Thursday, May 31, 2007

American Teen Punished For Anti-Homo "Hate"

According to this Chicago Tribune report a teenager, became one of the first victims of American pro-homosexual hate crime laws: , "A teenage girl charged with a felony hate crime for making fliers with derogatory statements about homosexuality and distributing them at a Crystal Lake high school was released from a juvenile detention center Wednesday but will remain strictly monitored. The 16-year-old student, whose ankles were shackled in court, cried after McHenry County Circuit Judge Michael Chmiel said she could return home to her mother, who sat beside her during the juvenile court hearing.

The homosexual lobby in America has successfully lobbied for "hate crime" legislation protecting them from attackers or insults from the general public, and have made their presence felt throughout American "culture" as an acceptable "alternative lifestyle" America's cultural lap dog ,today's Greece, isn't too far behind in accepting the deviants as "normal". Athens has already hosted "Gay Pride" parades, major Greek networks broadcast homosexual courtships, and even homosexual sex. Soon, we can expect Greece or one of its masters, the EU, adopting such legislation that would allow courts to arrest people for insulting a sexual deviant, oh poor deviants.

In any case, this issue will never be dealt with until we have a regime in Greece that can deal with the homosexual within, before we can even begin to confront homosexual lobbying from without. Homosexuals and other such deviants are said to hold key positions in the Greek political establishment, including in the Greek Foreign Ministry. Making any "foreign policy" Greece may have beholden to any intelligence service happening to blackmail a Greek embassy or consular official still "in the closet" We wrote this last line, conscious that laws exist in America that could imprison us, for suggesting that the Greek political establishment, and Mustafa Kemal, is gay.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Anarchists In Greece Attacking Church ;State Does Nothing

Our Hellenic Nationalist comrade sent a message about the escalating reign of Anarchist terror in Greece: As "Eleftheros Kosmos" reports, an anarchist terrorist group targeted the Theological School of Athens by burning the school's chapel. In addition, they have promised to destroy the Theological School if it doesn't "change the courses that are taught" and if the school doesn't "democratize". These anti-Orthodox and anti-Hellenic janissaries need to be dealt with quickly and severely. In any other period of Greek history, these traitors would already have been several feet underground. That they still breathe is a testament to the weakness and impotence that has befallen Orthodox Christian nationalists.

We've also been informed that a faction of Anarchists openly brag about their recent attacks ,including the above mentioned incidents, and have gone as far as to publish a blog depicting the violence , along with videotapes of the attacks. The fact that Greek intelligence and Greek police seem unable to track down the perpetrators despite the fact the photos and videos of the attackers exists on a public blog, yet jump to the task of arresting anti-Turkey protesters who have caused absolutely no harm to Greek property,churches or flags--IMPLICATES the Greek state , as is quite obvious now to observers, in these attacks on Greece. The convictions of many Nationalist observers is that the Greek State is working with the Anarchists!

Greek Blogging On Greek Corruption

The reuters news service reports on the existence of a blog of a Greek victim of Greek bureaucracy, that i first found through Greek Alert blog, the scoundrels in the Greek state still have not been able to silence the blogosphere:

Kalyvinou wrote about how doctors failed to diagnose a painful tumour in her leg when she was 8 years old, of her struggles with extreme pain and her fights with Greek bureaucracy to get the care and medicine she needed.
But the philosophy student also showed a strong spirit and a sense of humour, listing among her favourite movies the film "Life is beautiful".
Even her blog is named after the small envelope with cash -- fakellaki -- that many Greeks feel obliged to give to state hospital doctors for services that should be free.
"Have a good trip Amalia. You taught us humanity, which we had forgotten in our superficial, consumerist lives," one blogger wrote on [].

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29th Black Tuesday

( Photo and painting courtesy of Stohos blog and newspaper)
Today is a black day in the Hellenic Nationalist calendar, on this day , a Tuesday, on May 29th 1453, the greatest and most beautiful Christian city in human existence,Constantinople, was lost to Turkic beasts led by Mehmed.Our last emperor,the Great Martyr the Emperor Blessed Constantine XI Paleologos.... disappeared in the battle that day, some day, some say, he will return. memory eternal , and each year Hellenic Nationalists everywhere think of how next year, next year, we may be able to return to the City, and place a cross,once again, upon Aghia Sophia, tonight Hellenic Nationalists as far as the eye could see, gathered around Metropoleos square in Athens, outside the metropolitan church of Athens, to pay respects on the monument of our last emperor,many knowing full well that someday he will make the leap home.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Greek State Purge Of "Anti-Turkish" Activism

This Turkish news report is shocking, it shows the extent to which the degenerate-Greek political establishment is going to placate Turkey, by cracking down on Armenian activism on one of Turkey's many Genocides within Greece itself. How many times have Greek leftists burned the Greek flag in Greece with no punishment whatsoever? Major Greek politicians even commend the "freedom" to burn the Greek flag, yet the Turkish flag, at a demonstration symbolising the barbaric Turkish state's refusal to accept responsibility for the crime of Genocide, is protected by the Greek state, and by the Greek intelligence services-- which no doubt, were activated into this purge (on behalf of Turkey) of Armenian Genocide activists in Greece in order to crack down on "anti-Turkish" activism.

(The Article Below Is Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

Greece presses charges over burning of Turkish flag
25.05.2007 Today’s Zaman with wires Ankara

A prosecutor in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki has pressed charges against unidentified persons who burned a Turkish flag during a Greek-Armenian demonstration in front of Turkey's consulate in the city last month.

The perpetrators are to be brought to justice under the charge of insulting the symbol of another state after they are identified via photographs and video shot during the demonstration, a local justice source said on Wednesday. The incident took place on April 24 during a demonstration to mark the 92nd anniversary of an alleged genocide of Anatolian Armenians under the Ottoman Empire era during the World War I. Turkish consular officials complained to Greece over the flag burning.

Hellenic Nationalist Comrade Writes Of Chinese And Ukranian Use Of Aborted Babies For Cream And To Harvest Stem Cells

Last year, it was discovered that a Chinese cosmetics company was using the bodies of aborted children and executed convicts to develop wrinkle cream which was sold to European countries. After this was exposed, the spokesman from the company was shocked that people were opposed at this "normal" practice. In his words:

"A lot of the research is still carried out in the traditional manner using skin from the executed prisoners and aborted fetus. In China it is considered very normal and I was very shocked that Western countries can make such a big fuss about this".

These demented attitudes are no surprise when one considers that China forces women to have abortions against their will and performs unethical, barbaric experiments such as ones that involve putting animal DNA into human embryos and then killing the genetically-altered human being. Greece and other Orthodox Christian nations should break off trade with China given that they murder innocent human beings and then sell us products containing human parts.

Here follow several articles that mention this practice (notice how the "progressive" media outlets downplay the use of aborted fetuses and emphasize the use of convicts' body parts instead of giving both equal attention):

Cosmetics Company Uses Aborted Babies in Products
Report: Cosmetics firm using remains of executed Chinese
[3] The beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners

As the following article demonstrates, the jump from abortion to infanticide is never great. When the sanctity of human life is denied and undermined, this is the inevitable result. That Ukraine -- an Orthodox Christian nation -- has become the "stem-cell capital of the world" is particularly troubling. It seems that Orthodox Christians have become the leaders in murdering their own children.

This article also implicates capitalism and big business in promoting abortion and experimentation on the unborn (as well as infants in this case). Given the very clear role capitalism plays, one would think that leftists would eventually arrive at a pro-life position and yet they still support these atrocities. But leftists, despite their insecure declarations of being "revolutionaries", have always been reactionaries and this mentality accounts for such positions. Why does the left support abortion? Because they perceive the political right as being opposed to it. There is leftist "wisdom" for you: instead of analyzing the issue to arrive at the correct conclusion and reach an ethical position on the matter (i.e., that abortion is a clear violation of human rights and cannot be justified on any grounds), the left is satisfied with knee-jerk reactionism as the basis of its ideology and, therefore, prefers to do the opposite of whatever the right does. And this goes for most of their ideological positions. Although this is the left's excuse for supporting the greatest human rights violation and crime against humanity, what is the "excuse" of Orthodox Christians who abort their children?

-Hellenic Nationalist comrade

(The Article Below Is Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

Partial-birth abortion revisited


by Rebecca Grace

In the Ukraine, investigators are exploring the possibility that healthy infants and preborns were killed for stem-cell experimentation. It is speculated that the babies' organs were
extracted after allegedly being stolen from mothers by staff at Maternity Hospital Number Six in the eastern city of Kharkov.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) claims to have a video showing the autopsy examination of 30 infants and fetuses that were exhumed from a cemetery used by the Ukrainian maternity hospital. The video was also turned over to the Council of Europe who is now carrying out its own investigation as a response to about 300 families who are coming forward with charges against the hospital for allegedly taking and killing their newborns.

Pictures from the autopsies reveal tiny dismembered bodies with missing organs and brains. Since dismemberment of bodies is not a standard post-mortem practice, it is likely the babies were harvested for the high amounts of stem cells in their brains and bone marrow.

