Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Let me apologize, Mr. Chomsky, and Mr. Faurisson"

Amongst many others things said in an essay, The Holocaust Agnostic , written by a cool Jewish guy named Marx, on this nifty little blog.

Masonic Control Of Greek-American Churches

I came across this interesting message

(the former blog entry has been deleted. Information received and closer examination has now exposed the message above as a fake. My apologies.--HN)

One World, One Europe, Like It Or Not...

Some of us must have already heard the news that France rejected the EU Constitution in a popular referendum, Greece "the cradle of Democracy" never even exercised that option , nevertheless, I came across a revealing quote from the American side on why the EU Constitution , which eventually will be passed, must be passed:

In an interview with United Press International shortly after the visit, U.S. Ambassador to the EU Rockwell Schnabel -- a close friend and adviser of Bush -- said the president backed the controversial blueprint.

"The president supports the EU Constitution because it will address the foreign policy question -- there will be one person representing Europe --and will streamline its institutions. It works toward a stronger Europe," he said.

Nationalists in Europe are still very far away from having a Europe, that a pre-Second World War, pre-Allied-conquest Nationalist would be proud to live in....

Make no mistake, a "United States of Europe" is on the way, even if certain EU member states reject the EU constitution it will be sent to the European Council for two years until it finally is accepted.

Homosexuals Temporarily Blocked At UN By Papists And Muslims

News is this latest measure by the homosexual movement has been temporarily slowed down, it's a shame that our church is not vocal on the growing threat of the homosexual movement in these international organizations, unlike the Papists and Muslims. It's bad enough that the UN advocates abortion and the Annan plan for Cyprus...Haven't they killed enough ?

"It has been two years since Brazil first tabled their draft resolution at this Commission seeking to condemn discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. We deeply regret that this Commission is still not ready to address that resolution today."

Behind the scenes homosexual activists from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission along with other activist groups have been working for two years since Brazil first introduced the resolution.

Initially, opposition to the proposal from the Vatican, and the Organization of Islamic states and many other countries succeeded in delaying consideration of the measure. While activists believed that 2005 would be a ripe time for the proposal, the alarming fruits of the measure have been realized in Canada, and other nations with the world beginning to take notice.

Where is Orthodox Christianity?


This news from San Francisco is more evidence that the United States must be the most demonic country in human existence....

SAN FRANCISCO, May 29 — San Francisco's Center for Sex and Culture played host Saturday to the city's annual ''Masturbate-a-thon,'' an event its organizers said could draw up to 120 people from across the United States aiming to have a good time with themselves.

Monday, May 30, 2005

"Expat" scene

Has anyone read any books by "Expats" (i.e. expatriates) ? The genre is big in the english speaking world--Hemingway in Spain, Henry Miller in Paris, the Americans in Prague in the 1990s and there's Mark Ames et al .

The only Greek equivalent I came across was an Athenian writing about living in New York City in the early 1970s, the title was "Paixhtes Tou Chrono" by Michaelis Moiras. But like most Greek stories its about an economic immigrant, I would like to come across the memoir of an intellectual immigrant, if it exists in the Greek world?

And no, I do not mean Kazantzakis.

Israeli Hacker Operation Busted!

David Irving's newsletter Action Report On-line informs us of a major bust in London of Israeli Bad Boys.

NINE of Israel's top business executives and 11 heads of three leading inquiry companies -- including Modiin Ezrahi -- are in custody suspected of complicity in a massive computerized commercial espionage conspiracy.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

May 29th : The Last Emperor In Constantinople

Today , May 29th , our Nation , through our church, celebrates the feast in honor of the
Great Martyr the Emperor Blessed Constantine XI Paleologos....

There was a great site on the web that had beautiful computer generated recreations of many churches and monasteries in Constantinople. Does anyone know of this site?

Cheap Greek Whore Wins Eurovision

As the Byzantines watched the Crusaders tear to pieces the altar and icon screen in the Church of the Holy Wisdom, and set prostitutes on the Patriarch's throne, they must have felt that those who did such things were not Christians in the same sense as themselves . . .

It's only fitting that on this fateful day , when our glorious city was conquered and fell , I bring news of the new heroes of today's fallen, decrepit and enslaved Nation. The Greek flag was once the ensign of a Revolutionary Nation that fought for its life and its religion against overwhelming force , with our stalwart Orthodox clergy, our selfless warriors and our once noble and dignified women in the lead. Who can forget the image of our kerchiefed and humble Bouboulina who led warriors into battle, and once graced our bygone currency.

