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Why I Do What I Do

This comment is re-posted from a very recent comment I made to recent comments by "Suybju":

All the sick realities of modern Greece- rampant abortion,homosexuality, promiscuity, porn, liberalism, multiculturalism, communism , socialism...the list can go on for eternity, came from the JEW-RUN West.

So yes, Hellenic Nationalists everywhere ought to hail the eventual destruction of the land of deviant-heretical-barbarians who degraded ,enslaved ,murdered and occupied us for many centuries.

"Holocaust denial" really annoys Jews, that's why I like posting on it, and why I'll keep posting on it. I was not the one who made the Jewish so-called "Holocaust" a Hellenic issue, the current Hellenic government has made this Jewish bullshit an issue by issuing official National Days,building Jewish so-called "Holocaust" monuments and mandating that this Jewish bullshit be taught in Greek schools to Greeks.


Anonymous MOTHERFUCKER said...

To each his own opinion................but still that's no reason to support the Barbarian East! You can't be a nationalist and side with the Muslim devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the reason why Hellas is in this state is because nationalists like yourself have no good ideas, and just lob the blame here and there, and everywhere but your own incompetence to actually stop talking and go do something....something other than beating up some Pakis or Heroin junkies....something truly going to Thermopyles, waving your flag, and picking up the trash that is strewn around it.

Or, how about taking the fight to the commies instead of letting them take it to you??? What the hell are you afraid of, being called a fascist...cos most nationalists are afraid of being called a fascist by those butchers of the left that have Hellenes hands staining their souls.....but NOOOOOOOOOO....fuck|n great...from reading this blog I see that nationalist have their brains they have for the past 30 stop saying the jews this and the jews that cos you are only hurting the nationalist cause by distracting from the real problems....instead of blaming others...and might just be making some good points....DO SOMETHING....annoying the jews will get you nowhere. Ignoring them, avoiding them, and acting without a care about what they think against whatever machinations they have will. Prepare a defense that will win the heart of the public...right now you are only making yourself into a Zionist you ask? You'll be used to defame Hellas, and perpetuate the myth that Hellenes hate jews...when it is truly the other way around.

And how about this...why should nationalists hail the destruction of the WEST...when the WEST BELONGS TO HELLAS!?!?!? It's quiete clear that you do not think this is the case....the Hellas created the WEST, the WEST BELONGS TO is Hellas sob to reclaim it

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Anonymous motherfucker said...

PS motherfucker is an easier way to spell and remember Suybju

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Anonymous Phoenix said...

We are all Palestinians now. We are all subservient subjects dogs under the heel of the Zionist and their international cohorts that owns the life of every citizen in the European homelands and further West.

The Zionists are pulverizing Lebanon in the same way as they rubbleized Germany in the 40's.
Following up the carnage of whites in Europe with the opening of the flood gates of organized and institutional immigration into their nations, the adoption of the new religion of human rights and antiracism wich is a lethal program, a toxic coktail to accelerate the misgeneation , the dilution and obliteration of the races in Europe.

Palestine and Palestinians are going through the same process of physical disintegration and destruction. The bottom line is the same, destruction of Palestine and Palestinians through military force, and gradual destruction of the sovereign nations and races of Europe by flooding their lands with the potage of degenerates from the colored world leading to a colossal mixing of races to produce a new race of hybrids comparable to the Brazilian experiment. In both cases the sponsor, generator and executioner of the diabolical plan is the proverbial and eternal wanderer.

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Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Attacking the Prthodox Christian character of the Greek Nation, whose greatest epoch was the 1,000 year reign of Byzantium, is just more Jewish bullshit.

Read all the comments above, in order to understand Jewish bullshit (neo-paganism).

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hellenic Nationalist said:
quote: "Holocaust denial" really annoys Jews, that's why I like posting on it, and why I'll keep posting on it.''

LOLOLOL funny shit
keep the good work up.

Helllenic Nationalist said:
[quote]''the current Hellenic government has made this Jewish bullshit an issue by issuing official National Days,building Jewish so-called "Holocaust" monuments and mandating that this Jewish bullshit be taught in Greek schools to Greeks.''

very well said... who cares about Jews.. i don't see Israel teaching is skools about Greek genocide by the Turks, since the 1300's where the Turks started taking parts of the Greek Eastern Roman Empire slowly, slowly.
Not only that, Orthodox Christians have being killed in Yid-rael wen coming out of the church, as well as Priests...on numerous occasions... so why should us (most of us Greeks are Christians anyway) remember their bullshit holocaust in return, which is eggegerated anyway?

