Monday, January 31, 2005

Hellenic Nationalist Perspective On The Greek Surrender To The "Holocaust"

Hellenic Nationalist Perspective has published a fine analysis of the "Pandora's Box" that has been hurled open by the Greek political establishment in its quest to inject Jewish myths and exaggerations into Greek institutional education.

Greek National Pride and Sovereignty Surrendered in the Name of the "Holocaust" is a poignant expose of the Greek Parliament's selfish and shameful decision to bow to foreign interest groups and declare January 27th as the "National Memorial Day for the Jewish Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust".

Friday, January 28, 2005

Germans and Greeks: Who is worse?

I am no great fan of Armenians--they ask for help from Hellenes on their issues but never bother to return the favor, besides the fact that they are heretical monophysites.

Nevertheless, I tend to despise the vast majority of today's Germany for being the most spineless and hypocritical people in the world. They have the economic might to spite the U.S. and Israel yet they bow to a false idol that spells itself with a capital "H" , meanwhile they accept Turkey's denial of responsibility for one of the great Genocides of the Twentieth Century. At the very least their school system did ONCE make a reference to the Armenian Genocide.

The Greeks of today ,on the other hand, have succeeded in sinking lower than any Nation has ever sunk in human history, they not only ignore the Armenians ,to placate Jews and Turks, they ignore their own people, yet teach their schoolchildren the Jewish so-called "holocaust" for the sake of pleasing their masters and filling their deep pockets.

Who is worse?


Turkey Wins Removal Of Armenian Genocide From German Schools
Wednesday 26, January 2005

(dpa) - Pressure from Turkey has resulted in the removal of a reference to the Armenian genocide from a German school curriculum, reports said Wednesday.

The eastern German state of Brandenburg has eliminated half a sentence on the Armenians included in ninth and tenth grade history classes after a Turkish diplomat complained to state Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck, the newspaper Die Welt reported.

In a chapter entitled "War, Technology and Civilian Populations" the school book text said "for example, the genocide of the Armenians population of Anatolia." That passage has now been removed from school textbooks, the newspaper said.

Platzeck met regularly with Turkish diplomats and was "steeled" against their influence, the newspaper quoted him as saying. The prime minister added that genocide was too important an issue to be dealt with in just half a sentence. "Brandenburg's curriculum was the only one in Germany which up until now included a reference to the murder of the Armenians," said Die Welt.

Most historians say that between 600,000 and 1.5 million Armenians were killed in 1915 and 1916 under the Ottoman Turks during World War I. The Turkish government, which denies that a genocide took place, speaks of 200,000 dead.

A Turkish embassy spokesman in Berlin declined to comment directly on the report, but noted the initiative had come from the Turkish consulate responsible for Berlin and Brandenburg - not from the embassy itself.

Prime Minister Platzeck is a member of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrats (SPD). Schroeder is a strong supporter of Turkey's bid to become a member of the European Union. Germany has almost two million resident Turks - the biggest Turkish minority in the EU.

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU), which serves as junior coalition partner in Brandenburg's government, is infuriated over the change to the state's schoolbooks. "The impression created is fatal," said Sven Patke, the state CDU secretary general.

The head of the Central Committee of Armenians in Germany, Schavarsh Ovassapian told Die Welt the move was "a scandal." "It is depressing, if what's in schoolbooks in Brandenburg can be dictated from Ankara," he said.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Here is a website I didn't know about.

Historic Holocaust Ceremony in (Half-Empty) UN

While some would see it as half-empty, others would see it as half-full.

Historic Holocaust Ceremony in (Half-Empty) UN
20:43 Jan 25, '05 / 15 Shevat 5765

The UN hall was less than half-full during historic Holocaust memorial speeches by UN Secretary-General Kofi Anan and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom.

Last night featured the first Holocaust memorial ceremony ever held in the United Nations, marking the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp.
(Full Story)

Iran On Holocaust Absurdities

Greece, today celebrating Jewish versions of history, has already tied its ankle to the dead weight that sinks her down, down into the murky waters of "Western Civilization"

Iran , one of the world's most ancient civilizations, has not done so yet, as is apparent from this opinion article (pasted below) that reflects the great freedom enjoyed by the Iranian people who do not have to subject themselves to absurd Auschwitz Days on behalf of foreign powers.

********* Jan. 26, 2005

Lies of the Holocaust Industry

By Hossein Amiri
Subjecting an ethnic group or nation to torture under any pretext is quite unacceptable, but it is worse when the suffering is abused, and it is the worst when a group tries to exaggerate the event for political purposes.

By exaggerating the suffering of the Jews during World War II, Zionist groups and the Israeli regime are taking advantage of the situation by raising the issue at international organizations in order to neutralize any opposition to their diabolical plots.

No one is trying to ignore the suffering of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis, but the suffering of a religious/ethnic group should not cause the world to forget the suffering of another nation or allow those who suffered persecution to do the same injustice to another nation.

Every year on January 27 the media give wide coverage to the so-called Holocaust and Tel Aviv rebukes the world for the historic suffering that they claim they experienced in the past.

Today the Holocaust has very complicated connotations. The exaggeration of this phenomenon can be interpreted as the Europeans’ attempt to salve their guilty consciences by handing over the lands of the Palestinian nation to a people to whom the Europeans believe they have done an injustice.

After the end of the war in 1945, the Allies along with Zionist leaders began formulating strange conceptions about the killing of Jews at Nazi camps which a modern man can hardly accept. By conjuring up images of gas chambers, they are attempting to convey the idea that the Jews have undergone indescribable torture and that the world’s conscience should be awakened to this issue so that the Jews are not subjected to injustice again.

In pursuit of this goal, the West, spearheaded by Britain and the United States, began sowing seeds for the seizure of Palestine and condemned the Palestinians to pay for a crime that the Westerners themselves had committed. Thus, this nation, which claims to have been the perennial victim of violence and torture over the course of history, is now doing the same thing to the Palestinians.

It was not long before a group of revisionist historians in the West began to question the claim that six million Jews were butchered by the Nazis and even asked whether the slaughter of six million Jews during World War Two was possible or not.

The revisionist historians have proven in two decades of study that if Hitler had carried out a systematic program to eradicate the Jews, it would have taken more time than the six years that the war lasted. They have also proven that such an act of ethnic cleansing through the use of the poison gas Zyklon-B, as the Zionists claim, was not possible at the time.

Norman J. Finkelstein, a Jewish professor at New York University critical of Zionist policies, has called the claim the “Holocaust Industry”, which is only meant to boost support for the government of Israel.

Over the past several decades and since the event was questioned, Zionist propagandists have tried to substantiate this claim through various means.

The Zionists are trying to revitalize an issue which has become discredited in the eyes of world public opinion by using the press, radio, television, the Internet, and, most importantly of all, cinema and the great filmmaking industry in Hollywood, since most of the significant players of this influential industry are Jews.

It can be said that any war, and particularly one that affects the world, will always lead to many problems and disasters, and World War II is no exception.

Undoubtedly, the Nazi concentration camps were not holiday resorts and imposed various difficulties on the prisoners, just like any other detention camps in other wars.

Many people in these camps, including innocent men, women and children, died of hunger, illness, and other causes.

The victims were from different nations and ethnic groups, including the Jews, who also lost many people, but the Jews were not the only victims of the war and a greater number of innocent people from other ethnic groups also lost their lives.

The issue of the Holocaust and the anniversaries held for the event are only meant to promote the repressive policies of the Zionists.

The Jews suffered as a result of Hitler’s expansionism, just like other innocent victims but should not be granted special privileges over the others.

The declaration that six million Jews were killed in World War II is an exaggeration of the truth. Furthermore, the suffering and pains of a nation cannot justify their crimes against other nations.

The issue of the Holocaust is only being highlighted to cover up Israel’s crimes in Palestine.

Happy Auschwitz Day!

The occupation of a prison in Poland by the Red Army of the now defunct Soviet Union during the Second World War on January 27th was unanimously and absurdly announced by the Hellenic Parliament as the "National Day of Greek Jews, Heroes and Martyrs of the Holocaust".

The time has come for Greeks in Greece and those in the diaspora to put down their frappe and start asking some questions about how far we all must go to make clowns out of ourselves for the sake of foreign special interest groups and their Jewish versions of history.

This is one of many essays by astute historians and scholars around the world questioning the ethnic renderings of minor historical events and their hoisting to the pedestal of global legends of history by that very small minority of foreigners who have money, power and immense influence in democratic regimes.