It is a recognized practice in the Ukraine, the stem-cell capital of the world, to take stem cells from aborted fetuses with the mothers' consent. Due to the increasing worldwide demand for stem cells, it is possible healthy newborns are now being used to feed this demand. These healthy babies mysteriously "die" following a successful birth.

Such is likely the case for Ukrainian couple Dimitry and Olena Stulnev who had their baby at Maternity Hospital Number Six.

"I gave birth to a healthy girl," Olena said. "She was crying and moving her hands and legs. I was shown the baby. After that the girl was taken away. They told me everything was OK, and I could see her the next day."

Olena never saw her baby again. She was told the next day that her baby was dead and given conflicting stories as to the reason for the child's death. The couple began investigating the death of their child but got nowhere. The more they pried, the less information they got.

Even today, Ukrainian authorities and hospital staff remain tight-lipped about the suspected use of newborns for stem-cell research.

According to investigative reporter Matthew Hill, "The Ukrainian authorities deny any conspiracy and refute claims that there is a trade in stem cells taken from stolen babies."

"No work in this hospital is connected with the use of cells," Dr. Larysa Nazarenko told Hill. Nazarenko is the chief doctor at Maternity Hospital Number Six.

Although speculations are being disputed by those accused of committing these atrocities, Hill thinks the silence will be broken in February when the Council of Europe returns to Kharkov to continue its investigation of what has already become a horrifying insight into the stem-cell controversy.

"One of the things that we have been concerned about for years is the fact that, by pushing embryonic stem-cell research, we're looking at a situation that is bound to use human beings as fodder for the experiments," said Dr. Janice Crouse, director of the Beverly LaHaye Institute at Concerned Women for America (CWA).

Bioethicist Wesley Smith believes the demand for hundreds of millions of eggs and stem cells will lead to fetal farming.

"In order to get the millions and millions of eggs that would be required, poor women in Bangladesh, in Congo, in other destitute nations would be seen by biotechnologists as so many egg farms ripe for the harvest," Smith explained. "This commoditization of human life
is pernicious. …"

Sadly, it appears to be motivated by big business and financial gain.

For example, the allegations of the stolen Ukrainian babies come only months after Family News in Focus reported women in the Ukraine were being paid $200 to abort their babies for the acquisition of stem cells. More specifically, according to Smith, the women were paid to
get pregnant for the sole purpose of aborting the babies at eight weeks gestation so the stem cells could be used for an anti-aging beauty treatment.

The Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM) in Barbados uses such a treatment that supposedly improves one's fitness, sex life, mental capacity and sleeping patterns. IRM buys its stem cells used in the treatment from the Ukraine.

The treatment involves injecting clients with stem cells from seven- to ten-week-old aborted babies. But now there is reason to question a possible link between this or other treatments and the missing Ukrainian babies.

Whether the stem cells are taken from aborted or birthed babies, "Destroying innocent life to meet a business demand for stem cells is an unconscionable bioethical breach," said Wendy Wright, CWA president.

"The entire concept of the human being as a product is coming into vogue," Smith added, "and it should be a great concern to everyone."
BBC News, 12/12/06;, 12/12/06;, 12/15/06;, 12/18/06;, 12/20/06

Message From +Bishop Christodoulos On "The trouble with conservative New-Calenderism"

Dear All,


The below speech was presented by one of our monks from Holy Ascension Monastery in Woodstock. It was presented at the Conference on Ecumenism at the University of Chicago last March. If you have already read it you may want to study it again. The next issue of Romiosini will contain the below speech and all the other speeches presented at the conference.

The risen Lord be with you,
+Bishop Christodoulos

I would like to speak to you today about the problem of conservative New-Calendarism. By conservative New Calendarists I mean those who consider the institution of the Gregorian calendar and involvement in the ecumenical movement to be misguided, unfortunate, or even to some degree heretical, but nevertheless remain in churches which follow the New Calendar and foster Ecumenism.

While conservative New Calendarists rightly consider Orthodoxy to be the one and only true Church of Christ and adhere to Orthodox doctrines and practices with admirable zeal, they find themselves under bishops who deny those doctrines and shun traditional piety. Although this situation is certainly uncomfortable for them, they are obligated to justify it, and to this end employ the following argument: 'the participation of our bishops in the ecumenical movement is wrong, but it is only an abuse, not a heresy; and if it even descends to the level of heresy, it occurs only on a personal, not an official level. Thus the church as a whole is not implicated in the heresy, and one may in good conscience continue in communion with the bishops in question.' This line of reasoning underlies virtually all serious attempts to justify remaining in the New-Calendarist, or Ecumenist church, and not returning to the Old-Calendarist, or traditional Orthodox Church.

The argument in itself begs the question of what constitutes an official act; yet actually, the distinction between a heresy official and one unofficial was never made by the Fathers. Church history bears witness that when a bishop proclaimed a heresy while preaching in church, his hearers would immediately break communion with him, while the other bishops of the Church would sever communion as soon as they had ascertained whether he truly did hold such opinions, and had given him an opportunity to recant. This was precisely the case with Nestorios, for example. Nonetheless, I will take up the challenge, and demonstrate that the New Calendar church has unquestionably espoused heretical teachings in the most official capacity possible: that of public proclamation by a Patriarch, and approval of the proclamation by the Synod of the Church.

In 1948 the World Council of Churches was created, a worldwide organization whose sole purpose for existing is to promote Ecumenism and the non-Orthodox ecclesiological principles upon which ecumenism is based. The Patriarchate of Constantinople and a number of other Orthodox Churches were founding members, and thus showed that they wholeheartedly espouse the Council's goals and beliefs: indeed, they helped formulate those goals and beliefs. The charter of the Council states:

“The primary purpose of the fellowship of churches in the World Council of Churches is to call one another to visible unity in one faith and one eucharistic fellowship¦ In seeking koinonia in faith and life, witness and service, the churches through the council will: "Promote the prayerful search for forgiveness and reconciliation in a spirit of mutual accountability, the development of deeper relationships through theological dialogue, and the sharing of human, spiritual, and material resources with one another; "Facilitate common witness in each place and in all places, and support each other in their work for mission and evangelism; "Nurture the growth of an ecumenical consciousness through processes of education and a vision of life in community rooted in each particular cultural context; "Assist one another in their relationships to and with people of other faith communities; "Foster renewal and growth in unity, worship, mission and service. "In order to foster the one ecumenical movement, the Council will: "Nurture relations with and among churches, especially within, but also beyond its membership; "Establish and maintain relations with national councils, regional conferences of churches, organizations of Christian World Communions, and other ecumenical bodies; "Support ecumenical initiatives at regional, national, and local levels; "Facilitate the creation of networks among ecumenical organizations; "Work towards maintaining the coherence of the one ecumenical movement in its diverse manifestations.

These principles are totally unacceptable for a person with an Orthodox understanding of the Church. They illustrate that the heresy the Orthodox are confronting is not simply union with this or that heretical church (which has not yet happened except in the case of the monophysites). Rather, the heresy is the idea that heretical groups outside the Church are indeed somehow part of the Church, and that the Orthodox Church is part of a larger whole comprised of both the Orthodox and the heterodox. Now, any statement which gives any ecclesial standing whatsoever to a body outside the Church is a heretical statement, because the Orthodox Church is the entirety of the Church. The other so-called churches are not churches at all, but false assemblies set up in opposition to the one, true Church. They are anti-churches. The charter and mission - even the very name - of the World Council of Churches cuts at the root of Orthodox doctrine by placing all "churches" on the same ontological level. Moreover, the World Council of Churches expressly recognizes only one ecumenical movement; that is, its own. It does not leave any room for a valid “ Orthodox Ecumenism which would seek to convert the heterodox. No one can claim that the purpose of Orthodox involvement in ecumenism is to witness to Orthodoxy, since the only side of "Orthodoxy" being presented is precisely whatever can be brought into seeming conformity with the principles set out in the World Council of Churches’ charter, a document which, as we have seen, denies the Orthodox teaching on the Church. Ecumenism is the exact opposite of evangelization.

Any church which joins the World Council of Churches thereby embraces the ecclesiological concepts upon which the Council is founded. These concepts become part of the beliefs of the individual church in question. The Patriarchate of Constantinople and the other New-Calendarist Churches not only accepted these principles and helped formulate them, but have proven their continued adherence to them in a variety of ways over the past sixty years. Thus, there can be no doubt that the official doctrine of the New-Calendarist churches is one of heretical ecumenism, regardless of the fact that many of the New-Calendarist faithful personally disagree with their church's position.

Once the New Calendar churches had espoused the principles of ecumenism, they were not slow to act upon them in concrete ways. One of the very first major steps which put into practice the ecclesiological teaching of ecumenism was the lifting of the anathemas of 1054 against the Roman Catholic Church. Patriarch Athenagoras and the Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople took this action December, 1965. In a joint statement with Pope Paul VI, they declared that, “They regret the offensive words, the reproaches without foundation, and the reprehensible gestures which on both sides have marked or accompanied the sad events of this period.