Motherfucker said:
[quote]''And how about this...why should nationalists hail the destruction of the WEST...when the WEST BELONGS TO HELLAS!?!?!? It's quite clear that you do not think this is the case....the Hellas created the WEST, the WEST BELONGS TO is Hellas sob to reclaim it''

Well Hellenic Nationalist is a Christian and lyk myself, he would not lyk to see whorish Western influence continue to infultrate Greece and attack Christianity.
wen we mean West we dont mean Western technology, medicane etc etc. but Anti-Christian Adulterous immoral crap and other immoral stuff that goes against God and (decent morality) that comes from Western society and is allowed to breed by Western Liberal democracy.

Hephaistos said:
[Quote]''The real Hellenic nationalists do not worship foreign gods and a religion that, although largely Hellenic in nature, also has a Hebraic element. The real Hellenic nationalists do not worship a Jewish woman called Miriam as the mother of god. A real Hellenic nationalist does not worship a bunch of unemployed and uneducated drunks and wanderers called the Apsotles that later plagirised Greek thought but put Jewish characters in the story. A real Hellenic nationalist never bows to any person or any god. A real Hellenic nationalist does not kiss the hand of an older man. A real Hellenic nationalist abides by the laws of Solon and not some rants of shephard called Moses.''

so wat if Christianity was not born in Greece.
so wat if a Greek Nationalist bows to God and Worships holy Jesus...
does that make him not a Greek Nationalist all of the sudden?

there is nothing ''Un-Nationalistic'' or wrong about worshipping ur creator, God, that gave YOU life and many good things.

and there is nothing wrong with worshipping a religion that SAVED Hellenism during the Ottoman times...
As corrupt and fucked as the Greek Orthodox church is now (particularly the head, that Western/Roman Catholic traitor lover, Bartholejew)
if it wasn't for Christianity and the Greek Orthodox Christian church ur blog name right now would not be ''Hephaistos'' but sumthing more lyk ''Turkiye''.

back in the Ottoman days who weren't differentiated by ur Race (eg. Greek or Turk) but religion... so for example if u were a Greek that converted, or more lyk was converted to Islam u were automatically considered a Turk. Or a Turk that became a Christian would labbeled as a Greek automatically
Therefore if it wasn't for the Christian church that kept ur ancestors from converting to Islam and preaching to them to remain Christian (which meant they remained Greek) nearly all the Greeks (that includes ur ancestors) woulda been converted to Islam and woulda become naturally Turks and the Greek race woulda died out...and current Greece would just be part of Turkey.

Therefore u (along with the others in their response taking a suttle cheap shot at Christianity) right now if it wasn't Christianity all you would all be calling urself Tourkakithes :)
Happy with that? lol

i'm not saying thats why i'm a Christian or a reason to be Christian but b4 u say its ''Un-Nationalist of a Greek'' just to worship Christianity coz the religion was born in another country think about that if it wasn't for Christianity i'd be calling u Tourkaki right now.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Jews are not arguing that they give up religion and follow humanistic bullshit, in the guise of neo-paganism. Only dickhead-modern Greeks are such idiots.

The Greatest epcoh of Greece was Byzantium and rule by Orthodox Canon laws.1000 YEARS!!

No one , and I mean no one in Muslim lands that is pagan is allowed to live.Your humanistic bullshit will just have gotten you decapitated.

I will keep your comments up for one more day. Being that they are Jewish and Western humanistic bullshit, I will soon be deleting all your comments when i have some more time.

This is what's wrong with the "Pro-white" movement. Too many dick-head neo-pagan morons and followers of the West. As if the left was the only one.

1:24 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

Orthodox Christianity is an integral part of Hellenism just as Hellenism is an integral part of Orthodoxy. Only Neo-Pagans, schooled by shoddy pseudo-historical periodicals of no academic worth whatsoever, believe otherwise. In stark contrast, the academic community is in complete agreement with the position of Orthodox Christian scholars regarding the intimate relationship between Hellenism and Christianity.[1]

The fact that many pre-Christian Hellenic philosophers were depicted as saints on murals of early Christian churches is a testament to the harmony between Hellenic philosophy and Orthodoxy. When one compares Christian morality to Socratic philosophy (e.g. works such as Gorgias) the resemblances are uncanny. Indeed, nearing the advent of Christianity, many great Hellenic thinkers had: a) criticized pagan institutions (like Bacchism, temple prostitution, temple orgies, etc.) because of the negative effects they had on society, b) declared that they didn't believe in the gods, mocked them, and/or stated that their mythical actions gave a negative and immoral example for humans to follow, and c) begun forming monotheistic beliefs of their own.[2] After the advent of Christianity, Hellenic philosphers such as Aristides and Justin wrote apologies about how early Christianity was in conjunction with ancient Greek philosophy. They, together with Tatian, Melito, Athenagoras, and Theophilus, also dispelled many of the calumnies surrounding Christianity and enlightened rulers about the true character of the Christians. These are facts that Neo-Pagans conveniently ignore.

