Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Soothing Winter Drink

When I lived in Athens I loved the Salep ( a syrupy super hot drink), which is sold out of big containers by street vendors in old downtown Athens , hawking it with loud cries of SAAAA LEP! Perfect winter drink, despite my girl Julie's warnings that it might be "dirty", I drank plenty, and it made me feel warm and strong and rejuvenated. F**K Starbucks! Thats money that goes to evil America and diabolical "Isra-el", seeking to globalize us into becoming deaf and dumb and mute amerikanakia.

Salep is a call for us to return East and go back East, back to our roots, back to what was for the deviant-West, a "dark age" , but for us was a much missed festival of lights. SAAAAAAAAAAA


Monday, January 29, 2007

Message From "The Turkic Bestiary" Webmaster


I just updated the site at
The Turkic Bestiary , I've been getting some awesome hits lately amongst them is the "Turkish Military" and "Turkish General Staff" also there is now a so-called jihad to get me off the net at "GreekMurderers.net", it's entitled "A Striking example of what Greeks learn from Civilization and Humanity" as if the Turks can do better with September 1955, The Smryna Massacre, The Pontian genocide and the Armenian genocide.

Anyway, Take care

Turkic Bestiary Webmaster
Turkic Bestiary


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Message From A Hellenic Nationalist Comrade : "Anarchists desecrate icons in Theological School of Thessaloniki"

Anarchists desecrated icons in the Theological School of Thessaloniki.If you follow the link to the press release below, you can see a picture of one of the desecrated icons of Christ. (Christ's face has been scratched out, blasphemous text has been written on the bottom half of the icon, and an Anarchist symbol is found on the top right of the icon.) This is not the first time Anarchists have been involved in anti-Orthodox attacks. Some recent attacks include the bombing of a car belonging to the Church of Greece (link to ekathimerini), viciously stabbing and beating theological students from the Theological School of Thessaloniki (link: http://gr.altermedia.info/?p=586), and the firebombing of a church in Thessaloniki (link: http://www.tkb.org/Group.jsp?groupID=4020).

If you want to avoid seeing the picture of the desecrated icon but still want to read the pressrelease, you can access it athttp://serbhellenic.16.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1127

--A Hellenic Nationalist Comrade

American Legislation To Jail Dissident Bloggers!

Bloggers Who Criticize Government May Face Prison
Bill would allow rounding up and imprisoning of non-registered political writers --As Robert Faurisson said "zee law is full of holes", Americans say goodbye to the Bill Of Rights.

They Are Gentiles So They Don't Count: More Victims Of Zionist War Crimes

Silent About Gaza by John Pilger - Jan 18, 2007
A genocide is engulfing the people of Gaza while a silence engulfs its bystanders. "Some 1.4 million people, mostly children, are piled up in one of the most densely populated regions of the world, with no freedom of movement, no place to run, and no space to hide," wrote the senior UN relief official, Jan Egeland, and Jan Eliasson, then Swedish foreign minister, in Le Figaro. They described people "living in a cage," cut off by land, sea, and air, with no reliable power and little water, tortured by hunger, disease, and incessant attacks by Israeli troops and planes. FULL ARTICLE AT: http://www.antiwar.com/pilger/?articleid=10342


And they say there is no such thing as a Jewish conspiracy...

From: Final Conflict <finalconflict@dial.pipex.com>

10,000+ Amazon.com Customers Demand Fair Treatment for Jimmy Carter's Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid
Online giant favors hostile review, omits former president's latest book from bestseller list Berkeley, CA ­

More than 10,000 customers of Amazon.com have signed an online petition threatening to close their accounts and take their business elsewhere if the Internet shopping site continues to present a new book by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in an unusually negative light.

The petition, posted at http://www.petitiononline.com/Amazon07 , accuses Amazon of treating Carter's Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid unfairly by posting a lengthy and unabashedly hostile review on the page where it lists the book, in a section normally reserved for short, even-handed descriptions of the title in question. In addition, Amazon simply omits the Carter book from its version of the New York Times bestseller list. In reality, the book ranked number 5 in the Times' latest list of hardcover nonfiction bestsellers. Amazon's version of the same list, however, avoids mentioning Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid by brazenly omitting the number 5 slot ­ it jumps directly from number 4 to number 6!

