Thursday, June 30, 2005

Russia Halts Probe Into Jewish Religious Laws

The rabbinic texts incite hatred against a myriad of people, Russia seems to be only European country to be examining these texts at the state level, in recent months there was even some letter petition proposed in the Russian parliament on the matter of Jewish hatred of non-Jews. On Jewish hatred of non-Jews, we should keep in mind that Greek Orthodox Christians are not immune, please note the spate of recent spitting incidents in Israel.

Revisionist historian Michael Hoffman comments on the recent halt to the Russian investigation of Jewish religious laws and other related developments. Worth reading...

QUOTE FOR THE DAY early as 1905.

"Mustafa Kemal recalled his first brief visit to the city on his way to Syria in 1905. 'At that time,' he said, 'I saw this beautiful quayside full of members of a race which was our sworn enemy, and I concluded that Izmir had slipped away from the hands of its true and noble Turkish inhabitants. But there was no way I could divulge this truth in those days.'"

Andrew Mango: Ataturk - The Biography of the Founder of Modern Turkey. The Will of the Nation: Figures in a Ruined Landscape, pp 217-218

Ruminations On "Land Of The Dead"

Iranian for Aryan's Ruminations blog provides an interesting review of Land Of The Dead...


Dear Christians,

Often we get so caught up in our busy life that we forget why we are here. We are not here to save the world. St. Seraphim's words come to mind. "Save yourself first, and thousands will be saved around you."

Christ said, "Don't imagine that I came to bring peace to the earth! No, I came to bring a sword. I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. Your enemies will be right in your own household" (Matthew 10:34-36).

St. John Chrysostom said, "So I beseech you: with a view to being able to bear without difficulty the effort which virtue involves, let us give evidence of great love of God, and by devoting our attention in that direction let us not be deflected by any of this life's concerns in our course towards that goal. Instead, let us keep in mind the constant enjoyment of future blessings and thus bear without distress the hardships of the present life."

Don't get caught up in the busyness of life, and all the worthy causes you want to involve yourself in. Keep your life simple. The busier you are, the more excuses you give yourself for not doing the will of Christ. Leave tomorrow for tomorrow. The world is in His hands, not ours. If we do His will, we have done everything we possibly can to 'save' the world.

+Bishop Christodoulos

Hellenic Orthodox Traditionalist Church of America
Holy Metropolis of The Greek Orthodox
Old Calendar Church of America
Cathedral of Saint Markella
22-68 26th Street Astoria, N.Y. 11105
E-Mail: Smyrna1922@AOL.COM

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Land Of The Dead

I saw George Romero's film Land Of The Dead yesterday. 'The City' , as the stronghold of the living is repeatedly called in the film, has a strikingly similar layout to Byzantine Constantinople (see map) In fact , the computer image of 'The City' in the film looks just about identical to the map I indicated, minus the notes. The Dead make repeated attempts to penetrate through the heavily guarded front gates and by haphazardly laying siege to The City , but eventually evolve some intelligence, incorporate use of The Living's military tools, and walk through the water and penetrate through one of The City's lesser defended land walls, kerkoporta?

At first I thought The Dead may have been an allegory for The Homosexual Movement, too many similarities to mention, besides, the obvious aversion to The Living. In retrospect, Romero's borrowing what must be the story of barbarian Turks conquering The City of Constantinople. In both cases, the fictional film version and the historical fact, a bloody feeding orgy ensued.

First Homosexual Parade In Athens

I recently came across this sad news about the first homosexual parade in our Fatherland. There are reports that the so-called "progressive" party of the left , Synaspismos, played a prominent part in organizing this new event.

To my knowledge, individuals and established Greek Nationalist political parties and factions, did absolutely nothing to counter this direct assault on our Nation's family ,cultural and religious traditions.

Two other Orthodox countries also had recent, first "gay pride" parades in their capitals. Unlike our acquiescent populace, these displays were met there with counter-demonstrations.

In Serbia, the reaction was most militant:

Police fired in the air in a bid to disperse several hundred anti-gay nationalists who stoned and beat homosexual activists taking part in the first-ever Gay Pride parade in Yugoslavia

They shouted "Serbia for the Serbs and not for gays" and "This is an Orthodox country where there will be no immorality."

And just a few weeks ago, it was reported here that the first homosexual parade in Romania was also met with counter demonstrations.

At this point in time, I can agree with a comrade who noted to me in a recent conversation that there are at present no Orthodox Christian countries left in the world. In stark contrast to Catholicism, which can boast of at least a few countries that criminalise abortions , for instance, and have been known to legally bar homosexual activism in various manifestations.

The Greek Nation has fallen so low.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ancient Ties That Bind

The latest news is that Iran has not forgotten our ancient connection:

Iran's mullah-run majlis speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel known as Gholam Shire'i in majlis here Monday in a meeting with Greek Ambassador to Tehran Mercuries Carafitus said, "Iran and Greece enjoy good relations, based on their ancient ties."

The Struggle Against Globalization

It is a remarkable that the countries standing up to the U.S. and Israel are small countries. New Zealand showed its courage some months ago, and now Ecuador is beginning to stir the pot. Things have to be serious for this kind of reaction, especially as Jaime Roldσs, president of Ecuador, was murdered in a mysterious airplane crash some years ago. In the words of John Perkins, author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", "he was assassinated because he opposed that fraternity of corporate, government, and banking heads whose goal is global empire. We Economic Hit Men failed to bring Roldσs around, and the other type of hit men, the CIA-sanctioned jackals who were always right behind us, stepped in."

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Taking Pride in One's Family Name

Let this be a message to those in the diaspora who change their names,in order to conform to host conventions. Be yourself. Being yourself, now that is what is really cool:

George Hitler Jr. said his father moved from Circleville to Akron and eventually became an executive at the Firestone tire company. At one point, the company president asked Hitler to change his name, but he refused.

The Homosexual Movement's Greek Agenda

Early this morning, I caught a panel discussion on ERT, that included an activist in the homosexual movement in Greece, a psychiatrist and a Greek Orthodox priest all moderated by a heavily make-upped Greek female host.

The homosexual activist and the psychiatrist were parroting each others contentions that homosexuality is a natural way of life that cannot be ignored by society and that there is no cure for what they deemed as natural sexual expressions that exist in the animal kingdom. To those of us in the West, these contentions are common place, what the homosexual proponents leave out is the clear distinction between humans and animals, for example, sane humans do not also throw around and/or eat their own feces like many animals do, and even the father of modern psychiatry ,Sigmund Freud, labeled homosexuality as abnormal. Nevertheless, the female host invited the priest to give his assessment as a representative of our church. The Father firstly, posited the fact that there is no evidence in DNA that homosexuality is inherited. Second, the Father offered specific examples from holy scriptures explicitly condemning homosexuality Father read from the Old Testament book of Leviticus, at which point the homosexual activist rudely barked "that sounds like Hitler", the priest , to our credit, was very composed and did not become distracted by the activist's,to be expected ,blasphemy. The Father went on to cite that The New Testament also uses specific language to note the great sin of homosexuality, specifically the writings of Apostle Paul.

