Thursday, June 14, 2007

Midnight Express Billy Hayes Turks It Up!

This news is so sad, because it definitely means that the Turkish State is trying to change the image of the very effective "Midnight Express" narrative, and the subsequent movie that was based on it,by finally seeking out Billy Hayes and possibly making him recant. That Billy Hayes story ("Midnight Express") did and does so much to discourage Western tourism to Turkey, which does nothing more than give more money to the Turkish State to maintain an army four(4) times our size in Cyprus, and to occupy Asia Minor. We thought Billy Hayes died of AIDS, or was that the actor who played him? In any case, this must be stopped!

32 years after escape, Hayes returns to Turkey


June 13, 2007, 9:10 PM EDT

The story of his nightmarish incarceration in a Turkish prison and his harrowing escape back to the United States terrified anyone who ever saw the 1978 movie "Midnight Express."

But on Thursday, 32 years after his daring prison escape, William James Hayes -- or Billy Hayes from North Babylon -- is scheduled to be back in Istanbul, Turkey.

Not to serve out the remainder of his state-imposed 30-year sentence for trying to smuggle 4.3 pounds of hashish out of Turkey in 1970, but as a featured guest speaker at the 2nd Istanbul Conference on Democracy and Global Security -- invited at the request of the Turkish National Police. (Click here for the rest)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is doomed if he goes. It is a set up.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should watch the video of Billy Hayes taken last week in Konstantinoupoli (check out youtube). This guy is now supposedly a Turcophile and in love with Turkey. Then he goes on to explain how he wants to change the image left by Midnight Express. Combine that with the FACT that this W.A.S.P. fuck is now a FILM-MAKER, and we can all see where this is going. The guy has basically saying that he has sold out on justice and what he REALLY thinks of turks and what they had done to him........AS LONG AS THERE IS MONEY IN IT FOR HIM!. I hope the turks send this scumbag right back to Imrali or worse, in order to finish his sentence. Obviously he needs several more FALAKA sessions to refresh his fked up hash-damaged memory. Fkin malaka turkosporos!

1:24 AM  

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