Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Great Enemy Of Greeks Is Greek

The Turkish Weekly is happy to report on the recent motion by the Greek parliament to take the power to license places of "worship" away from the Church of Greece, and hails yet another Greek scumbag:

Professor George Moustakis represents a different face of orthodoxy - a campaigner for interfaith understanding who joined a petition in favour of a mosque 17 years ago.

"I've always opposed the connection of church and state here in Greece, which has meant the church took the decision about other denominations and other faiths and their buildings for worship," he says.


Anonymous kstunic said...

The Orthodox church should reject outright any such notions by the political establishment. If they are strong enough to make a stand against the scumbags of the political mafia they can be reassured of maximum support by the majority of faithful and followers of the our church.

The problem lies with the church itself , there are internal divisions that need to be healed or paper over before they can present a unified and strong enough voice to make the political clowns tremble. Greece is part of the EU. The EU is an atheistic body, the political class of Greece are mere servants of the EU moloch. The Greeks run to the polls to cast their votes for the same rotten thieves that are ruining the country and enslaving us tighter within the EU concentration camp. The Church remains the only bastion capable to rescue us from the mess, the church should adopt positive and assertive steps to prevent the "hired political bufoons" from subverting national life.

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