"They likewise regret and remove both from memory and from the midst of the Church the sentences of excommunication which followed these events, the memory of which has influenced actions up to our day and has hindered closer relations in charity; and they commit these excommunications to oblivion… "Through the action of the Holy Spirit those differences will be overcome through regret for historical wrongs and through an efficacious determination to arrive at a common understanding and expression of the faith of the Apostles and its demands.

The meaning of this official document is clear: the Orthodox condemnation of Latin heresies is "without foundation" and must be obliterated from memory;and we do not yet understand the faith of the Apostles.

In September, 1990, official delegates from all the New Calendarist churches met in Chambesy, Switzerland with official representatives of the monophysite churches. They restated those points of Christology on which the Orthodox and monophysites have always agreed, they ignored or dismissed as semantical misunderstandings those points on which they disagree, and then they declared, “In the light of our agreed statement on Christology as well as of the above common affirmations, we have now clearly understood that both families have always loyally maintained the same authentic Orthodox Christological faith, and the unbroken continuity of the apostolic tradition, though they have used Christological terms in different ways. It is this common faith and continuous loyalty to the Apostolic Tradition that should be the basis for our unity and communion.

"Both families agree that all the anathemas and condemnations of the past which now divide us should be lifted by the Churches in order that the last obstacle to the full unity and communion of our two families can be removed by the grace and power of God. Both families agree that the lifting of anathemas and condemnations will be consummated on the basis that the Councils and Fathers previously anathematized or condemned are not heretical."

The Chambesy agreement is an open espousal of the ancient heresy of monophysitism. Its acceptance by the Orthodox has been made possible by the modern heresy of ecumenism, which allows two mutually exclusive doctrines to co-exist, while pretending that the truth is either the mean between the two, or the lowest common denominator of the two, or something to be discovered in the future, or simply irrelevant if we all profess love for one another.

Some conservative New-Calendarists pretend that the Chambesy agreement is not an official declaration of faith, but rather a series of recommendations by individual theologians, which the Churches are free to accept or reject. The superficiality of this notion, however, is contradicted by the so-called "Pastoral Agreement between the Coptic Orthodox and Greek Orthodox Patriarchates of Alexandria," which was signed in 2001. This document announces:

The Holy Synods of both the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and all Africa have already accepted the outcome of the official dialogue on Christology between the Orthodox Church and the Oriental Orthodox Churches, including the two official agreements: the first on Christology signed in June 1989 in Egypt and the second also on Christology and on the lifting of anathemas and restoration of full communion signed in Geneva 1990 [that is, in Chambesy,] in which it is stated that ‘in the light of our agreed statement on Christology¦, we have now clearly understood that both families have always loyally maintained the same authentic Orthodox Christological faith, and the unbroken continuity of Apostolic tradition.’ It was agreed to have mutual recognition of the sacrament of Baptism, based on what St. Paul wrote, One Lord, one faith, one baptism (Eph. 4:5.)

The document further states: “The Holy Synods of both Patriarchates have agreed to accept the sacrament of marriage when it is conducted for two partners not belonging to the same Patriarchate¦ Each of the two Patriarchates shall also accept to perform all of its other sacraments to that new family of mixed Christian marriage."

This declaration shows clearly that the Patriarchate of Alexandria regards the Chambesy agreement as an official statement of doctrine, and not simply the private judgment of individuals. Moreover, the Patriarchate has officially recognized the monophysites as constituting a Church as valid and legitimate as the Orthodox Church; indeed, it states that the Orthodox are of "one faith" with the monophysites.

Even more troubling is the decision of the “Holy Synod of Antioch” under Patriarch Ignatius IV, which was made in June 1991. With respect to it relations with the Syrian monophysites, the Antiochian Church announced that the following measures would be observed:

“The complete and mutual respect between the two churches for their rituals, spirituality, heritage and holy fathers. "The incorporation of the fathers of both churches and their heritage in general in the Christian education curriculum and theological teaching. "The refraining of accepting members of one church in the membership of the other whatever the reasons might be. "Organizing meetings of both Synods whenever need and necessity might arise."If two bishops of the two different churches meet for a spiritual service the one with the majority of people will preside. "If one priest of either church happens to be in a certain area he will serve the divine mysteries for the members of both churches, including the divine liturgy and the sacrament of holy matrimony. "If two priests of both churches happen to be in a certain community they will take turns, and in case they concelebrate, the one with the majority of people will preside. "If a bishop of one church and a priest from the sister church happen to concelebrate presiding naturally belongs to the bishop."

In other words, the Patriarchate of Antioch has entirely abandoned the Orthodox Church and is in full communion with the monophysites. The Patriarchate has decided that the ecumenical councils – which embody the Church's definitive expressions of belief “ are optional, and that it is not necessary to adhere to them to be part of the Orthodox Church. Thus, we see the heresy of ecumenism operating on two levels. On the one hand, the New-Calendar churches accept the basic idea that other Christian bodies are part of the Church, and that the Church is not exclusively synonymous with Orthodoxy. This is ecumenism in theory. On the other hand, they recognize that specific heretical bodies, such as the Roman Catholic church and the monophysite churches, are in fact Orthodox in doctrine; and they have even entered into communion with the monophysites. This is ecumenism in practice.

Both of these forms of ecumenism are operating in the New-Calendar churches on the most official level possible. They have been publicly proclaimed by a Patriarch and ratified by the Holy Synod. It is not possible for them to be any more official then they already are. Moreover, these official actions must not be considered in isolation, but in the context of ecumenism's overall effect on the Church. Innumerable hierarchs have made blasphemous statements denying virtually every dogma of Orthodoxy, joint prayers are conducted with heretics on a regular basis, communion is freely given to Roman Catholics and other heterodox, and agreements such as the so-called Balamand union and the recent appalling statement of the 9th Assembly of the World Council of Churches are concluded by official delegates from the New-Calendarist Churches.

These statements affirm the Branch Theory and a host of other errors. The heresy of ecumenism has infected not one of the local Orthodox Churches, but all of them. Each of the Patriarchates has contributed in its own way to perverting the Orthodox faith: Constantinople by lifting the anthemas which the holy Fathers laid on the Roman Catholic Church, Alexandria by accepting the monophysites as Orthodox, Antioch by partaking of the same chalice as the monophysites, and all the ecumenist churches collectively by participating in the World Council of Churches and abolishing the Patristic understanding of the Church. All of the ecumenist churches are in full communion with one another and share the same ecumenist faith: the beliefs of one are the beliefs of all, and each of the Patriarchates supports and encourages the ecumenical gestures of the others. Our primary question at this point should be, what are the faithful to do when their bishops are in heresy? The patristic answer is clear: break communion immediately, because those bishops no longer represent the Church, but a foreign body. It is impossible for Orthodox Christians to hold communion with heretical bishops, inasmuch as a common Eucharistic cup denotes a common faith. St. Cyril of Alexandria states that "the Body of Christ binds us into unity" and "there is no division of belief among the faithful." And the Apostle Paul asks, What communion hath light with darkness? Or what concord hath Christ with Belial? When the monothelete bishop Theodosios asked St. Maximos the Confessor why he had cut himself off from communion with see of Constantinople, the saint replied, “In the sixth indiction of the last cycle, Cyrus, Patriarch of Alexandria, published the Nine Chapters [stating that Christ had but a single energy,] which were approved by the see of Constantinople. Soon the novelties proposed in that document were followed by others, overturning the definitions of holy councils. These innovations were devised by primates of the Church of Constantinople: Sergios, Pyrrhus, and Paul, as all the other Churches know very well. This is the reason I, your servant, am not in communion with the throne of Constantinople. Let the offenses introduced by those men be rejected and the abettors deposed; then the way to salvation will be cleared, and you will walk the smooth path of the Gospel unhindered by heresy. When I see the Church of Constantinople walking as she was formerly, I shall enter into communion with her uncompelled, but as long as the scandal of heresy persists in her and her bishops are miscreants, no argument or persecution will win me over to your side." On another occasion the Eparch of Constantinople asked St. Maximos, "Will you enter into communion with our Church, or not? will not," said the saint. "Why?" asked the Eparch. "Because it has rejected the rulings of Orthodox councils," said Maximos. The Eparch continued, “If that be so, how is it that the fathers of those councils remain in the diptychs of our Church? "How do you profit by commemorating them, when you renounce their doctrines?" countered the saint.

Examples such as these could be multiplied almost indefinitely. Suffice to say that the most basic criterion of Orthodox ecclesiology is to refrain from communion with heretical bishops. This applies even before such bishops are condemned by an ecumenical council, as we see from the case of St. Maximos, who broke communion decades before the condemnation of monoenergism and monothelitism by the 6th Ecumenical Council. The sound application of these principles to the present-day situation should be obvious. Anyone who considers himself to be an Orthodox Christian should sever communion with any bishop who preaches, participates in, or furthers ecumenism directly or indirectly; and he should join himself to those Orthodox Christians who already have ceased ecclesiastical contact with such bishops.