In today's Greece, our women much like our whipped and acquiescent men have fallen to the temptations of the demon-obsessed and godless Crusader conquerors, no longer nominally fighting for the Papal abomination, they have reverted to form and in their lust for loot , the West has dropped all pretenses.

The pornographic society of Europe , has completely subdued us it seems. When we honor whores as heroes.

Dancing and shaking your body to music , is , technically, undignified behavior for good Orthodox Christians, particularly of women. This was told to me by a very special Priest, and he based this on the saying of a church father, that I unfortunately cannot recall right now. The wise old Pater's words were something to the effect that " wherever there is music and dancing, there is an audience of thousands of demons." In any case, the very fact, that this woman identifies herself with a emblem great warriors and dignified women died to defend ,cheapens us as a Nation. All for the sake of Frankish subservience, but in her case, it's money I'm sure, just like a good prostitute.

Press reports show that the whore took a page from another bitch from the diaspora : "Helena also acknowledged the support of her friends, fans and the members of the Greek delegation This is My Big Fat Greek Family, she said. There are too many Greeks everywhere!"

Stand proud brothers! (insert sarcasm)

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Issue Of Community Activism

I've known a number of Armenian activists, from my bygone street activist days. What impressed me was the swift response time of their efforts to counter Turkey at every turn in regards to their Genocide recognition campaign. The major Armenian activist organization , is the Revolutionary Dashnak party, whose origins lie in late 19th Century Ottoman counter-revolutionary activities, its American arm is the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) They are one of the few activist organizations in the world, that can launch a street demonstration within days , around the world--in cities as diverse as Los Angeles, Paris, Tehran and Athens. The only other political manifestation I can think of that can do that is the communist party. Not that the Dashnaks are so far removed, after all they were, are(?) ,part of the comintern. And they keep the long tradition , of that so effective technique of cells , executive committees and coalition building.

Their great foe in the US, is the Turkish lobby , centrally controlled by the Turkish embassy -- with American Turkish Council (ATC) and the deep pockets of the energy ,defense and Jewish lobby --in the lead. Various groups attached to the ATC influence public history exhibitions, think-tanks , charities and many other black-tie affairs of the real decision makers in American society. The latest showdown between the Armenian lobby and the Turkish juggernaut was in Detroit, Michigan.

Were is our community activism? Greeks in America, in stark contrast, would have difficulty organizing a spoon and egg race.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Documentary On Greek Nationalism Reviewed

A Hellenic Nationalist comrade reviews a documentary recently aired on Greek television:

Did you happen to see ERT's "Transit" program on nationalism in Greece and Europe today? I caught it today by accident and sat down to watch the entire thing the program naturally had an anti-nationalist bias -- bringing up Nazism, racism, and showing the "victims" of "far-Right violence" -- it was actually less biased than I would have normally expected from a Greek television program. The program interviewed leaders of Galazia Stratia, Patriotic Alliance, and Hellenic Front as well as far-Leftist politicians and members of "anti Fascist" organizations. According to this program, Golden Dawn has a great presence in the Peloponnesus and specifically in Tripoli and Naufplion, which I thought was quite interesting and something I'd never noticed before. Interestingly enough, the Security Battalions also had their strongest presence in the Peloponnesus.

Anyway, here's the description of the documentary off the website for ERT'S program "

As you can see, nationalism is described as "dangerous" and Golden Dawn as "basically a Nazi prototype". But despite this, nationalist leaders interviewed AT LEAST had a chance to tell the public what nationalism really was and meant. The president of Galazia Stratia, for example, even explained how the so-called "Nazi salute" was, in actuality, an ancient Greek salute that the Romans borrowed from the Greeks (the interviewer seemed dumbfounded, if not outright shocked, by this statement and I can only have imagined how his face looked when he heard it!)and that they (Golden Dawn) aren't about superior and inferior races but rather consider miscegenation as a "mistake", "unnatural", and certainly not something God would want.

The program interviewed 2 or 3 supposed "victims" of Golden Dawn, all but one of which had their faces hidden. The one that didn't was part of some "anti-Fascist" organization. They interviewed another "anti-Fascist" member, this one a leader of such an organization in Tripoli, and also a French Socialist in the Euro-Parliament, the latter of which spoke about Le Pen.

The "Greek" Leftists interviewed kept bringing up Nazism, racism, an implied "police conspiracy" defending Golden Dawn, and discrimination against "sexual preference" rights. (On a side note, when the program began, the narrator spoke about how Hitler was "racist against homosexuals". It goes to show how extremely liberal and Leftist the Greek media has become; mimicking -- even exceeding -- their Western counterparts in the buzzwords they use and the words they twist and misuse.) The alleged Jewish "holocaust" was also brought up. And, of course, not a single victim of far-Leftist terrorism was ever interviewed.