Was Auschwitz Liberated or Merely Occupied by the Red Army?

by Germar Rudolf

Jan. 26, 2005

In the book for which Elie Wiesel is most famous, namely "Night" (Bantam paperback edition, 1960), which is required reading in many public schools across the globe, Wiesel paints a horrendous picture of life in Auschwitz from April 1944 to January 1945 when he was there. Although many hundreds of thousands of Jews were supposedly gassed there during this time, Wiesel makes no mention of gassings or gas chambers anywhere in his book, as Jόrgen Graf and Robert Faurisson have pointed out to us.

(Cf. the table compiled by J. Graf at the end of R. Faurisson, "Witnesses to the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz," in: G. Rudolf (ed.), "Dissecting the Holocaust," 2nd. ed., Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago, IL, 2003, p. 144,

He does however claim to have seen flames from the crematory chimneys and Dr. Mengele wearing a monocle. Both claims are clearly lies, since the Auschwitz crematories, fired with coke, could not produce flames that could travel trough 15 m of flue and 30 m of chimney (see Carlo Mattogno, "Flames and Smoke from the Chimneys of Crematoria," "The Revisionist" 2(1) (2004), pp. 73-78,

When the Russians were about to overrun Auschwitz in January 1945, both Elie and his father "chose" to go west with the retreating 'Nazis' and SS rather than be "liberated" by America's greatest ally. They could have told the whole world about Auschwitz within days--but, both Elie and his father as well as countless thousands of other Jews chose instead to trek west with the 'Nazis' on foot at night in the middle of one of the coldest winters and continue working for the defense of the Reich thereafter. In effect, they chose to collaborate.

Some of Wiesel's exact words in "Night" are (p. 78):

"The choice was in our hands. For once we could decide our fate for ourselves. We could both stay in the hospital, where I could, thanks to my doctor, get him [the father] entered as a patient or nurse. Or else we could follow the others. 'Well, what shall we do, father?' He was silent. 'Let's be evacuated with the others,' I told him."

Elie's tale in this regard is corroborated by other "survivor" accounts including that of Primo Levi. In Levi's book "Survival in Auschwitz," we have his words for January 17th, 1945:

"It was not a question of reasoning: I would probably also have followed the instinct of the flock if I had not felt so weak: fear is supremely contagious, and its immediate reaction is to make one try to run away."

But he's talking here about running away with the 'Nazis'--and not 'Nazis' who were mere rank and file party members but supposedly the worst of the worst. He's talking here about running away with the same 'Nazis' and SS who had supposedly carried out the greatest imaginable mass murders of Jews and others in the entire history of the universe. He's talking about running away with the people who supposedly did the actual killings of thousands daily for several years. But, according to his own words he would probably have gone with them nonetheless, except that he was not feeling good that day; he was feeling weak. The "fear" that he overcame was clearly fear of the Russians and not the 'Nazis;' there is no mention of fear of what the 'Nazis' and SS might do when the evacuees entered the forest or sometime later.

The choices that were made here in January 1945 are enormously important. In the entire history of Jewish suffering at the hands of gentiles what moment in time could possibly be more dramatic than this precious moment when Jews could choose between, on the one hand, liberation by the Soviets with the chances to tell the whole world about the evil 'Nazis' and to help bring about their defeat--and the other choice of going with the 'Nazi' mass murderers and to continue working for them and to help preserve their evil regime. In the vast majority of cases, they chose to go with the 'Nazis'.

The momentous choice brings Shakespeare's Hamlet to mind:

"To remain, or not to remain; that is the question:" to remain and be liberated by Soviet troops and risk their slings and rifles in order to tell the whole world about the outrageous 'Nazis'--or, take arms and feet against a sea of cold and darkness in order to collaborate with the very same outrageous 'Nazis'. Oh what heartache--ay there's the rub! Thus conscience does make cowards of us all.

So what was the final score--here a drum roll seems fitting in the background as Vanna White comes onto the stage with the sealed envelope and the answer to the great riddle. The envelope is torn open and the choice is--drum roll again--according to Levi himself 800 choose to remain in Auschwitz, but 20,000 choose to go and collaborate with the 'Nazi' mass murderers. Wow! Such a surprise--already!

We see the same deliberate pro-'Nazi' collaboration in the "survivors" from Schindler's List. In their well-known story, as the Russians were about to overrun Plaszow just thirty miles down the road to the east from Auschwitz in November 1944, Schindler and more than a thousand Jews chose to go west with the retreating 'Nazis' rather than hang back and be "liberated" by the Soviets. Some even spent the next several weeks at Auschwitz--and none were gassed, not
even in the movie. The hoax has certainly had its day. If there had been any kind of extermination of Jews at all in Auschwitz, all of the Jews in Cracow and Plaszow would have known about it as well. All of the Jews who went west in effect also denied the Holocaust, albeit only with their hands and feet. The Jews themselves were the first true Holocaust deniers, and it is about time they get all the credit they deserve.

The rather simple analysis of Holocaust survivor tales I have given here is an easy to understand refutation of the hoax in general. I urge all readers to reexamine the survivor accounts for themselves but critically and systematically. The Internet with search engines like Google allows anyone to analyze literally thousands of survivor accounts in seconds for major flaws of the type I have discussed. Just search for keywords like "evacuation" or combinations of words like "holocaust survivor Auschwitz."

An Implied Message

There is an implied but unstated message in Holocaust revisionism which we should address because that message is so shocking that it is actually a major hurdle for our work in general and, therefore, we should deal with it. When we say the Holocaust story is not true, I believe we are, in effect, also saying that there is something seriously wrong with America. Most Americans firmly believe that America is still far and away the most wonderful, most nearly perfect society in every possible way that the world has ever seen. If the Holocaust is not true, then there must be something seriously wrong with America because the accepted story is almost universally embraced by the media, press and institutions generally. Since America is so wonderful, the revisionists must therefore be wrong--or so the pseudologic goes.

The Real Holocaust

Japanese and German women and children were murdered by the US by the most excruciatingly horrible means imaginable--by roasting them alive. If the 'Nazis' had murdered people in gas chambers, although criminal it would nonetheless have been humane and painless and even civilized compared to what Americans actually did even when, in the very last months of the war, there was no real danger to the US. To this day in America, there is still no sense of shame or apology. Please do not be taken in by the false argument that it was the Germans
who started the bombing of civilian targets and therefore have nothing to complain about. It was the British who began the deliberate bombing of civilian targets already in May of 1940, to which Germany, after much restraint, only responded in kind in September of 1940. The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor--which at that time was NOT a part of the U.S., but a mere colony!--was clearly aimed only at military targets without any consultation with the women and children of Hiroshima or Nagasaki or Tokyo or any other Japanese city.

Adapted from: "Poison Gas άber Alles," by Friedrich Paul Berg, "The
Revisionist," 1(1) (2003), pp. 37-47 (


When the inmates of various camps went west with the German armed forces in early 1945--some of them forced, some voluntarily--many of them died in what is today called "death marches." What is forgotten today, however, is the fact that millions of German civilians were also on "death marches" during those months. The invading Red Army wreaked havoc in eastern Europe. They mercilessly deported and/or mass-murdered all actual and suspected collaborators, including many inmates of German concentration camps, most of whom had, after all, helped Germany's war effort. Reaching the eastern parts of Germany, almost all soldiers of the Red Army engaged in mass-rapings, in plundering, looting, and killing what ever they could find.

Eventually, more than two million Germans lost their lives during those events and the death marches resulting from them (see, e.g., A.M. de Zayas, "Terrible Revenge. Ethnic Cleansing of East European Germans," 1944-1950,; Antony Beevor, "The Fall of Berlin
1945," Hence, most victims of the "death
marches" were not victims of the SS, but victims of the chaos of collapsing Germany, caused by
the invading Red Army in the east and the carpet bombings of the U.S. and Britain.

So, was Auschwitz liberated by the Red Army? Could anyone be liberated by this army? The answer is, of course, NO. Auschwitz was occupied by the Red Army, as were all other camps. As was the Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Bulgaria. The harsh regiment of the SS in the camps and the German occupational forces in most of those countries was replaced by the terror of the Red Army, which was far worse than anything the Germans ever did. Everybody knew what was awaiting them, so millions of
Ukrainians and civilians of the Baltic states tried to move west with the retreating Germans since 1943.

The inmates of Auschwitz behaved no different. They, too, knew what was awaiting them, so most of those who were given the option to leave with the Germans or to stay, chose to leave with the Germans rather than to be terrorized by the Soviets. This is also proven by the fact that uncounted thousands of those Auschwitz inmates who went west with the Germans survived the war and are able to tell their sometimes quite twisted tale today. There are claimed to have been at least one million such Holocaust survivors in 2000. Calculating back to
1945, there must have been some five million such survivors at that time. Go figure! (see G. Rudolf, "Holocaust Victims: A Statistical Analysis," in G. Rudolf (ed.), "Dissecting the Holocaust," 2nd. ed., Theses & Dissertations
Press, Chicago, IL, 2003, pp. 209-211,

Even the British Government knew what was awaiting those to be "liberated" by the Red Army. On February 29, 1944, the British Ministry of Information sent the following note to the higher British clergy and to the BBC:


I am directed by the Ministry to send you the following circular letter:

It is often the duty of the good citizens and of the pious Christians to turn a blind eye on the peculiarities of those associated with us.