In the book Carter, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for helping to bring about a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, points to Israel's 40-year-long occupation of the Palestinian territories as the key obstacle to peace in the region. He compares Israel's treatment of the Palestinian population to the brutal apartheid system that once kept South African blacks subjugated. The review that provoked the petition, written by New Yorker staff writer and former Israeli prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg, labels the book "cynical," disparages Carter's understanding of the conflict as "anti-historical," and accuses him of being "easy on Arab aggression and Palestinian terror." The review originally appeared in the Washington Post. According to Henry Norr, a former journalist and initiator of the petition, its purpose is not to challenge Amazon's right to post a negative review, but to demand the same kind of nondiscriminatory treatment most books get on the site. The Goldberg review appears on the Amazon page < http://www.amazon.com/Palestine-Peace-Apartheid-Jimmy-Carter/dp/0743285026/sr=8-1/qid=1168556613/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/102-2193402-4648137?ie=UTF8&s=books > under the heading "Editorial Reviews," a section that on most Amazon book pages contains only one- or two-paragraph synopses from book-listing services such as Publishers Weekly or the American Library Association's Booklist, or descriptions by the book's publisher or by Amazon itself.

Currently, the "Editorial Reviews" section on Amazon's U.S. site includes a one-paragraph, 198-word blurb from Publishers Weekly followed by the full, 20-paragraph, 1,636-word text of Goldberg's totally negative review. The petition, which is addressed to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, suggests several possible remedies: removing the Goldberg review, moving it to a secondary page Amazon already uses for additional material on the book, or "restor[ing] a semblance of balance by giving comparable space and prominence to a more positive evaluation of Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid." If Bezos doesn't choose one of these options by January 22, petition signers pledge to stop shopping at Amazon, to completely close their accounts, and to urge friends, family, and associates to do likewise. "I think Amazon should stick to their usual formula of posting only brief, more or less neutral descriptions on the main page for any book," said Norr. "But if they insist on including Goldberg's attack piece on the U.S. site, they owe it to their customers ­ as well as their shareholders - to put something more positive alongside, something that mentions the many merits of the book." "If you want to see what a normal review looks like, you have only to go to the Amazon UK treatment of Carter's book," said Paul Larudee, who worked with Norr to publicize the petition. "It is a single paragraph, mildly promotional, but not grinding any particular political ax. By comparison, the North American site is hatchet job."

Other international Amazon sites also present the book even-handedly, according to reports by signers of the petition. So does the U.S. site of Amazon's chief competitor, barnesandnoble.com . Before creating the petition, Norr, Larudee, and others sent e-mail directly to Bezos, objecting to Amazon's one-sided treatment of the book and suggesting several favorable assessments ­ from publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The Nation ­ that could be added. "Unfortunately, Bezos turned us all down flat," Norr said. Responses from Amazon's "Executive Customer Relations" staff suggested that the letter writers post their own reviews. In fact, Amazon does display reader reviews on its book pages, and in the case of Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, a large majority of the posted reviews are positive about the book. Reader reviews, however, are not displayed as prominently on the page as "Editorial Reviews," and they may not carry as much weight with potential buyers. The petition also complains that Amazon does not include information customers need in order to evaluate Goldberg's attack on the book ­ such as the fact that he volunteered to serve in the Israeli military and served as a military policeman guarding Palestinian detainees in a prison camp notorious for its harsh conditions. The petition was first posted on January 10, when it garnered 84 signatures. The next day 693 more customers signed on, and since then the total has climbed steadily. Signers come not only from the U.S., but from all over the world. Many added comments expressing admiration for Carter's book, disappointment over the site's apparent bias against it, and determination to follow through on closing their accounts if Amazon doesn't correct the situation. The petition will be sent to Bezos later this week. As of noon PST on Jan. 17, the total number of signatures on the petition stands at 12,989 and continues to climb rapidly.


Other assessments of Carter's Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid: Ali Abunimah, "A Palestinian view of Jimmy Carter's book," Wall Street Journal, Dec. 26, 2006: http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article6310.shtml George Bisharat, "Truth at last, while breaking a U.S. taboo of criticizing Israel," Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan. 2, 2007: http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/editorial/16363618.htm Chris Hedges, "Get Carter," The Nation, Jan. 8, 2007: http://www.thenation.com/doc/20070108/hedges

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Dialogue With Turks Means Certain Death

Armenian-American lobbyist,Harut Sassounian, provides an analysis on the Hrant Dink killing on The Huffington Post:

While a 17-year old fanatical young man, hired by "dark forces," is said to have pulled the trigger, many others have a share of responsibility in Dink's murder. It is noteworthy that the Turkish police, after apprehending the assassin and a group of collaborators, discovered that he was armed and directed to carry out this murder by another extremist who was trained in the use of weapons by Chechens in Azerbaijan. It is becoming increasingly clear, and Dink said so himself in his January 10 column, that he was being targeted by "a deep force."

