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Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Fines Greeks For "racist banners" and "extremist supporter groups"

Turkish Daily News reports "UEFA also fined the Greek Football Federation (EPO) 100,000 Swiss francs ($83,250) after incidents at the Georgios Karaiskakis stadium during the 4-1 defeat by Turkey, which involved fireworks and missiles being thrown, racist banners displayed and a general lack of organization. The EPO has also been ordered "to ban extremist supporter groups from matches of the Greek national teams."

Isn't that just like Mongols? We've been against plenty of them in various scenarios and whenever they are insulted they go and cry to Western authorities, they just can't take it like men, after all, who could consider a "nation" founded by a homosexual as manly? It's no wonder they work so well with the Jews, like them,when they don't get their way, they cry like little babies and whine about "racism", even though they are the aggressors, their behavior to this football incident reflects their behavior in other scenarios such as when they are confronted with their Genocidal legacy, they run and cry.

Comrades ,pictured above, deserve a round of applause, my favorite pic is the one of the Ezvone wearing a cross teaching a Turk good manners, f**k the TURKS, every chance we get, they will never , ever be our friends.

The translation for the last pic is "The only good Turk is a dead one"

New Blog On Mustafa Kemal's Gayness And Jewishness!

Truth About Dictator Mustafa Kemal Exposed blog is a GREAT resource on the Gay/Jewish founder of modern Turkey!

The blog entry, Was Jewish Dictator Mustafa Kemal Gay too? , is worth watching for the superb educational video, citing scholarly sources on Kemal's Gay or homosexual orientation, and gives some background on Turkey's banning of YouTube for allowing such information in Turkey, the truth hurts , but it must be told , far and high, KEMAL WAS GAY!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hellenic Nationalist Comrade Tells Us Of Two Nuns Slaughtered in Greek Monastery

The fact that something as horrendous as this could have occurred in Greece (regardless of whether or not the perpetrators were Greek) demonstrates how greatly our nation has fallen as a direct result of the anti-Orthodox and anti-national puppet regime in power.

-Hellenic Nationalist comrade

(The Articles Below Are Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

[1] Convent nuns slain in beds
[2] Two suspected drug addicts sought in connection with double killing
[3] Nuns found dead in convent after break-in
[4] The two nuns were victims of strangulation


Convent nuns slain in beds

Two elderly nuns were killed in a convent near Astros, southern Greece, in what police suspect was an overnight robbery.

The Greek Orthodox nuns, both aged in their late 70s, were found dead in their beds on the first floor of the 17th century monastery with knife wounds.

Police said they suspected a robbery, as several doors at the convent had been forced open and the church had been broken into.

A church official confirmed that a number of valuable icons were kept in the monastery.

Up until late yesterday, nothing had been reported missing from the

Remote monasteries are often the targets of thieves. A rare and valuable Byzantine icon was stolen from a cliff-side monastery last year but was recovered a month later.


Two suspected drug addicts sought in connection with double killing

Police are looking for two suspected drug addicts in connection with the alleged murder of two nuns at the Artocosta Monastery near Astros, northeastern Peloponnese, sources said yesterday. The nuns, aged 59 and 85, were found dead on Tuesday. Sources said that the two suspects lived in the area and sometimes assisted the nuns. The suspected addicts have been missing since Tuesday. A coroner was examining the bodies of the nuns yesterday. It is not clear if they were strangled or stabbed to death.


Nuns found dead in convent after break-in

Two elderly nuns were found dead in the Orthokostas Convent in Peloponnesos, southern Greece, on Tuesday morning.

The nunnery, situated in a mountainous region, showed signs of forced entry, and the two nuns are believed to have been the victims of a robbery.

A team of security police officers from Tripolis were en route to the
Nunnery to investigate the break-in and deaths.


The two nuns were victims of strangulation

The two elderly nuns found dead in the Orthokostas Convent in the Peloponnese, southern Greece, on Tuesday morning appeared to been killed by "suffocation due to strangulation", while there were also signs of a struggle at the scene of the crime, according to the initial finds of medical examiner Filippos Koutsaftis after his
examination of the bodies at the scene.

A detailed autopsy will be conducted at the Athens Medical Examiner's Service, where the bodies have been taken.

The nunnery is guarded by police until the investigation is over.

The nunnery, situated in a mountainous region, showed signs of forced entry, and the two nuns are believed to have been the victims of a robbery.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Four Jewish Lobbies Back Turkey's Holocaust (of Armenians) Denial

"B'nai B'rith International, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) have recently conveyed a letter from Turkish Jews to US Congressional leaders," (Click here for the rest of the article from Public Radio of Armenia)

Greek Flags Protest Turkish Embassy In Washington DC

This Turkish TV news clip has coverage of the Protest Outside The Turkish Embassy for Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, April 24 2007 , and shows some protesters holding Greek flags!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Protest Outside The Turkish Embassy

The word is out on 'the street' already about this protest set to go on today outside the Turkish Embassy in DC, there will be considerable Turkish counter-demonstrators, this blogger has a telling photo from last year's protest showing much this activity unnerves the Turkish Embassy (notice the figure taking pictures on their Embassy roof)

There are a lot of arguments from Greeks about the Armenians, about the Genocide(s), and all sorts of other nonsense , but if you want to show that Greeks,or at least a few Greeks still remember that their people were degraded ,enslaved ,disenfranchised and Holocausted by the Turks and their 600 year old culture of Genocides, then show some action , instead of talk and talk and talk and talk and talk ad infinitude that Greeks excel at, SHOW UP!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Saint George Day!

