Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hard Times For Europe

If Holland,one of the most prosperous members of the EU, is beginning to fall on such hard times, imagine what will become of those members at the bottom of the food chain, or at the very bottom in Greece's case.

I was amazed to read of the growing poverty in Holland as reported here, this was long considered the model of European prosperity and was one of the original seven most industrialized countries of Northern Europe to sign on to and found the European Union:

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands Marielle de Vries, a single mother of six, doesn't have much choice about what to feed her family for dinner.

De Vries has depended on the Food Bank for survival for more than two years. After she and her former husband spent years fruitlessly job hunting, their marriage broke apart over financial worries.

She lost her job as a supermarket cashier and government-funded job placement programs have been unable to help her find a new one.

"I know what hunger feels like, but the worst part is the guilt," she said. "I can't even afford to buy my children an ice cream."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get Greece out of the zoological European Union deathly embrace.

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