Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Serbia And Greece Unite Over Kosovo

The diplomatic efforts of Serbia converge with Greece according to this report


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is how it must be. Unless we coordinate our efforts and strategies , we are threatened by the encirclement of muslim stetlets. Kosovo its the acid test for USA-Israeli designs in the Balkans. With a potentially independent Kosovo , the creation of a USA-Israeli operational basis inside the Balkans would be realized.

2:54 AM  
Anonymous dejan said...

This is very nice,Serbia need an ally from EU.And I cant see that any country could be that but Greece.Next step would be that some of Greek officials openly say in EU summit what they say to Vuk Jeremic....

4:14 AM  
Anonymous zacharia said...

Yes, we need straight, hard and concrete statements of intent with our Serbian allies for the rest of the EU to take cognizance of. We definitely do not need cowardly and craven pronouncements ,like the one made by none other then our dead pan faced idiot president Papoulias, a wet frescoe, complaining that Greece has the lowest record for allowing refugees amongst the EU nations.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Πως μπόρει να είναι τωσο μορφωμένοι οι Έλληνες άμα ισχούν οτι κρυολόγημα
απο κρύο. Δημοκρατία είναι Εβραήκη σαχλαμάρα, Αριστογείτων ήταν Εβραίος σπιούνος. Νεσελρώδης, Μεταρνήχης, Δισραήλης και Κισιντσέρης, άθειοι Εβραίοι, ήταν οι μεγάλοι αντίπαλοι Ελληνηκής ανεξαρτησίας. Απορρίπτωντας προπατορικό αμάρτιμα γεννοβόλισε τον κουμουνισμό. Aρχωντες Κωνσταντινοπόλεως είναι πόλιτβουρο Ελλήνων. Γκορβατσώφ έχει σημείο αντιχρίστου στο προσκέφαλο αλλα τον κάνατε Aρχων. Aρχων Σαρβάνης έστηλε εργασίες Καθολικών εις Ινδία να εκδικιθή σατανοσέρβους. Αμερική ο μέγα σατανάς, Ισραήλ μάνα και Ελλάς πατέρας του σατανά. Στραβώντας μαρτύρισε οι πορνοδιονυσιακή βρεφοκτωνία έσβησε τον Ελληνισμό, και ο Φαλμαράχης απέδειξε οτι οι σημερινοί Έλληνες είναι ολλοι Aλβανοί απόγονοι Πελασγίων.
Όλα τα νησιά Μεσογείου είναι Φοίνικες όπως αποδείκνουν οι Αραβόσπλαχνες βεντέττες των.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greece today is neutralized by all the Albanians. Greece was occupied during Crimean War to neutralize it. Junta also neutralized Greece. Greece does not belong with West.
In fact most believe there were secret plans to neutralize Greece in case worst came to worst.
The colonels succeeded in persuading Spantidakis to join them and he issued orders
activating an action plan (the "Prometheus" plan) that had been previously drafted
as a response for a hypothetical Communist uprising
The US UN ambessedor, former US Viceroy in Iraq, formerly also in his native Afghanistan, wrote a RAND scenario for a Greek Kosovo in Thrace. Pages 322
Finally, a major demonstration by ethnic Turks in Greek Thrace turns into a riot, and Greek paramilitary troops intervene, firing into crowds and killing several dozen Turks. Denouncing the genocidal policies of the Greek government, Turkey responds by launching a sudden but limited thrust across the
border into Thrace aimed at seizing key centers in which the Turkish population resides—in essence establishing a protected safe haven. . .
The U.S. NCA have ordered the JCS to conduct operations as soon as possible. . . Basing is available in Italy, Israel, and Egypt. Nonlethal or minimally destructive
means of neutralizing military facilities and systems will be especially useful.

In February, 1974, Karamanlis, Ecevit, and Johannides met in Brussels and agreed to divide Cyprus.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greek Disapora has more bark than bite. Other
than the Rossides Javits embargo on arms to Turkey for only a year,
the Diaspora has accomplished nothing other than advancing the
personal business interests of those who claim to represent it. Their
compliance to being Greek is forced, reluctant and insincere. And even
after that, they are divided by the interests of the province they
came from. When a Greek achieves something, he blatantly surrounds
himself with other Greeks, making them open targets. Instead, he
should ask indebted non-Greeks do favors for his Greek friends.
Rather than fill his group with Greeks, he should try to place Greeks
in competing and dependent organizations.

Let us study the contrasting behavior of Catholics (who according
to the NY Times Almanac are two fifths of the USA, the largest
denomination, yet continually understate their strenghth at one
quarter) in advancing their interests in the USA. Zbigniew Brzezinski
(who ignited Islamic radicalism in Iran and Afghanistan to combat
Russia) now has sons advising each major party, and was instrumental
in dividing Yugoslavia and now promoting the Catholic minority
(derived from four hundred years of Polish occupation of western
Russia when the Turks held eastern Russia) of the Ukraine against the
the Orthodox majority. Serbs chose Andy Manatos to
lobby on their behalf, but were embargoed from bringing a single photo
from Yugoslavia. Yet, Croatia, whose leadership was proven just as
guilty of war crimes, got the honor of a US Commerce Secretary dying
on its soil, advancing its interests.
The public relations firms (paid for by gold from the teeth of a
million Serbs slaughtered by Croatian, Bosnian and Albanian nazis)
were amongst the best in the USA, not just of minor ethnic enclaves.
Then when a Catholic German spoke up, he was assumed to be Jewish,
when an Irishman spoke up, he was assumed to be an Anglo. No Croat
did the speaking. Do we need to be reminded who won the Yugoslav
civil war?

Where was the powerful Diaspora during the 1955 ethnic cleansing of
Constantinople, in which even Turkish journalists admit there was NATO
complicity? Now, let us turn to Macedonia. Cypriotes and Epirotes
embraced FYROM. A major figure claiming to represent Greek interests
was actually beholden to the Catholics, who felt Macedonia would keep
Greek concern away from Serbia. He was very vocal as long as he felt
his Asia Minor relatives who settled in northern Greece were
threatened. But recently he announced that his long Washington tenure
allows him to declare that the issue is dead and gone, all because of
Greek nationalists. If Greece bombed Vienna and the Vatican under
NATO cover and then turned around and become a member of the Russian
Federation to finally reclaim Constantinople, which is what a REAL
Greek nationalist would have done, the issue would have resolved
favorably. The unsanitary dogs of Asia Minor brought communism to
Greek shores. They were willing to betray us to the popes at the
council of Florence, so they could continue to enjoy their
exhorbitantly fancy attire. Two centuries after the fall of
Constantinople, Morea and Crete welcomed the Turks as liberators from
the Venetians. Instead, the Greek Diaspora allows itself to be blinded
by supposed Jewish hazards and into the evil embrace of the papacy.

This Diaspora is incapable of speaking or reading Greek
comprehensibly and refuse to take anyone from Greece seriously. They
came from poor backgrounds, and their knowledge of Greek was already
highly limited when they arrived in America. And, in fact, they
deliberately distort their Greek as a silent form of rebellion to
Pavlovian social pressure. When any Greek of repute speaks, these
lapdogs laugh to appease their Catholic masters. When Greek firms or
academics excel, this Diaspora mocks them. Even when they pay
Pavlovian lip service to avoid social pressure, they instinctively
doubt the validity of anything coming from Greece. Because the
pseudo-Greek trash they called parents were liars, they treat all
Greeks as liars.

4:37 PM  

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