As for the aforementioned "police conspiracy", each "anti-Facsist" member and/or "victim of far-Right brutality" interviewed stated how after they had been allegedly beat, that the police refused to show them their files of Golden Dawn members because it was against the law, even though the police had supposedly shown files containing pictures of Leftist members in various organizations in the past. This is probably all bullshit, of course, but it would be interesting if the police really did try to protect nationalists as much as they could. But this is unlikely. Even the documentary showed a nationalist denouncing (and swearing) at the riot guards as protecting "foreigners who burn the Greek flag". The guy in question was bleeding (one of his hands had been hurt, possibly broken) and it showed a riot guard attacking him a second time. So, obviously, the police in general are not protecting nationalists. But it's possible that small groups around the country prefer to ignore,brush off, or "take their time" on nationalist "crimes" when Leftists report them.

Since several nationalists (including Makis Voridis) had a chance to speak, it showed how nationalism was not intellectually or ideologically barren (even if this was not the goal of the program). The president of Galazia Stratia, when asked if he accepted the "Holocaust" stated that he didn't and that, although he was glad he currently had the freedom to challenge it (unlike other countries), that it would only be a few years until that right was no longer allowed in Greece. I especially like how he made a very sarcastic remark when asked about about how Synaspismos had tried to ban Golden Dawn. I was surprised how this program didn't edit out his commentary about how Synaspismos was a homophile party that supported anyone and anything (i.e. illegal immigrants, anarchists, "Greeks" and foreigners who burn the Greek flag, homosexuals, etc.) that was anti-Greek and anti-national.

Even though most anti-nationalist (and especially anti-Fascist/anti-National Socialist)propaganda tries to brand nationalists/Fascists/National Socialists as nothing more than disillusioned youths, the program made a point that Golden Dawn was compromised of three main age groups: the youth (15-19 years olds or thereabouts, I think), the middle-aged (20-35 year olds, or something like that), and the elderly. When it showed recordings of Golden Dawn demonstrators, you could see 20-30 year-olds and elderly men (50-60 year-old guys) taking part in the rallies. I think, again unintentionally to the program's goals, that this helped legitimize Golden Dawn.

Usually, after a point about something was made by nationalists, the program tried to refute it. Before some questions were asked, various "discrediting facts" were sometimes brought up. Like when the guy was asked about the "Holocaust", it had just shown recordings of Jews with a voiceover talking about how all of Europe (the world?) recognizes the "Holocaust" or something like that. Another example is when the program made it clear how Hellenic Front and Golden Dawn were not at all friendly. Right after that, it tried to link them ideologically by their common denouncement of illegal immigration.

In the end, I think this program actually had unimagined detrimental effects to the Left, even though this was definitely not its goal or expected outcome. Considering how just about every single "anti-Fascist" interviewer spoke about how it was "wrong to be racist against homosexuals", I think that most Greeks watching would be somewhat appalled to hear such things. After all, even though most Greeks are without a doubt Leftists, most of them still harbor very conservative views concerning homosexuality. Seeing nationalists implicitly denounce homosexuality may have even made a few of the Leftist viewers question their loyalties to the Left.

I think that the producers of this documentary took a Western prototype when making it, assuming most viewers were Liberals who believed in "gay rights" and were against conservative values. However, they failed to get the nationalist speakers to say self-damaging things with the result that the speakers seemed intelligent (and indeed were intelligent) --this is in contrast to Western documentaries which always include self-harming, fanatical, and emotionalist statements coming from the mouths of Neo-Nazis.

The program ended with cuts between a Golden Dawn nationalist rally and a far-Left anti-Fascist/anti-Junta/anti-racist rally. If this wasn't coming from the Greek media, and hadn't been supportive of the Left, it would have almost seemed as if the creators of the documentary were trying to say both groups -- as different as they are -- were both extremists in the end.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

True Counter-Culture

High circulation German magazine Der Spiegel reports : "German young people, faced with liberal parents who are tolerant about sex, drugs and rock and roll, are increasingly rebelling by turning to right-wing extremism. Neo-nazi fashion, music and ideology have become an ever important part of German youth culture."

We are, indeed, at an interregnum when the prevailing culture is touted as counterculture, and it is only a moment of time before that culture is....countered. One wonders how long it will take for this trend to reach Hellas? After all, mainstream Greeks like to think of themselves as Europeans, and what is more European than Germany?


The Turkish newspaper Zaman reports that "Starbucks Coffee is now to promote Turkish coffee all around the world."