Icon Courtesy of Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America Online Icon Gallery
I wished Chronia Polla to the three George's I know in my life, have you?

Saint George was a Tribune, a military man of high rank, and enjoyed glory from the world of men, but endured great tortures and a martyer's death for Jesus Christ. He gave up worldy glory for the Glory of Christ. How many men of worldy glory today would do the same?

George, this truly great and glorious Martyr of Christ, was born of a father from Cappadocia and a mother from Palestine. Being a military tribune, or chiliarch (that is, a commander of a thousand troops), he was illustrious in battle and highly honoured for his courage. When he learned that the Emperor Diocletian was preparing a persecution of the Christians, Saint George presented himself publicly before the Emperor and denounced him. When threats and promises could not move him from his steadfast confession, he was put to unheard-of tortures, which he endured with great bravery, overcoming them by his faith and love towards Christ. By the wondrous signs that took place in his contest, he guided many to the knowledge of the truth, including Queen Alexandra, wife of Diocletian, and was finally beheaded in 296 in Nicomedia.

His sacred remains were taken by his servant from Nicomedia to Palestine, to a town called Lydda, the homeland of his mother, and then were finally transferred to the church which was raised up in his name. (The translation of the Saint's holy relics to the church in Lydda is commemorated on November 3; Saint Alexandra the Queen, on April 21.) (SOURCE: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America Online Chapel)

Genocide Historian Taner Akcam Arrested Due To Turkish Internet Slander!

Turkish Internet activists have been spreading slander about Genocide historian Taner Akcam due to the impact of his book on Turkey's Genocides, apparently the "terrorist" label which the hostile Turkish Internet activists immediately used against his book on this very blog , before we installed comment enabler,not long ago, have made their way onto wikipedia, the leftist pseudo-encyclopedia rife with false ,unverified propaganda from Turks, and were used as "evidence" by Canadian border authorities to detain Taner Akcam:

Akcam says, there is nothing he can do. "Allegations against me, posted by the Assembly of Turkish American Associations, Turkish Forum and 'Tall Armenia Tale' (a Holocaust denial website) have been copy-pasted and recycled through innumerable websites and e-groups ever since I arrived in America. By now, my name in close proximity to the English word 'terrorist' turns up in well over 10,000 web pages." (Click here for the rest of the article from The Independent)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Greek Parade And April 21st

Today, Sunday April 22, the Greek Independence Day Parade was held on New York's historical and prestigious Fifth Ave, there are only five nationalities that have such a privilege---the Italians, the Jews, the Irish,the Puerto Ricans and the Greeks. Its a roll call of church parishes and community groups, and kitschy reminders of the Revolution of 1821--a troupe of Ezvones march, a Kolokotronis on a horse, and too many floats heralding regional societies. There's a new addition, The Greek Warriors, marched in the parade.

I also want to apologise for not posting anything at all for April 21st. The Day of the Aprilist Revolution led by Colonel George Papadopoulos. Much has been said about the Junta, and many accounts have been written, To this day, however, Papadopoulos gains more and more honor to his good name, when one examines the many enemies this man still has after his death, more so than Metaxas, Papadopoulos remains one of the most reviled modern Greek leaders by the Greek political establishment, and congruently one of the most missed leaders of modern Greece, by today's common ,everyday, Greek on the street. We present one of the finest little essays on Papadopoulos written in English, blessed be his name, memory eternal , oh great leader of Greece's last Revolution:

(The Article Below Is Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

The Man Who Saved Greece
From Reds Dies in Prison
by Kenneth J. Schmidt

Colonel George Papadopoulos, the man who saved Greece from falling into the hands of communists, died of cancer in a prison hospital on June 26th.

Papadopoulos led a colonels' coup against a tottering government on the verge of collapsing to the Reds in 1967 and guided Greece with a firm but compassionate hand until 1974. During that time, Papadopoulos kept up good relations with Nationalist groups in Europe.

The victim of a counter-coup by leftist army officers in 1974, he was sentenced to death, but the punishment was reduced to life imprisonment in order to quell any popular outcry. While imprisoned, Papadopoulos briefly ran a political party, the National Political Union, which managed to win a seat in the European Parliament in 1984.

It was a measure of the gallant colonel's devotion to high principles when in 1990 he passed up a chance to be released from prison if he would apologize for leading the 1967 coup.