The tidbit of info on the involvement of extremists from Chechnya in Azerbaijan, makes the possibility also not remote that the US or those forces trained or cooperating with the US were involved as well, Goltz's honest reportage on the war in Azerbaijan in his expose, Azerbaijani Dairies, notes the heavy involvement of US mercenaries as well as the US and Israeli, and, of course, Turkish intelligence, in the country , all may also be part of that "dark force" Nothing new in this regard, anti-Armenian and anti-Greek extremists have a long history of cooperative actions of violence and assassination for the Turkish government. They were once even caught on tape in action in Cyprus killing Greek activists.

The Turks themselves came out in support ,on internet fora, officially,and in a large funeral procession,of Hrant Dink because he was a liberal who wanted to engage in 'dialogue' with the Turks, he supported 'Turkish-Armenian Friendship' committees , wanted Armenians and Turks to talk to each other , and had a long record of also identifying himself as a proud Turk and even served in the Turkish military. For all that, as writer Robert Fisk puts it, he got to be the 1,500,001 st victim of the Armenian Genocide.

Many Armenians and Greeks indulge in the foolhardy venture of entering into a dialogue with a Turk or Turks. Take a good look of how it goes on the internet or in the diplomatic community, Turks never concede to anything and there are never enough facts or arguments to convince the Turk of his Genocidal legacy, he will ask for more and more facts, will ask for the involvement of a foreign tribunal, will recite some legalese , when pushed to the wall call us "racist" or "anti-Muslim" or "Islamophobic" or accuse us of harboring "ethnic hatred" , and sometimes even boast that he is sorry that his ancestors didn't get to finish the job when his ancestors had the chance. Well, there are few Armenians left in Turkey, and far fewer Greeks. Turks want to exterminate the last of us so bad they have even been known to attack what cemeteries or graves of our kind they could find, smashing tombstones and unearthing bodies, tossing grenades or firebombs into our near deserted churches and bombing buses full of stupid Greek tourists who go to visit them.

In retrospect, Hrant's death is meaningless because Turks will never change, nor will the Greeks or Armenians stupid enough to indulge in 'dialogue' with a barbarian.

Nothing changes, as far as Turks are concerned. According to Morgenthau, there were loads of Armenians and Greeks getting to be friends with the Young Turks, then they got treated to the Armenian Genocide and the Hellenic Genocide, same was true of friendship and dialogue happy Greeks just before the 1955 pogrom in Constantinople.

Hrant Dink must have seen the writing on the wall, he remained dedicated to his liberal ideals of seeing Turks as civilized human beings, as equals, and paid with his life, as did many, many unsung others...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Anna Politkovskaya: Too Stupid To Live

I wish I could say she was a Jew who was undermining Russia and supporting Jewish agitation from the West to eventually try to destroy Russia through support of Muslim fundamentalist chauvinist terrorism in Chechnya or support of the Georgians, but this isn't the case. Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian,wrote her articles for the Jewish-Zionist New York Times and a handful of other fanatically pro-Zionist and anti-Russian newspapers and most likely the West and its rulers ,the Jews, decided that her time as a useful idiot was up, so the Mossad assassins were called up like they have been for so many others on a larger scale. Most Russians didn't even know who she was inside Russia, her polemical articles pleased the editorial board of the New York Times, and since, they needed to drum up some more useful anti-Russian propaganda, like they did in the 1990s with their concocted anti-Serb propaganda , they iced her...

The Russian press agency RIA Novosti summed up her fate:

At the same time, some publications surmise that her murder is a thoroughly planned Western provocation, designed to portray Russia in a bad light - as a country, which is violating democratic standards and human rights. "Politkovskaya's slaying obviously benefits the West, which has been trying to harass Russia during the past month... The accusations rest on the following logic - pressure on Georgia, pressure on Georgians, and pressure on democratic journalists. This allows them to blame the Putin regime of going 'Nazist', or committing other sins against democracy. It is not clear whether the West has directly contracted the murder, but it stands to gain more from it than anyone else." (Vesti-segodnya, October 9).

The Georgian Foreign Ministry wrote a fawning press release upon her death, as if anyone other than Jews and their useful idiots care....

