Thursday, September 30, 2004


Much of the world is inundated with American mass "culture" from the ubiquitous Snickers(TM) and Doritos (TM) snacks adorning kiosks the world over, to the proliferation of African-Judaic ( respect yo! ) musical forms filling the background to every public space from London to Moscow to Tokyo to downtown Athens.

American cinema has contributed a great deal to racial and religious stereotypes . Some of my personal favorites are the blaxploitation series that began in the early 1970s . Films such as "Shank" and "Superfly" depict knife-wielding, gun-toting,drug-abusing /drug-dealing and pimping subsaharan-African-derived-Americans living their life in the racial ghettos of the multicultural American empire.

Recent years have seen the growth of a new sub-genre ,which I venture to label as , Grexploitation. Nia Vardalos can be credited with beginning this new trend. Her film, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" earned her accolades from the Queen of England, numerous commendations from "Greek-American" organizations, and over a hundred million dollars in ticket sales. Her and her Puerto Rican-Jew husband's bank account is, no doubt, "Big and Fat."

Vardalos's production portrayed us as brash,rude, hyper-emotional, uneducated, social retards who mistake a trademark American disinfectant as some sort of snake medicine cure-all. Greek-Orthodox rituals were haphazardly shown as bizarre to peals of laughter from millions of white irreligious English speakers. To further the stereotypes, the swarthy Greek Pocahontas marries the man of her dreams, what subsaharan-African-derived-Americans would call "a white honkey."

The genre of grexploitation has also reached the literal world. Jeffrey Eugenides, who describes himself as American as well as "1/4 Greek", has authored a book that has sold,literally, millions of copies. The theme: a Greek hermaphrodite who escaped Turkish massacre in Smyrna finds refuge in America and then happily dates/fucks followers of the "Nation of Islam" ( a religious cult that preaches African racial supremacy and recruits the majority of its followers from the American prison system)

The Greek network television station Antenna is now heralding the birth of a new sit-com called "Charlies Coming Home" According to one report this show plans to depict London's Greek-Cypriot diaspora, in the words of one critic, the show will be " Treating English Cypriots as drug dealers, thieves, intellectually challenged morons who speak an unknown tongue similar to Gringlish"

At least this latest Greek show from Greece is taking Grexploitation to a new realm, not only will we have the recent phenomenon of Greek rappers in Greece, now Greeks can look to the "bruthas" and learn how to get "respect'"

I'm actually dying to see an episode of this new show.

This issue of Cyprus Weekly covers "Charlies Coming Home":

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Turkey, Europe and Bin Ladens by Muammar Kaddafi

Colonel Muammar Kaddafi, leader of the Libyan Green Revolution, and great Arab Nationalist was also one of the original founding members of the OPEC organization. Before his successful anti-Western Libyan coup Kadadafi had lived in Greece, and his own personal physician was trained in Greece. On several occasions Kaddafi has declared himself a friend of Greece and recently issued a statement to fellow Muslims pleading with them to not harm Greece during the Athens Olympics.

Greeks lived in Libya centuries before Christ and at least a millennium before the Ottomans came along. The ancient Greeks colonized the western portion, called Tripolitania.The name of modern Libya's capital, in fact, is Greek--Tripoli.

Those Greeks (and most especially those Greeks weaned on American mass "culture") who side with Zion ought to ask themselves this one simple question: has a major modern Jewish leader EVER made such honest statements on the nature of the Turk?


Turkey, Europe and Bin Ladens by Muammar Kaddafi, Sep. 15

"Seljuk and after them the Turks were a nation founded by conquests, they arrived at Anatolya by conquests and arrived at Constantinople by conquests and arrived even at Austria by conquests. "

"But the thing that Europe will never be lenient on or adventure is that Turkey be a Trojan horse. The problem does not lie with the Turkish veterans and subsequent generation of politicians, who still revere Ataturk, but the problem lies in the new and future generation. Youth who are mentored by satellite channels and the Internet and acquire one lesson after another from Muslim World scholars, even from Ben Laden on daily and even on every hour bases, a matter that could not be prevented."

"What if thousand of Turks study under Ben Laden, his group, Mullah Omar or his Loya Jirgah (Grand Assembly), a thing that is surely exists now. We say if only to alleviate the magnitude of the shock. For these consider Europe as an infidel and only merits conquering by the sword."