Burial services held at the main cemetery in Athens were attended by over 3,000 Greeks. Observers noted that the ceremony had more in common with a political rally than a burial service. Right wing and Nationalist groups handed out literature and waved banners. As the coffin was lowered into the ground the crowd chanted "The people will not forget you!" In the absence of an honor guard some activists fired their pistols into the air and other mourners gave the three-fingered Serb victory sign.

The annals of ancient history record the deeds of many Greek heroes, but in
modern times the history of the life and work of George Papadopoulos stands out as a legacy to the principles of freedom and justice.

More On Mustafa Kemal-Gay Turk

"Women, for Mustafa, were a means of satisfying masculine appetites, little more; nor, in his zest for experience, would he be inhibited from passing adventures with young boys, if the opportunity offered and the mood, in this bisexual fin de siecle Ottoman age, came upon him." --Quote is from pp.21 as recorded in the biography "Atatürk" by noted Turkologist and Islamic historiographer, John Patrick Balfour aka Lord Kinross..

(The Article Below Is Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

Noyan Tapan
Armenians Today
Mar 28 2007

BRUSSELS, MARCH 28, NOYAN TAPAN - ARMENIANS TODAY. The Ministry of Education of Belgian state of Valon published a book, in which the founder of modern Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal - Ataturk, is numbered among the most important and the most prominent homosexuals in the history.

With this step, in fact, the Belgian state joined the step of Greek young people who placed similar information about Ataturk on the well-known web-site in early March.

According to the Zaman Turkish newspaper, the book under the title "Fight Against Homophobia," which consists of 144 pages, was given out to pupils of pre-school and secondary colleges of the state of Valon. On book's page 105 Ataturk is numbered among the most famous homosexuals in the world history.

According to the book, Alexander of Macedon, Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe, as well as the Pope John Paul III were also homosexuals.

Marriage of homosexuals is permitted in Belgium. (Source: Armenian Club Forum)


Gay and Lesbian History on Stamps Club (GLHSC) co-founder PAUL HENNEFELD's site on famous homosexuals , aptly names the Mustafa Kemal page, OUT OF THE CLOSET

Ataturk's biographers, Irfan and Margaret Orga, wrote:

He has never loved a woman. He was used to the camaraderie of the Mess, the
craze for handsome young men, [and] fleeting contacts with prostitutes,
... His body burned, for a woman or a boy ...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Campaign For Varosha, Famagusta Cyprus

Greek Alert blog clued us into this worthy and sophisticated campaign and petition for the enslaved town of Varosha in Famagusta, Cyprus, please pass it along.

New-Europe-Wide Laws To Outlaw Only One(1) Form Of "Holocaust Denial"

Seems that I was smart to, thankfully, ask a comrade to get me some books, and to get some books I bought in Athens , out of Athens a few years ago.

David Irving informs us about the Financial Times report that ,predicts new Europe-wide laws to criminalise "Holocaust denial" will pass but include no other atrocities. We understand ... uh, no, we don't ....

Offenders will face up to three years in jail under the proposed legislation, which will also apply to inciting violence against ethnic, religious or national groups.

In an attempt to assuage Turkish fears, several EU diplomats said the provisions would not penalise the denial of mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman troops in the aftermath of the 1915 collapse of the Ottoman empire

Diplomats in Brussels voiced confidence on Tuesday that the controversial plan, which has been the subject of heated debate for six years, will be endorsed by member states. However, the Baltic countries and Poland are still holding out for an inclusion of “Stalinist crimes” alongside the Holocaust in the text – a move that is being resisted by the majority of other EU countries.

Is Obligatory Military Service Soon Over?

The Turkish Press is reporting on statements by the Turkish Generals who visited Greece, to the effect that they are offering to disarm fighter jets in the Aegean:

Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit proposed that Greek and Turkish fighter jets should stop armed flights over the Aegean Sea, to defuse military tension that led to a fatal collision last year. Buyukanit said Turkey was prepared to disarm its jets flying over the Aegean. "I cannot understand why our aircraft have to be armed," he said. "We are not enemies." (Click here for the rest)

And on Greek television I heard a reporter say that a Turkish General told him, while visiting Mustafa Kemal's childhood home in Thessaloniki, that "he does not see Greece as an enemy, and enmity is only there to serve the Americans" , sounds like something that the Communists in Greece have been saying in Greece for ages, and makes me wonder if the reporter made up the quote. In any case, Turks are traditionally duplicitous, whenever they are most warm and most chummy about how one is not their enemy, is when traditionally they are most ready to strike. Remember the old Oriental adage "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"

My fear is that the political establishment in Greece may use these Turkish gestures as an excuse to do away with obligatory military service in Greece altogether. From the time when military service was a severe three year stint during the Aprilist-era long ago, its now been reduced to some four months of active duty. After all, the other normal EU countries have no obligatory military service at all, and those are the real masters of this day and age.

Frappe: What Is It Good For?

This is the best little article I ever read about Frappe, the Greek national drink:

Constantinopoulos, whose book is titled “Frappe Nation” (Editions Potamos, 2006, $42.95), believe Greeks’ relationship with the drink is rooted in their centuries-old thirst for public dialogue and social interaction.