Those Christians are precisely the Old Calendarists, or True Orthodox Christians, who rejected the heresy of ecumenism the moment it appeared, and in no way allowed themselves to be defiled by communion with bishops who alter the faith of the Apostles. When the conservative New-Calendarists take this same step, they will be following the path of the Holy Fathers; they will have separated themselves from the heretics, and joined themselves to the assembly of the Orthodox.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Greek Lobbying On Greek Genocide

Last night we attended one of the few events in the New York City area related to the Pontic Greek Genocide , although May 19th is the official Day of Remembrance nothing at all was done in New York City on that day nor in Athens for that matter, the only action that went on anywhere in the world from reports was a small memorial service that was held in the heavily Pontic Greek populated city of Thessaloniki on May 19th . We , Hellenic Nationalists in New York city,, waited until May 22nd to attend part of an organised North American speaking tour of University of Thrace academic ,Dr. Fanis Malkidis , in Greek ΦΑΝΗΣ ΜΑΛΚΙΔΗΣ , at the request of Pontian diaspora groups, all coordinated by the respective educational attaches of the Greek Foreign Ministry.

The event in the Archdiocese Cathedral was attended by 45 ppl, the vast majority of attendees were well in their fifties in age and beyond , and it seems that the event was advertised almost exclusively to regional Diaspora groups, the Pontian diaspora group leader, of Pontian Society "PONTOS" of Norwalk, Connecticut was in attendance as were many members of the The Pan- Pontian Federation of USA- CANADA who from what I gathered, learned about this event from word of mouth and emails. The major Hellenic American newspaper "National Herald" did NOT advertise this event, we learned of this event totally by chance while stumbling onto the which advertised the events this month surrounding the the May19th Pontic Greek Genocide Remembrance Day. To our dismay, there was not one piece of paper, no flyer, no sign-in-sheet, nothing from the Pontian groups organising this event,at the event, as to how we can get in touch with them, how we can meet speakers and so on, we even asked the old guy,sorry, the president of PONTIAN SOCIETY "PONTOS" Of Norwalk, how we can get involved and all he had to say was "well you can go check the site, sometimes its updated...." His group is actually a sub-group of the larger aforementioned Pan-Pontian Federation and its site, has a link to a non-existant section on the Pontic Greek Genocide!

Vasileios Marinis , an adjunct Professor at Queens College in New York, has joined the Dr. Malkidis speaking tour this month in some North American cities, and he began his presentation of a slide show of the Aghia Sophia monastery, apparently the only standing Greek Orthodox Monastery building left standing in the entire Pontos region of whats now called "Turkey", the only thing we got out of his commentary on the slides was that it was built with porches and the few remaining details of the angels were amazing, it was apparent, though the presenter never pointed it out, that the face of Jesus was scraped off, as is usual with any icon visited by Muslim Turk invaders and occupiers. The interesting part to this presentation came from an audience member who immediately pointed out the obvious desecration..Vasileios Marinis immediately responded that "well we should make mention of preservation of monuments anywhere in the world (ed:what he meant to say was...not just in Turkey...) to be fair Aghia Sofia was part of joint British and....(he was afraid to say Turkish) restoration effort in the 1960s and was preserved...many monuments around the world are not preserved..." A follow up question ,IN GREEK, was asked by some old guy, in the audience who visited the region years ago, his parents were from there and he pointed out that the Aghia Sophia building was being used as a mosque until the 1960s and that all the walls were whitewashed of icons. THEN Marinis finally explained that yes, all the Greek Orthodox churches and monasteries in Pontos, were destroyed and since Aghia Sofia was centrally located in Trebizond ,or Trapezounta, it was made a mosque, as was common with the Islamic conquest of Asia Minor to destroy all Christian buildings and use the central structure in a city as a mosque...unfortunately, Mr Marinis ,apparently was afraid to say this in English, some woman sitting in front of me in a Bannana yellow jacket and mini-skirt and was part of the Greek Consulate entourage loudly shushed me when I provided a running translation into English of this exchange for a non-Greek speaker!

Finally it came the turn of Dr. Fanis Malkidis' presentation, done entirely in Greek, which centered on the theory that, get this, there are some 500,000 crypto-Christians living in Pontos and another 150,000 living in Constantinople, he based his presentation on the history of the Tanzimat reforms in 19th Century 'Turkey" when the government implemented a liberal policy towards minorities due to Western pressure, and he claimed that a considerable number of crypto-Christians re-converted back to Christianity from Islam. All along reading poems and letters from crypto-Christians from this era, he then jumped to the conclusion that this coincides with current efforts by the EU to pressure the government in Ankara to accept liberal European policies. And inferred that this would lead to crypto-Christians coming out of the closet . Neglecting to mention that these people who may speak Pontic Greek dialects have been Muslim for three or four generations and have been intermarrying and mixing ,racially and otherwise, with Turks and Kurds and Lazs and Circassions and God knows what other various mixed breeds in Islamified Pontos and Constantinople for generations .Lets not forget that unlike the 19th Century Pontos, modern post-Genocide Pontos has NOT ONE operating Greek Orthodox church. Tellingly the two sites he referenced and are Turkish sites, one is even promoted by Greek political establishment daily , kathimerini.

The concluding remarks had to do with the failure of previous Greek administrations in past decades to reach out to Pontic Greek speakers in Asia Minor and their negligence in accepting immigrants from "Turkey", but remarked that the current government is committed to building a Greek consulate in Trebizond in order to better facilitate requests for immigration into Greece, thus without him saying so, one reaches the conclusion that this theory is very convenient to explaining away the waves of , hundreds of thousands of Turkish immigrants that the degenrate-Greek political Establishment is ,apparently, planning to bring to Greece, making the duped, smiling , Greek-on-the-street believe that these are our "brothers" and also using this theory of Greek speaking crypto-Christians or "Greek Muslims" to facilitate more and more support for the political establishment's Greek-Turkish friendship propaganda and official state policy, ultimately resulting in more loot for the capitalist profiteers in the form of cheap immigrant labor and open markets concurrent with their plan for the eventual total destruction of the Greek nation, which the political establishment and the Greek capitalist abhors.

It's really a shame that these old guys who run the Pontian groups,who while they may have their hearts in the right place, they don't realise how they, with no experience whatsoever in real activism and lobbying, and with their blind faith in the Greek Foreign Ministry of the political establishment, are harming their own people. Moreover, its becomes also apparent that the Greek genocide denial of the Greek political establishment has entered a second phase, now that they realise that its too late , due to grassroots educational efforts, to openly deny the Greek genocide, the establishment instead is now promoting this crackpot crypto-Christian theory in order to dupe us , the Greek people, into welcoming the Turks into our homes as "brothers"

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Albanians Living In Shame

We've noticed in the diaspora that Albanians hide behind an ethnic cover that is not their own, usually they claim to be an "Italian" , we got to "out" a crypto-Albanian busing tables at a Greek restaurant who attempted to pose as "Greek" to hapless diners, because he spoke a few phrases in his horrid Albo accent, out of the corner of our eye we caught him exchanging Muslim salutations with an Arab street vendor, shifty. So try it out , if you or someone you know owns or operates a business and has a pet Albo, install a webs cam and see if he misrepresents himself to the ignorant Americans.

Deep down Albanians are ashamed because they know they are bad, and know that their pseudo-identity and pseudo-nation is merely a creation of the Western "powers".


Social and Cultural Life According to the census of 1996 (the most recent year for which figures are available), there are 4140 Albanians in Canada, of which 1900 live in Toronto. This is an approximation because it has been shown that 2nd- and 3rd-generation Canadians of Albanian origin avoid naming their ethnic background. Therefore, the real number of Albanians in Canada remains undetermined, and their sociocultural activities and festivals for the most part represent small groups of families. Albanians are strongly patriarchal, and usually live in extended family households. The oldest male is respected as family head. Albanians have rich folkloric traditions, especially music, dance and traditional costumes.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Saint Constantine And Helen

Two of our greatest Saints, the only ones titled Equal-to-the Apostles, Constantine & Helen are celebrated today. We attended vespers at Saint Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Brooklyn, New York tonight , officiated by Archbishop Demetrios, who flew into town after a Sunday service at Saint Constantine and Helen in Washington DC, and tomorrow morning H.E. Demetrios will be officiating over Divine Liturgy at Saint Constantine and Helen in the New York suburb of West Nyack, we were happy to hear the praise for our Saint Emperor described as genius, Archbishop Demetrios said that "if you ever stay in a high rise in Constantinople when you visit and look at over that big city, you must realise it was nothing before Constantine conceived it and planned it as the capital of the Christian empire." Constantinoupolis, is what I called it when there some years ago and then got harangued and fell into a ugly exchange with a Turk desk clerk in the roach infested hostel next to Aghia Sofia, guess you get to know the real Constantinople of today, when you don't stay in one of those fancy high rises, not a smart move anyway considering the Turkish record for collapsing buildings....

Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 19th:Pontic Greek Genocide Day Of Mourning And Remembrace

( Courtesy of )

Friday, May 18, 2007

Patriarch Bartholomeos And The Corrupt Greek State's Siege On Genuine Greek Orthodox Christianity

Mount Athos has been violated by this heretical Patriarch named Bartholomeos, his power has been used to soil the name of Greek Orthodoxy with his contacts with the dirty and Satanic Papacy , to which he is bound along with his subservience to Ankara and Tel Aviv and the power centers of Frankish lands. We hear from genuine Orthodox Christian priests that the icon of Panaghia has already been found thrown down by the bay in Mount Athos , a symbol that the Theotokos is ready to leave Mount Athos. Is Patriarch Bartholomeos a good man? To starve Greek Orthodox Christian monks who pray for the world? To deprive the brothers of water, of medical visitors , of pilgrims? To use the Greek police to siege the Esphigmenou Monastery? This POS, contemptible Satan in the form of a man, is the most lucid representative of Satan's work in the world, the pictures we saw of him when he met his Vatican masters, shows the fear in his eyes, he's not afraid of hell, he is in HELL.

(The Article Below Is Reproduced for Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

Greek police guard Mount Athos

18 May 2007

SALONIKA, Greece - Greek police have been stationed around the monastic community of Mount Athos, one of Orthodox Christianity’s holiest sites, a day after some 200 pilgrims attempted to enter the enclave illegally, local officials said.

Police in the main outlying city of Salonika said the pilgrims wanted to access Esphigmenou Monastery, which is occupied by a dissident monk faction at odds with the other 20 monasteries of the semi-autonomous community, but lacked permits from the community collegium and were repulsed.

Around 30 pilgrims managed to evade police on Wednesday by jumping over a wall.

The pilgrims went to Mount Athos, some 120 kilometres southeast of Salonika in northern Greece, for the religious festival of the Assumption.

Esphigmenou Monastery has been under occupation by around 80 elderly monks for years, despite an eviction order issued in 2002, and the overseers of Mount Athos are on the lookout for attempts to send supporters into the monastery.

The Esphigmenou monks observe the old Julian Calendar and oppose the Patriarchate’s 1972 decision to improve ties with the Roman Catholic Church.

In October, nine of the Esphigmenou monks were condemned to two-year suspended prison sentences for refusing to leave the monastery.

Two months later, a clash between the dissident group and members of a rival monastic order appointed to replace them left four monks hospitalised.


Pontic Greek Genocide Remembrance

AP / EUROKINISI Armenian demonstrators burn a Turkish flag outside the Turkish Embassy in Athens in 1996 after a march to commemorate the 81st anniversary of the 1915-1923 Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Turks.

The solemn day of May 19th, the Remembrance Day for the Genocide of Greeks in Pontos by criminal Turkey, is fast approaching, unfortunately our diaspora has yet to reach anywhere near the militancy of the Armenian diaspora, which stages protests outside Turkish Embassies and consulates everywhere in the world where a substantial Armenian population exists on their Remembrance Day , every April 24th! Magnificently, in this year's protests the Moscow Turkish embassy was even hit with burning Molotov cocktails! And in Thessaloniki the criminal Turkish flag was burned and riot police were called in to keep the protestors from storming the Turkish consulate! Lets please try to at least attend one event regarding Remembrance of Pontic Greek Genocide, every single present Greek body there does count for the sake of remembrance, its better than doing absolutely nothing, below are some scheduled events in North America, courtesy of

Friday May 18, 2007 7:00pm
The Pontian Association of Montreal Invites you to,
Lest We Forget - The Asia Minor Catastrophe and the Hellenic Genocide
of Pontos at the Hellenic Community of Montreal
Keynote Speaker: Fanis Malkidis
Professor at the University of Thrace
Full member of the International Association for
Genocide Scholars

Short Film presentation: Pontian Youth Association of Attica, Greece
Maria Hatzieleftheriou, President

Smyrna Ordeal Speaker:
Dora Sakayan Professor at McGill University
Author the book based on Dr. G. Hatcherian's journal, "My Smyrna Ordeal of 1922."
small photo exhibition, more video presentations, Informational hand-outs
With the support of: The Hellenic Community of Montreal The Hellenic Congress of
Quebec The Canadian Association of the Greeks of Constantinople
Greek-Canadian BHMA Radio CFMB - Hellenic Program

Saturday, May 19, 2007
Lecture In commemmoration of the Pontian Genocide presented by Dr. Fanis Malkidis
At the Hellenic Community of Toronto 7:00 pm

Sunday, May 20, 2007
Pontian Society of Boston
Lecture In commemmoration of the Pontian Genocide presented by Dr. Fanis Malkidis

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
PanPontian Federation of USA-Canada
Holy Trinity Cathedral, New York
319 East 74th Street
Lectures about the Pontian Churches presented by Dr. Vasilios Marinis & Dr.Fanis

Friday, May 25, 2007
Pontian Society of Chicago
Lecture In commemmoration of the Pontian Genocide presented by Dr. Fanis Malkidis

May 26-27, 2007
Pontian Youth Association of USA-Canada
1st Youth Gathering
Panagia Soumela, New York

May 27 2007 - Lecture of Dr. Fanis Malkidis at the community centre of St. George of
Piscataway 1:00pm.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Guess Who Owns Western Media? [CLUE: It Ain't Muslims]

Interesting video, we would have to disagree that 96% of world media is owned by "the chosen", we doubt they own media in most Muslim lands or even in our little Greece, anyway, the entertaining 7.75-min. video's titled: Meet your Jewish media masters:

Those Bilderbuggers To Meet In "Istanbul"

Disregarding the allegation that the Bilderberg group is a 'Nazi Conspiracy' some interesting points are made by the writer.

New World Order elites: Bilderberg Group to Meet in Istanbul
Open letter to Turkish Prime Minister
by Timuçin Leflef
May 11, 2007
Communique sent to the Turkish Prime Minister re Bilderberg 2007 8th May 2007

Dear Prime Minister,

I am a Turkish filmmaker living in Ireland. It has come to my attention that the Bilderberg Group are holding their next meeting in Istanbul this year, between May 31 and June 3rd.(1) I have known about this group since 1993 and have been following their activities over the past 14 years. According to many sources, since its inception in 1954 by former Nazi S.S. Officer Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands, the Bilderberg Group have been covertly continuing the Nazi policy of creating a New World Order (a global totalitarian dictatorship). (2)
Likely to attend this year's meeting are Paul Wolfowitz, Dr. Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld:

As U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz was one of the major architects of the Iraqi War (3) and is still a member of PNAC (Project for a New American Century). PNAC is a neo-conservative think-tank which called for a "catalyzing event" for their policies "like a New Pearl Harbour" exactly a year before 9/11.(4) Mr. Wolfowitz is currently being questioned on charges of corruption and has been asked to resign as head of the World Bank. As member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, Dr. Henry Kissinger is also likely to attend. According to many sources, Dr. Kissinger is a mass murderer who implemented and defended the decision to run 600 illegal bombing missions in Cambodia ("Operation Menu"), causing the deaths of over 500,000 Cambodians between 1969 and 1973. Under the U.S. constitution, this secret bombing campaign was illegal without U.S. Congressional approval. (5) Two months after striking a peace accord with North Vietnam in October 1972, he authorised 129 B-52 bombers to bomb North Vietnam for 11 days in a "demonstration bombing" as a public relations exercise to appease South Vietnam (called "The Christmas Bombing").

Former U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia David Newsom, and a Senior CIA Officer both confirm that on December 5th 1975, Dr. Kissinger, along with President Ford, held a meeting in Indonesia with President Suharto. Transcripts of this meeting prove that he gave the greenlight to the subsequent Indonesian Invasion of East Timor. This lead to the massacre of over 100,000 Timoreans and violated the U.S. law on arms trade. (6) Recently, a French judge subpoened Dr. Kissinger about U.S. involvement with mass-killings in Chile, Operation Condor and General Augusto Pinochet. He still hasn't attended the hearing and has been evading the subpoena ever since.(7) Bilderberg member Donald Rumsfeld is also another PNAC member and was the main architect of the Iraqi War. As he is a regular Bilderberg attendee, there is a possibility that he may attend this year's meeting in Istanbul.(8)

My main concerns and therefore my questions to you are:
(a) Why are war-mongers the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld being allowed to hold a secret meeting in Turkey this year, without the Turkish people's knowledge or approval?
(b) Why are the Turkish newspapers not discussing this event which will be taking place in Istanbul?
(c) It is obvious that a secret meeting of elite minds and warmongers like these is likely to result in the manufacture of another war for profit. I would therefore like to know whether they will be holding this meeting to plan the next stages of an upcoming war with Iran? Will they be using Turkey as a chess-piece in this next war? Also, as Dr. Kissinger wrote the book "Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy" and admits that he is not averse to using nuclear weapons in a war situation, will they be involving us in a nuclear one?