But the time comes when such peculiarities, while still denied in public, must be taken into account when action by us is called for.

We know the methods of rule employed by the Bolshevik dictator in Russia itself from, for example, the writing and speeches of the Prime Minister himself during the last twenty years. We know how the Red Army behaved in Poland in 1920 and in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Galicia and Bessarabia only recently.

We must, therefore, take into account how the Red Army will certainly behave when it overruns Central Europe. Unless precautions are taken, the obviously inevitable horrors which will result will throw an undue strain on public opinion in this country.

We cannot reform the Bolsheviks but we can do our best to save them - and ourselves-from the consequences of their acts. The disclosures of the past quarter of a century will render mere denials unconvincing. The only alternative to denial is to distract public attention from the whole subject.

Experience has shown that the best distraction is atrocity propaganda directed against the enemy. Unfortunately the public is no longer so susceptible as in the days of the "Corpse Factory," and the "Mutilated Belgian Babies," and the "Crucified Canadians."

*Your* cooperation is therefore earnestly sought to distract public attention from the doings of the Red Army by your wholehearted support of various charges against the Germans and Japanese which have been and will be put into circulation by the Ministry.

*Your* expression of belief in such may convince others.

I am, Sir, Your obedient servant


The Ministry can enter into no correspondence of any kind with regard to this communication which should only be disclosed to responsible persons.

(Source: Edward J. Rozek, "Allied Wartime Diplomacy," John Wiley & Sons, New York 1958, pp. 209f.; Rozek gives as his source: Poland, Official Government Documents, Vol. LVI, Doc. 78)

What unfolded in the following years was exactly that: atrocity propaganda to cover up for the outlandish crimes against humanity committed not only by the Red Army, but also by the western allies.

The real liberation of Auschwitz--a liberation from distortions, exaggerations, lies, and censorship laws--has yet to come.

Germar Rudolf

Castle Hill Publishers

ph: ++1(773) 769 1121



A Hellenic Nationalist comrade made me aware of the existence of this letter on the web, and as far as I know the translators are Jewish. No one I know can qualify to vouch for this english translation. The original is said be found in Russian in "Orthodox World"



Representatives of the Russian community request that the Prosecutor
General of RF [Russian Federation] initiate a suppression of the unpunished propagation of the Jewish national and religious extremism

The Honorable Prosecutor General!

On the 18th of December of 2003, President V. V. Putin of the RF [the
Russian Federation] cited the following numbers during a television
interview to the nation:

In 1999 four people were convicted under article 282 of UK RF
([Criminal Codex of the Russian Federation]) of "causing national
dissension", in 2000 - ten, and in 2003 "more than 60 were
prosecuted, more than twenty reached the courtroom, and about 17-20
were convicted" (V. Putin: conversation with Russia, 18 of December,
2003. M., 2003. p. 53).


The overwhelming majority of these cases are initiated by Jewish
leaders or organizations, accusing their defendants of "anti-
semitism".. And, the overwhelming majority of those accused and
convicted consider themselves Russian patriots. Now among their
number is a well-known independent politician and writer, former head
of GosKomPechat [Russian Federation State Committee for the Press]
B.S. Mironov.

We recognize that the statements of Russian patriots towards the Jews
are frequently of sharply negative nature, too emotional,
unacceptable in the public discussion, and have been treated by the
courts as extremism. However, at the court trials noted above, the
reason of this sharpness and the origin of extremism in this
international conflict has never been examined.

But the main question, which is necessary for the prosecution and the
court to answer is whether the sharply negative opinions of Jews by
Russian patriots do correspond to the essential truth, toward which
they are directed? If they do not correspond - then the discussion
can deal with the humiliation of Jews and with the causing of
religious and national dissension. If they do correspond - then such
opinions are vindicated and, independent of their emotionalism, they
cannot be qualified as humiliating, causing dissension, etc. (for
example, to call a regular person "a felon" - is humiliating for him;
but to call a street thief "a felon" - is truthfully stating a fact).

Aside from this, since there are two parties to this international
conflict (the accusing and the defending), it is necessary to be
determine which of the sides begun this conflict first and is
responsible for it, and whether the actions of the accused can be
considered self-defense against the acts of aggression of the
accusing side?

We want to assure You, Mr. Prosecutor General, that there is a large
quantity of universally recognized facts and sources on these
questions in the entire world, on the basis of which it is possible
to draw an indisputable conclusion: the negative opinions by the
Russian patriots of qualities and actions typical of the Jews do
correspond to the truth; moreover these actions are not by chance,
but are prescribed in Judaism and are practiced for two millenia.
Thus, the incriminating statements and publications of the Russian
patriots against the Jews are considered self-defense, which is not
always correct, but is morally justified.


As a proof we would like to bring Your attention to the book called
the "Kitzur Shulchan Oruch", officially published in 2001 in Moscow
by the Congress of Jewish Religion Organizations and Unions in Russia
(CJROU). This is a condensed edition of the Jewish codex of laws
called the "Shulchan Oruch", composed several centuries ago on the
basis of the Talmud and is obligatory to this day. In the
introduction to the book, the head of CJROU, Rabbi Zinoviy Kogan
makes a frank acknowledgement (emphasis added by us):

"The editorial council of the CJROU considered it necessary to omit
some halachik rules in this translation. ..., the placement of which
in a Russian-language edition might be perceived as the unprovoked
insult by the population of Russia which does notadhere to Judaism.
The eader who wishes to read the "Kitzur Shulchan Oruch" in full, is
invited to attend a yeshiva, where he can study this and many other
holy books in the original".

Thus, one of the leaders of the Russian Jewish community recognizes
some of the laws in the Jewish codex of law as insulting to the non-
Jewish populace of Russia, yet he considers it possible to invite his
kinsmen to study these insults in yeshivas - Jewish schools financed
from the [Federal] government and local budgets. Additionally, even
in this censored edition we find the following laws:

- In "Laws About Idolatry" it is indicated that "the figure of two
crossed sticks, to which they worship, is forbidden to the use" -
meaning that Christianity is considered idolatry and all laws about
dealings with idolaters ("akumam") imply primarely Orthodox
Christians in Russia (which is a predominantly Christian Orthodox

- A law which states that upon seeing "a house of idolatry" (i.e,
temple) one must pronounce towards it a curse: "G-d will uproot the
house of the proud", and at the sight of the destroyed temple to
announce "The G-d of vengeance appeared!". Furthermore, there is also
a version of this law stating: "some assume that the discussion deals
with the houses of non-Jews, which live in peace, calmness and
wealth" (pp. 389-390).

- Comparison of a non-Jews to excrements (pp 47 and 48).

- A prohibition to train non-Jews in crafts (p. 390).

- "A Jewess should not assist a non-Jew in childbirth" (p. 390).

- "If a man has a debt to non-Jew, but the creditor died, he has the
right to refuse to pay to the creditor's son, if the son does not
know accurately whether the Jew owed money to his father" (p. 405).

- In regard to calculations of money "if a non-Jew made a mistake, it
is permitted to benefit from his error" (p. 406).

- "It is forbidden to give over a Jew into the hands of a non-Jew, if
there is a concern about the life of Jew or his property; and it is
irrelevant whether this is being done as a result of any action by
words; and it is forbidden to report him or to indicate the places
where his property is hidden" (p. 408) - we would like to note that
this concerns the behavior obligatory for Jews during a court case
and in a court of law.

- Of course, within the 13 major principles of Judaism it is
obligatory to await a Jewish world ruler, who will place the Jews to
rule over all other nations of the world: "Unconditionally I believe
in the arrival Of Moshiach, and, although he does tarry, nevertheless
each day I will await it" (p. 485). - In the books of the [Russian]
Orthodox Church this expected ruler of the world is identified as the
Antichrist, about whom a warning was given by Jesus Christ (John
5:43), the apostle Paul (2 Thessalonians, 2), the holy fathers of the
Church. This is the important and integral part of the [Russian]
Orthodox tradition.

In the prefacen to this book, the head of CJROU writes that "the
Talmud is an unsurpassed monument of the Jewish genius", and this
extract of its morals, "Kitzur Shulchan Oruch" - "a compendum of the
Jewish civilization of our time... This book is very necessary for
you. You can act according to what is written in it, and be assured
that have fulfilled the will of G-d".