The Georgians could learn a good lesson from Anna Politkovskaya, she threw her lot in with the West, like Judas for those thirty pieces of silver...

Too stupid to live.

Correction To "More On OCA Stupidity (part 2)" posted On January 05, 2007

(1) The "salaam aleikum" incident shortly after 9/11 was at the "Village Restaurant" on First Ave. and Second Street .He went in there to order a lot of food for the OCA Cathedral church, and to spend a lot of money there to show them that he had no hard feelings against them as Moslems. When they reacted negatively to him and were unfriendly and rude and hostile, he just bought a can of giner ale and left.

(2)Another convert named Richard W., a transplant, spends his time writing freakish paranoid letters to their "church" about 'penetrating the Greek community.'

Stupid Americans

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Modern Greek Buffoons Putting On Neo-Pagan Clown Show For Western degenerates

A "priestess" for ZEUS puts on a show for her Western masters
ABC NEWS and a long list of other Western news outlets report on these pathetic displays by those modern Greeks who dutifully follow the barbaric West's fixation with our distant , degenerate pagan past. The neo-pagan movement in Greece is a Western import and there is no better evidence of this than the West's Jew-controlled press's focus on these displays by a handful of buffoons who disgrace the centuries old evolution of Helleno-Orthodox identity by rejecting it in favor of neo-pagan humanism. What is this sickness? Sixty or seventy years ago they brought us communism, two hundred years ago the Western classicists force fed us parliamentarian liberal democracy, and today the trained monkeys are for the "religion" of ancient Greece.

Too Funny!

I came across this funny clip of an ugly Jewess settler, showing her "courage" behind a fence and with a Zionist occupation soldier guarding her, displaying her common Jewish vulgarity to a native Palestinian Arab woman on a Hasidic Jew rabbi's blog, hats off to Iranian For Aryans for the find.

Jimmy Carter's Jewish Problem

Too bad he couldn't be a man and come out whilst in power, instead, like too many other retired professors, he "DISCOVERS" his "anti-Semitism" in retirement, when it doesn't really matter anymore. David Irving covers this fanfare.

Capital Flight

Isn't interesting that one ethnic group in country after country, is able to leave with its bags of loot and begin anew, decade after decade, century after century, for some 2,000 years?

Think of this, the vast development that saved famed American real estate developer Trump a few years ago from bankruptcy was arranged by Jewish diamond merchants who arranged the capital flight leaving Hong Kong, into the billions,depriving the Bejing administrators of vast amounts of cash that were dumped into developing the barren, yuppie wasteland of Manhattan's Upper (Jew) West Side.

A comrade the other night informed me of the mysterious appearance of loads of Jewish families from Iran in the 1970s, around the time that Islamic Theocratic Revolution ousted the American-Israeli-backed Shah regime, moving into ritzy Forest Hills and then founding Rockrose, one of the now biggest property owners in Manhattan, many of whose buildings are also on the Upper ( jew) West Side of Manhattan, all with the hardly earned billions upon billions of dollars looted from the Iranian people.

Now in London, the much despised by "Americans" Putin government has created a new "Russian" diaspora with billions upon billions of dollars ,bled from Russia. Sure we all heard of poisonings and the assassinations, but what of all that money that ,they,the Jews looted? Whoever talks of how much misery and death their criminality has reaped upon the common Russian?

After listening to the presentation by Dr. Tony Martin on the black slave trade which I posted on this blog, I also came to know of the many, many slaveowners, traders and slave ship owners who had Spanish names like Lopez, but strangely non-Spanish first names like Jacob who were involved in dominating the early trade in humans and rum in Curacao, Belize and Brazil,. Is it no wonder that "anti-Semitic" leaders like Chavez are so well received by the traditionalistic Latin Americans? Is it no wonder the Jewish lobbies like the ADL and the American Jewish Congress are now against Latin American immigration?

How is it that Jews after raping Iberia for centuries during the Muslim conquest, came to Thessaloniki with their vast sums of money and became the dominant economic controllers of that port city under the protection of our Turkish occupiers for centuries more until a benevolent invader freed us of that control? And why is it that following the Turkish-Israeli alliance in the early 1990s we suddenly have books and opinions by Jews like Mazower and Kaplan on OUR Thessaloniki?