One journalist who has been invited to this year's meeting is Mr. Cengiz Çandar. However, in my opinion, he will be providing a complete whitewash on this year's event. Being a former lecturer at the Istanbul Bilgi (American) University (9), and a good friend of Paul Wolfowitz during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, it is obvious in my opinion that Mr. Çandar has been invited to attend the conferences due to his loyalty to Bilderberg, and will most definitely be writing pro-Bilderberg articles. (10) Therefore, it is my belief not to trust him to make an accurate appraisal of this year's meeting and I ask that independent Turkish journalists attend this year, so that the Turkish people know exactly what is taking place in their own country.

I am completely appalled by the total lack of discussion in Turkish newspapers about the upcoming Bilderberg meeting, by the huge level of secrecy and denial surrounding it, the total lack of transparency of these meetings, and by the high level of ignorance Turkish people are showing about the Bilderberg Group. A secret meeting is being held by the world's most influential warmongers, right under our noses! This is an outrage.

As a Turkish citizen, I am deeply offended that my own government would allow this secret meeting to take place on Turkish soil without our knowledge or approval. I therefore ask you that there be complete journalistic transparency at the upcoming Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul this year. If the Bilderberg Group have nothing to hide, then we must be allowed a full transcript of their meeting. Therefore, the Independent Turkish Press must attend the meeting this year. If this is not possible, I ask that you, as a servant of the Turkish people, not allow the upcoming Bilderberg meeting to take place in Turkey.

As a public servant, I expect your reply within 10 working days of receiving this Open Letter.

Yours sincerely,
Timuçin Leflef
A very concerned Turkish Citizen
(1) Washington'da 'delik iktidar', 03.04.2007 / Cengiz Çandar / Yorum
(2) "Behold a Pale Horse", William Cooper, Light Technology Publishing, Sedona, AZ, (c) 1992
- Bilderberg History:
- Bernhard History:
(3) "The puppet who cleared the way for Iraq's destruction", Paul Wolfowitz must bear a large part of the responsibility that is usually laid at the door of his superior alone. Andrew Cockburn - Thursday April 26, 2007 - The Guardian,,2065440,00.html
(4) Wikipedia, "Project for a New American Century"
(5) "The Trials of Henry Kissinger", Eugene Jarecki, 80 mins., documentary, BBC, 2002. Please watch on Google Video:

- "The Trial of Henry Kissinger", Christopher Hitchens, Verso (May 2001), 160 pages
(6) The National Security Archive, East Timor Revisited"FORD, KISSINGER AND THE INDONESIAN INVASION, 1975-76 " Ford and Kissinger Gave Green Light to Indonesia's Invasion of East Timor, 1975: New Documents Detail Conversations with Suharto National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 62 Edited by William Burr and Michael L. Evans December 6, 2001
(7) The Latest Kissinger Outrage. Why is a proven liar and wanted man in charge of the 9/11 investigation? By Christopher Hitchens Posted Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2002, at 6:36 PM ET,

Wikipedia, Henry Kissinger:
(8) Wikipedia, Bilderberg:
(9) Bilgi Universite American Universitesi'dir:

(10) Washington'da 'delik iktidar', 03.04.2007 / Cengiz Çandar / Yorum
Global Research Articles by Timuçin Leflef

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Page On Mustafa Kemal

Arab Nationalist Ahmed Rami's site Radio Islam has added an extensive page on Mustafa Kemal, with many notes and sidebars and a big collection of articles and sources on the founder of modern Turkey's true ethnic origins.

Greek Leftist Traitors Fly Flag Of Cyprus' Turkish Occupation!

"Trans: "Since it burns you up, we are turks. down with the Nation ,"
ΝΟΗΤΙΚΗ ΑΝΤΙΣΤΑΣΙΣ” reports on the recent victory of a Greek Cypriot team , Omonia, which judging from its non-Greek Irish clover symbol of far-left oriented Olympiakos, is a team associated with the Greek Left, in Greece, Olympiakos ,symbolised by the Irish clover, is associated with Leftist fags, and AEK ,symbolised by the byzantine eagle, is associated with Nationalists. In any case, these leftist football supporters in a juvenile gesture of defiance flew the illegal , in Cyprus, flag of the Turkish occupation in Cyprus, see the photos above , courtesy of “ΝΟΗΤΙΚΗ ΑΝΤΙΣΤΑΣΙΣ” , the incident led to scores of arrests of the Greek Leftist traitors, by Cypriot police, and the Greek Leftist traitors even gained the support of a Turk blogger, who calls for "warnings from EU leaders" for the arrests of traitors on our own soil...

The Fate of Jews in Greece

(Stumbled into a Dutch blog, and got the skit below )

Just got this and fell appart. Sorry for the title of the post.

Two Jewish men, Sid and Al, were sitting in a Greek restaurant in New York.
Sid asked Al:
-Are there any people of our faith born and raised in Greece?
Al replied:
-I don't know, let's ask our waiter.
When the waiter came by, Al asked him:
-Are there any Greek Jews?
The waiter said:
-I'll ask the cooks.
He returned from the kitchen in a few minutes and said:
-No sir, no Greek Jews.
Al wasn't really satisfied with that and asked:
-Are you absolutely sure?
The waiter, realizing he was dealing with 'xenoi' [foreigners] gave the
expected answer:
-I check again,- and went back into the kitchen.
While the waiter was away, Sid said:
-I find it hard to believe that there are no Jews in Greece, our people are scattered everywhere.
The waiter returned and said:
-The head cook say there is no Greek Jews.
Al asked once again:
-Are you certain? I can't believe there are no Greek Jews!
-Gamoto mou … I asked EVERYONE,- replied the exasperated waiter.
-All we have is Orange Jews, Apple Jews &Tomato Jews!

That's the fate of Jews with Greeks. In other places there would be Apricot, Strawbery and Banana Jews as well ;-))

Jews Lobby For Revised non-"anti-Semitic" Orthodox Christian Liturgy

This dated article from The Jerusalem Post On-line is proof positive that ecumenical ism (i.e. cooperation and friendship with "christian" heretics) should forever be anathema: "Unlike the Catholic and Protestant churches, the Orthodox Church has never removed anti-Semitic passages from its liturgy, which still refers to Jews as Christ killers, said Dr. Dmitry Radyehsvky, director of the Jerusalem Summit, a conservative Israeli think tank ."(Click here for the rest of the article)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Leader Of Paki Community In Greece Not Packed Off To Pakistan

The Greek courts have not honored the Pakistani government's request for extradition, meaning this clown is not now finally leaving Greece to probably disappear behind a smokescreen and drop off the radar, Aslam, the 38-year-old head of the Unity community of Pakistanis resident in Greece, is now being defended by Western human rights groups according to this AFP Agence France Press report carried by the Middle East Times, for his role in defending the Pakis interrogated by British intelligence and Greek intelligence, for involvement in alleged fundamentalist Muslim terrorist cells. It's also very likely that this Aslam, knowing the general lack of individual political organizing by Pakistanis, is an agent for Pakistan , which is controlled by the CIA and America, in any case, its interesting that Pakistan wants Aslam back for allegedly transferring clandestine immigrants from Pakistan to Greece, that's practically Pakistan's major export to Greece!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Two Messages From Bishop Christodoulos On Evil Starbucks

Sent : Tuesday, May 8, 2007 8:08 AM
Subject : Why I no longer patronize Starbucks

Christos Anesti!

As a Christian I have decided to stop drinking Starbucks coffee. I can no longer do so with a clear conscience.

As boycotting is your right, I encourage you all to do the same.

I have discovered that Dunkin Donuts is pretty good. :-)

+Bishop Christodoulos

See article below:


Dear All,

Following my recent e-mail regarding Starbucks some have written me doubting the efficacy of boycotts and public pressure on corporations such as Starbucks. Below is a recent story about the impoverished Ethiopian Christian coffee farmers and their government dared to defy the giant Starbucks corporation. With the help of public pressure they have succeeded in persuading Starbucks to make a fair deal.

+Bishop Christodoulos
P.S. Thanks to Timothy for sending me the below story


* Following Public Campaign Against Trademark Efforts, Coffee Giant Starbucks Signs Licensing Deal that Could Bring Millions to Ethiopian Farmers *

Specialty Ethiopian coffee beans can retail for as much as $25 dollars a pound in the U.S, but back in Ethiopia, impoverished farmers may earn less than $1 dollar a pound for the same beans. Hoping to take more control over marketing and boost prices, the government of Ethiopia tried to trademark regional coffee names. Starbucks - the world¹s largest specialty coffee retailer - opposed Ethiopia¹s trademarking efforts. In response, Starbucks came under heavy public pressure to sign a licensing deal with Ethiopia. The campaign appears to have worked. Last week, Starbucks and the Ethiopian government released a joint statement announcing they signed an agreement in principle.


