Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Catholic Crusader Film Reviewed

Liberal, Middle Eastern-based journalist Robert Fisk reviews Ridley Scott's Hollywood film on Catholic Crusaders. The legacy of the Crusader complex amongst those Christian-heretics that destroyed the most beautiful Christian city that ever existed-Constantinople , should also have particular resonance amongst the Lebanese who experienced seeing Orthodox Christian and Muslim infants speared on Crusader Frankish steel , that since that time has been re-visiting these ancient lands spreading death and misery not for their Papal abomination but for their lust for loot , cloaked in their modern Crusade to spread their demented "Reformations" and "Enlightenments":

It was certainly a revelation to sit through Kingdom of Heaven not in London or New York but in Beirut, in the Middle East itself, among Muslims--most of them in their 20s--who were watching historical events that took place only a couple of hundred miles from us. How would the audience react when the Knights Templars went on their orgy of rape and head-chopping among the innocent Muslim villagers of the Holy Land, when they advanced, covered in gore, to murder Saladin's beautiful, chadored sister? I must admit, I held my breath a few times.

From what I read in this review it seems that the Muslim heroes in this Hollywood film are played by real , live Arab Muslims.

In Hollywood, we Greeks do not even have the courtesy of having Greeks play our hero roles, nor do Iranians, as seen in the relatively recent Alexander movie.


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