Country after country , Nation after Nation, has dealt with their criminality. Their hypocrisy is really appalling, after being exposed by non-conformist black scholarship for their role in black slavery, THEY unlike any other group including blacks themselves, refuse to accept one ounce of responsibility or culpability for their role in black slavery. Instead the Jews , through the immense power of their control of media communications and electoral democracy advance awareness for the alleged Darfur genocide, in a barely concealed attempt to cover up their historic role in enslaving and Holocausting black people, and even in instigating racism towards blacks.

With all the harm the Jews have caused there is always in every country touched by their "love" a looming "Jewish Question" which very ancient and civilized cultures exposed to Jews are very aware of, Greece, thank god still has awareness of the Jews' criminality, so does Iran as well as most of the East.

They do have a home? Why don't they go to it and leave the rest of humanity alone, is it because this is not and never was a real home? "For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn't even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks."

New Online Book On A Real Genocide

Dis Blog Not Be No Racist Yo!

The interesting presentation by black history professor, Dr. Tony Martin, introduced by revisionist Michael Hoffman, concludes with the note that Jews have been publishing dozens of books on slavery and advocating for awareness of the alleged genocide in Darfur in order to cover up their sinister historic role in slavery that has been exposed by daring non-conformists.

The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade

Homer Of Persia To Be Translated Into Greek

The normal society where this hails from honors poetry, yet bans porn, denigration of God and religion and displays of alcoholism. How would a perverse ,demonic Westerner ever bear such a normal place? These intercultural exchanges with civilized Iran are encouraging , maybe one day Greece will revert to form and turn its back on the barbaric West? Pray for Greece...

January 21, 2007 ,TehranTimes.com
Tehran Times Culture Desk
TEHRAN -- Greek scholar Marina Theocharidou believes that Irans Abolqasem Ferdowsi is a poet for all times. At the Ferdowsi and Homer Conference that opened at Athens National Research Foundation on January 19, Theocharidou said, Ferdowsi is a poet of all eras, who expressed the idea that good and evil guarantee or endanger mans happiness.

The two-day event was organized by the Iranian Embassy in Athens in collaboration with the Council for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature.

Ferdowsi (940?-c.1020?) has been called the Homer of Persia. He was born near Tus in the Khorasan region and married at the age of 28. About eight years later he began the work for the Shahnameh (Book of Kings). It took Ferdowsi 35 years to complete the great epic poem.

German Beer Purity Is Bad Taste?

German beer ads are off limits -- yet Jewish racial laws are OK, murder of Arabs is OK, stealing their land is just dandy, threatening nuclear strikes is harmony.... oh to wear THOSE Jewish rose-tinted glasses!

Jews object to German beer ad as 'insensitive'
Beer commercial ‘leaves sour taste’

Australian Jewish News Thursday, 18 January 2007

MELBOURNE — A BEER commercial that claims the product is brewed according to "the German Purity Law" is "insensitive," according to the head of the Jewish community’s antisemitism watchdog.

Bush's Top advisors, Jews and....A SKOPJIAN!!

Some of us were wondering how in the world the Bush administration sent shockwaves through the Greek world with its sudden recognition following elections in November 2004 to recognize the Titoist-conceived-"nation"

The many Jews Bush surrounds himself with were certainly instrumental in pushing anti-Greek agendas ,such as Marc Grossman : The Man Who Made "Macedonia" Kosher For America

Only very recent research by a dedicated comrade is bargaining us the full story, Bush actually has a self-proclaimed "Macedonian" on assignment as his special assistant, Tim Goeglein, of Indiana, according to the website of his alma mater:

Goeglein's grandfather, who immigrated to America from Macedonia in 1916, taught him to appreciate America and Americans. He taught his family the culture of Macedonia as well as the magic of America.

This coming week I hope to retrieve the actual Skopjian publication which boasts of how their Skopjian-American next to Bush, Tim Goeglein, was involved in the Bush recognition of "Macedonia".

Monday, January 15, 2007

New Skopjian Lobby In Washington DC

Trusted sources in the Greek lobby have informed us that the Skopjians are putting together a professional lobby, the Skopjian community in the USA is small, their biggest population is said to be in the state of Indiana. Thus far they approached the Serbian American lobby, Serbian Unity Congress, and the Serb lobby refused to cooperate with them, however, they are getting their letters published in the ATAA (the major Turkish lobby) newsletter and have appealed to the Turks for help.