And the chief rabbi of Russia, A. Shayevich, notes in the
preface: "Interest in this book has exceeded our our most daring
expectations. We have received a huge quantity of thankful responses
from very different people during this time. An even larger quantity
of letters contain imperative requests to help with the purchase of
this publication".

We assume that already on the basis of this single official Jewish
publication and article 282 of UK RF [Criminal Codex of the Russian
Federation], the law enforcement agencies should have suppressed the
propagation of a religion among the Jews kindling the hatred for rest
of the Russian populace. All the more, if we glance into "the full
volume of this unsurpassed monument of Judaic morals" - the "Shulchan
Aruch", studied in yeshivas.

Lets utilize its translation from a Jewish Amsterdam edition, made by
a judicial expert, a scientist and a Hebraist, doctor K. Ecker for
the court trial in Germany in 1883 (Dr. K. Ecker. Der "Judenspiegel"
im Lichte der Wahrheit, - eine wissentschaftliche Untersuchung.
Paderborn. 1984; Russian translation: Dr. K. Ecker. "Jewish Mirror"
in light of the truth. Scientific research. M., 1906).

The Jews begun this law case in connection with the fact that one of
their kinsmen (Yustus-Briman), after conversion to Christianity,
published the anti-human laws of the "Shulhan Oruch" and of the
Talmud. However, the court vindicated the publisher after finding
that the translation corresponded to the original. Dr. Ecker only
corrected small inaccuracies - the text corrected by him will be
brought down below in fragments with the indication of precise Jewish
sources (being based on the confidence of the qualification of German
expert-Hebraist and the German court).

- "His [the non-Jew's] seed is considered as the seed of cattle"
(Tosefta - addition to the Talmud Of Ketubot, 3b). "For [the dead]
servants and mainservants ... they do not say the words of comfort to
those remaining, but it is necessary to say to him [to the Jew, the
owner]: "May G-d recover your loss", in exactly the same way just as
they tell a man, when either his bull or donkey dies" (Yoreh Deah 377-

- "It is forbidden to save them [the non-Jews], when they are close
to death. For example, when you see, that one of them fell in the
sea, do not rescue him, even if he wants to pay... It is permitted to
experiment with medicine on a non-Jew to determine whether it is
useful or not" (Yoreh Deah 158-1).

- "The money of non-Jews is consided as if it is unowned, and anyone
who grabs it first can take it". "With respect to a non-Jew there is
no lying" (Hoshen Mishpat 156-5, Hagah; 227-26; 348-2, Hagah).

- "When a Jew robbed a non-Jew, and he [the Jew] is being forced to
swear, he must declare in his heart the oath as ineffective, because
he is being forced" (Yoreh Deah, 329-1, Hagah). NOTE: this again
concerns the behavior of Jews during a court case and in a courtroom,

- "If it is established about someone that he betrayed a Jew or his
money to non-Jew three times, then it is necessary to seek out a way
and methods to kill him". "The expenses necessary for the removal of
the traitor from this world is liable on all local residents" (Hoshen
Mishpat 388-15 and -16).

- "A traitor - it is permitted to kill him at any place, even in our
time. To kill him is permissible before he manages to inform [liable
to bring a loss "either bodily or monetary even if it is small]...
and anyone, who is the first to kill him acquires merit" (Hoshen
Mishpat 388-10).

- "A Jew-free-thinker, i.e. someone who performs the religious rites
of the non-Jews ... to kill all of these is a good deed. When there
is authority to kill them, they are publically executed by sword; but
if not, then they must be enmeshed in every way possible in order to
cause them death. For example, when you see, that one of them fell
into the well and in the well there are stairs, then hurry to take
out them out saying: "I needed it to take my son off the roof, and I
will bring it right back" and etc" (Hoshen 425-5).


It is notable that even the above mention orders to kill are not -
are to this day not theory but practice. Thus, the former chairman of
the Kharkov Jewish community, E. Khodos, published proofs ("The Axe
above the Orthodoxy, or Who Killed Father Menya". Kharkov, 1999)
charing the members of the Jewish Chabad movement in the murder in
1990 of a Jewish priest, Father Alexsander Menya (which "perfomed the
religious rites of the non-Jews" and dreamed about the creation of
the "Jewish Orthodox Church", which is also considered a criminal
offense according to the laws of state of Israel). But these
testimonies did not interest the authorities of the RF [the Russian
Federation] and instead it was proposed that the criminals can be
found among the community of the Russian anti-semites.

Let us emphasize, that most of anti-Jewish actions in the entire
world are constantly arranged by the Jews themselves with the
provocative purpose - in order to invoke punitive measures against
patriots. In Russia, the most famous is the case of Norinskiy, which
in 1988 sent antisemitic leaflets on behalf of the
organization "Pamyat", in order to compel the authorities to repress
it; he was helped by his kisnman, editor in chief of the
journal "Znamya" G. Baklanov, who published the leaflet in a half-
million printing. Only after this provocation was discovered
("Znamya" No. 10, 1988; "Pravda", 19.11.88; "Komsomolskya Pravda",
24.11.88; "Ogonek" No. 9, 1989).

Among the more recent cases, we can mention a strange series of the
reports of vandalism in 1998-1999: On 13 of May, 1998, in Moscow
there was a night explosion of synagogue in Mariynoy Rosche (a wall
was damaged), during the same day not far from the synagogue v
Otradnom there was an incident with "a burning canister of gasoline",
and in Irkutsk "a Jewish cemetery was vandalised". Of course, the
world media raised a loud rackus and all of these were uproveningly
thought of being caused by certain Russian Nazis ("Nezavisimya
Gazeta", 15.5.98).
But when soon after this, in 1999, a synagogue was destroyed in
Birobidzhan and a court established that Jews themselves hired a man
for this ("Radonezh", 1999, No. 15-16), the democratic media was

Based on the cited laws and practices of Jewish behavior is not
difficult to understand, why notorious "antisemitism" was a constant
companion of the Jews among all nations, i.e., the nonacceptance of
of Judaic morals. For this very reason Jews did not have an equality
of rights in Christian states and only attained it only as a result
of anti-monarchist bourgeois revolutions.

And in the Russian Empire ,Jews, after the useless attempts of the
tsarist government to make them "the same as everyone else", were
deprived in the 19th century of the equality of rights: not because
they were Jews by blood (the empire was multinational); not because
they were non-Christian (so were Moslems, Buddhists and so forth.);
but because the Jewish religion is anti-Christian and human-hating,
reaching as far as ritual murders. Many cases of this extremism were
proven in court (for example, see a study by a well-known scholar V.
I. Dal "Rozyskaniye O Ubiyenii Yevremyimi Christianskih Mladentsev i
Ispolzovanya Ih Krovi" [Investigation of Murders of Christian Babies
by Jews and the Use of Their Blood], St. Petersburg, 1884).

To all of this, we can also add words from the prayer Of "Shfoch",
which which the Jews say on the eve of Passover, asking that their "G-
d" "destroys from under the sun" all other nations.


The spiritual reason for this misanthropy is explained in the Gospels
through the words of Christ about the Jewish spiritual leaders,
rejecting the son of the God: "Your father is the devil, and you want
to fulfill the lusts of your father; he was a murderer of man from
the beginning" (John 8:19,44).

This is the accepted (in the [Russian] Orthodoxy) explanation of
Jewish aggressiveness as a form of satanism. It was voiced by well-
known philosophers-intellectuals, who cannot be suspected in the
antisemitism. For example, A. F. Losev ("Istochnik". M., 1996, No. 4.
S. 117-122), Father Pavel Florenskiy (see the book V. V.
Rozanov "Saxharna", publishing house "Respublika", 1998, p. 360) and
Father Sergiy Bulgakov: the Jews who rejected Christ became "the
laboratory of all kind of all kinds of spiritual defects, poisoning
the world and in particular the Christians" ("Vestnik RXD". Parism
1973, No. 108-110, p. 72). Even Judeo-Christian Father Alexsander
Men, who was fighting against "antisemitism", asserted that the Jew,
who rejects Christianity, "betrays himself and easily falls to in the
authority of the dark forces" (journal "Jews in the USSR", 1975, No.

This, unfortunately has occurred with the larger part of the Jewish
people (in contrast to the smaller part which accepted Christianity).
But they do not want to realize this, and considers that this
statement of truth by Christ and the [Russian] Orthodox Christians
after him "insulting" to the Jews. Jewish plaintiffs frequently
direct their charge of "antisemitism" against this essential part of
the Orthodox dogma, requiring its practical prohibition (as in the
case with the textbook "Bases of Orthodox Culture").