Genocide Name Games

The latest American "genocide" name calling party involves the Darfur allegations of "genocide", the black American , African history Professor Tony Martin has analyzed this campaign as one of disinformation on the part of organized Jewry, in an attempt to get the attention and the spotlight away from the Jewish involvement in the transatlantic slave trade , that was the heated controversy of black politics in the 1990s. So in recent years, Speilberg and other "philanthropists" have generated interest in the Darfur allegations of "genocide", the New York subway system is plastered with multimillion dollar ads for the campaign and major American news outlets, with The New York Times in the lead, drum up , story after story about Darfur and its alleged "genocide"

Mia Farrow, the divorced ex-wife of Jewish-American film maker Woody Allen, flys there all the time, and reports now about how America must get on China's case over Darfur. These anglo-saxons, including those who married Jews like Mia Farrow, have nothing better to do than sail or fly around the world and point their finger at the bad guy of the month. THEY of all people, who have enslaved and Holocausted more peoples around the world than any other culture in human history, their ongoing Genocide of Cyprus, is something they have yet to accept responsibility for, including their obligations to pay us reparations. Mia Farrow, and other deviant American celebrities like her, James "the Albo" Belushi comes to mind, have a far more sinister role for the American empire. Human rights violations and "genocide" allegations that are repeated and circulated with such intensity, all too often have to do with a quest for power politics and a cover for war. As Chomsky, records in his well documented study ,"The New Military Humanism:Lessons From Kosovo" , the West uses human rights, atrocity stories and "genocide"allegations to invade ,bomb and occupy foreign lands, as we witnessed done to Serbia over Kosovo:

The crisis in Kosovo has excited passion and visionary exaltation of a kind rarely witnessed. The events have been portrayed as "a landmark in international relations," opening the gates to a stage of world history with no precedent, a new epoch of moral rectitude under the guiding hand of an "idealistic New World bent on ending inhumanity." This New Humanism, timed fortuitously with a new millennium, will displace the crass and narrow interest politics of a mean-spirited past. Novel conceptions of world order are being forged, interlaced with inspirational lessons about human affairs and global

The American-led NATO "humanitarian intervention" in Kosovo was a military show of strength to encroach on the territory of the former Warsaw pact, to destroy Serbia, and overall to intimidate the possible revival of Orthodox Christian Nationalism in the Balkans, primarily in Serbia, Serbia was also made an example by the American-English gangsters, so that everyone else on the block makes sure to pay "their protection money" and "show respect".

SOON, will the Anglo-Americans dare to conquer Darfur, a major sphere of influence, for China, the merging world power, and try to make an example out of the nuclear Chinese like the American bully did to much tinier Serbia ? Time will tell....

Greek Cypriot Flag Raised On Turkish Mainland For First Time

Relax, this is nothing special, it was raised because it it part of the official EU flag raising, and because Cyprus is an official EU member, not because Greeks or Greek-Cypriots raised that flag, the only flag that should be flying in Cyprus, officially, is the Greek flag, the last thing the Hellenic world needs is regionalism,the official Cyprus flag is ridiculous with its two branches of peace for two communities that should not even exist,and bird's eye view of the Greek island, the flag should be the blue and white Cross, the flag of Greek revolution, not the malakia above, nevertheless, the KUNA Kuwait News Agency reports that the Turks were furious.

Sarkozy The Zionist

The newly elected leader of France, Nicolas Sarkozy (pictured above, the beardless one),well known for calling Arab rioters living in the slums of France's capital , "scum", also hails from the Jewish past of Thessaloniki ("salonika" in Sephardic Jewish-speak)....

Sarkozy’s sympathy and understanding is most probably a product of his upbringing; it is well known that Sarkozy’s mother was born to the Mallah family, one of the oldest Jewish families of Salonika, Greece (Click here for the rest of the article from EUROPEAN JEWISH PRESS)

Only a few weeks ago Sarkozy visited the Jewish Community in Thessaloniki, according to this report "Nicolas Sarkozy was honored at the French embassy in Athens by the Jewish Community of Salonika. A plaque was unveiled which said: “In memory of Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit to Greece from the Thessaloniki Jewish Community, the town of your ancestors, mother and city of Israel and Jerusalem of the Balkans.”
And last ,but not least, the JTA Jewish Telegraph Agency in New York reports that Jews Celebrate Sarkozy Victory in France :
"Nicolas Sarkozy, the grandson of a Greek Jew, has been elected president of France. Optimistic and celebratory, Jewish groups were quick to offer congratulations to Sarkozy after his victory in French presidential elections. ,,,,The former interior minister was seen by Jewish voters as a friend to Israel and an important figure in the fight against antisemitism."

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Jewish-Zionist Conspiracy To Steal From Greek Orthodoxy

The pro-Arab lobbyist Patrick Theros, wrote an insightful essay on plans and conspiracies by Jewish-Zionists in "Israel" to steal/swindle land from the Greek Orthodox Church...


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Jewish-Zionist Destroyers Attack 12 Orthodox Christian Homes In Bethlehem

Greek Woman Gets Embryo Implants From Daughter!

I'm not quite sure what the church's position is on this, "The woman, who was implanted with embryos from her daughter's fertilised eggs, gave birth to twin boys in good health and weighing 2.5 kilos, " something about it definitely makes me flinch, in a bad way, its almost like the woman, was impregenated by her son-in-law, not to mention the tampering of the embryo by doctors!

The Mongol Devastations

Historical writer Jörg Friedrich's essay is an aptly titled overview of Allied, British-American-Soviet, devastation by means of chemical and radioactive warfare, birds of a feather...

Update On Greater Albania Terrorism Videos

The astute Greek language blog Greek Alert informs us that the internet community has circulated the videos to literally hundreds of sites, and the Albanians are busy cleaning up their trail with this revealing video all over the internet, despite the fact that it was already broadcast on Albania's major TV channel, and on May 02,2007, the US State Department spokesperson, Tom Casey, was confronted with several questions,as follows below, about this incident by Greek journalist , Mr. Lambros:

QUESTION: On Albania, Mr. Casey, yesterday, Greece protested provocative actions by newly formed Albanian army bands with a fancy name called Liberation Army of (inaudible). This entity according to Balkans observers is an extension of the Kosovo Liberation Army. Does the Department of State of follow the activities beyond Kosovo or for revived Kosovo Liberation Army which was once classified by the Department of State as a terrorist organization?

MR. CASEY: Mr. Lambros, I'm not familiar with those reports. But again, I think whether you're referring to the situation in Kosovo or more broadly in the Balkans, U.S. policy has been consistent and clear in terms of insisting that people proceed through constitutional and legal means and not resort to violence. We would certainly oppose any violent actions against individuals, whether that's in Greece, Kosovo, Albania or any place else.

QUESTION: One more. Does the U.S. Government share intelligence with Greece concerning the (inaudible) role of Islamic cells in the Balkans as you are concerned, some of which has been close allies of the KLA and its close border affiliates such as the (inaudible) Liberation Army?

MR. CASEY: Mr. Lambros, we have excellent relations with the Government of Greece in all areas. But certainly, I wouldn't be in a position to comment on any kind of intelligence matters. You could certainly try again my friends over at the CIA on that.

Trusted sources have also informed Hellenic Nationalist blog, that the Albanian Lobby,in recent days, has been bombarding the US State Department with letters, in a desperate attempt to cover up any inquiry into these videos...

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Coming Albanian Uprising?

We stumbled upon a grim report on the extent of the Albanian infiltration into the under populated agricultural regions of northern Greece, where despite high Greek unemployment, the farmers lobby for more and more legal Albanian immigration for relatively high paying (5 Euros an hour is considerably higher than the Greek minimum wage in the service sector, and roughly equal to the USA's minimum wage) jobs in farming.

Imathia Prefect Constantine Karapanayotis told the Athens News:
"The main problem is that we want the embassies and consulates to expedite the processing of applications so that the workers can come here faster," said Karapanayotis. "Farmers who depend on immigrant labour cannot wait until whenever for the workers. They need them at a specific time in the season. Right now there is a big delay with workers coming from Albania."

If the statistics cited in the Athens News article are correct, it would mean that close to one million Albanians are living and working in Greece, especially in areas depopulated of native Greeks due to immigration to Athens and to Western countries, thus the scenarios of armed uprisings KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army)-style have more than a basis for success. Lots of land was lost to Albanians from Serbian as well as GREEK (investor absentee landlord) landowners in Kosovo when the area was occupied by foreign armies, and the puppet Albanian government was installed--thus Albanians have the incentive,based on their success in Kosovo, of gaining the very lands they are employed on in Greece by joining an armed uprising. Judging by the Greek state's and,moreover, the Greek security forces' and intelligence community's total incompetence and impotence in being able to defend Greek National landmarks, and Greek police stations from repeat attacks of a few dozen hooded Anarchists in Greece's capital, it seems that the Albanians, in Eparchia(the provinces) should be able to roll over Epirus with ease, and we can be sure they are watching the impotent Greek state's pathetic defenses.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Reader's Letter

Christ is Risen!