I have to call myself away for I am very busy at this time,and will be away for awhile, so please send the word out to all Hellenic Nationalists everywhere, the Skopjian lobby in DC is "UNITED MACEDONIAN DIASPORA"

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The Turkic Bestiary is a legendary site on Criminal "Turkey" (an illegitimate state built on 600 years of ongoing Holocausts, Genocides and Massacres) , since the dawn of the internet The Turkic Bestiary has been attacked and despised by Criminal "Turkey" and the Bestial Turks. Now Back Online, spread the word, MAY IT LIVE FOREVER!

Ελεύθερη Σκέψη (Bookshop) is a great scholarly source on Hellenic Nationalism in The Fatherland.

The Solution Is Orthodoxy on myspace is a splendid new blog by a young comrade.

The Turkish Crime and Turkish Crimes Against Humanity document and inform reader's about Criminal "Turkey", there can never be enough of such sites on the web.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Archmandrite Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem Theodosios Attallah Hanna Praises "NATIONALISTIC Freedom Fighters"

This interview proves once again that GREEK Orthodox Christians, yes GREEK Orthodox Christians were chosen by GOD for a GOOD reason to defend Christianity and the most Holy Sepulchre in the Holy Land from Jewish-Zionists and Anglo-American War Criminals...

The number of people who belong to the Greek Orthodox Church in Syria exceeds a million and the number in Lebanon exceeds half a million. Israel has no right of preventing us from visiting Syria and Lebanon under the claim that these are enemy countries especially that we maintain spiritual and nationalistic ties with these countries. When we visit these countries we meet with all political and religious officials with no exceptions whatsoever. We are open to everyone. Israel has no right of claiming that we maintain relations with terrorist organizations because what Israel calls terrorist maybe to us nationalistic, freedom fighters. We refuse to accept the terms that Israel dictates; therefore, what Israel condemns or what it elevates may not be necessarily as such to us

New Israeli Ambassador To Greece ,Ali Yahya, "The Fox"

(Michael Kountouris from Greece,he won the Grand prize of Tehran Biennial-2005 one of the best cartoonists in the world, irancartoon.com)

A good friend and Hellenic Nationalist comrade gave me a number of Hellenic Nationalist newspapers acquired from his recent visit to the Fatherland. The article on new Israeli Ambassador to Greece, Ali Yahya, published in the Novermber 15, 2006 edition of "Ethnotypos" piqued my Nationalist senses. The paper reprinted a well circulated article from Athens News Agency-Macedonian Press agency wire services titled "New Israeli Ambassador To Greece presents Credentials", the Nationalist paper adds that Ali Yahya is regarded as "The Fox" in diplomatic circles, his various appointments include diplomatic posts to Finland, site of the pivotal Arab-Israeli "peace talks" and his close official relationships and appointments by war hawks such as Netanyahu and Sharon. The Nationalist paper notes, what can the Jewish-Zionists, and moreover, the Jewish-Zionists in the associate American embassy be brewing for Greece? The "special relationship" which the U.S. State Department has repeatedly cited between Greece and the Arab/Islamic world has been a constant needling point for Greece by Jewish-Zionists. The current ND regime has been asked to intervene in various Arab-Israeli scenarios. This may not bode well for the Fatherland due to the fact that Greece recognized the Palestinians long before any other current EU country ever did , ever since the burgeoning of the relationship with Palestine and Syria under Aprilist Revolutionary Leader Georgios Papadopoulos, to the point of mutual defense pacts, and this, of course,has not been overlooked by the Jews. In a 2003 interview with "Stohos" newspaper,last surviving Aprilist Revolutionary leader Pattakos, admitted that the Jews came to the Junta and offered to put the world spotlight,through the power of world Jewry, on Cyprus and to "win" Cyprus for Greece if they took the Israeli side diplomatically rather than the Palestinian side, the Junta refused, and then 1974's Attila invasion happened.

The ND under Mitsotakis first brought the official Israeli Embassy to Greece in the early 1990s. Now the second ND-regime is host to the Embassy of the Jewish state , and its Arab-Muslim diplomat. During Ottoman times, whenever the Turks planned a massacre of Christians ,they always had a Christian subject posted in charge....

Sunday, January 07, 2007

MERRY CHRISTMAS! and a Message From The Monastery Of The Holy Ascension

ABOVE: The outdoor Fatni (Cresh) at the Monastery of the Holy Ascension in Woodstock, NY (photo taken last night)


a Message From +Bishop Christodoulos

"Now the day of mercy has shown forth! Let no one persecute his neighbor with revenge for the wrong he has caused him! The day of joy has arrived! Let no one be guilty of causing sorrow and grief to another person. This is a cloudless and bright day!