“It doesn’t have to do with quality or quantity, but it is more about the way people sit and enjoy,” said Constantinopoulos, who claims the average person takes 93 minutes to drink a frappe.(
Click here for the rest)

Jews: A Religious Community, a People, or a Race?

Holocaust Revisionist and longtime scholar of Jews and their ways, Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), provides a concise essay explaining some of the big Question?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Greek Jew" Lies Again

("A central thesis of my book Beyond Chutzpah is that whenever Israel faces a public relations debacle its apologists sound the alarm that a "new anti-Semitism" is upon us. So, predictably, just after Israel faced another image problem due to its murderous destruction of Lebanon, a British all-party parliamentary group led by notorious Israel-firster Denis MacShane MP (Labor) released yet another report alleging a resurgence of anti-Semitism (Report of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry Into Antisemitism, September 2006). The single novelty of the report, which mostly rehashes fatuous allegations already disposed of in Beyond Chutzpah, is the new thresholds in idiocy it breaks. Consider the methodology deployed for demonstrating a new anti-Semitism. The report defines an anti-Semitic incident as any occasion "perceived" to be anti-Semitic by the "Jewish community."[2] This is the school of thought according to which it's raining even in the absence of any precipitation because I feel it's raining. It is the dream philosophy of paranoids - especially rational paranoids, for whom alleged victimhood is politically serviceable. The report includes under the rubric of anti-Semitic incidents not just violent acts and incendiary speech but "conversations, discussions, or pronouncements made in public or private, which cross the line of acceptability," as well as "the mood and tone when Jews are discussed." The wonder is that it didn't also tabulate repressed anti-Semitic libidinal fantasies.--Quote Is From "KILL ARABS, CRY ANTI-SEMITISM" By PROFESSOR NORMAN FINKELSTEIN )

The laboriously long quote from Jewish scholar ,Prof. Norman Finkelstein, was chosen becuase of the evidence of just such exaggerated and paranoid ,as described by Finkelstein, claims of "anti-Semitism," all originally emanating from the Greek Helsinki Monitor of Panayote Dimitras then re-posted on the British anti-Greek Hate site run by Devious Diva, and then ending up thoroughly embellished by the blog of self-proclaimed "Greek Jew" Abravanel. The well circulated story of the burning of judas Easter tradition in a handful of remote Greek villages , that I highly doubt the cosmopolitan Panayote Dimitras, the Devious Diva, or Abravanel have ever been to nor would they ever consider visiting--has naturally, been picked up by the US State Department's office of "anti-Semitism" YES, the Americans have not one, but several such well financed offices to pick and document such exclusive mono thematic reports from around the world.

Abravanel describes what he labels the "Burning of the Nigger", a wicked mis-translation of the Greek word Αράπη. A word that most any Greek speaker or Greek linguist anywhere will tell you is synonymous with ARAB. It is a very different word than "Nigger" an American epithet for those in the American subculture reaching cosmic dimensions in its widespread use through American media. The "burning of the Arab" in the remote village of Gastouni , relates the story of a Turkish emissary for the Pascha (Turkish Governor)

Here is the description of the event in Greek, the same event cited by the "Greek Jew" Liar:

Το έθιμο έχει τις ρίζες του στην Τουρκοκρατία όπου ο, απεσταλμένος του Πασά, αράπης εξαφανίζεται προσπαθώντας να καταστρέψει τη μεγαλόπρεπη Βυζαντινή εικόνα της Παναγίας. Στη συνέχεια, σύσσωμος ο λαός και κλήρος της εποχής με το Μητροπολίτη, προσεύχονται στην Παναγία, φοβισμένοι από τις απειλές των Τούρκων που ετοιμάζονταν να φονεύσουν τους Χριστιανούς ως δολοφόνους του αράπη. Μετά την προσευχή ο αράπης, που βρέθηκε αναίσθητος μπροστά στο ναό κρατώντας ένα κλαδί φοίνικα, σηκώθηκε ομολογώντας το θαύμα που συνέβη, λέγοντας πως πήγε στη Αραβία σταλμένος από την Παναγία όπου η αδερφή του Πασά του έδωσε να φέρει το κλαδί στη Γαστούνη.

Here Follows My Rough Translation:

The tradition has its roots in the times of Turkish rule, when an Arab sent by the Pascha (Turkish governor) disappears when trying to destroy the great Byzantine icon of Panaghia. And so the people and the clerics of the day and the Metropolitan, prayed to the Panaghia, scared of the reactions of the Turks who were ready to call the Christians murderers of the Arab. After they prayed, the Arab appeared before the church holding a fig branch, all said a miracle had taken place, they say he went to Arabia as sent by the Panaghia where the sister of the Pascha told him to bring the fig branch to Γαστούνη or Gastouni.

What a beautiful story. Too bad for the "Greek Jew" who obviously wished Greeks and Greece so much malice in his knowing mis-translation and miscontruing and manipulation that becomes so obvious in his relating of this tradition,--all in order to falsely charge Greeks with not only "anti-Semitism" but also with "racism" . Shame on you, Abravanel.