How's it going? Sorry I haven't written in awhile - rest assured I read your blog everyday. At any rate, I saw your latest excellent post: Yet Another Neo-Pagan "Nationalist" Poseur on the Iron Youth faggots, and I was wondering if you're aware of these turncoats from Athens:

Rotting Christ

"I just feel sorry ...for every new Christian with new ideas, because we think Christianity is the worst thing to happen in human history. This is a well-organized trick in order to control society, so when I see someone that's very much Christian, that's full of the system, I feel very sorry for him because he's not free."

Notice the one and only "Official" fan club listed is a Turkish one?! What a bunch of fuckin' homos! They probably have photos of Kemal up at home next to their upside down crucifixes.

Keep up the great work, my friend!


My Problem With Final Conflict

For many years I have both subscribed to the Final Conflict email newsletter and even distributed many Final Conflict newscasts both on this blog and in general all over the net, and since the very inception of the Final Conflict blogspot I have linked to them on my general links and linked to their blog entries, I know of at least one other Orthodox Christian Nationalist site that found out about the Final Conflict blog, thanks to my promotions of Final Conflict, in the past I even was published in Final Conflict, I am not at liberty to reveal my Nome DE plume here, but I believe the editors at Final Conflict know who I am and what work I have contributed, with great dismay, I noticed tonight that the Final Conflict blogspot has removed Hellenic Nationalist blog from their general links page, after publicly announcing their linking to us not long ago.

The issue they have with us, no doubt has to do with their decided bias in acknowledging the crimes perpetrated by Frankish Crusaders on Eastern Orthodox Christians, most notably their oblique denial of the Holocaust perpetrated on Constantinople , the greatest Christian city in human history, by the heretical-Catholic barbarians. This blog has published a letter that was sent to Final Conflict about a Final Conflict blog entry that whitewashes the Crusaders. In effect, it is Holocaust (of Eastern Orthodox Christians) Denial that Final Conflict blog is indulging in, and refuses to correct, regardless of now several attempts to correct their failure to recognise Catholicism's Great Crimes Against Humanity In The Fourth Crusade.

It's a shame that Final Conflict, a once worthy Third Positionist intellectual opinion journal with much needed analysis and information on the abortion lobby and the homosexual lobby and international Zionism, has ,unfortunately degenerated into becoming an apologist for the Papacy's Crimes Against Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the true faith.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Greater Albania Terrorism And Greece

We found out that there are some wild videos circulating on the web with brazen claims to Epirus, by masked Albanian spokespersons, standing by American and EU flags! Looks a lot like what Serbia first witnessed in the early 1990s leading up to the American-EU bombings and occupations that followed , thanks to ever growing "humanitarian" concerns over "beleaguered minorities"? After Darfur, are we next? The weblog focusing on Islamic fundamentalist terrorism and the liberal Serb-Canadian blog that this info came from also claims that Greek media is asking Yahoo to disclose the location of the video makers, an absurd request, since any intelligence community worth its salt could get the expensive software necessary to track down these people and their exact locations, or is the Greek political establishment and its "intelligence" really that incompetent?


'It’s a sad commentary on the West’s “free society” that historically dishonest crap like 300 can be made and defended, but an honest, scholarly investigation into the fate of European Jews during World War II stands no chance.' --(Beware of Greek movies bearing bad history and jingoistic subtexts By Greg Felton , Tehran Times, May 2, 2007 )

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hellenic Nationalist Comrade On Final Conflict Weblog

"The notion that the Crusaders were "chivalrous" is not only unbelievably erroneous but extremely offensive as well. To put it simply, the Crusaders were barbarian fanatics in service to a dark heresy (i.e. Catholicism). Their crimes against Christianity and Hellenism have not been forgotten by the Greeks.

"You may not be aware of this but the Fourth Crusade, originally meant to conquer Jerusalem through an invasion of Egypt, opted to attack the greatest Christian civilization of that time, the Eastern Roman Empire (which was later labeled as the "Byzantine Empire" by Greek-hating Westerners in an attempt to obfuscate the Empire's link to the Roman Empire). In 1204 the Franks and Latins were successful in their campaign with the result that Constantinople fell to them. Then followed what most historians regard as the bloodiest sack of medieval history.

"This is no exaggeration as many historians regard the Crusaders' sack of Constantinople in 1204 as worse than the sack of Constantinople by the Muslim Turks in 1453. Historian L.S. Stavrianos in "The Balkans Since 1453" writes the following: "In this moment of triumph Mohammed showed himself to be a statesman as well as a conqueror. Had he so wished he could have destroyed Constantinople and massacred its citizens, as the Mongols had done repeatedly with even more populous cities. This, in fact, would have been in accord with the precepts of Islam for a city that had resisted to the end. But after the three days of merciless pillage and murder, which was the custom of the time and probably not as destructive as the handiwork of the Christian crusaders in 1204, Mohammed firmly restored
order. He had decided to make his prize the capital of his empire and did not wish to be left with a hollow shell". (Note: for more information regarding the great bloodshed committed by the Turks to the Christian Greeks, see "The Fall of Constantinople: 1453" by Sir Steven Runciman.)

"Regarding the fall of Constantinople to the Crusaders, historian Ferdindand Schevill writes the following in "A History of the Balkans: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day" (originally published as "History of the Balkan Peninsula"): "Then followed such a sack as is rare even in the brutal annals of medieval conquest. Every church was stripped of its treasures, every house plundered from cellar to garret, and when everything portable had been seized, the victors, shaking off the last human restraint, indulged their lusts and perpetrated every outrage forbidden by the religion whose chosen instruments they professed to be. In the face of these living horrors the aesthetic plaints of the lovers of beauty,
who record the wanton destruction of many masterpieces of ancient art set up by the founder Constantine to adorn the squares and palaces of his brilliant capital, sound a thin note hardly heard above the tumult. Very characteristically the Doge Dandalo, the fiery but level-headed Venetian business man, managed to save out of the general wreck four horses of gilded bronze which he dispatched to his Adriatic home and ordered set up over the portico of the great church dedicated to Saint Mark. There they prance and curvet to this day, reminding the beholder of how victorious Venice broke and despoiled the Christian metropolis on the Golden Horn".

"Here follows a more vivid account from Speros Vryonis in "Byzantium and Europe": "The Latin soldiery subjected the greatest city in Europe to an indescribable sack. For three days they murdered, raped, looted and destroyed on a scale which even the ancient Vandals and Goths would have found unbelievable. Constantinople had become a veritable museum of ancient and Byzantine art, an emporium of such incredible wealth that the Latins were astounded at the riches they found. Though the Venetians had an appreciation for the art which they discovered (they were themselves semi-Byzantines) and saved much of it, the French and others destroyed indiscriminately, halting to refresh themselves with wine, violation of nuns, and murder of Orthodox clerics. The Crusaders vented their hatred for the Greeks most spectacularly in the desecration of the greatest Church in Christendom. They smashed the silver iconostasis, the icons and the holy books of Hagia Sophia, and seated upon the patriarchal throne a whore who sang coarse songs as they drank wine from the Church's holy vessels. The estrangement of East and West, which had proceeded over the centuries, culminated in the horrible massacre that accompanied the conquest of Constantinople. The Greeks were convinced that even the Turks, had they taken the city, would not have been as cruel as the Latin Christians. The defeat of Byzantium, already in a state of decline, accelerated political degeneration so that the Byzantines eventually became an easy prey to the Turks. The Crusading movement thus resulted, ultimately, in the victory of Islam, a result which was of course the exact opposite of its original intention".

"If you (or any of your readers) are interested in learning more about the atrocities committed during the Fourth Crusade, as well as a better understanding
of how and why it came to pass, I recommend "An Ungodly War: The Sack of Constantinople & The Fourth Crusade" by W.B. Bartlett.

"It must also be noted that the Western occupation of Constantinople lasted for 57 years and, in other Greek areas (such as Cyprus, which was under Western occupation since the Third Crusade -- when King Richard I of England captured, looted, and massacred the island, turning it into a Crusader state), for much longer. During this time, the Franks and Latins tried to subject the Greeks to the Papist heresy (i.e. Catholicism). However, by their actions, they only ensured that our undying hatred of the West would remain firm. To this very day, Helleno-Orthodox nationalists have not forgotton the 4th Crusade or the Frankokratia (i.e. the Frankish occupation). Indeed, as our nation becomes more and more Westernized by the pro-Western political puppets who currently rule Greece, more of us are becoming aware that we are living in an era of a new Frankokratia.

"Finally, to give answer to your rhetorical questions: the Crusaders, given their hatred of (genuine) Christianity (as represented by Eastern Orthodoxy), their blasphemous desecrations of Christian sites, rape of nuns, and murder of clerics, would not only stand by amidst Jewish sacrilege of Christianity and atrocities committed to Christians but would very likely engage in such activities themselves, if the persecuted were Orthodox Christian (as many Palestinians are). In truth, the NATO bombing of the Orthodox Serbs was a 20th century manifestation of the Crusader psyche that still remains strong in modern Europeans."
--Hellenic Nationalist comrade