Soon after this the homosexual activist delivered a long, hyper-emotional,red-in-the-face diatribe on "Christianity burning people alive and giving mankind 2,000 years of slavery and theocratic fascism" In stark contrast to the Priest who was composed and exact in his statements, the homosexual activist spat out sweeping condemnations during this panel "discussion" peppered with references to "fascism" and "the far right" , key terms he also used to describe "the person who wrote that book" (blasphemously referring to the Holy Scriptures)

At this point ERT flashed a series of video clips, starting with the "Stonewall Incident" ( a key part of modern "gay history" this involves a police attempt to shut down a homosexual bar called Stonewall in the pre-dominantly homosexual Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City during the 1960s and the incident quickly devolved into a riot and "sit-in" protest eventually coming to symbolize "the gay rights movement", not surprisingly the homosexuals caught on videotape, also used the Hitler/Nazi cliche, they were shown giving the police a "Nazi salute" ) , soonafter came a back to back gallery of "gay pride" parades in various Western European cities, a short clip on the current openly homosexual mayor of Paris, and as has become typical for Greek television-- depictions of the last American presidential election, when "gay marriage" became one of the major "topics of democratic debate".

This video gallery of Western faggotry, for lack of a better term, was followed up by a call by the female host to follow the examples of a list of northern European countries she rattled off, and introduce "gay marriage" into Greece(!) So much for objectivity....

I often have difficulty sitting through such farcical cheap propaganda displays that are commonly run on State and Private Greek television. Maybe I'm wasting my time? No , I am wasting my time....

Friday, June 24, 2005

Greece Descends into Chaos

The international press has been running news stories today on the growing strikes in Greece. Some demands do seem quite sane, such as the suggestion that minimum monthly wages be doubled from the current below poverty level wage of 600 miserable EUROS per month. When I lived in Greece , I was shocked at how the population, particularly those under 30 years of age, did not take to the streets and urge a total revolution, considering the fact that in many parts of the country the under 30 unemployment rate is around fifty-percent, despite what is reported to the international press. Somehow, remittances from abroad or the possibility of work gigs in the EU's north keeps families afloat, I suppose. Maybe drug dealing and prostitution have also become a form of supplemental income for the some in the post-modern Greece.

The Xinhua News Agency tells us that close to half the households in Greece , cannot afford any emergency spending, meaning they have no savings, they live hand to mouth.

Social and economic barometers offer no hope for the country , we can expect things to go from worse to horrifically abysmal. Perhaps the conditions for a total Revolution are falling into place?

U.S. State Department Covering Up Hellenic Genocide

This recent op-ed by AHI (American Hellenic Institute) head Gene Rossides details the U.S. State Department's biased re-writing on Holocausts involving Greeks:

The State Department’s web site on Cyprus is false and misleading with serious errors of fact and omission. It amounts to a deliberate attempt to rewrite history and to cover-up the State Department’s unlawful conduct in 1974 and its continuing efforts to mislead the public and Congress.

A concerned phil-hellene I once knew related to me on how he wrote a letter to the U.S. State Department, after reading Marjorie Housepian Dobkin's historical narrative on the Smyrna Massacre and the details surrounding the hundreds of thousands of Greeks who were killed by Kemal Ataturk's Turkish armies, only to get a form letter from this U.S. State Department repeating its official claim, something to the effect that only "2,000 Greek and Turkish civilians died in the Smyrna fire caused by unknown reasons..."

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Modern Greek Not Fit for Gospels

This makes sense:

Christodoulos reached his decision following a dialogue with the parishes’ priests, churchwarden and cantors, who were of the opinion that the programme’s objective (to help the congregation comprehend the holy texts) was not met, since the young usually are not in the temples during the Gospel’s reading, whereas the elderly do not need its rendition into Modern Greek for they have repeatedly heard the excerpts

Olympic Airways Shuts Down Again

The Greek summer strike fest continues. I've heard too many stories from patriotic Greeks who book over priced flights on Olympic, only to have an unexpected strike hurled on them, this is the latest:

Specifically, this morning’s flights from Athens to Larnaca, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Sofia, Bucharest, Heraklion, Mytilini, Leros, Santorini, Chios, Samos and Chania have been cancelled. Any interested parties are advised to contact the Olympic Airways call centre on +30 210 9666666 for further information.

Israel's New "Friend"

Hilarious thread: The president of Micronesia called Israel the “envy of the world” Monday on a visit to Jerusalem. ....

Poles Ban "Gay Pride" Rally

This news may cue us in on the real reasons why the "gay friendly" EU members who voted "NO", may be wary of a united Europe; Poland , has not bent the knee yet:

BRUSSELS, Belgium (UPI) -- Poland`s human rights record has come under fire in the European Parliament after the mayor of Warsaw banned this year`s "gay pride" rally.

Predator Democracy

An excellent little essay I stumbled on , introduces the term predator democracy, to describe the many examples we have of harmful democracy in the so-called developing world, with particularly specific examples of Nepal and Pakistan. Maybe developing world does not technically apply to Greece--although we cannot think of one industry in Greece, that can be called developed, except maybe some ship building, in most cases our industry is non-existent. Think hard about how much thirty years or so of democracy has accomplished for the Nation--crime, overt homosexuality, promiscuity, porn and abortion have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels. Meanwhile the educational system has reached abysmal new lows, I had met many older schoolteachers in Greece, who spoke with longing for the days of the Aprilist Revolution when rigid discipline and respect in a Greek classroom was standard and normal, quite the reverse today. Not to mention a myriad of foreign interests and cultures and even a currency imposed on our baited populace:

It is ironic that just as the West loses faith in its governmental systems, it struggles the hardest to impose them on others. So, much as modern pharmaceutical companies fight to keep selling drugs that apparently kill off a significant number of users, our masters tout democracy while ignoring the mysterious frequency with which democracies 'go bad' and become lethal predators.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Kathimerini On Greece's EURO Madness

A concise overview on the Eu's many failures and its ever dizzying road to nowhere, making the point that its only achievement is its currency, which for Greece has been a singular disaster: Tuesday June 21, 2005
Inequalities between different countries within the eurozone will, of course, persist. Greece aspires to a central eurozone role, yet is not among its strong players: Its production base is small, its competitiveness is low, its debt levels are high, and under the European Commission’s scrutiny, it lags in many sectors like the organization of its public administration, education, research and technology, and the allocation of land use. If Greece is to secure for itself a decent position in the European division of labor, it must first put its own affairs in order

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Serbian Radical Party Surging In Polls

Let's see if this Serbian Radical Party will face the elections with the same results as this poll,from what I've read this is also a party that espouses the ideal of Greater Serbia, that it seems may claim that Serbs are also "Macedonian", one wonders where this may lead , and if the apirations of the Serbs always coincide with that of Helleno-Orthodoxy. I am not sure if the mainstream of Greater Serbia aspirations include plans for a "Macedonian" identity...

Imposing Democracy World-Wide

According to a recent opinion article published by Al-Jazeera, the US has already begun violating Iranian airspace and signs are pointing toward the ominous new war that will impose Democracy by force, on a sovereign country that has the distinction of being one of the world's few theocracies:

By the intensity of the "liberation/democracy" rhetoric alone, Americans should be put on notice that Iran is well-fixed in the cross-hairs...