This type of Coffee is also known as "Greek Coffee" as well as "Middle Eastern Coffee" and has at times been named after a number of adjacent regions--"Armenian Coffee" , "Yugoslavian Coffee" et al. . Why Turkish? Considering how much Starbucks affects popular culture with its world wide outlets, one can't help but think there is something, or someone , behind , this.....


"Howard Shultz, the chairman of Starbucks is an active zionist. In 1998 he was honoured by Israel with 'The Israel 50th Anniversary Tribute Award' for his services to the zionist state. His work as a propagandist for Israel has been praised by the Israeli Foreign Ministry as being key to Israels long-term PR success. Recently whilst the Israeli army was slaughtering Palestinians in Jenin, Nabulus and Bethlehem he made a provocative speech blaming the Palestinians of terrorism and asking people to unite behind Israel.. Starbucks has investments in Israel - a joint venture with Israeli conglomerate Delek Group for Starbucks outlets in Israel ( Shalom Coffee Co)."

Patriarch of Jerusalem Expelled

Macedonian Press Agency reports : "The Pan-Orthodox Synod in the Fener, Istanbul decided to remove the name of Patriarch Irenaeus of Jerusalem from the diptychs of the Christian Orthodox Church." This makes his expulsion official and opens the way for the procedure for the selection of a new Patriarch.

Influential Arab news source Al-Ahram Weekly reports : "After weeks of protest, the Christian Arab community in Jerusalem has apparently succeeded in getting the Greek Orthodox Church to sack its patriarch, Irineos I, over his alleged involvement in the sale of church property in East Jerusalem to Jewish settlers earlier this year. Irineos is widely believed to have okayed the sale of several buildings and a hotel in Jerusalem's old city, in concert with Nikos Papadimas, a Greek aide, who fled Palestine to an unknown destination with millions of dollars."

I saw several random interviews, on Greek television, of Arabs on the street in Jerusalem who expressed nothing but spite at Ireneos for his sale of Greek Orthodox Christian land ....to the Jews.


And they crucified him, and parted his garments, casting lots: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, They parted my garments among them, and upon my vesture did they cast lots.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Witnesses For Christ

Witnesses For Christ: Orthodox Christian Neomartyers of the Ottoman Period 1437-1860 by Father Nomikos Michael Vaporis is a chronicle of the more than 200 Orthodox Saints who were killed by Ottoman Turks from the 1400s to the 1800s, it is based almost entirely on translated accounts from the Synaxaristes or Lives, the centuries old official church record of the Greek Orthodox Church Lives Of the Saints . Father Vaporis is highly qualified as a translator , he was head dean at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Theological Seminary and translated and edited a number of works in his lifetime, including the bilingual Daily Prayers For Orthodox Christians: The Synekdemos published by Holy Cross Orthodox Press

What stays in my mind, amidst the many records of tragic ends for Orthodox Neomartyers, is the many various torture devices used--impalement, immolation and ....death by Jews.

"John the Merchant from Trebizond, Asia Minor,+June 2, 1492 gave his life for the love of Jesus Christ in Akkerman, Moldavia on June 2, in the year 1492.....John would not abandon his Orthodox Christian faith, he was ordered tied behind a horse and dragged through the streets of Akkerman and in particular and deliberately through the Jewish quarter. As John was being dragged through the Jewish quarter, many people threw various objects at him. One Jew, it is said, drew a sword and cut off John's head. The Muslims then untied John's body and just allowed it to lie there. The Orthodox Christians in the city became extremely frightened and none dared go near the body of the martyer to give it burial"

"Finally, permission was given by the vali and John's body was brought to the Orthodox church of the city, where it was buried after the appropriate funeral service was sung. This occurred in the year 1492. Some seventy years later, in the time of Prince Alexander of Moldavia ( present day Romania), upon the advice of Metropolitan Joseph of Moldavia, the prince removed John's body from the city of Akkerman and brought it to the cathedral church in Sistova, Moldavia, where it was buried with great honors. Since then many miracles have been reported by those who prayed for Neomartyer John's intercession."
SOURCE: ( Witnesses For Christ: Orthodox Christian Neomartyers of the Ottoman Period 1437-1860 by Nomikos Michael Vaporis , pp. 39-41)

The Holy Metropolis Of The Genuine Greek Orthodox Church Of America

I included the link to the Holy Metropolis in Astoria, New York onto the link section of this blog. This is the only church I have ever seen in America that not only the flies the Greek Byzantine flag , but also the red Greek Byzantine battle flag. The Holy Metropolis publishes a scholarly newspaper, Romiosni, albeit infrequently. The newspaper's last issue, had portraits of a Frankish Knight juxtaposition next to Mohammedan Turkish invaders, with the heading 1204 and 1453, THE FALL OF CONSTANTINOPOLE, unique for a church publication in America it makes a serious case for the Frankish West's contribution to Greek demise. Just to let you know, the ESSAYS/ARTICLES section on theological and historical themes has been updated , a comprehensive book review of Constantine's Sword: The Church And The Jews , looks like a very interesting read.