"Let anger be stilled for it disturbs peace and tranquility. This is the day in which God descended to sinners! Let the righteous man be ashamed to exalt himself over sinners. This is the day when the Lord of creation came to servants! Let the master of the house humble himself in similar love to his servants. This is the day on which the Wealthy One became poor for our sake! Let not the rich be ashamed to share their table with the poor."

---St. Ephraim the Syrian

We the Brotherhood of Holy Ascension Monastery invite one and all to celebrate the blessings of the Holy Nativity with us on the second day of Christmas (Dec. 26/January 8). A Hierarchical Divine Liturgy will be celebrated by His Grace Bishop Christodoulos. Presiding at the Divine Liturgy will be His Eminence Metropolitan Pavlos, our Geronda. It will be his first visit back to his monastery since February.

Divine Liturgy will begin approximately 10:00AM.

Chronia Polla!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nationalist Thinker Konstantinos Plevris And Nationalist Newspaper “Eleftheros Kosmos” Sued For "anti-Semitism" !

This may spell the beginning of the end for press freedom for Greece's Nationalists , a first step toward molding Greece into following the norm in the rest of the Judeo-West's European Union. The comrades being sued may want to consider a counter suit based on the established precedent of The Anti Hellenic Bias of Human Rights Watch, with which one of the plaintiffs ,the Greek office of the Helsinki Watch is associated.

Friday, January 05, 2007

More On OCA Stupidity (part 2)


Trusted sources have informed us that , that Christopher guy(picture top center) has now really gone off the deep end and went and based last Sunday's OCA sermon on an episode of the history channel he caught while lounging in his vacation home upstate! What's so strange about this, besides its obvious irrelevance to Orthodoxy, is the OCA's and Christopher and his sidekick Michael's fixation on condemning the Greek Orthodox Church for promoting "political ethnic issues", I guess his gung-ho pro-American foreign policy sermons conveniently fall out of the category of "political ethnic issues" the OCA so self-righteously condemns. The welfare of Orthodox Christians are ignored in these sermons, all that matters is what's good for America, the ADL, the history channel's agenda et al.

This undereducated,liberal ,hipster-dofus Christopher masquerading as an "Orthodox priest" goes ape-shit for Muslims, when 9-11 happened he ran to the corner Hallal pizzeria (THIS TIME IN cassock)and told the Arabs Salllaam Aleeuikum, on the other hand if you dare to tell a harmless little Jewish joke around him he'll chase you out of "church" and deny you his "holy sacraments", after all, he knows where the heavy donations come from and he needs to buy himself a new Jaguar now and then, and maybe a second vacation home ( the Jaguar and the vacation home come from donor's stock portfolio, nice lifestyle Christopher guy has for a self-proclaimed "monk" who goes and tells people to get a life in Christ!).

If you think this OCA clown "priest" respects the sanctity of a confession then you have another thing coming, his sidekick Michael will know of it no time, a friend of mine faced harassment and ostracism after confessing to this two-faced phoney. Breaking the sanctity of confession is the ultimate of sins, not that Christopher really cares.

The Archer Daniels Midland foundation is cause of major financial embezzlement by homosexual leaders of the OCA, such as Theodosius. According to the highly respected American Journal of Russian And Slavic Studies, "First of all, while the ADM Foundation was giving money to the OCA, she as also lavishly funding the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an anti-Christian, Jewish, liberal Masonic group, to the tune of several million dollars in the late 1990s."

On the typical OCA or typical Christopher guy follower, the Journal had this to say " The OCA had a tendency to pander to middle-class yuppies looking for the latest fads in "religious authenticity." It is this crowd that makes up the backbone of OCA membership. Their clergy, without a scintilla of knowledge of true Orthodox tradition, with their shaved faces and pot bellies, participating in every ecumenical "prayer-service" that augments their social respectability (and often, academic promotion), was and is a standing embarrassment to Orthodox truth.

The Christopher followers and converts include an actor from the pornographic television show "Sex In The City" and a spoiled BMW-driving trust fund kid who cruises the "church" for Georgian girls who he can ejaculate on facially! He goes by the nickname, Daniel the accursed unloader, much like Christopher guy's sidekick ,Michael, he hails from the same hick town of Binghamton New York. He drove his late Greek-American girlfriend out of Orthodoxy and she became a Jew. Another convert named Richard W. spends his time writing freakish paranoid letters to their "church" about 'penetrating the Greek community.' Clearly these people are suffering from severe psychological illness as well as spiritual illness, Christopher guy may , especially be in need of psychiatric counseling , some one like him could even be schizophrenic.