The reality is that the US war with Iran has already begun. As we speak, American over flights of Iranian soil are taking place, using pilotless drones and other, more sophisticated, capabilities.

This reminds me of a wish I heard uttered from a liberal Jewish professor: "I wish we can beam MTV into Iran" Judging by America's prior Democratic impositions , it will only be a moment of time before MTV, porn and all around Hollywood trash replete with such Western idols as Paris Hilton will be beamed around the world 24-7. Democracy in action.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

American Blowjob Queens And The Greek Elite

The news was first announced on Greek television several weeks ago and whispered in a few American gossip columns, finally People magazine covered this latest degenerate-Greek in the American spotlight story. Old man Latsis used some of his money to support worthy Hellenic causes like building churches and schools and some industry for our beleaguered population in Northern Epiros, not to mention his vast petro-chemical refineries in Skaramanga, on the outskirts of Attica, which could arguably be one of the largest single private employers in all of Greece. Well old man Latsis has kicked the bucket ,he died last year, and his son,the aptly named Paris, is now running off with his new hero , a porn star American that makes the covers of gossip magazines.

Paris Latsis has the unoriginal stunned-deer look of the American University in Athens graduate, who flew through years of academic pay offs and bribes , on to a prestigious American or English university education ,all courtesy of baba, yet his face will forever be plastered with the hypnotic gaze of a life-time of porn sites, hand-jobs from society prostitutes and marijuana. All too familiar, all too unoriginal. In middle-age, such modern "prodigies" end up in Greek Parliament or heading a Government ministry, while their financial advisers expand the family's fortune.

Yet, Paris Latsis may just be representative of the Greek people today, and moreover, of the Greek elite. They are incapable of thinking collectively or in terms of the aggregate. Paris is basically a modern mass man, not capable of having a group identity. He thinks of himself , first and foremost, and all though he has inherited the great power of vast sums of money, he chooses to squander it for recognition from the Jewish-dominated American gossip press and to satisfy his pornographic appetite. He is a direct product of the Jewish-dominated West's democratic, relativistic and nihilistic mindset. We cannot imagine such Greek elite going to war for their people.

It is because Jews, in the aggregate, are so conscious of their existence as a group that they fear so deeply the consciousness of non-Jewish people in their existence as a group. It doesn't matter if the group-consciousness is one of Helleno-Orthodoxy or of a community in submission to God (Islam,btw, being the Arabic word for "submission") -- any group consciousness is dangerous, because the consciousness of the existence of men in naturally ordered and lawful groups leads to a consciousness of differentiated nature-- and a consciousness of the nature of Judaism as a spiritual movement of destruction (and a counterfeit of Tradition).

That is why we have been condemned to having such "men", but in reality "mounopana"(i.e. pussy-rags) as our elite.

Enough for now...

Knowing The Right People...

Another great news contribution from David Irving's newsletter Action-Report On-line:

Daughter of Israeli ambassador to U.K. freed from Peruvian jail after just 18 months - a heart-warming little tale involving drugs, influence, and a (prison) beauty pageant. Ten pounds of cocaine were found on Miss Lee Heifetz (right)

as she boarded a flight from Peru. Peru then nabbed 14 other young Israelis in this international drug smuggling ring. Until now her father had persuaded Ha'aretz to keep mum "saying it would disrupt his efforts to secure her release". Real reason: during the paper's silence, Daddy was named Israel's ambassador to London. Tony Blair evidently approves.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

New Greek Orthodox Cathedral In The Gulf

This is certainly more than the Turks or the Jews or the Western Europeans have ever done for us. Mighty civilized behavior by our Arab friends, the news is courtesy of UAE (United Arab Emirates-based) Gulf News , self-described as "the leading English language newspaper of the United Arab Emirates" :

An artist's impression of the first Greek Orthodox church
in the UAE.

Published: 18/6/2005, 08:45 (UAE)
Dubai: Dubai Construction on the first Greek Orthodox church in the UAE, in Jebel Ali, is likely to begin by the end of the year.

St Mary's Greek Orthodox Church has been made possible after General Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and UAE Defence Minister, donated a plot of land.

John Theodory, an Arab Canadian who is chairman of the church committee, said the church members were "very grateful" to Shaikh Mohammad for donating the 1,800 square-metre plot of land.

Theodory said there was a Greek Orthodox church in Iraq and a rented villa in Kuwait for worshippers, but said St Marys would be the first Greek Orthodox church in the Gulf built in the proper manner.

It will take this long to finish the church because after the construction there is lots of artistic work that must be completed. It will be a real Byzantine construction of the kind you can often find in Athens, he said.

The Japanese Enigma

Over the years I've come across various outrageous stories about modern Japan's deviant sexual obsession , to the degree of reported cases of mass incense and commonality of underage , rampant prostitution. Other contradictions include Japanese Nationalist heroes ,such as the late writer/activist Yukido Mishima who wrote themes of male homosexuality , while making calls for a return to tradition(!) Not to mention the many public condemnations of Jews and American blacks that have been uttered over recent years by major Japanese political figures.

Now for the latest dispatch from Tokyo:

A writer's death can do wonders for pushing that back catalog. Less drastically, a few books acquire cachet by being banned. Which may help explain why a reissue of "Little Black Sambo," a turn-of-the-20th century illustrated children's book attacked as being racist, is on the bestseller lists in Japan this spring. The Japanese edition of "Sambo" was a big favorite here, from the time it was introduced in 1953 until it was yanked from bookstores in 1988 after a swift and effective anti-racism campaign.

Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm bored...

The news item is the only news I could find that didn't concern EU this or EU that, not that this or that is news:

ATHENS, Greece -- A strike in the banking sector continued for a seventh day Wednesday (15 June....

Separately, employees in the public transport in Athens and Thessaloniki plan to walk off their jobs

I'm bored....

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Main Difference Between Europe And America

This joke from David Irving's newsletter Action Report On-line is too funny and true.

Serbian-Greek Bonds

The one ethnic group in my travels that seems genuinely pleased to meet a Greek, is the Serbs. Not in the sense of one who recalls a pilfered,life-less statue that they came across in Le Louvre or in the British Museum, but rather a bond that comes from a fellow traveler in this cruel world that recognizes a shared historical purpose, a shared experience of true suffering,loss and longing, a soulfulness --a brotherhood.

Wikipedia on-line encyclopedia has an interesting entry on Serbian-Greek Empire, that is in stark contrast to its often ill-advised entries. I've also included the Serbian news source Serbianna to my link list, as well as the excellent Serbian-Hellenic Brotherhood website and the Serbian-Hellenic Forum that I like to visit in search of fellow travelers.

I somehow neglected to initially include these Hellenic Nationalist links, better late than never. Enjoy.

If you don't agree, then you must be insane in the brain.

Grand Chessmaster Bobby Fisher has reportedly found sanctuary in faraway Iceland. I recall a breakfast conversation at a historical revisionist conference years ago, with a Chilean gentleman and scholar who told me he had collected a number of degrees in UCLA , worked there and in Latin America, yet couldn't get a certain ethnic group off his back, something having to do with the alleged war criminal status of his late father, the one place in the world, that he found nuisance-free from a certain ethnic group to finally immigrate to and settle in was Iceland.