Stohos On Mustafa Kemal The Pervert

The image above from the recent Greece-Turkey football match in Athens, is courtesy of the legendary Hellenic Nationalist newspaper Stohos which is online in a superb new, revamped blog form to compliment the hard copy available in newsstands.
Their latest blog entry Η ΠΡΩΤΗ ΓΚΕΪ ΛΕΣΧΗ ΣΤΗΝ ΤΟΥΡΚΙΑ… (trans: The First "Gay" Club In Turkey) covers the memoirs of longtime Kemal mistress , Latiffe. She came from a wealthy Turkish family in Smyrna, and was fluent in several languages, she would read Kemal all the morning newspapers giving a running translation into Turkish, and was known to him as his "oral newspaper" She lived on into the 1970s, Kemal died of cirrhosis of the liver in his fifties in 1938. To explain his hatred of Greeks, Latiffe said in her memoirs that Kemal's mother had an unstable life in Thessaloniki where Kemal grew up,and his mother lived an unstable life in order to get the money to educate Kemal, and that Kemal was a pervert who could only have sexual relations with prostitutes, and was known to also have homosexual proclivities.
Much of this information has been republished, but the Turkish government banns such information in Turkey by law, recently Turkey got YouTube out of Turkey for circulating a video called "Kemal Gay Turk"

Western Self-Destruction

This is one of many reports that explain just how flawed and self-destructive the egalitarian values of the deviant West are, and truly , Hellenic Nationalists can earnestly look forward to the West's eventual self-destruction, and our country can finally be set free:

Europe’s Growing 'Multiculturalism’ Crisis Arnaud de Borchgrave – UPI
From the British city of Leeds to Livorno in Italy and from Luxembourg to Ljubljana in Slovenia, multiculturalism is pretty much a bust. Quicksand is the only common ground between Western values and militant Muslim fundamentalism ... The European cult of appeasement has given free rein to radical imams whose only goal is to Islamicize Christian Europe. The terrain is fertile. Only 20 percent of Europe's Christians attend church services on Sunday, but mosques are packed with worshippers on Fridays, where sermons are political paeans to the courageous jihadis in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Wild And Crazy Day In American Schools

Remember when the Columbine high school shootings happened at the height of the American-led NATO bombing campaign across the width and breath of Serbia? Well, the days of school shootings in America, today graduated into college level:

Rumor Dispelled---Virginia Tech Killer ID'd: Wayne Chiang

An internet rumor has started that the Virginia Tech killer is a blogger named Wayne Chiang. I'm trying to dispell the rumor, but Wayne hasn't responded to my e-mail yet. Here's his livejournal blog and his facebook photo album. The fact that Wayne Chiang is

a) Asian
b) goes to Virginia Tech
c) has tons of pics of guns
d) seems depressed about a girlfriend

Isn't helping.

I'm sorry but this s**t is too funny!!

"Israel" Celebrates Holohoax Day, Today

The 'Warsaw Ghetto Boy' is probably the single most widely recognized and memorable Holocaust image of all: a frightened and apparently doomed young boy, his arms upraised, standing with other Warsaw ghetto Jews under the watch of an armed German soldier. The Boy in the picture not only survived the Second World War, he went on to become a wealthy businessman living in America...

I was informed about this day, April 16th the day when "Israel" celebrates "Holocaust Day",from a very recent post on self-proclaimed "Greek Jew", "Abravanel"'s blog ( see my links on the right hand column).

"Israel" uses the myth of a grandiose "Holocaust" to both elicit sympathy from duped Westerners along with billions of dollars in aid, but to also attach some false "moral legitimacy" to its unjust and barbaric ,ongoing Holocaust of the Palestinians and , and to legitimise "Israel"'s cultural genocide of the Greek Orthodox Christian heritage of the land it stole from the native inhabitants of Palestine. As Jewish scholar, Norman Finkelstein, writer of the landmark study "The Holocaust Industry" explains ""If you claim that the Holocaust was categorically unique, and then claim that the victims are entitled to special moral dispensation, then you can claim that Israel should not be held to the normal standard of international law because -- after all -- their suffering was unique, and therefore they should have special entitlements that other people don't have." "Israel, therefore, is not held to the normal standards of the United Nations resolutions because the argument maintains that -- in the final analysis -- the whole world is anti-Semitic, the whole world wants to kill the Jews, and therefore Israel cannot trust the United Nations -- already a non-Jewish body. These dogmas are used to immunise Israel, but they have no historical value to them." It was after the 1967 war that Finkelstein believes that the business of the Holocaust industry was invented by American Jewish interests, when it became necessary to produce an image of Israel as a "victim-state." Even the recent images of shocking Israeli violence against Palestinian children has not been able to overturn this powerful ideological image. Despite these events, Finkelstein notes that Israel is still capable of casting itself as the victim of Arab hatred and terrorism, the reason lying in its efficient manipulation of the global media, and particularly in its exploitation of its image as victim-state. "What you see in the Arab world, or even in Europe, is not what we see and hear in the media here [in the United States]. We are forced to see Madelaine Albright on the [the television programme] Meet the Press wailing that 'Israel is under siege.' But Israel is always under siege, because the Holocaust dogmas have told us that all gentiles want to kill the Jews, so whatever other images the media may show, whatever the record they may say, it does not in the least affect the overarching framework" of Israel as virtuous victim. "