"Then plans of Islamist Turks in Europe and obviously behind them the Islamic grass roots is to revive Albania as an Islamic state, as well as Bosnia. Therefore, infidel Europe, as they believe will be for the first time, before the pressure of the new European Islamic front behind which is the entire Muslim world, one which will force Europe into embracing Islam or pay poll tax, this is provided for in the Quran as a duty. Such information could be surprising or amusing to sum, but for Muslims it is a message from God that has to be realized"

Monday, September 20, 2004

The English in Greece

The English in Greece--a sorry lot, by the way--seem to have a poor opinion of the Greek character. The English are torpid, unimaginative, lacking in resilience. They seem to think that the Greeks should be eternally grateful to them because they have a powerful fleet. The Englishman in Greece is a farce and an eye-sore: he isn't worth the dirt between a poor Greek's toes. For centuries the Greeks have had the cruelest enemy a people could have--the Turks. After centuries of enslavement they threw off the yoke and, had the big Powers not interfered , they probably would have driven the Turks into the ground and annihilated them. ... And yet the English, who would have disappeared from the face of the earth had they been subjected to the same treatment, pretend to look down on the Greeks

Everywhere you go in Greece the atmosphere is pregnant with heroic deeds. I am speaking of modern Greece, not ancient Greece. And the women, when you look into the history of this little country, were just as heroic as the men. In fact, I have even a greater respect for the Greek woman than for the Greek man. The Greek woman and the Greek Orthodox priest--they sustained the fighting spirit. For stubbornness, courage, recklessness, daring, there are no greater examples anywhere. No wonder Durrell wanted to fight with the Greeks. Who wouldn't prefer to fight beside a Bouboulina, for example, than with a gang of sickly, effeminate recruits from Oxford or Cambridge?

I made no English friends in Greece. I felt apologetic towards the Greeks whenever I was found in their company. The friends I made in Greece were Greek and I am proud of them, honored that they consider me a friend. I hope that the few Englishmen I knew in Greece will realize, when they read these lines, what I thought of their behavior. I hope they will consider me an enemy of their kind.

excerpt from: THE COLOSSUS OF MAROUSSI by Henry Miller

Greek Soldier Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Refusing To Go To Iraq

There is no way to prove the veracity of this story circulated by "Anarchist comrades from Greece". Considering the utter subserviance of the current Greek regime and , moreover, all post-Junta Greek regimes to their master --i.e. the stab in the back to Kurd leader Ocalan, the official acceptance of Turkish versions of Hellenic history--it ought not surprise anyone aware of the Greek Nation's putrid decay if this story were actually proven true.

Greek soldiers stand idly by whilst churches are razed in Kosovo, and watch over the border as Albania enslaves northwestern Greece. Yet Greek soldiers are sent to faraway arenas to fight wars for Greece's foreign dominators.

Greek soldier denies to embark by Anarchist comrades from Greece Saturday September 18, 2004 at 08:49 6934829827 Patisia

Greek soldier denies to take part in the Gulf war

The past three days, I have been imprisoned at Corinth’s Civil Prisons. I was accused of being a deserter, because I refused by means of my public statement on May 8th 2003 to embark on frigate Navarino, which was destined for the Gulf War and on which I was assigned a five-year service as a volunteer. On Monday morning, September 9th 2004, I appeared willingly at the Piraeus Naval Court, hoping that my 16-month “hostage” situation would come to an end. There, I was arrested and driven to the five-member naval court, where I was given a jail sentence of three years and four months. In the same morning, I read in the newspaper that an American soldier was given an eight-month sentence, although he had confessed to torturing Iraqi prisoners. My position was clear from the outset. I refused and still refuse, in all conscience and responsibility, to participate in or contribute by any means to the ruthless massacre of the Iraqi people and the bombardments of clinics and street markets. I refused and still refuse to take part in this never ending vicious circle of violence and insanity. Within the antiwar movement, I united my voice with the voice of millions of people all over the world against the terror of the war. My action was a minimal sign of solidarity to all those who suffer every day under such circumstances. Ι choose not to acquiesce in this absurd terror and not to accept the end of history. I paid and still pay the price. Yet, I am confident about the justice of people, more than the state justice that sentenced me; there is the justice of the Greek people who flooded the streets by thousands against this dirty war; this justice is much more important and true, and it has not announced its verdict yet.

George Monastiriotis

Civil Prisons, Corinth

Sunday, September 19, 2004


The dust, the heat, the poverty, the bareness, the containedness of the people, and the water everywhere in little tumblers standing between the quiet ,peaceful couples, gave me the feeling that there was something holy about the place, something nourishing and sustaining. I walked about enchanted on this first night in the Zapion. It remains in my memory like no other park I have ever known. It is the quintessence of park, the thing one feels sometimes in looking at a canvas or dreaming of a place you'd like to be in and never find.

excerpt from: THE COLOSSUS OF MAROUSSI by Henry Miller