Bobby Fischer is a fascinating character, he won the long out-of-grasp World Chess Championship for America during the Cold War, threw that all away, then came back decades later to defy the early 1990s American administration's sanctions on Serbia, by coming out of retirement specifically to play for a multimillion dollar purse,thereby earning a Federal warrant for his arrest that is still pending.

Every so often the mainstream American press (see Atlantic Monthly's "Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame") trots outs Bobby's insane stories. If you don't agree , then you must be insane in the brain.

Albo Robbery of Cookies And Cars In Greece And Cyprus

Villa gang foiled after 8 arrests Friday June 10

A gang that stole some 2 million euros’ worth of luxury cars and valuables from villas in Attica has been netted after combined operations in Piraeus and Trikala, in central Greece, led to the arrests of eight Albanian nationals, police said yesterday.


Cookie thief crumbles on airport runway Friday June 10

NICOSIA (AFP) - A man who stole two trays of cookies from a bakery in the coastal town of Larnaca caused a scare at the nearby airport when he drove onto the runway, forcing aircraft to slam on their brakes, police said yesterday.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Stealing Cars From Northern Greece

Russian? Criminal gang? News is the cars end up in Russia:

The 35-year-old man, who was not identified by name or nationality, is accused of hacking into the security systems of 27 cars stolen in northern Greece since 2002.

France Bans Offensive Site

Offensive to one ethnic group, not offensive in any sane way....

The news is in French, sorry to all non-French speakers, the soon said to disappear site in question does have an English section, scroll down please...

Our Western European masters are soooo "enlightened", aren't we all so impressed?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Latest European Babble On Their "Union"

Latest news is there is a crisis:

Europe's political crisis threatens to engulf talks on EU spending, moves to ratify the European constitution and Turkey's ambitions to join the bloc.

More On The Post-Modern "mini-Holocaust"

Serbianna provides a collection of photo slide shows and a video that shows the side that the West prefers to leave out of its "mini-Holocaust" story. Gory and gruesome, parental discretion is advised...

Iranian Films Awarded In Greece

This Mehr News broadcast shows some hope for modern Greek muddled taste in culture, Iran is one of the few countries in the world to strictly enforce censorship of demonic themes that riddle Hollywood and Western European trash that masquerades as art. The sane state outlaws depictions of porn and alcoholism, and defiling of organized religion:

TEHRAN, June 13 (MNA) -- Iranian director Bijan Zamanpira was awarded the best film prize last week at the 5th Ecocinema International Film Festival in Athens, Greece for his two short films "Let's Not Muddy the Water" and "Window Facing the Sun."

Iranian directors have been winning awards at top film festivals all over the West, maybe we can finally learn how to copy a model that does not debase us....wishful thinking.

Catholic Crusader Film Reviewed

Liberal, Middle Eastern-based journalist Robert Fisk reviews Ridley Scott's Hollywood film on Catholic Crusaders. The legacy of the Crusader complex amongst those Christian-heretics that destroyed the most beautiful Christian city that ever existed-Constantinople , should also have particular resonance amongst the Lebanese who experienced seeing Orthodox Christian and Muslim infants speared on Crusader Frankish steel , that since that time has been re-visiting these ancient lands spreading death and misery not for their Papal abomination but for their lust for loot , cloaked in their modern Crusade to spread their demented "Reformations" and "Enlightenments":

It was certainly a revelation to sit through Kingdom of Heaven not in London or New York but in Beirut, in the Middle East itself, among Muslims--most of them in their 20s--who were watching historical events that took place only a couple of hundred miles from us. How would the audience react when the Knights Templars went on their orgy of rape and head-chopping among the innocent Muslim villagers of the Holy Land, when they advanced, covered in gore, to murder Saladin's beautiful, chadored sister? I must admit, I held my breath a few times.

From what I read in this review it seems that the Muslim heroes in this Hollywood film are played by real , live Arab Muslims.

In Hollywood, we Greeks do not even have the courtesy of having Greeks play our hero roles, nor do Iranians, as seen in the relatively recent Alexander movie.

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Whores Of New York

Come see the whores of new york
Come lose your mind in central park
But don’t leave your soul behind
Come take in 8th street after dark
Such peculiar people you’ll remark
You might even see a murder

And all the sluts on bleecker street
They wear the blissful grin
Caused by the drugs they take
To relieve them of their sins

And ’oh lord I think she’s dying’
I heard somebody say
I think she’s dying
And ’oh oh lord I think she’s dying’

Or maybe she’s already dead
And maybe she’s gone to mars
Maybe we could even write
Her epitaph in the stars
It’d say ’if you go away from here...
If you go a million miles...’
Come downtown to see them go
Into the den of the whores of new york
But please watch your step
As you’re getting off, kids

Al-Jazeerah : Reporting On The Elders Of Zion

This is a sample of some of the timely and worldly issues brought to us by the excellent journalism of Al-Jazeerah:

The Protocols of the Elders of London
By Gilad Atzmon
Al-Jazeerah, April 21, 2005

In a very small segregated cyber shtetl somewhere in the north-west side of yahoo ( ), a tiny cell of so-called ‘liberal’ Jews meets in the wee small hours. Night after night they are trying to save the Palestinian people from those who devote their lives to the Palestinian cause. There is one man who they really detest; his name is Israel Shamir ( ). An ex-Jew, Shamir is a very civil and peaceful man and probably is the sharpest critical voice of ‘Jewish power’ and Zionist ideology.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past." --George Orwell (O'Brien in 1984)

The Revisionist Forum discusses some of the possibilities....

Getting Raped By Turks

Tourist girls are cheap.. to rape… in Turkey, no kidding. The hostel I was staying in when I was in Constantinople was rife with stories from Western tourist girls who were getting their buttocks and mammary glands randomly grabbed , even while they were walking alongside their Western boyfriends, by Turkish gentlemen whilst strolling through this charming "European capital", nothing new here.

Our fine, feathered friends...

This amusing clip found on Underground Serbian Cafe is a light escape into the wonder of our feathered friends, enjoy.

The Ship Of Death

As per commentator Nikos's request I have dug up Taki's American Conservative Magazine expose on the popular Polish resistance to the Globalist Left's invasion of National decision-making and religious tradition, in its quest to advance the West's post-modern culture of death:

The Dutch abortion ship made waves upon its arrival in other ways too. For one, the Langenort crew was greeted by police and customs officials who boarded the boat and sealed their stash of abortion pills in order to prevent their distribution in Poland, where they are illegal. More notably the Langenort was met at the quayside by 200 protesters who reportedly hailed the unwelcome vessel with red paint and eggs. (A few of the protestors, obviously with a sense of humor, later released a bucketful of rodents onto the ship while it was docked at port.) Consequently, the Polish welcome wagon was vilified by mainstream European media outlets as angry,fierce,irate,outraged,abusive,and insulting. They were labeled ultra-conservative and reactionary.