However, we cannot agree with the prohibition on the [Russian]
Orthodox knowledge about the purpose of history as the fight between
the forces of good (on the side of the Church) and forces of evil (on
the side of the opposite religion, that is preparing the reign of

Following the precepts of the [Russian] Orthodox fathers of the
Church, we cannot follow the forced false understanding of tolerance
as humbleness before the sin, the evil, the heresies and in this case
satanism. From the respect for the image of God, placed into every
person, and for the salvation of his soul, a Christian must frankly
tell to to Jews their dangerous deviation from the truth into
satanism - from a Christian point of view in this lies the
manifestation of authentic love for people, BUT "tolerant" indulgence
to heresies and to satanism only contributes to their spiritual loss.
And under their strong pressure - also of their many victims.
We should note immediately to answer a the possible objection that
the Russian patriots, who charge the Jews, do not always
differentiate between the religious and non-religious Jews,
especially since majority of them are not considered themselves
religious and do not study the "Shulchan Oruch". However, many
generations of the self-contained life of the Jews among the other
nations (in this there was the sense of Jewish saying of "a state
within the state" - see the books of the Jewish
authors: "Antisemitism in the Ancient World", S. Luria and "Kniga
Kagala", Y. Brofman) led to the fact that the morals of the "Shulchan
Oruch" have became a part of Jewish national self-consciousness even
in its secular form. This conclusion drawn by a known Jewish writer
and sociologist X. Arendt:
"Precisely in the process of secularization a real Jewish chauvinism
was born... The idea about the uniqueness of the Jews became... an
idea, that the Jews are supposedly the salt of the earth. From this
point on, the old religious concept of uniqueness ceased to be the
essence of Judaism and became the essence of Jewish people"
("Antisemitism", "Syntaxsis", Paris, No. 26, 1989).

This "real Jewish chauvinism" and unceremoniousness in the spirit of
the "Shulchan Oruch" clearly appeared in the course of the
destruction of the USSR and the post-communist reforms in our
country, and were expressed as in the illegal awarding to the
government ownership both in the illegal aquisition of government
property as "unowned" and in the composition of the new ruling
class: "the government it is full of Jews", admits Rabbi A. Shayevich
("NG-Figuri I Litza", 1998, No. 16). Thus, their corresponding
influence on the life of the country proved to be completely
disproportionately to their number (0.16 % according to the last
census) to the detriment of the interests of all other nationalities
of the country and especially the country-forming Russian people.


A famout Jewish pamphleteer L. Radzikhovskiy calls this a "democratic-
capitalist revolution"... "Jewish and near-Jewish intelligentsia in
Russia, which was one of the main carriers of the western-liberal
ideology, became the ideologist of this revolution". Therefore "Jews
have a larger specific weight in the Russian policy and business,
than in the policy and business of any other Christian country". This
Radzikhovskiy calls "Jewish happiness", which is also the title of
his newspaper article ("Novoye Ruskoye Slovo", 17.1.96).

The Jewish oligarchs themselves frankly described on Israeli
television (Channel 2, 3.10.96) the sources of their "happiness" in
the revolution perfomed by them (the italics are ours):

The degree of corruption in Russia fully corresponds to the degree of
changes in Russia. I do not think that in the hands of the officials
of Israel... there is an ability to redistribute riches costing tens,
hundreds of millions and billions... this was - no one's, this was -
the state, this was property of all! Thus, the officials had the
ability to decide by one stroke: this belongs to you or to someone
else... A good battle, which led to the result, which we have today"

"Such income and such profits, as the ones that could be earned in
Russia, could not be earned anywhere else... The large part of
capital there, 50 percent, belong to Jewish business " (Malkin, now
the member of the presidium of Russian Jewish Congress).Gusinskiy,
first Chairman of the Russian Jewish congress, in the same program
named a number of reasons for the Jewish luck - "harshness", "with
less rules: more rule of force, more rule of aggression".

"For the first time in a thousand years from the moment of the
settling of Jews in Russia we obtained real authority in this
country", says another Jewish writer, E. Topol, in "An open letter To
Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Smolensky, Khodorkovsky and Other Oligarchs"
("Argumenti I Fakti", 1998, No. 38). With this, Topol and other
sensitive Jews (for example, Y. Nudelman - see. "Sovetskaya Rosiya",
20.6.2002) emphasize that the destructive and self-interested policy
of the Jewish oligarchs, which degrades Russian people, provokes the
hostility of the Russian people to the Jews. This obviousness was
even noted by the ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium in RF [the
Russian Federation], A. Merne, in a concluding report about his work,
sent out to all foreign embassies in Moscow and employees of the
diplomatic sector, during September 2004 before his departure from

We request the General Procurator's Office to consider this opinion
of Topol and Nudelman as the acknowledgement of the responsibility of
the accusing (Jewish) side for the contemporary aggravation of the
Russian-Jewish conflict.

More so, that for the retention of illegally seized "unowned"
government property and to maintain its authority, this ruling class
conducts a directed policy of the lowering of national morals and
removal of intellectual values, attempting to convert the populace
into an animal mass without any faith and traditions - so more
simpler to govern and with ability to more easily suppress its

In particular, it was specifically the Jews who showed furious
resistance to the teaching in schools of "Osnov Pravoslavnay Kulturi"
[a textbook called the "Bases of Russian Orthodox Culture] and
specifically on the initiative of the Jews, it is forbidden to us,
the country-forming Russian people, to indicate our nationality in a
passport. The chief rabbi R. F. Shayevich in an interview with
the "Los Angeles Times" confirmed that it was the Jews who insisted
on the cancellation of the nationality section [in the passport], and
the reason for this was explained that"the Jews acquired high
positions in the administration". I.e., even they themselves realize
the idea about nationality that is accepted among the non-Jews, and
therefore they attempt to hide their nationality - this alone speaks

Among the other numerous examples of removal of intellectual values
we cannot but turn your attention, Mr. Prosecutor General, to the
policy of the Minister of culture Mr. Shvydkog (he is now in charge
of the government agency for the matters of culture) and his TV
program "Cultural Revolution", in which Russian patriotism and
[Russian] Orthodox traditions are regularly degraded, in which he
propagandizes obscenities and the idea that "sex is the engine of
culture" (7.3.2002). All protests of the Russian community against
the scandalous, and in the essence provocative activity of this "main
cultural man of the country" proved to be futile.

Additionally, Mr. Shvydkog and his colleagues have at their disposal
the central channels of Russian television, and in the hands of the
defending [Russian] Orthodox patriots there is only small print runs
available, for which they are pursued and judged - this inequality of
abilities can also involuntarily lead them to extra emotionalism,
especially when rebuffing blasphemous and insolent anti-Russian
actions of persons of Jewish origin.

But this emotionalism of cornered defending side, should not be mixed
up with the aggressive attacking emotionalism. The aggression is not
permitted for a [Russian] Orthodox person, but he is called to
protect his people and its sacred relics - an example to this was
given by Christ himself, who banished merchants by whip from the
temple which they defiled/


By comparison with the statements of the accused Russian patriots
much the more aggressive statements of Jews with respect to the non-
Jews are printed in Jewish newspapers published in the RF [Russian
Federation]. For example, in the organ of Russian Jewish
Congress, "The Jewish News" (2002, No. 16, p. 9), the deputy of the
[Israeli] Knesset A. Lieberman called to the forcefully expell
Palestinians from Israel. Nevertheless, the Palestinians - in spite
of the resolutions of the UN Security Council! - are not only being
banished from their native land (4 million refugees), but their
activists together with familiar are being killed - this is how
the "Shulchan Oruch" manifests itself in the official government
policy of the state of Israel.

And the Jewry of the RF [the Russian Federation] supports it: the
Russian Jewish Congress among its goals declares, that it "carries
out actions of solidarity with the people of Israel, political
lobbying of interests of Israel" ("Jewish News", 2002, No. 15, p. 5).
This purpose is also pursued by the State Institute of Study of
Israel and the Middle East, whose leader Satanovskiy is
simultaneously heading the Russian Jewish congress.
Jewish communities in all countries are carring out a
similar "political lobbying" of interests of the international Jewry
to the detriment of their resident countries, and especially in THE
USA - this state became the tool of achieving the global goals of
Jewry. And the racism of their "Shulchan Oruch" they try to disguise
by the forestalling charges of antisemitism (i.e., allegedly racial
hatred) to all who do not agree with their morals, their actions,
their wars.