In the interest of presenting the two sides of the "Holocaust" debate on, what Prof. Butz justly calls , the Hoax of the Twentieth Century, I provide readers with links to some key terms, in the "Greek Jew"'s message below, debunking the Jewish and "Israeli" argument:
(Message Below Is Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

Today in Israel the extermination of 6.000.000 jews is remembered throughout the country. The day, instituted in 1951, is similar to the Holocaust Memorial Day which is celebrated in Europe early on January.
At 10am the sirens sound for two minutes and all of the country stands still. People remain silent, cars pull over and this marks the beginning of the ceremony at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Israel.( Ed: Built on stolen land of Holocausted Palestinians, as explained in the Palestinian article in the link) There, survivors lay wraiths and light candles in the memory of those who didn’t make it, while all shops and cafes remain close and TV transmits documentaries. There isn’t much to say about this, I just didn’t want to let the day pass unmarked. (Ed: Neither did I ; ) --Abravanel: A "Greek Jew" Blogger

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Greek Cypriot MEP Marios Matsakis Jailed By British Occupation Forces in Cyprus And Goes On Hunger Strike

It's good to read (see article below from Cyprus-Mail) that there exists an active politician with such militancy in this day and age, it seems that mainland Greeks have just taken a tolerance, generally, to the ongoing English colonisation. A recent entry on Eleftheros Kosmos also informs us that the heroic Matsakis remains defiant , continues the hunger strike, and refuses bail !

(The Article Below Is Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)


Defiant Matsakis refuses bail and goes on hunger strike
By Elias Hazou

MAVERICK MEP Marios Matsakis has remained defiant, refusing to post bail that would secure his release from a holding centre at the Sovereign British Base (SBA) in Dhekelia.

In the meantime he is said to have gone on a hunger strike.

The controversial politician was arrested Thursday by SBA police in front of a delegation from the European Parliament that was visiting Cyprus.

Matsakis was taken into custody because of two outstanding arrest warrants against him involving two incidents during which he had reportedly caused damage to SBA property and vehicles during last year's anniversary of the EOKA struggle against British colonial rule.

Specifically, he had spray-painted a military Land Rover and allegedly caused criminal damage to an SBA police patrol car.

The MEP was arrested and handcuffed while on board a bus taking members of a delegation from the European Parliament Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety that were visiting the antennae site in the British base area of Akrotiri.

Appearing in court later in the day, Matsakis demonstrated his defiance to SBA authorities by remaining seated while Judge Raymond Navqui stepped in, and refused to pay a £500 bail for his release.

The anti-British MEP said that he did not recognise the British Bases and therefore would not pay any fine to them, shouting "long live the Cyprus Republic!" as he was hauled off to his cell.

He has often referred to the SBA as the "British occupation forces in Cyprus".

Unless and until he posts bail, he will remain behind bars until his trial date on May 15.

His partner and son visited him yesterday at noon at the Dhekelia prison where he is currently being held. They said Matsakis looked "stressed", but added he was sticking to his guns, refusing to recognise the SBA court.

He was also examined by a physician and found to be in good health.

"We know he missed breakfast yesterday… but cannot say for sure whether he has begun a hunger strike," SBA spokesman Dennis Barnes told the Mail.

Barnes also put paid to speculation that, as an MEP, Matsakis enjoyed immunity within the SBA, which is British territory.

He said the bases had a "unique status" in that, while they were part of British territory, they had not adopted the EU acquis.

The status of the SBA is defined in the 1960 Treaty of Establishment of the Republic.

"No one has immunity to commit crimes, or alleged crimes, inside the SBA… including Mr Matsakis," said Barnes. "So far Mr Matsakis has not played the immunity card," he added.

The SBA spokesman also commented on media conjecture that the helicopter transferring Matsakis from Akrotiri to Dhekelia had flown over Cyprus airspace, which supposedly left open a window for his handing over to Cypriot authorities.

He said the chopper did not cross Cypriot airspace, but even if it had the detainee [Matsakis] was on board a British aircraft – and consequently on British territory – at the time.

"Mr Matsakis was moved to Dhekelia, where a proper prison facility exists, so he could be more comfortable there. The base at Akrotiri has holding cells for temporary detainment only," explained Barnes.

Sources said that Matsakis had informed SBA authorities of his precise whereabouts on Thursday, suggesting the MEP might be pulling off yet another publicity stunt.

Government Spokesman Christodoulos Pashardis confirmed to the Mail that the Foreign Ministry had issued a verbal demarche to the British High Commission over the MEP's arrest.