Given the extraordinary situation after all, an unwelcome boat was launched from a foreign land to dock in Poland for the express purpose of subverting the countrys laws is their righteous indignation not understandable and justified, even healthy? Women on Waves unapologetically trumpeted their intentions across Europe even before the Langenort put to sea. Consequently, the Polish protestors saw the voyage for what it was: an invasion

The Nationalist resistance is not confined to former-Soviet Bloc Poland, news is Portugal, the most literally Western country of continental Europe used its Navy to bloc the invasion:

Lisbon, Portugal ( -- Portuguese officials used their navy on Sunday to prevent the Dutch abortion boat from entering waters controlled by the western European country in order to distribute abortion drugs.

The "Dutch Abortion Ship" has also travelled to Ireland ( the other Western country that outlaws abortion) where it only met vocal resistance, and also set sail for many countries in Africa and Latin America. I wonder why these "daring" and "bold" Western death missionaries do not set sail for pre-dominantly Muslim countries, which all vehemently ban abortion? Maybe it's because, sadly, the Muslims may be the one religious group of people left in this world who still know how to defend themselves from a foreign invader?

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Anybody here remember David Koresh?

This morning I was discussing Liminov's National Bolsheviks with a friend and it suddenly dawned on me that Liminov may be ruling not by "fuhrer"-principle , or leader-principle, but rather by guru principle, a la David Koresh.

What do you think?

National Bolsheviks: Russia’s Generation-X ‘revolutionaries’

This article is from The Peninsula, Qatar's leading, and probably only, English-language daily news:

Kirill Ananyev stands in a musty, dimly-lit cellar under a building on the outskirts of Moscow and introduces himself as the “Bunker-Fuhrer.”

Welcome to the underground world of the National Bolshevik Party, a radical nationalist youth movement founded by incendiary writer Eduard Limonov, whose revolutionary message and flair for spectacular publicity stunts is making Russia’s ruling classes sit up and pay attention.

“Our youngest members come in and they want to go out and kill the bourgeois with rifles straight away,” Olga Shalina, 22, another “NatsBol” devotee and leader of the movement’s Moscow cell, said in a recent conversation.

“We have to calm them down.”

Helleno-Orthodoxy In Africa

The informative Arab news source Al-Ahram Weekly has a great article on our Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Africa , and Helleno-Orthodoxy's ancient and enduring legacy in Egypt and all Africa:

Agios Georgios, the Church of Saint George, stands on the ruins of the Fortress of Babylon, the Byzantine garrison around which clustered the earliest beginnings of Cairo. The circular church with its towering dome dominates its site in Coptic Cairo. It is here, and not at his official residence adjacent to Alexandria's Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, that Theodoros II receives me

He is clearly proud of the Hellenic heritage, and his work entails collaborating closely with the Greek government and diplomatic missions in Africa and elsewhere. Following his time in Crete he worked in Cameroon, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

In sharp contrast to Western churches, the Greek Orthodox Church does not suffer from dwindling attendance. The faithful flock to the churches, and not just on feast days.

Orthodoxy Versus Neo-Paganism

Came across an interesting letter from a Russian Orthodox perspective, that I got off an Orthodoxy in England, of all places, website. The cleric seems to be saying that neo-paganism is both a return to the materialism of the Jews as well as that of the humanism of the Greeks, which in biblical terms means pagans. This excerpt stuck out for me:

On the other hand, there are those who would make our Orthodox Christianity into a mere shell of a religion, just another form of secularist humanism. They would swim with the tide, merge with secular Western values, simply because that is the easy way out. This is the religion of the Greeks, who rejected the New Testament in favour of an easy way of life, refusing Christ, because He did not justify their world and instead preached the other world. And His Church followed Him, preaching in the language of Christ, not that of Neo-Puritan political correctness. Beware, their secular values are the values of apostasy, they are the values which give birth to Neo-Paganism, where anything goes.

Does this seem to have a cryptic meaning? There are many who want to discard the Orthodox Christian canons in order to accommodate the world and its ever persistent promotion of sexual "liberation" and idolatry of the material things of this world.

What this letter does not directly address, understandably because it comes from a Russian perspective, is the recent pseudo-intellectual Greek movement of neo-paganism, which also is one more backward trend of modern, secular and humanistic degeneracy.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Hypocrisy Of The "Anti-Globalization" Movement

Tonight, I was brooding over Hellenian's splendid analysis of
"Anti-Globalization" in Greece, and then suddenly I stumbled upon the news that the rice-milk guzzling "Anti-Globalization" organizers of the protest of the upcoming G8 Summit will be barring anti-abortionists such as The UK LifeLeague from their midst:

7th June 2005
The Long walk to hypocrisy
The G8 protesters and do-gooders were branded as hypocrites by the UK LifeLeague as they make their own plans for the Gleneagles summit.

The staggering hypocrisy of the Make Poverty History Campaign and Long Walk to Justice is lamentable, stated a UK LifeLeague spokesman. They bemoan the fact that 30,000 kids are dying daily in Africa, but are quite happy to accept the deliberate killing of 500 children in the UK every single day. They display crocodile tears as they stand beside pictures of emaciated African children but will not tolerate the showing of dead British babies on our TV screens.

This attitude is summed up by phoney Tony Blair who recently launched an attack on the pro-life movement in the UK, saying:

"The fact that (a pregnant woman facing a crisis pregnancy) lives in terrible housing, and has no choices in life and no one to invest in them what has (the pro life lobby) got to say about that? The Make Poverty History campaign that is a pro-life agenda for me. "

What this Government wants to do is export to Africa our technology in abortion and contraception under the euphemism of sexual and reproductive heath so that the starving children of Africa can be eradicated before they become a problem. This is all part of the Millenium Development aims.

During the Long Walk to Justice and Make History Poverty campaign the UK LifeLeague will be running ad trailers across Central Region highlighting the hypocrisy of these campaigns.

Americans Again Back The Rape Of Cyprus

Nothing new here, nothing new:

U.S. PRESIDENT George W. Bush yesterday reassured Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the United States would continue to work towards pulling the Turkish Cypriot community out of isolation.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Prime Minister Erdogan said that the recent visit to the occupied areas by US diplomats is the first of many such visits.

“The visit of the Americans to the north via Ercan [Tymbou] Airport was just the beginning. We stated our stance and our efforts on the matter and we received a positive response from the United States Government. We also got a positive response for the stance we took during the April 24 referendum of the Annan plan."

Greek Left Bombs Again

Looks like no matter how much its seems like things have changed, news is, somehow everything has ,pretty much, stayed the same:

ATHENS, June 9 (Reuters) - A guerrilla group that staged a triple bomb attack 100 days before last year's Olympic Games claimed responsibility on Thursday for a recent bomb blast at the Employment Ministry and pledged more such strikes.

The "Revolutionary Struggle" group said in a letter to a satirical Greek newspaper that it was behind last week's late-night bomb in front of the Employment Ministry, which damaged the building but caused no injuries.

"This was our answer to the neo-liberal plans of the Greek state regarding labour conditions and it is the start of a new cycle of actions against the new labour establishment," said the group in a letter to the weekly "To Pontiki".

Greece's Downward Spiral

An eye-opening Tehran Times report reveals the pessimism and gloom of Greece's position in the global village:

Greece's economy decelerated to the slowest in more than two years in the first quarter as a boom in investment before last summer's Olympic Games fizzled out and the government struggled with the EU's biggest budget deficit. Fifty-four percent of Greeks expect things to get worse in the next 12 months.

