Thursday, June 16, 2005

If you don't agree, then you must be insane in the brain.

Grand Chessmaster Bobby Fisher has reportedly found sanctuary in faraway Iceland. I recall a breakfast conversation at a historical revisionist conference years ago, with a Chilean gentleman and scholar who told me he had collected a number of degrees in UCLA , worked there and in Latin America, yet couldn't get a certain ethnic group off his back, something having to do with the alleged war criminal status of his late father, the one place in the world, that he found nuisance-free from a certain ethnic group to finally immigrate to and settle in was Iceland.

Bobby Fischer is a fascinating character, he won the long out-of-grasp World Chess Championship for America during the Cold War, threw that all away, then came back decades later to defy the early 1990s American administration's sanctions on Serbia, by coming out of retirement specifically to play for a multimillion dollar purse,thereby earning a Federal warrant for his arrest that is still pending.

Every so often the mainstream American press (see Atlantic Monthly's "Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame") trots outs Bobby's insane stories. If you don't agree , then you must be insane in the brain.


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