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The "Macedonian Orthodox Church" Problem

The Serbian-Hellenic Forum has a very interesting post , which I reproduced below, on the "Macedonian" problem. For those of you not in the know, the "Macedonian" issue is an issue of probable future plans by the degenerate-Slav government ( staffed by former Communist apparatchiks) of Skopje, or what is called by the UN as the country of F.Y.R.O.M (Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia) to attempt to seize Northern Greece under the pretense of their false historical arguments of ownership to one of Greece's most legendary regions , situated in Northern Greece. There are several good resources on the net on the "Macedonian" issue, check out Real Macedonia's collection of links for in-depth study.

As I reported and commented on here:

We must not , however, delude ourselves into the false belief that a tiny ethnic group composed of confused ,bumbling Slavophone peasants have somehow made the giant leap from professional pig shit shovelers to becoming well spoken,influential,savvy lobbyists able to convince major international decision makers. The Slavophones have very powerful actors doing all their lobbying for them, and picking up the bill.

A host of enemies of the Greek race have lined up under the "Macedonia" banner and now the government of F.Y.R.O.M is even advancing an attack on traditional Orthodox Christianity in this troubled land. We must also not delude ourselves into thinking that the "Macedonian Orthodox Church",cited below, does not have worldy backers , such as Soros the Jew perhaps, outside F.Y.R.O.M.

Very recently I was told that the OCA Orthodox Church In America may be partial toward this anti-Greek heresy--those of us who know this OCA outfit should not be in the least surprised, the OCA is a submarginal group , also of dubious Canonical jurisdiction, that I like to call Orthodox-Coca-Cola, which advances such absurdities as an all English language church and a dream of an "American Patriarchate", which it also hopes to lay claim to in some unforseeable date. From my own personal research into this group, I have noted that practically every single clerical person has an anti-Greek mind set, that at times reaches the point of all consuming neuroses. I even witnessed one OCA Priest making a speech berating Greece for "being Byzantine" and called for "separation of Church and State in Greece" and ended on the note that "America is the answer(!) "

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Greek and Serbian friendship in the context of FYROM problem

Posted by Igor Malinovski on July 30, 2005, 4:49 pm

Both Greece and Serbia should excersise their respective diplomatic,economic and other capabilities in defeating the statelet of FYROM.The alarming news emanating from Skopje reached it's peak with the arrest of Bishop Jovan (John) for his role as a leader of the only legitimate Church in FYROM,the "Pravoslavna Ohridska Arhiepiskopija" http://www.poa-info.org Bishop John was expelled from the schizmatic "Macedonian Orthodox Church" because of his introduction of Greek language as the language of the Lithurgy in FYROMian town of Veles.

John has been imprisoned for now the third day.You can read about his martyrdom on the above link

It has been 4 days since His Beatitude the Archbishop of Ohrid and Metropolitan of Skopje Jovan (John) is imprisoned in the prison Idrizovo, near Skopje. The Archbishop John was given before the worldly court by the schismatic organization that calls itself Macedonian Orthodox Church, but which has not been recognized as such, nor does it have a liturgical communion with any of the local orthodox Churches in the world. The Archbishop John, who is recognized and confirmed by all the local Orthodox Churches, was accused by the schismatics for praying on his private property, for participating in the ordination of orthodox Bishops and for "writing" a theological text, which they found to be offensive on their behalf.

The Macedonian judiciary, which has been highlighted as the most corrupted part of the Macedonian society convicted the Archbishop John to a two-and-a-half-years long prison sentence. This specific alliance between the neo-communist state Republic of Macedonia and the schismatic and heretic organization so-called Macedonian Orthodox Church, conducting a sort of an inquisition, convicted the Archbishop John to a strict imprisonment.

The Archbishop John is the only confessor of the faith who, in modern Europe, has been convicted and put in prison because of his religious beliefs.

Link: News from POA about Bishop John


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