“Greece has been grappling with an underperforming economy for some years, and the short-lived Olympic boom has only served to emphasize deep-seated economic problems,” said Martell. Few optimists

Greece Is Tops In Anti-Globalization

The quasi-governmental Chinese news agency People's Daily reports that Greece is tops in a poll on popular anti-Globalization sentiment:

The world-wide survey was conducted by TNS-ICAP in cooperation with the Gallup International Association in 64 countries spread over five continents.

It shows that a 56 percent majority of world citizens are opposed to globalization, believing that it creates more problems than it solves. Greece topped the list, with 72 percent of the respondents in agreement with that opinion.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Dynamic Genocide Duo: Germany And Turkey

An opinion article posted on the History News Network argues that Germany and Turkey should "atone for the guilt of genocide" by teaming up to stamp out ongoing Genocides:

Jews have an unusual set of rules about penitence. Acknowledging guilt is essential but, in Jewish tradition, it is not sufficient. Rabbinical wisdom teaches that apology to the victim is required, which Germany has done. The guilty party is required to make restitution for the harm inflicted, which Germany has attempted to do to the extent that such a thing is possible. But the final step only comes when the penitent faces the same situation a second time, and acts righteously.

Germany and Turkey now have that chance. These two nations can atone for the guilt of genocide by going to Sudan and ending the genocide that the Sudanese government is committing in Darfur.

At the end of the First World War the government of Turkey behaved very much as the government of Sudan is now behaving. The Turkish Army murdered tens of thousands of Greeks, a native population that predated the Turks in Anatolia by more than a millennium. In a calculated policy of ethnic cleansing, 1,400,000 Greeks were driven from their ancestral homes. The fate of the Armenians was far worse

There are two major contentions I have against this asinine suggestion.

My first contention is that in the post-modern West, there are historical precedents of genocide allegations wrongly hurled upon Nations targeted for their unwillingness to bow to the American-led "international community" and its often-times imperialist and globalist agenda. The most recent precedent of such a crime , is NATO's ghastly 78-day bombing campaign across the width and breadth of Yugoslavia in 1999, when, both Germany and Turkey competed against each other in whose airforce could drop the most explosives on civilian populations, a civilian population that ,ironically, they were both militarily allied against during the Great War in the beginning of the 20th Century.

My second contention is the indisputable fact that Germany is the sole country in all of recorded human history to not only verbally apologize for a genocide, just one not all the others, but also to pay enormous sums of money in reparations, and even to reconstruct, at great cost, the community centers and religious institutions of the one ethnic group that happened to get restitution for a genocide. Can anyone reasonably imagine Turkey publicly apologizing for the genocide of its native Christian subjects, much less pay restitutions and to build , at their expense, any of the countless cultural institutions or religious holy places destroyed by that criminal country?Can anyone even imagine the Greek political establishment merely mentioning such a suggestion?

Finally, what makes the article cited above and the suggestion of Germany and Turkey working together against Genocide most absurd, is ifluential scholarly analysis that notes German Responsibility in the Armenian Genocide

Turkey and Germany were stalwart allies during The Great War, scholars and documentary evidence indicate, that Germany as the dominant technological and military power in the relationship, assisted Turkey in its anti-Greek boycotts and deportation (i.e. ethnic cleansing) of Greeks living in Asia Minor, during the Great War.

Anti-Junta Propaganda

It's a shame that even Greeks with Nationalist sentiments are so easily duped by the all too pervasive anti-Junta hysteria of the Greek political establishment. The Greek language site , is a case in point. I came across a laughable forgery on its site, that attempts to carry on the common leftist-inspired conspiracy theories surrounding the Aprilist Revolution 1967 . Please take a look at this document , which unfortunately I can't copy and paste here in this entry. The first sentence in this forged and fraudulent document from "US Army Headquarters" is the dead-giveaway that this letter is a poor attempt at a hoax:

"In reply to the question you did,"

It is unimaginable that a purportedly official US government document, signed by someone with such an American as apple-pie name as Charles J. Denholm, would use English that is literally and indisputably transliterated from Greek grammar. To anyone with basic understanding of Greek and English, this is, so obviously, written by a Greek with a poor grasp of English , who relies on Greek grammar rules that he transfers into English. I saw such mistakes many times when I used to teach non-Native English speaking Greek students of English. I respectfully ask that the forger of this hilarious document go back to the private tutoring center where he was supposed to be learning English and ask for his money back.

I can't even say nice try.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Srebrenica: A post-modern "mini-Holocaust"

The West has been churning the anti-Serb war-atrocity propaganda again over the weekend, with public showings of a dirty video regarding an alleged shooting, this is somehow supposed to make a case for what I like to think of as the West's post-modern "mini-Holocaust" campaign.Blogger Gray Falcon has some wit and links over recent hysterical anti-Serb developments:

There is much to be written about this, and not enough time in the world to do so, but I shall give it a try over the next couple of weeks. The issue of how many people died in the aftermath of Srebrenica's fall - and how - is too serious to be addressed in an off-handed, hysterical or propagandistic manner, which is what the general tone of reporting about it has been for nearly a decade. Indeed, the very vehemence with which the champions of the Official Truth push their story - which brims with righteous rage but often lacks sense - suggests there is more to it than meets the eye, the paper, or the screen.

Live Long And Smoke

Came across a fantastic, to say the least, website that has fantastic stories about tobacco smokers who have lived extraordinarily long lives:

Britain's oldest man, George Cook, died at 108 in his sleep in September, l997. He "smoked heavily for 85 years before giving up tobacco at the age of 97," ("World Briefs," Houston Chronicle, 9/29/97).

The Scottish Daily Record (12/15/97) reported on Ivy Leighton, 100, who smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 84 years, but cut down somewhat after her 100th birthday. April claimed smoking was the key to her long life.

There are two men who claim to be the world's oldest living humans, but their birth dates cannot be certified. One is Ali Mohammed Hussein, who claimed to be 135, of Lebanon. He "smokes like a chimney," but does not drink alcohol [CNN World News, "Born in l862," Brent Sadler, 5/13/l997].

Smoking is one of the only vices I still have, it feels too good to give up, I love cigarettes, always have, and I think always will...Stay away from hard liquor , that kills. Have a glass of wine , only on feast days, and drink to The Glory Of God.

The West's War On Fun

Breaking News is that even medicinal marijuana will be outlawed all over America:

June 6 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to the medical marijuana movement, ruling that federal narcotics laws ban the drug even when it never crosses state lines and is used only to relieve pain or nausea.

The federal government lists marijuana among the most strictly controlled drugs, a classification that also includes LSD and heroin.

It's amazing that the biggest exporter and purveyor of pornography worldwide , has such an intolerant stance on a substance that has been proven to alleviate the pain of those suffering from immeasurable pain. The issue is basically, drugs are fun. And the West's War On Drugs, I am convinced has become a War On Fun. The motive for outlawing mood altering substances is baffling, until one examines the American initiation of legislation that allows Corporations to monitor their employees for drug use. In effect, it seems , that this is a quest to make Westerners better and healthier robots. To be good effective workers. It can't be anything else. The "Big Brother"-like aspect to the War On Drugs is taken to even greater extremes in second world countries desperately trying to ape Americans. There is no better example than Greece, where drugs are socially taboo, yet porn and "casual sex" are never treated with even close to an equal level of vitriol.