Yesterday all political parties joined in denouncing the illegality of Matsakis' arrest and incarceration President Tassos Papadopoulos said that the Republic questioned the jurisdiction of SBA courts, but remarked that these objections should be raised at the proper venue, "in court, and not with gestures".

"We hope there will soon be developments in this affair… but nothing is for sure," added the President.

It is hardly the first time Matsakis has been in hot water. On New Year's Eve 2005 he was arrested by Turkish Cypriot authorities for having pulled down a Turkish flag from an unmanned sentry post.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Greek Ambassador Alexandros Mallias Bends Knee To American Jews

Trusted sources have informed us that Greek Ambassador Alexandros Mallias is married to a Swiss French woman,and has a book called "Greek Jews" prominently displayed in his Washington DC office. Last year in the US Capitol , Mallias along with Jewish Congressmen held a "Holocaust" commemoration for "Greek Jews". Greek Ambassador Alexandros Mallias has done NOTHING for the commemoration or recognition of the Pontic Greek Genocide, for any of the Massacres and Genocides of Greeks in Asia Minor, or for occupied-Cyprus. In fact he is known to be against ANY Greek activism on Greek issues, but for Jewish issues he's ALWAYS in the front.

The following breaking news from the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) is just sickening, keep in mind that Greece ,incidentally, is one of the few countries in Europe where "Holocaust Deniers" are not jailed,NO WONDER the Jew lobby invited the Greek Ambassador to lunch in order to get his consensus on their unholy war on the taboo historical inquiry of the Jewish "Holocaust" in the Western world, that they find annoying and "dangerous", here follows the article:

(The Article Below Is Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

< JTA Breaking News, April 13,2007,New York
Ambassador wants more study of Greek Jewry

Greece's ambassador to Washington called for expanded study of his nation's Jewish community, all but wiped out in the Holocaust.

Alexandros Mallias said Holocaust deniers pose a danger not just to Jews, but to the nations where they lived before the Holocaust.

"I consider them to question an important part of my own history," Mallias said of Holocaust deniers Friday at a B'nai B'rith International luncheon launching a series of BBI programs on Greek Jewry.

Six out of seven Greek Jews died during the Holocaust. More information on the community is available at . Mallias said Greek-Israel relations were never better.

Jews , The ADL, and 911

Monday, April 02, 2007 , American Free Press Issue #14
ADL Spiked Sept. 11 Blockbuster

Foxman & Crew Pressured Media To Suppress Israeli 9-11 Connection
by Mark Glenn

"What are you doing putting this stuff out there? You're killing us!"

These were the words of Abraham Foxman, executive director of the infamous Anti-Defamation League, considered by many in the know to be nothing more than a domestic branch of Israel's intelligence service Mossad. According to an explosive piece recently appearing in the online edition of Counterpunch, Foxman shouted this during a sit-down he demanded to have with an unnamed Fox News executive shortly after Sept. 11.

The "stuff " that was causing Foxman so much indigestion that day was a damning, four-part investigative series Fox News had been airing after Sept. 11 dealing with the arrests of several hundred Israeli nationals as well as some of the incriminating circumstances surrounding their activities in the United States. ( Click here for the rest)

David Irving's Interview With Eleftherotypia

  • It has been written that you are also xenophobic. Is it true that after your first visit to Greece you wrote in your diaries that contemporary Greece follows it's glorious past, because in a whole day you saw only four Africans in the streets of Athens? You believe in the racial ''cleaning''? (Click Here For the rest)

New Discovery : "Greek Jew" Named "Abravanel"

I sometimes visit the anti-Greek hate site run by the African-British "Devious Diva" which tirelessly reports on every imagined and not so vague outbreak of "anti-Semitism" that may manifest itself in Greece in the form of graffiti or wisecracks, that she crusades against in concert with her ally Panayote Dimitras of the energetic Greek Helsinki Monitor, in any case, there is now a third element to this circle-jerk which takes the form of a self-proclaimed "Greek Jew" blogger who calls himself "Abravanel", an amusing character who I chose to include in my list of links, after all I need a laugh now and then, and I invite all my friends and allies to pay his nascent blog a visit, he's also a heralded "guest blogger" for "Devious Diva" , here's a recent entry called (seriously) HOW I LEARNED WHAT MALAKAS MEANS

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Demonization Of Greeks And Iranians


Greetings to All,

I have humbly written a commentary on the historical veracity of the 300 movie in response to requests made by my American, English, Iranian and Greek friends. Here is the link:

Dr. Kaveh Farrokh-The 300 Movie: Separating Fact from Fiction

The article has a bibliography section and also contains a number of rare illustrations and photographs. Please be kind and forward this to as many readers possible wordlwide.

I look forward to seeing you in the article.