But this substitution of concepts is a crude forgery, which must be
obvious to any impartial judge. It is possible to say that the entire
democratic world today is under the monetary and political control by
the international Jewry, which is something famous bankers (Z.
Attali, etc.) are openly proud of. And we do not wish that our
Russia, against the revival of which a preventive permanent war
without the rules is being wages, end up among such non-free

Therefore, we, both for purposes of the protection of our Fatherland
and personal self-defense, are forced to turn to you, Mr. Prosecutor
General, with the imperative request within the shortest period to
verify the scandalous facts presented above and, if they are
confirmed, on the basis of the corresponding articles UK RF [Criminal
Codex of the Russian Federation], the law "About opposition to
extremist activity" (2002) and article. 13 of the Constitution of the
RF [the Russian Federation] ("the establishment and the activities of
public associations, whose aims and actions are directed at ... the
incitement of social, racial, national and religious strife shall be
prohibited.") to officially begin proceedings about the prohibition
in our country of all religious and national Jewish associations as
extremist. The persons, responsible for assignment to these
associations of state and municipal property, privileges and state
financing, we request also to be summoned, disregarding of the posts
occupied by them.

Klikov V.M., Nationally honored artist of Russia
Krutov A.N., Deputy of the State Duma, the editor in chief of the
journal "Ruskiy Dom"
Senin A.A., editor in chief of the newspaper "Ruskiy Vestnik"
Nazarov M.V., leader of publishing house "Ruskaya Ideya"
Dushenov K.Y., editor in chief of newspaper "Rus Pravoslavnya"
Khatyushin V. V., deputy editor in chief "Molodaya Gvardia"
Dzikovitskiy A.V. , editor in chief of the newspaper "Kazachiy Vzglad"
Basov T.G. , editor in chief of newspaper "Marsh Slavanki"
Kalent'ev V.F. , editor in chief of the newspaper "Otchizna"
and others (a total of more than 500 signatures, among them 19
Deputies of the State Duma)

More on The Russian Nationalist Call To Ban Jewish Hatred

Here is a commentary from revisionist writer Michael A. Hoffman on the recent Russian Nationalist call for a ban on Jewish groups.


Dedicated to Freedom of the Press, Investigative Reporting and Revisionist History
Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor
January 25, 2005
Russian Paper Publishes Devastating Expose of Talmudic Basis of Israeli Genocide
by Michael A. Hoffman II
Copyright (c) 2005 by

According to a report in the Israeli newspaper, "Haaretz" (reproduced below) a lengthy, well-researched letter was published this week in the influential Russian newspaper,"Rus-pravoslavnaya," signed by 500 Russian newspaper editors, academics and intellectuals, connecting the Talmud to the expulsion of the Palestinians. The document is so sophisticated it
extensively quotes from the Shulchan Aruch and other Talmudic law codes, correctly citing these "sacred" texts as the genocidal backdrop to Israeli leader Avigdor Lieberman's plan for the mass deportation ("transfer") of all Palestinians. (Anyone who can furnish this writer
with a complete copy of this document in Russian or English, please do so).

By specifically citing the Shulchan Aruch, the Russian authors undercut the standard disinformation ploy used by rabbis and their apologists when responding to exposes of Talmudic hate. The rabbinate lie to the inquiring dumb goyim and claim that "the Talmud is only a series of debates," hoping that the naive goy doesn't know the difference between responsora and minhag on one hand, and the Mishneh Torah and Shulchan Aruch on the other. The latter two constituting the halacha which rigidly regulate every minute and every action in the life of an
observant Judaic.

The Russians, among the world's most accomplished chess players, have not fallen for that semantic trap, even as many Americans have. Americans often report to this writer that my book "Judaism's Stange Gods" can't be true because they have found out from the rabbis that the Talmud is "just a collection of non-binding debates."

You will also note in the article below that Russian-Israeli Natan Sharansky, who, according to the US media, is reputed to have assisted with or at the very least inspired the writing of George W. Bush's Second Inaugural Address on "freedom," has called on Vladimir Putin to "treat the authors of the document harshly." In other words, Sharansky wants Putin to fine or imprison the authors for criticizing the Talmud.

Here is the "freedom" exemplified by the American-Israeli empire, the freedom to suppress the intellectual expression of the enemies of the Pharisees. Meanwhile, every conceivable incitement against Christ and true Christians and against Muslims and Mohammed is allowed to flourish
in the U.S. under the shibboleth of "democracy" and "fighting terror." Russia harbors the largest and most astute analysts and critics of Freemasonry, Judaism and Zionism in the world. No wonder that Russophobes like the John Birchers are encouraged by the occult secret society known as the OTO (as documented by Craig Heimbichner), while certain segments of Catholic "Fatima apparition" believers are backed and promoted by Rabbi Meyer Schiller. Both of these groups are used to agitate against Russia as the supreme font of evil in the world, by Israelis and Freemasons who fear that Russia, alone among the nations of the West, has the potential to produce a government that will one day wield the might of the state to officially oppose Freemasonry and Judaism.
Blood libel makes comeback in Russia
By Lily Galili
Haaretz Jan. 25, 2005

A blood libel accusing Jews of murdering Christians for ritual purposes - a concept that disappeared for years from Russia's anti-Semitic lexicon - made a comeback this week as an important crux in a remarkably fierce anti-Semitic diatribe that was published Sunday in the Russian newspaper Rus-pravoslavnaya.

The fundamentalist Pravoslavic paper, which defines itself as "patriotic," ran a letter asking the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Ustinov, to open an investigation against all Jewish organizations throughout the country on suspicion of spreading incitement and provoking ethnic strife.

The letter calls for an end to government subsidies for these groups. The lengthy document was signed by 500 people, including newspaper editors, academics and intellectuals. These signatories were joined by 19 nationalist members of the lower parliament, the State Duma, from the nationalist Rodina (homeland) party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky's Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), and the Russian Communist Party.

Even though the story was picked up by radio stations and leading Internet sites in Russian, there has been no official condemnation. The libelous document is divided into chapters with such titles as "The Morality of Jewish Fascism," "Provocateurs and People Haters" and
"Jewish Aggression as an Expression of Deviltry." "I'm not a psychiatrist, and I can't help them if they're crazy," said Russia's co-chief rabbi, Berel Lazar, in response. "The worst possibility is that they're sane and are making a cynical move for electoral purposes."

The blood libel, described here as a ritual murder of Christian children that has already been proved in the courts, is only one thrust of the letter, which is thousands of words long and weaves a convoluted web between classic religious anti-Semitism and current anti-Israeli

The writers see a direct line between the Shulhan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law) and other halakhic sources they quote profusely, and the transfer program espoused by Yisrael Beitenu chairman Avigdor Lieberman. The letter also indirectly criticizes President Putin and the state
courts for their policy of trying anyone charged with anti-Semitism and incitement without verifying the claims' veracity. Those charged spoke the truth, the letter maintains, and those accused of anti-Semitism were nothing but patriots.

The writers make use of quotations from traditional Jewish sources and current Israeli and Jewish publications. In the chapter on the Jewish oligarchs' devastating control of Russia's economy and politics, the letter quotes Jewish writers from Israel and the United States, along
with excerpts from interviews with the oligarchs themselves. Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs Natan Sharansky expressed shock yesterday at the fierceness of the anti-Semitic letter, saying that although the signatories represent a slim segment of Russian society, latent anti-Semitism is clearly a major danger there.

Sharansky quoted Putin saying that anti-Semitism is not only a danger to his country's Jewish population, but a threat to the stability of his regime.

According to Sharansky, even though popular anti-Semitism is entrenched in Russian culture, Putin viewed the Jews as a bridge in new relations with the West, and granted freedom to Jewish communities there. "However, Putin, for reasons of his own, precisely now needs to bolster Russia's national pride," Sharansky said. "The problem is that the moment you start playing with nationalist slogans, they immediately link up with the most primitive prejudice."

Sharansky called on Putin and the Russian parliament to treat the letter and its authors harshly.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Russian lawmakers: Ban Jewish groups

Associated Press via THE JERUSALEM POST
25 January 2005

A group of nationalist lawmakers is calling for an investigation aimed at outlawing all Jewish organizations in Russia, accusing Jews of inciting ethnic hatred and provoking anti-Semitism.

In a letter dated January 13, about 20 members of the lower parliament house, the State Duma, asked Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov to investigate their claims and, if they are confirmed, to launch proceedings "on the prohibition in our country of all religious and ethnic Jewish organizations as extremist."

Arguing that Jews were to blame for anti-Semitism, the authors of the letter want Jewish groups outlawed based on legislation against extremism and fomenting ethnic discord.

"The negative assessments by Russian patriots of the qualities and actions against non-Jews that are typical of Jews correspond to the truth, indeed these actions are not random but prescribed in Judaism and have been practiced for two centuries," says the letter, faxed in part to The Associated Press by the office of lawmaker Alexander Krutov.

"Thus," it says, "the statements and publications against Jews that have incriminated patriots are self-defense, which is not always stylistically correct but is justified in essence".

The stunning call to ban all Jewish groups comes amid concerns of persistent anti-Semitism that continues to plague Russia. Jewish leaders have praised President Vladimir Putin's government for encouraging religious tolerance, but rights groups accuse the authorities of failing to adequately prosecute the perpetrators of anti-Semitic and racial violence.