Aside from purposely misinterpreting Hellenism, Neo-Pagans also purposely misinterpret Christianity and absurdly denounce it as a "Jewish heresy" -- which is absurd considering that the Jews do not worship the Holy Trinity and that Christ's teachings were diametrically opposed to many of Judaism's teachings. Neo-Pagans subsequently denounce the Eastern Roman Empire as a "Jewish plot to enslave Hellenism". By rejecting and denouncing over a millennium of Hellenism's evolution and, arguably, the greatest epoch of Hellenic history Neo-Pagans betray and separate themselves from Hellenism. Hence, it is clear that Neo-Pagans (along with any others who denounce Orthodoxy) are not truly Hellenes but instead are traitors whose views regarding Hellenism are completely irrelevant.

It's also important to note that the far majority of Neo-Pagans are New Age spiritualists who champion alien "virtues" (such as "sexual freedom", egalitarianism, democracy, secularism, and so on) that they've artificially attached to ancient Greece. Although there is a minority of so-called "nationalist" Neo-Pagans, these are mostly made up of confused diaspora Greeks who are ignorant of both Hellenism and Orthodoxy and believe that by rejecting the One True Faith of Orthodoxy for the dark religion their ancestors discarded as false that they will become "super Greeks". However, the majority of Neo-Pagans operating in Greece are part of the Left (Communists, Socialists, ultra-Liberals, etc.) or disillusioned members of the Left. Neo-Paganism itself is a Western import. It's roots trace directly to the Worldwide Theosophical Society that was established by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in 1875 in the United States. All Neo-Pagan movements and factions, to one extent or another, are ideologically based on this organization's principles and, all of them, without exception, originate from the creation of this organization.

As for deleting the messages of Neo-Pagans, I support this move since their anti-Hellenic views are offensive to Hellenes and since they have absolutely nothing to do on Hellenic websites.

[1] Here are some quotations regarding this:

"Primitive Christianity was Greek in form and character, Greek from first to last, Greek in all its forms of dogma, worship and policy". --A. Cleveland Coxe

"The task of our time, in the Orthodox world, is to rebuild the
Christian-Hellenic culture, not out of the relics and memories of the past, but out of the perennial spirit of our Church, in which the values of culture were truly christened. Let us be more Hellenic in order that we may
be truly Christian". --Georges Florovsky

"The Greek Church reminds us of the time when the tongue, not of Rome, but of Greece, was the sacred language of Christendom. It was a striking remark of the Emperor Napoleon that the introduction of Christianity itself was, in a certain sense, the triumph of Greece over Rome; the last and most signal instance of the maxim of Horace, Graecia capla ferum victorem cepit (captive Greece took its rude captor captive)". --Arthur P. Stanley

"God spoke his revelation in the world of the Greek spirit and the Roman imperium and the Church guards this truth framed in the Greek speech of her sacred Book... The Church will continue to speak Greek even if... Hellas descend into the abyss of utter oblivion". --Hugo Rahner

[2] The following is a partial list of ancient Hellenic philosophers (or philosophical groups) that criticized and/or rejected paganism: Xenophon the Kolofonios, Heraclitus, Anaximandros, Ebedocles, Parmenides, Anaxagoras, Mitrodoros, Protagoras, Herodotus, Aristodimos, Dimosthenes, Pindar, Prodikos, Antisthenes, Theofrastos, Euripides, Socrates, Plato, the Stoics, Karniades, Theodoros the Kyrinaios, Leukippos, Dimocritus, Epicouros, the Sophists, the Cynics, St. Julian the Philospher and Martyr, and Klimis the Alexandrean.

2:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


[quote]Hephaistos said...
''Read some history and pease do not revert to immature arguments the priests fed you when you were 10 years old.