Cool Native Greek Logo

The Meandros Posted by Hello

The Futility of Western Conversation

I came across this eloquent letter on Serbian-Hellenic Forum , republished below with the author's permission. Many salient points are raised and many good observations are noted. This is certainly a great narrative on the futile conversations, the void of intellectual depth, the basically heathen "spirituality" of the God-less and lust-crazed West:

To Zlatiborac

Posted by Someone named George on June 6, 2005, 4:36 am, in reply to "Re: Why are Serbs such a bad people?"


There is really no point in attempting to stimulate an intellectual conversation with an American or Western European citizen. These people not only know nothing about the rest of the world around them, but they know nothing about the very societies they inhabit.

Since the Western "way of life" is centered primarily around the obsessive and perverse pursuit of pleasure in order to temporarily distract these desperately lost individuals from the unbearable reality of their valueless and superficial world of market values and nihilism, they only know and understand one singular thing: to engage in selfish, immoral, and hedonistic activities in a pitiful (and subconscious) effort to prevent the personal existential crisis lurking within the recesses of their weak minds from shattering their pathetic grasp of reality.

Thus, the Westerner surrounds himself with vast materialistic comforts, attempts to climb the inconsequential social ladder of the inconsequential company firm he works for, and engages in animalistic and perverse sexual indulgences. By engaging in the afore-mentioned activities, he can sit back and delude himself with the self-gratifying idea that he is finally a somebody, that he has accomplished something in life. This goal of simultaneously justifying his worthless existence and escaping the cold, hard truths of reality drive him further and further in the abyss of selfishness and hedonism and leaves no room for any other pursuit.

Consequently bereft of all intellectual pursuits, the Westerner is by default an ignoramus. He knows nothing. Nothing about the world. Nothing about his society. Nothing about the primal actions that drive him. And nothing about himself. Yet the individualistic, selfish, and egotistical pattern of life that has ingrained itself in his shallow mind prevents him from accepting these facts which may hurt his narcissistic perception of himself. And so he believes himself to be master of the universe when he is not even master of the obvious.

The Westerner, unable to engage in a thorough and objective search of Truth because, after so many years of being intellectually-bankrupt, has completely lost the ability to reason and, also far too absorbed in planning the next attempt to fornicate with any given slut, cannot be bothered with complex questions surrounding any given multifaceted event. So instead, the Westerner relies on others to do the thinking for him: he relies on the simplistic and politically-motivated propaganda he sees on television and reads in various rags to tell him what is true and what is false, what is right and what is wrong, and then proclaims these absurdities as his own educated conclusions and interpretations of global events. A natural dunce, he is content with whatever disinformation is fed to him. After all, every single one of his sources for information are Western and know, best of all, how to target the imbecilic minds of the Western populations they need to influence for whatever reason.

But even if the Westerner knew facts that discredited the government's and media's version of events, he wouldn't care. It's not in his interest to care about anything above his own self. And, in fact, it would be detrimental for him to speak out the truth to his fellow employees and buddies during the water-cooler break at work. He would have to defend his non-comformist arguments for the very first time in his life. But, worst of all, he would no longer look globally informed to his peers, the very people whose judgements he relies on to gauge his social standing. So, for the Westerner, it would be best to live in blissful ignorance: believing everything that the majority was instructed to believe without questioning a single detail and then recounting the same propaganda to his fellow man in order to seem "educated" and "important" when, in truth, he was -- and would always remain -- brainless and without any worth.

So the next time you are approached by a self-proclaimed Western genius spouting out "facts", remind yourself of this and realize that you are not being confronted by a man but by a machine incapable of independent thought.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Cartoon Of The Day

This one is quite old, I came across it in Al-Jazeerah's most excellent Arab Cartoon Archive, it touches on an entry by Hellenic Empire blog regarding the dying American Empire:

A recurring theme in Arab press is that this US war in Iraq aims at
the destruction of Arabs and Americans alike, only Israel may stand
to benefit from it (Baha Bukhari, Al-Ayyam, 3/27/03).

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Greeks Killing Greeks

The Library of Congress informs us under its Country Studies/Area Handbook Program regarding Greece:

The decriminalization of adultery was another legislative reform of the early 1980s that had resonance in the structure of Greek society. The overturned adultery statutes, whose application followed the traditional sexual stereotypes by falling predominantly on women, had called for fines or imprisonment. Legalization of abortion, a process that had begun in the late 1970s with expansion of the conditions under which the law permitted abortion, brought conflict with the Orthodox Church and conservative elements of secular society. Abortion on demand at state expense was legalized in 1986. The number of legal abortions rose from 180 in 1985 to 7,338 in 1989.

This information, which has been cross-referenced with other international research bodies, would reveal that both New Democracy,which dominated parliament in the post-Aprilist 1970s, and PASOK , the dominant political party of the 1980s, are equally culpable in the mass murder of countless Greeks slaughtered by their whore-Greek-mothers with the aid of murderous-Greek medical professionals.

New Historical Discovery On Second World War

David Irving's Newsletter Action Report On-Line informs us that:

Documents discovered in Britain's Public Records Office, Kew, London, confirm revisionist claims that Himmler was liquidated by the British secret service on Churchill's orders, and did not commit suicide shortly after his capture as conformist historians have long maintained.

This breakthrough discovery could mean that Himmler took some of the most crucial stories regarding the Second World War to his grave,--the true story about Auschwitz and other camps, the negotiations between Germany and England for an early peace etc--he never got a chance to talk to the Americans...

Friday, June 03, 2005

Same Old Tune....

This neo-conservative blogger, will never realize that establishment Greek politicians, like Molyviatis, will never change their old tune of groveling to their "strategic partners" -- whoever they may be...

The same old tune will never change, not even if Karamanlis's whore wife, Natasha, was anally-gang-raped by Turks tonight. Molyviatis is too concerned with keeping his little seat, he would never sacrifice his family's political name and the party for ideals...these marionettes are weak men and degenerate-Greeks, who since 1944 have been playing a game of musical chairs, called parliamentary procedure and protocol...

Blogger In Downtown Athens

Came across this blogger, whose entry aroused a bout of melancholic longing for a not too distant past life.

Greek Cypriot Whore Kills Her Greek Husband And Copulates With Paki

This news story from Cyprus Mail, takes a peek at the new and improved post-Nationalist Cyprus, where "a nice Greek Cypriot girl" fornicates with her husband's third-world immigrant laborer and then the slut kills her own husband...Welcome to reality.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

"Big Brother" In The "Free World"

The New York Press tells us of Mayor Bloomberg's police plan to watch everyone at all times and all over, with a new plan to install hundreds of extra surveillance cameras. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. If you are an Arab , or "a kind of Arab", or if you are simply a poor bastard looking to smoke something to alleviate your dreary City surroundings of malls, retail chains and whores--forget it, Bloomberg's goons will be watching you....if you want to live in peace from an oppressive government, you're better off in Tehran, not New York City.

