Sunday, July 30, 2006

Orthodox Christians Versus The Jews

I got this news off of the informative , Final Conflict Email Newsletter....


The likelihood that Lebanon is going to break down into inter-confessional anarchy under pressure from the Jews is getting remoter by the day, although the "Western" press is still pushing the Shiite/Sunni and Muslim/Christian dichotomy in the country. The Vatican, thus far, has been the only institution that has condemned Israeli aggression. Now the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch speaks clearly, and note that he calls upon people to support the Lebanese national resistance - that is to say, Hezbollah. It looks like the Jews have made a colossal mistake this time, overrating both their military capabilities and their "influence" in the world; just like the Yanks have done in Iraq.



Patriarch Agnatius Zaka I demands an immediate halt to aggression
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Damascus,(SANA)- Patriarch Agnatius Zaka I Iwaz , Patriarch of Antioch and All the East for Orthodox Syriac in the World , has said that the international community and the international organizations have so far failed in taking a firm and decisive position to halt the Israeli unjust aggression on Lebanon. In a statement to reporters on Wednesday patriarch Iwaz stressed that the efforts of the protectors of Israel ,on top of them the United States, have prevented the UN. Security Council from doing its job to protect the security of the peoples and to condemn aggression. He expressed on behalf of the orthodox Syriac in the world , unlimited solidarity with the brothers in Lebanon , demanding the international community to put an immediate end to the Israeli aggression. He called on for supporting the Lebanese national resistance which is defending the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon.



Anonymous PYR said...

Without a doubt, the Zionists hate the Orthodox Hellenic Church. Look at how they still recognize Irenios, the filthy pseudo-patriarch, and not the new patriarch in Jerusalem.

The IDF has been bombing Hellenic-Orthodox Churches in Lebanon. Go to latest Hermes post @ notice Ted's stupid post on the day of the Canaan bombing....Stavros is an agent provacateur...aka Scruffy...and is a tight follower of the Diva I noticed posted here.

God reveals to John in revelation to "beware the Jews that are not, for they are Satan's children." Zionists are false Jews (according to Jews Against Zionism organization). Enough said.

Do you distinguish between Zionists and Jews?

10:34 PM  

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