Russia's chief rabbi, Berel Lazar, said the lawmakers were either insane or "quite sane but limitlessly cynical" and were hoping to win support "by playing the anti-Semitic card."

Speaking with Israel Radio, Lazar called on Russia's chief prosecutor to move to expel the legislators from the parliament since, he said, they were acting against all religions and were harming Russia.

"Everyone who read this letter surely understood that something irregular had taken place. It is a known fact that there are those in parliament who posses these views. However, it has been a while since an anti-Jewish theme has been raised, and suddenly everyone is talking about it", Lazar told the radio.

According to the rabbi, "The timing was not coincidental and was made on the same day in which the UN commemorated 60 years since the liberation of Nazi death camps. President Putin is slated to visit Auschwitz in the near future and they probably wanted to express their objection to the upcoming visit by sending this letter."

With Putin planning to join events this week commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet troops, Russia's Holocaust Foundation head Alla Gerber said it was "horrible that as we're marking the 60th anniversary of this tragic and great day ... we can speak of the danger of fascism in the countries that defeated fascism."

She said that while the Russian state itself is no longer anti-Semitic, thereare "anti-Semitic campaigns that are led by all sorts of organizations."

"The economic situation is ripe for this, an enemy is needed, and the enemy is well-known, traditional," Gerber said.

Responding to the lawmakers' letter, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said on Israel Radio that the Israeli government "will act on every level to combat this. We do not let any group or country live peacefully with phenomena like these."

"There is a large international call to arms against anti-Semitic incidents anywhere in the world. To my great sorrow, these incidents have been happening a lot lately, but we have to fight anti-Semitism anywhere it is."

Echoing anti-Semitic tracts of the Czarist era, the letter's authors accuse Jews of working against the interests of the countries where they live and of monopolizing power worldwide. They say the United States "has become an instrument for achieving the global aims of Judaism."

"It is possible to say that the entire democratic world today is under the monetary and political control of international Judaism, which high-profile bankers are openly proud of," the letter says.

Along with outlawing Jewish organizations, the lawmakers call for the prosecution of "individuals responsible for providing these groups with state and municipal property, privileges and state financing."

The prosecutor general's office could not immediately be reached for comment on the letter, which the Interfax news agency said was signed by lawmakers from the nationalist Rodina and Liberal Democratic parties as well as the Communist Party.

Le Pen Speaks To Greece On Rejecting Turkey

A new Hellenic blog has translated a recent speech by the French Nationalist leader into english.

On Rejecting Turkey
On Saturday the 22 of January the president of the French political party Front National and Euro congressman Jean Lepen visited Athens and appeared on a panel discussion hosted by Michael Voridis’ Hellenic Front party. This was part of a campaign against Turkish membership in he E.U. organized by Hellenic Front. The French politician gave an interview at 11:15 a.m. with Christos Harito, the director of communications of Hellenic Front, to the press. Also present at the interview was Karl Lang, a Euro congressman and member of Front National.

Lepen was accepted by the crowd who honored him with an enduring ovation and acclaim. The enthusiastic support for the French politician, who has always supported Hellas in the Euro Parliament, was apparent. In the conference room where the interview was held, the wall was lined with the posters of Hellenic Front and Front National on which proclamations against Turkish entry into the E.U were written.
[Full Story]

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Interesting that play with wording in such a way, since Hellenic Front was the party that actually invited Le Pen to Greece. Hellenic Front is very tame and certainly does not merit being labeled "extreme" in any regard. But such is the terminology in Greece for any one who does not goose-step to the European status quo emanating from Washington/Tel Aviv by way of Brussels.

Kathimerini english edition

Le Pen in town

French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen on Saturday warned against Turkey's potential membership in the European Union, saying such a move would threaten «the very existence» of Greece. «Turkey will increase its settlements in Cyprus and will begin to colonize Greek islands in the southeastern Aegean,» Le Pen warned during a news conference in Athens hosted by the extreme-right Hellenic Front. Protesters on Saturday morning staged a small anti-fascist rally in Korai Square. Also on Saturday, around 100 suspected anarchists vandalized the offices of the far-right-wing Chrysi Avgi organization in Thessaloniki.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"Harry The Nazi"

Historian David Irving Comments on Prince Harry:

.. Earlier today I expressed on this website the hope that nobody will remember that Prince Philip (the Duke of Edinburgh) has or had four sisters all of whom were in Nazi Germany during WWII, married either to SS-Obergruppenführers, Nazi gauleiters, or Hermann Göring's chief of Intelligence, the Prince Christian von Hesse; and that as for the father of Princess Michael of Kent, he was of course an Austrian SS Obergruppenführer.

Yes, there is lots that still has to come out. King George VI loathed Winston Churchill (see the papers of Harry Hopkins and the diary of Mackenzie-King); his Queen Elizabeth plotted secretly with certain British admirals to overthrow Winston in the summer of 1940 and accept Hitler's peace offer. This is what the secret records will eventually reveal.

... I rather fear that they have achieved the unique feat of turning the young man who is third in line for the British Throne into a committed anti-Semite, from this day on.

And now we read that: Harry refuses to to go Auschwitz

Sunday, January 16, 2005

News from Mt.Athos

Dear .......

after one year that we have announce the new web site for Mount Athos and after 6 years of development finally we are starting to put online and on CDs our new content.

We have starting (only for the online) with one monastery only because of our limits to get ready for more, but we take the decision to not delay any further and start with what we have.

Our Goal is to put online more monasterys one by one in the next months.

Mount Athos is a special unique monastic place in the earth, a place that no woman allowed to go hundred of years now. A place that many saint monks have exists for helping all of us. Athos is a place that has survived years now and still continue to exist

Out site try to make you feel like really been there, and light the candle on our soul hopping, praying and trying for a better future.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year
With love in Christ

----Greek Language----
Έναν χρόνο μετά την ανακοίνωση για την αλλαγή του περιεχομένου των ηλεκτρονικών σελίδων του Άγιου Όρους στο διαδίκτυο, και ύστερα από 6 χρόνια εργασίας επιτέλους φτάσαμε στο σημείο έκδοσης τους.

Ξεκινήσαμε με ένα μοναστήρι μόνο γιατί δεν έχουμε προλάβει να ολοκληρώσουμε τα υπόλοιπα. Πήραμε όμως την απόφαση να μην καθυστερήσουμε άλλο και να ξεκινήσουμε με ότι έχουμε.

Στόχος μας είναι μέσα στον επόμενο χρόνο να βάλουμε αν είναι δυνατόν και όλα τα υπόλοιπα.

Το Άγιο Όρος είναι ένα μοναδικό μέρος στην γη, ένα μέρος απαγορευμένο στις γυναίκες εδώ και εκατοντάδες χρόνια, ένα μέρος όπου έζησαν πάρα πολλοί Άγιοι μοναχοί βοηθώντας με τον τρόπο τους όλους εμάς. Το περιβόλι της Παναγίας συνεχίζει να υπάρχει χρόνι

Οι σελίδες μας προσπαθούν να σας δώσουν την αίσθηση ότι βρισκόσαστε εκεί και να ανάψουν ένα μικρό κεράκι στην ψυχή σας ελπίζοντας και προσεύχοντας για ένα καλλίτερο μέλλον.

Καλά Χριστούγεννα και ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος 2005
Με αγάπη Κυρίου

inathos Mailing list

Friday, January 14, 2005

Greeks and Chinese think "the same".

Greek and Chinese mental processing

"The article provides three important conclusions. First, the architecture of mental processing is the same in both Greeks and Chinese, involving essentially the same mental processes and organization. In other words, Greeks and Chinese think "the same". Second, the Greeks and Chinese show no difference in the general factor of mental processing which is used across different thought domains. Rather, the difference between the two groups is limited to areas requiring visuo/spatial processing:"
[Full Story]

Orthodox Christian March For Life 2005

There is a protest march in Washington,DC on Monday, January 24, 2005 starting 11:30 AM be it rain, snow or shine. The protest will be against the mass murderer known as abortion. The OCA (Orthodox Church of America) has organized Orthodox Christians under their banner, the Greek Church in America as in Greece as usual is silent, I believe all Orthodox Christians should attend.


Metropolitan Herman to Lead Orthodox Marchers at Annual Right to Life Rally

WASHINGTON, DC [OCA Communications] -- His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman, Primate of the Orthodox Church in America and well-known spokesman for the sanctity of life, will once again join hundreds of Orthodox Christians at the annual March for Life here Monday, January 24, 2005.