Whilst people like Plethon were proposing plans to consolidate and defeat the Turks, the Church burnt his papers and was cutting deals with the Turks. At the same time the effiminate monks were worshipping inside their little monasteries to save their position. No one cared about Hellenism. They cared only for the Church as an institution.''[/quote]

first of all be u start saying how our Christian God, and messiah is Jewish just coz Chrisitanity was born in Israel... does it occur to u that along with the Romans the Jews crucified Jesus?
does it occur to u that Jews don't beleive in Jesus?
and only Christians beleive Jesus was the son of God?
i'm not tryina hav a go at u buddy, but your dilibrate attacks against Christianity seem to hav an agenda behind it.

Another thing... regarding my post being a 10 year old arguement? no its not being told to me by a priest's simply a fact.

its a fact that the Greek Orthodox church did want to start a revolution and free Greece from the Ottoman Turks... hence why the Patraich of Constantinople was hanged wen it started for tryina to help start it.
Then the succeeding patriach didn't encourage the revolution not coz of bribes lyk u say but coz he was gonna get executed... (not that that still makes it right, but it's not black and white lyk ur making it out)

Also alot of ppl (including sum Pagans) in Peloponnesus didn't support the revolution aswell at the start either, and only did decide to join the revolt wen they were sumond to appear in Ottoman Turk Courts where they woulda been executed... hence why they had no choice coz they woulda been killed anyway if summond and joined the revolt for their own interests.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Regarding deleting 'Hephaisto's' posts, i don't wanna sound lyk a liberalist but i don't think u should delete his posts.
Its ur blog and your choice 'H.N.' but the reason i don't think u should delete his posts is so that ppl that may visit this site that may be heading that pagan way, or not sure which path to head down can see Hephaistos pagan arguements here, and see his arguements basically get rolled by us Christians, therefore viewers realising that the Christian side that we are on is the right one and not the Pagan one that Hephaistos is on. And also realise that Christianity is Not Jewish.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous motherfucker said...

It is without a doubt that Hellenic Orthodoxy has its roots in Hellenic Polytheism. This is a natural evolution of the human mind. Monotheism is not monopolized by the Jews, as Moses was an Egyptian Prince (see Freud, "Moses and Monotheism") that was shunned by the Egyptian royal family, lied to the Jews about being a Jew himself, and restarted a monotheistic cult that had existed in Egypt some X number of years that celebrated monotheism....I'd ocntinue this, but you can read the book for a better explanation...this is probably the ONLY freud book worth reading.

However, Orthodoxy is not the destructor of Hellenism, like most neo-Pagans believe it to be. These neo-Pagans are indeed the manipulated morons of the global New Age movement.

Christian Orthodoxy and Hellenism are both what has allowed Hellas to stand the test of time and survive the occupations. It was under the Hellenic and Christian Orthodox Byzantine Empire in which Hellas ruled the world for one thousand years plus. Therefore, saying the Hellas can only be Orthodox or only be Hellenic is ridiculous. The best of both are, and should remain, hybrid...with the only requirement being that the free spirited rational thought that the ancient Hellenes gave the world should never be extinguished. It is exactly this free spirited thought that seperates the Hellenes from the jewsish and Catholic monotheistic religions.

PS: I see what you mean by "west"...however, we Hellenes must to take back the West as our own. Can't you think of another label for these barbarians that live in Northern and Western Europe...commmooN! We should also realize the enemy for who they are. Franks, Germanics, Latins, Anglo-Saxons, Muslims (Persians)...ALL of these cultural entities conspire to kill their progenator Hellas....

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New age crap that you kids have to stop allowing to infiltrate your feeble little minds. Let's put an end to the poisoning. You are far too young to allow your malleable brains to be hijacked by this stuff (believe me, I can ballpark your slightly post-pubescent ages to the nearest month, just by reading your nonsense).

Anyway, the bottom line is arguments from imbeciles like Justiniano (one of the greatest Christian emperors, btw, but that's OK you may continue using that moniker, what's in a name after all) and Hephaistos are the best endorsement for Christianity and clear evidence of the drivel that these boys allow themselves to take hold of their easily swayable minds.

Please please please HN, I plead withj you: do not delete their posts anymore, they are too amusing.

12:07 AM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

This is just to let everybody know ...."Hephaistos" and "Justiniano" , are the smae person, same IP, this has been going on for some time and I didn't bother saying anything.

Now that this poster/commentator from South Africa is crossing the boundary from annoyance into harassment with his or her persistent offensive anti-Christian commentary, I have no choice.

Again, i'll leave the comments from this annoying moron on for another day or so, until they will be deleted

12:38 AM  

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