Monday, June 25, 2007

Greek Establishment Sets Up Muslim Terrorist Center

If this a sign of the coming final destruction of Greece, I don't know what is, materials are even being flown in from Turkey, the Turks have been blogging lately, and lobbying for this development for decades, yet another product of the US State Department's Greek-Turkish friendship:

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Muslim purpose-built prayer site opens in Athens
ATHENS Saturday, Jun 23 2007 01:57:34 IST

Muslims living in Athens inaugurated their first purpose-built prayer site today, with the opening of a new Muslim cultural centre that has a place of worship accommodating more than 2,000 people.

A far cry from the crowded derelict basements or terraces used until now, the new building in the industrial Moschato district features special prayer rooms, flat-screen TVs and carpets flown in from Turkey.

It was flooded with over 1,000 worshippers today.

A former clothing factory, the building was purchased by a Saudi businessman who donated it to the community, Muslim officials said.

''I cannot express myself from the emotions that overcome me at this moment,'' Naim El-Gandour, head of Muslim Association of Greece told reporters ahead of the official inauguration. ''This is the first time we have a visible clean, rich space.'' Representatives of the embassies of Iran and Saudi Arabia, and heads of other European Muslim organizations mingled with hundreds of local worshippers during the brief opening ceremony.

The 700,000 strong Muslim community in the wider Attica region, growing mainly due to an influx of Asian migrants looking for work, had been pressing the Greek government for decades to consider a location for a mosque.

Plans for a mosque to be built ahead of the Athens 2004 Olympics had faltered with Muslims objecting to the remote location selected at the time.

It was not until last year that predominantly Orthodox Christian Greece earmarked a location in western Athens.

Construction on that project has yet to commence. ''This is a start. Work with the government is progressing well to build a proper mosque. This does not fit all of us but it is important that this has happened, '' Gandour said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray for the fate of Hellas, this is merely the first step to reinstate another 400 years of enslavement

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a catastrophe. Muslims growing in greece, flocking from asia looking for work ( looking to indulge in criminal activity work and establish muslim settlements).
They need to pack up and leave now.
Where is the church ?, where is the army ?, where is the government ? It's a government by greeks against greeks, and the bovine electorate keeps voting them in.

Let's see if those "anarchists", who are always in the forefront of vandalism, dare to throw molotov cocktails at the filthy building accomodating those scum scarf heads and show their " discomfiture".

The quicker we get rid of our parasite corrupt vermin of a government, that has been hoisted upon us, the better, and the quicker the muslim and asian colonizers can be sent back to asia to "look for work".

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The xounta came 40 years too early. We need it NOW.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason Greeks never agree is we have too many mixtbrids. We need to return to civil war to exterminate the Venitzelos masons and slav monks. The jews used the holocaust to purify their race from all the hybrids. This planet is too messed up for use. With our distilled compact strengthened race, we should then colonize a new planet where Zeus, not jews, rules.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like you I am wary of those who mix hellenic blood with others, yet a chaotic civil war is insane and will only set us back in the long run. Also how dare you insult the holy priesthood, referring to them as "slavs," if you consider yourself a true Hellene you would do what we as a collective decided ages ago, throw down the false and heretical gods and raise the cross in the name of Orthodoxy, because if it wasn't for the Church all of us would be little more that cultureless half-Turks half-slavs, just look at the "Albanains"

10:19 PM  

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