Kaveh Farrokh

What's New In Holocaust Revisionism?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jew "Holocaust" or "Shoah Business" And Greece

America's most prominent Jewish newspaper The Forward just recently published a call for "Holocaust" claims on Greece ,written by Greek leftist Apostolos Apostolou. Absurd as such arrogant and self-centered claims are by Jews and their collaborators, they are usually implemented and prove to be quite costly to any host to these claims, Germany has already paid tens of billions of dollars to the Jews onto this very day, and even nations like Poland, which like Greece were subject to both Axis and Allied invasions and occupations and suffered higher than Jewish death tolls, have been sent "Holocaust" bills by the ever acerbic Jews. It's only a moment of time before Greece too, will be expected to pay "reparations" to Jews worldwide, totally tax deductible for American Jews, for time immemorial, for the alleged Jewish "Holocaust"

The Jewish "Holocaust" thesis in regards to Greece deals with the Second World War deportation of Jews from Thessaloniki, or as the Jews and now the Jew-run West calls it --Salonika. This wild "Salonika" thesis was first circulated by Jewish "Holocaust" promoters such as Dr. Michael Matsas, and Mark Mazower and Robert D. Kaplan, as far back as the 1990s, Mark Mazower is now the star historian in Columbia University's Modern Greek Studies Program, richly endowed by Greek philanthropists.

For years I have warned many in the Nationalist community that high profile Jewish opinion makers like Kaplan and Jewish historiographers such as Mazower are ever "Greek crazy" over "Salonika", incidentally , the defective Sephardic spelling for the city named after the sister of Alexander, just this past weekend's Sunday New York Times travel section published a glowing article on the globalized, New York Times reader-friendly and alternative atmosphere allegedly calling in the city called Thessaloniki in Greece.

It's a only a moment of time before the Jews return to what they call "Salonika", and leave with the proverbial bags of loot

Hellenic Nationalist Comrade: "The Political Establishment Refuses To Withdraw The (6th Grade history) Book"

According to an article from "Eleftheros Kosmos" (link:,the publication of some research indicates that 90% of the population wants the withdrawal of the propagandistic history book. Although this seems optimistic, the political establishment has often ignored public opinion in the past so this is no guarantee that the book will be withdrawn.

The political establishment refuses to withdraw the book, citing nonsense about how they can't "deviate from existing institutions and rules". This is despite the fact that the Serbian government completely withdrew the book (and even threatened to ban Soros-affiliated groups if they ever sent Serbia another book!) after calls were made that it was anti-Serbian. It says a lot when Serbia's pro-Western government is more nationalistic than Greece's supposedly"conservative" (in reality, liberal) government. Anyway, the political establishment feels that by allowing the same historians that wrote the book to add more pages to it that it constitutes some sort of... compromise. It is also worth mentioning that Thanos Veremis supports this book.

-Hellenic Nationalist comrade

(The Article Below Is Reproduced For Fair Use And Educational Purposes)

More pages for history book

Education Minister Marietta Giannakou paved the way yesterday for the authors of the controversial primary school history book to counter one of the textbook's main criticisms by providing more detail about certain events in Greek history.

Giannakou said that the authors would be able to add to the book's 137 pages when they review it over the summer. The minister said the authors had recognized that they needed to make some changes but she ruled out the possibility of third parties having any say in the process.

The Church of Greece as well as some historians and journalists have spoken out against the book and called for it to be scrapped, but Giannakou insisted yesterday that this would not happen as the government could not "deviate from existing institutions and rules."

The president of the National Education Council, Professor Thanos Veremis, backed the minister. "I think that some changes are needed but the book should not be withdrawn," he told Kathimerini.

Hellenism And Russia?

A flawed opinion article from the prolific Greek-American activist, Theodore Karakostas,he leaves out the many intrigues Russia was involved in against Greek interests,all in the time of theocratic rule in Russia, such as when Russia supported Bulgars and their mad quest to steal Greek land, all through our history --Russia , Tsarist theocratic and Communist and today's parliamentary democracy, only did what's good for Russia.

Russians are shifty. Don't trust them...

Monday, April 09, 2007

Let's Meet A Greek Convert To Islam!

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

Born Christian Orthodox, he adhered to Islam when 36, devoted to ideas of Muhyieldin Ibn al Arabi.

Notice his hysterical anti-Greek neuroses in his nearly illiterate rant published in the American Chronicle.

The Issue Of Greek Women

I was recently informed by a comrade that "Not only do Greek women murder 250,000-500,000 unborn Greeks annually through "traditional" means of abortion but 1/4 of them also use abortion pills. The fact that 200,000 abortion pills were sold last year means that the true number of Greeks murdered every year is probably around 450,000-700,000. The result is that 95% (!) of women who have graduated from secondary school have had at least one abortion.With statistics like these, one has to wonder if things could possibly get worse or if we already hit the lowest point in our history."

These women really baffle me , because their extreme immorality and selfishness is coupled with only a generation or two removal from , often times, reverent and religious families of many offspring.

From my observations many Greek women also take to becoming sluts and bitches, meaning they are sex obsessed and money obsessed tools of Satan.

More reason to be embarrassed to call yourself Greek today.

Christos Anesti! Christ Has Risen!

Χριστός ανέστη εκ νεκρών,

θανάτω θάνατον πατήσας,

καί τοις εν τοις μνήμασι ζωήν χαρισάμενος.