On the eve of the march, Metropolitan Herman will celebrate Vespers and a Service of Intercession at the OCA's Saint Nicholas Cathedral at 8:00 p.m. Orthodox Christian pro-lifers from across the nation are expected to be on hand for the two day gathering.

"Every year, the March is held to lament the US Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision of January 22, 1973 that legalized abortion on demand in the US,” according to the Very Rev. John Matusiak, OCA communications director. "Metropolitan Herman has been a visible and vocal presence at the annual gathering for nearly two decades, leading hundreds of Orthodox Christians in prayerful witness to the sanctity of human life from its conception."

Metropolitan Herman is also expected to address the hundreds of thousands of marchers at the Elipse before they make their way down Constitution Avenue to the US Supreme Court building.

For additional details on the march, contact Nellie Gray at 202/543-3377 or by e-mail at, or visit

The Issue Of Male Circumcision

This understudied issue is horrifying. One more abomination we can thank "the chosen" for once again.


See Shocking Video Clip:

March 11, 2004

As a society, we're mostly in denial about the fact that a large proportion
of guys walking around today were traumatized shortly after birth by circumcision, performed in the hospital where they were born. In Canada, the medical profession didn't come out against circumcision until 1975. Despite official disapproval, babies are still circumcised for irrational reasons like "so he'll look like Daddy." There may be a tendency to joke this subject away, precisely because it is so painful, but unfortunately we now know thanks to recent anatomical research that removing babies' foreskins is not all that different from removing an eyelid or lip. All these structures contain sensitive nerve endings and a mucosal membrane for lubrication. The foreskin contains most of the specialized nerve endings needed for full sexual pleasure. Removing it is the equivalent, gals, of removing your clit. It's still often done without anaesthetic, even though the way the foreskin is attached to the penis in babies is similar to the way fingernails are attached to the nail bed.

Without the foreskin, men often lose even the reduced sensitivity they have left, since without protection the penis gets drier and tougher with age. Circumcision cuts down female pleasure, too – circumcised men have to thrust a lot harder, which can cause vaginal tears. Studies indicate that women with uncut partners come more.

Besides being unethical, since it removes healthy tissue without the informed consent of the patient, circumcision also has no demonstrated health benefits. It's kept going, say activists, by denial and our society's deep-seated anxiety about sex.

Fortunately, rates are dropping rapidly in Canada, though they're still at 60 per cent in the U.S. In the meantime, we have to come to terms with this poor decision made by our elders. It's important to realize that post-traumatic stress from the operation can linger into adulthood, exacerbating rage, fear, depression, low self-esteem or shame. And if you're a male who has trouble being sexually intimate or is chronically angry with women, this could be what ails you.

You might need a psychologist who recognizes circumcision trauma (see a homeopath, acupuncturist, cranio-sacral therapist or body-based psychotherapist, because these modalities can address non- and pre-verbal experience. "Restoring" the foreskin through stretching what's leftwill provide protection for remaining sensitive nerves.


"Not a single national medical organization in the world approves circumcision. The harm far outweighs any possible benefits in every case. The idea that sex with a circumcised partner prevents cervical cancer was shot down about 20 years ago. In an Israeli study, the incidence of urinary tract infection in men is higher after circumcision than before. A study surveying women found that men who were circumcised put so much effort into getting their own pleasure that they weren't actually making love to the women; the men who had their entire complement were more loving. The worst thing about this is that men have to face up to the fact that they've been diminished. We say, 'Men, it takes courage for someone who's been circumcised not to have his son circumcised. '"

GEORGE C. DENNISTON, MD, master of public health, founder and president, Doctors Opposing Circumcision, Port Townsend, WA

"Male satisfaction with circumcision depends on lack of awareness and knowledge about it. Men may also not be aware of how certain feelings are connected
to circumcision, or they may be afraid of disclosing these feelings. One way
someone can explore this is first to educate himself as to what circumcision is and talk about it with someone. As a man feels and shares more, the next step comes. Some men (eventually choose) to help raise awareness. Empowering oneself to do something about the situation can have therapeutic benefit."

RONALD GOLDMAN, psychologist, Circumcision Resource Center, Boston, author of Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma and Questioning Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective

"The mother-child bond is affected by circumcision because the baby is in pain for weeks after. Infants show a lowered ability to breast-feed because when held against the mother's body they experience pain. Imagine the effect on you when early hugging and feeding cause you to experience pain. In circumcising, the doctor often has to get the penis into a condition where he can handle it better. To do that, they often stroke the baby's penis and give him an erection. It might be the baby's first. The next thing he experiences is excruciating pain."

LAWRENCE BARICHELLO, executive director, Intact, Toronto

"Newborns have an exquisite sense of pain. Usually, circumcision is done without parents in the room, and babies are restrained. It sounds like torture, doesn't it? A baby's prefrontal cortex develops during the first 18 months. The prefrontal lobes are involved in making higher ethical decisions and forming intimate relationships. When a baby's needs aren't met, he develops high levels of stress hormones that can become toxic and prevent proper brain development. The impact of circumcision on the prefrontal lobes hasn't been researched. We know circumcision causes stress and raises stress levels thereafter."

LISA MURRAY-DORAN, naturopath, Ajax, continuing education instructor in natural parenting, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

"When people are reliving trauma, other things can come up. Sometimes, it appears to be the memory of being circumcised. I've only seen this a few times, but that was enough to alert me that men who have been circumcised may carry trauma with them. For those who remembered, it was a potent experience, though we don't know for sure it was related to circumcision. Reliving old trauma tends to provide relief. In the short run it's upsetting; in the long run you're able to release old crap."

TOM GOLDEN, clinical social worker, Washington, DC, expert in trauma, author, Swallowed By A Snake

"Chinese medicine looks at piercing and altering the body as adversely affecting energy flow. Your genitals are part of your liver and kidney meridians. This is a severe trauma that happens early. The memory of it would be so buried it would be hard to retrieve. You'd have to have done meditation or other work to remember. Acupuncture deals with trauma even if you're not aware of it; it helps move energy and remove blockages."

KALEB MONTGOMERY, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Toronto

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Outrage in France as Le Pen says: "Nazi occupation was not inhumane"

The Government has called for his arrest and the usual cabal has wailed and whined about the upcoming "Auschwiz Remembrance Day" coming up on January 27th.

If only one, just one Greek electoral leader of this caliber , could be this bold. I'm not talking about the Golden fringe. ....After all, Le Pen's Nationalist party is the second party of France, having beaten out the Socialists and the Communists in many parts of that country. Le Pen, whether the Jews and the Americans and the left, likes it or not,is the French mainstream. Let's not forget that France is also a nuclear power...

The two electoral Nationalist parties in Greece can barely grasp more than 3 percent combined and they would not DARE to make such bold statements on Jewish versions of history.


Le Pen irks French government with Nazi remarks

PARIS, Jan 12 (Reuters) - France threatened on Wednesday to take legal action against far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen for saying the Nazi occupation of France during World War Two had not been "particularly inhumane."

The government, anti-racism organisations and Jewish groups sharply condemned Le Pen's latest controversial comments, made in an interview with right-wing weekly magazine Rivarol.

"It's not only the European Union and globalisation we have to free our country of. It's also the lies about its history, lies that are protected by exceptional measures," Le Pen said in comments published in Rivarol's Jan. 7 edition.

"In France, at least, the German occupation was not particularly inhumane, although there were some blunders, inevitable in a country of 550,000 sq km."

The Justice Ministry called for a preliminary police inquiry to determine whether Le Pen's comments broke the law.

"He should explain himself before the law," Justice Minister Dominique Perben told LCI television.

France anti-racism laws have made denying the Holocaust a crime, punishable by fines or prison.

Le Pen, who in 1987 dismissed the Holocaust as a "detail" of history, alarmed Europe in 2002 by reaching the second round of France's presidential election on an anti-immigrant and anti-Europe platform.

During the Nazi German occupation of France from 1940 until 1944, about 76,000 Jews were deported. Only some 2,500 returned.

The CRIF umbrella group of Jewish organisations said it was "shocked" by Le Pen's comments.

"These statements tarnish the memory of all victims of Nazism ... and of the entire French population which was submitted to the most atrocious of occupations and humiliations for more than four years," it said.

France's junior minister for veterans, Hamlaoui Mekachera, said he had read Le Pen's comments with "astonishment" and dismissed Le Pen's "attempts to rewrite history."

Richard Serero, director-general of France's Licra anti-racism league, said of Le Pen: "These comments are shabby."

French prosecutors have already opened a judicial investigation into comments by Le Pen's number two, Bruno Gollnisch, who questioned whether the Nazis used gas chambers in the Holocaust.

Le Pen was convicted and ordered to pay a symbolic one franc fine for his 1987 comments, when he said the gas chambers were a "detail in the history of the Second World War."

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