Friday, July 21, 2006

Prophecies of Saint Kosmas About The Evil West And Its Followers

The evil will come to you from the learned.

(It was by the intelligentsia that atheistic, materialistic, anti-Christian, soul-corrupting ideas have been introduced into Greece from Western Europe.)

When the branch falls (where the Cross is erected), the great evil will occur, and it will come from the place the branch points. And when the tree falls, a greater evil will occur.
(This was said in the village Tsiraki in Grebenon. Indeed, in 1940 the branch and the Cross fell towards Albania, which is from where the Italians attacked, and in 1947 the tree fell when the area was completely destroyed by the civil war with the communist guerillas).

There will come the red caps, and afterwards the English for fifty-four years, and then this region will become Romaiko (Greek).
(This was said in the island of Cephalonia regarding the liberation of the Heptanese, also known as the Ionian Islands, which were under Venetian occupation. The French soldiers were called "red caps" because their headgear was red during the years of Napolean. This prophecy found amazing fulfillment. For after the Venetians, the Ionian Islands were taken over by the French, and after their departure there came the English, whose occupation of them lasted for fifty-four years, that is, as many as the Saint had prophesied. The English seized the Heptanese in 1810- except for Corfu, which surrendered in 1815 to Campbell- and in 1864 they gave it up to Greece.)

SOURCE: PROPHECIES by St. Kosmas Aitolos (Concerning wars in Greece / Balkans)


Anonymous Ariadni said...

Here U can also find the prophecies of Paϊsios for the end of Turkey and a lot of other very interesting articles.
(Hellenic page. I STRONGLY suggest to the Hellenes living abroad, to try reading these pages so they can practice their mother language)

Some people don't believe in prophecies. They think that it's all a bunch of crap that keep the hellenes in deep sleep, thinking that God will do all the work for us.

That's not true, because even if U believe or not in things like that, nobody sould think that everything will change for us by doing nothing.

''Syn Athina kai xeira kinei.''

It still remains interesting by reading them.

2:48 AM  
Anonymous eosforos iapeteides said...

it is not the west which is evil!
it is zionism and its controll over the west.

Since Kennedy's assassination, the US is ruled by israels supporters

more on the issue:

9:08 PM  

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