Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More On The Post-Modern "mini-Holocaust"

Serbianna provides a collection of photo slide shows and a video that shows the side that the West prefers to leave out of its "mini-Holocaust" story. Gory and gruesome, parental discretion is advised...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no feelings for the Serbs or their leadership. We always claim solidarity with one another, but when do the Serbs show it? Was it when Jesse Jackson was allowed to free the american soldiers in Kosovo, and not the Greek envoys who went repeatedly to Belgrade? Which was the first plane to land in Belgrade? Of course it was Swiss Air (or one of the airlines), and of course not Olympic Airways, that was circling the airport. These might be small, but for me they matter. So the Serbs can go screw themselves for all I care.

10:13 PM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Well, it goes both ways. After all, Greece could have stunted the entire NATO operation to bomb Serbia, by using its veto.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

To Anonymous: Don't talk stupidities. The Serbs have shown more brotherhood to us than we have to them. Just read over some of these quotes by Serbian leaders:

[1] "We, the Serbs, are blessed to have God in heaven and Hellens on earth. You the Hellens have us Serbs as your friends. We will continue the struggle you undertook in 1974 against the Muslims until Constantinople becomes a centre for Orthodoxy." --Bishop Nicolas of Sarajevo

[2] "The Serbs have only two friends, God and the Greeks." --Former Republic of Srpska President Dr. Radovan Karadzic

[3] "The Greek and Serb peoples will remain united until Doomsday." --Former President, Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica

[4] "We have more in common than differences. The Greek people stood by our side more than any other nation. Up there we do not say the Greeks, we say our brothers. Whatever happens here –- let's hope the time will never come –- they will be by your side in no time. They are yours. You have won their brotherhood. They are so proud for my Greek origin both mine and my husband's. For the fact that he chose a Greek woman too, like his grandfather did." --HRH Crown Princess Katherine

More at: http://www.serbia-hellas.f2g.net/

If you think some stupid shit involving American soldiers being freed and air planes landing in Belgrade are more important than the centuries-old cultural, historical, and religious ties that bind the Greek and Serbian nations, I don't know what to tell you.

11:34 PM  
Anonymous tancredo said...

Anonymous must have a misguided grievance against the Serb Nation, or perhaps a personal animosity which is prejudicing his judgement.Serbs and Greeks are rowing in the same boat. Misunderstandings have to be well managed .

6:30 AM  

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