "No one has the right to destroy another person's property. This is despicable and uncivilized."

He said he would file a civil rights complaint with the FBI and the state Attorney General's Office.


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A Jew victimizing another Jew. pathetic.

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