Thank You God for saving my friend from this nutter and his freakish "church" !

Pictures Of Iraqi Women Raped By American Forces

The Mexican Nationalist site, La Voz De Aztlan, an informative news site on La Raza, has published graphic photos of Iraqi women raped by American forces. The poor young woman looks like a religious Muslim woman who was abducted by the American soldier-deviants. La Voz De Aztlan notes that hundreds of such pics taken by invading Americans are circulating amongst the American forces spreading their satanic, dreaded democracy "The graphic photos were being swapped between the soldiers like baseball cards..."

Perhaps this fate awaits our Orthodox Christian homelands? Serbia narrowly escaped a land invasion by the Americans, who no doubt would have raped Orthodox Christian nuns, in the exact same brutal manner.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Greece's Government Working Hard For Moo-Slums And Their Smelly Den Of "Worship"

Southeast European Times provides this picture(above center) of the 200,000 Moo-slum butthole sniffers living in Athens

Good job, Greek establishment,now go get some just desert from these Moo-slum butt-sniffing "worshippers", have your daughters get raped by these very Muslims in Central Athens

All of these ministers and parliamentarians are a privileged class , educated in the West, wealthy, living in gated communities, and hell-bent on making central Athens and its deserted back streets feel and smell like any other Moo-slum infested EU capital, the Greek ministers are working harder to build that Mosque in Athens than even the Muslims themselves.

Southeast European Times
Athens mosque project may overcome hurdles

the project has been delayed by "the absence of a single voice from the Muslim community, and by the community's failure to place an official request before the ministry," according to New Democracy spokesman George Vassileiou.

Politically, the plan has encountered little resistance, and the principle of religious freedom has proved a consensus-builder in parliament. Vassileiou told MPs voting on Yannakou's bill that they faced "a historic moment of parliamentary responsibility", and that rejection of the bill would constitute "cultural regression and a victory for xenophobia".

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Breakfast At Hitler's ?

An Adolf Hitler-themed restaurant opened its doors in an Indian suburb this past August. It seems that at least a few Nation states, remain Nation states. Reminds me a of a recent interview I saw on the Charlie Rose show, super-Jew Henry Kissinger warned viewers that Asia resembles 19th Century Europe, and didn't bother to elaborate. That statement came after his wild claim that American Jewish organizations have absolutely no power over American foreign policy.

I've been thinking of seeing a civilized,intelligent continent for a change , where one can breath free...

Full Scale Bombardment Of All Skopjian Towns,Roads and THE AIRPORT SHOULD COMMENCE IMMEDIATELY!!

Nationalist Romanian NOUA DREAPTA held A Memorial Service For Iron Guard Leader CODREANU !

The Romanian Iron Guard of CODREANU is a great historical example of an Orthodox Christian National Socialist Leader-principle movement, many Nationalist movements that are part of European National Front,across Europe sent solidarity messages,according to the Romanian NOUA DREAPTA press release, the Greek Golden Dawn neo-pagan "Nationalist" movement didn't...Maybe they were offended that a Nationalist Leader, who died for his Nation , and was a devout Orthodox Christian, was honored with a traditional Orthodox Christian memorial service officiated by an Orthodox Christian priest? Shows us where Golden Dawn's absurd loyalties lie..

Makes one also wonder why one never ,ever sees any press regarding any memorial services for our great Hellenic Nationalist Leaders--Metaxas, Papadopoulos or Grivas?

Israeli Bad Boy aka "King Of Ecstasy" Nabbed In Rio!

Yoram EL-AL, 35, got busted!

(picture of EL-AL,left, is from DEA website)

El-Al invoked the wrath of US authorities after allegedly coordinating the 2004 shipment of 1.4 million pills or "tabs" of Ecstasy into the country, believed to be the largest such shipment ever to reach America.

.. it's news.. but not on Fox, CNN or BBC :-)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome The New Year With Laughs

Happy New Year Friends ,readers, comrades. I enjoyed an all night Seinfeld marathon on telelvision. What better way to welcome the New Year in this denegenrate Western wasteland than with laughs, here's a real treat , the Seinfeld " Lost Episode", a spoof on last year's Kramer thing.