In all fairness, the blame for these sad state of affairs in a city that only a decade ago had one of the highest homicide rates in the world , and had some character, unlike today's plastic mall scene, go back aways...The 1990s were the beginnings of the end for 'Sin City'.....

Long before 9/11, which gave various government agencies the go-ahead to push public surveillance into high gear, the city was already awash with public spycams. Six or seven years ago it was reported that New Yorkers just going about their normal routines were filmed on average by over 120 separate surveillance cameras every single day.

Israel Spies On Nationalists

Israel must think that Austria's Nationalist leader Jörg Haider is a bad boy, he has contacts with Arabs, bad Haider , bad. The revelations that he was being spied on by the Jewish state of "Israel" was broke by the Times of London:

THE ISRAELI secret service spied on Jörg Haider, the right-wing Austrian populist, using one of his closest aides to gather information on his contacts with Arab dictators. Peter Sichrovsky said that he had been a Mossad informant for five years until retiring from politics in 2002.

Post Script to "Documentary On Greek Nationalism Reviewed"

The Hellenic Nationalist comrade who provided us with the report that became the blog entry "Documentary On Greek Nationalism Reviewed" now provides us a Post Script:

I forgot to mention something about this program that I just recalled. While they were interviewing the leader of Tripoli's anti-Fascist cell, they were standing outside in front of a dilapidated, spray-painted building that said something about Velouchiotis.

The anti-Fascist mentioned how Golden Dawn would spray-paint over "walls, buildings, homes, and anything else" (the idea that Golden Dawn would vandalize homes is ridiculous, of course) and then he admitted how his organization would go out and alter their texts or spray-paint over them (can't you be arrested for announcing on public television that you are a vandal?). The camera showed some of their"work". One of their vandalizations consisted of turning the final "η" in "ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ" into "α" so that it read "ΧΡΥΣΑ ΑΥΓΑ" ("Golden Eggs") which I'm sure you've seen plenty of times before. Such name-game stupidities that border on kindergarten-style humor are evidently very popular in Leftist artistic expression. I guess it makes sense considering Leftists typically retain the mental age of 5 year-olds.

Anyway, what struck me as truly moronic was that these same anti-Fascist Leftists would mark out the phrase "Long Live Metaxas" and write beneath or above it "Long Live Venizelos".

It's true that Venizelos and Metaxas would publically exchange political letters debating the positions of one another in the newspapers, but there was always a sort of respect between them. For example, on Metaxas' accession of Prime Minister and dictator, Venizelos' widow begged Metaxas not to let anything happen to the remains of her deceased husband and Metaxas swore that he would not allow the desecration of Venizelos' tomb. And even though Venizelos was the leader of the Liberal party, he was hardly a liberal or Leftist. In fact, it's difficult to claim that Venizelos was NOT a nationalist. After all, he was a major proponent of the Megali Idea and because of him much of Greek territory was expanded. Considering his role in the Asia Minor Campaign, one would think that Leftists would consider him an "imperialist".

But the fact that is most ingrained in my mind is that Venizelos actually praised Mussolini -- something I doubt those anti-Fascists know about. Here's a relevant excerpt from the essay "The Ideology andCharacter of the Metaxas Regime" by Constantine Sarandis (published in "The Metaxas Dictatorship:Aspects of Greece, 1936-1940"): "In everyday politics acclaim for fascism, and in particular Mussolini's Italy, came from such staunch republicans as the Liberal leader Venizelos [...]". Ironic, isn't it, that anti-Fascists praise a man who praised Fascism? I guess the joke is on them.

But Leftists, as we both know, are largely ignorant of history and have few heroes in Greece and thus often manufacture them. A recent example is the death of some Communist by the name of Charilaos Florakis who was recently praised by the president of Synaspismos as a "contemporary Makrygiannis" (!) despite the fact that Makrygiannis was a devout Orthodox Christian and revolutionary nationalist leader whereas Florakis was an atheist and staunch internationalist.

For more info on this, you can see an article by Diktyoy 21( ,
which was also published at E-Grammes:

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Romanian Nationalists Versus The Homosexual Movement

The Romanian Nationalist organization Noua Dreapta has made counter-demonstrations of the high-profile international homosexual movement a major part of its organization's actions. If you search their website you will notice a number of photos of demonstrations regarding the advance of the homosexual movement into their Nation. Romania's government, under intense pressure from Western "human rights" organizations, and against the pleas of Romania's Orthodox Christian Church, decriminalised Romania's sane anti-sodomy/anti-homosexual laws, which ironically were religiously enforced by the previous communist regimes. Here's a recent Noua Dreapta press release:

On the 28th of May there took place in Bucharest the first Gay Parade ever organised in Romania. Considering this type of manifestation as an offense against common-sense and moral ethics, the neo-legionary movement Noua Dreapta (New Right) organized a counter-demonstration, reckoning that saying \"NO\" to homosexuality is not a prejudice, but the manifestation of a system of values based on the Holy Scriptures and the traditional values of the Romanian family.

Over 50 militants shouted \"Shame on you!\" carrying placards with the message \"For normality, against homosexuality\". Subsequently, Noua Dreapta\'s protest, that took place in the vicinity of Saint Spiridon Church, degenerated due to the police violence our militants being fined with over 150 million ROL (almost 5000 EUR).

As a natural continuation of our protest against homosexuality, a major factor in our society\'s moral crumbling, Noua Dreapta initiated a wide campaign to gather signatures to re-incriminate the homosexual propaganda and public manifestations.

The anti-sodomy/anti-homosexual criminal laws in Greece were quietly overturned in the early 1980s under the tutelage of Papandreou's PASOK glory days , leading to the opening of scores of "gay clubs" and the emergence of a homosexual tourist industry in some parts of Greece that fills the coffers of the Greek political establishment.

Dutch A**--holes Vote No

The Dutch, some of the biggest hypocrites in Frank-land, racist yet multicultural, anti-Christian and Islamophobe, the only non-country with a rotting-dead homosexual as their "right-wing" leader, voted NO to the E-jew, ahem , EU.

I never had good experiences with these porn-addicted , self-righteous, arrogant A**-holes. I don't have to like them , but just letting you all know , they went against the EU constitution by popular referendum and from what I just saw on Greek television, the recent moves by two major countries of the European "master race" have begun to give the frappe-drunk unwashed masses courage, the Greek political establishment is slowly creeping behind their masters--polls recently televised show KKE parliamentarians to be very against and PASOK and New Democracy parliamentarians hovering 30-40% against (funny how they mirror each other even in polls)

One positive thing can be said of Holland, at least she has the gall to laugh at the West's hysterical War on Drugs, and to make more than a few extra EUROS and guilders and dollars from going against that as well, Greece is sure not to follow....

**NewsFlash**: 'Deep Throat' Comes Forward

The long-anonymous source "Deep Throat" who exposed the Watergate conspiracy that led to Nixon's downfall ,that also indirectly led to the Cyprus Crisis together with a host of Greek Americans who went down with Nixon has finally come forward to reveal his true identity.

The story was recently broken to Vanity Fair (pdf file)