Ruminations blog and Radio Islam website

Hellenic Nationalist blog is essentially a contrarian blog from my perspective. As such , critiques of the West and its destructive downward spiral , as well as the rape and enslavement of Hellas under the tyranny of Western domination is one of the most tantamount concerns of this blog.

I am including a blog and a website to my links , that do not directly deal with issues pertaining to Hellas and Hellenic issues directly, but do deal with the common element a Hellene would share with other denizens of the Levant, domination by the West--in the spiritual, cultural , physical and psychological realm. I , personally, do not necessarily agree with ALL beliefs of the Ruminations blog, which at times espouses extreme "Aryanism", nor do I agree with Radio Islam 's tangential concerns with Jewry's alleged support of Serbia. YET, overall, both are worthy to contributing to the forum of ideas and the overall goal of national liberation under different guises.

Ruminations blog is a reflection of the experiences of the writer , IRANIAN FOR ARYANS, in his words, " I love upsetting the apple cart. For example, I'm a quasi-National Socialist, pro-Western Iranian. I love classical music. Also, I'm a huge fan of Dreiser. " In my observations, IRANIAN FOR ARYANS, is a witty writer who provides keen commentary on issues of Jewish domination and the corruption of the West, particularly in the realm of popular Western culture.

Radio Islam website has been on the web , under various URLS , for a long time. The site was founded by Arab nationalist and revisionist Ahmed Rami. The Western mass media has described it as "the mother of all anti-Jew sites" and it has faced persecution by Europe's totalitarian social climate , moreover, the web is rife with Jewish pages attacking the site. The archival section has a wide array of online books and primary sources. Also, its new english page has a scholarly archive on historical Jewish domination over Kemalist Turkey, in its own words:

Turkey with its huge population, economic power and gigantic army is a potential Muslim power factor. But since the beginning of last century its political and military centers are occupied by members of a Jewish sect, the so called Sabbateans or 'doenmehs' (a group similar to the Marrano-Jews who where dominating Medieval Spain). Leading Jewish sources that we quote below concede to this fact, revealing that Kemal Ataturk himself, was nothing but a secret Sabbatean Jew! The present strategy of this clique apart from keeping their grip on political, military and economic power in the country, is to combat and halt the surge of resistance from the growing Islamist Movement and to strengthen ties beteween Turkey and their Jewish state of "Israel".

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Reparations, Compensations

Greek American lobby AHI (American Hellenic Institute) recently made a comprehensive call for reparations or compensation for Hellenic Genocide victims: "We cite the compensation paid by the government of Germany to holocaust victims and to the state of Israel and the government of Japan to the victims of its actions in Asia before and during World War II. We call on the U.S. government to press Turkey to pay compensation"

It seems that the Greek American lobby has become more and more bold in recent years, in regards to Turkish Crimes Against Humanity. Paradoxically, the political establishment running Greece has inversely become softer,fuzzier and intensely more submissive in regards to anything regarding Turkey. A study in contrasts....

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Whores,Sluts And Dried-Up Hags Of This World

As,Henry Makow PhD ,another anti-Zionist to add to our list,wrote in another clever essay on the West's demonic obsessions with promiscuity: "Casual sex is another form of masturbation, only more risk, trouble and often not as good. "

The first man to tell me this , in a round about way, was not Makow but a wise, highly spiritual, old Priest in the old calendarist church. In the wise old Pater's words "Use of condoms,with one's wife, is a form of masturbation and destructive to the soul, as are any other forms of sex, even with one's wife, which are not done for impregnation, according to the holy rudder"

New York City is a cesspool of lost souls who are bound to the demons of "casual sex." I had the displeasure of accepting a dinner invitation of a friend , hosted at the home of two , dried-up hags. My friend, actually a nominal Catholic and irreligious secularist who I have known since high school, enticed me into this dinner engagement with a claim that one of these hags is a "gourmet cook", her haphazard fish dish ended up giving me a case of the shits.

The conversation by the hags and my friend ,who plays along with them in hope of casual sex from one of the hags, centers around some bourg. blather about gourmet eateries in the city and the meaningless scope of their corporate employment. I crossed myself before eating their shitty, pretentious meal. Soon afterwards, one of the hags mentioned that "Sex In The City" , a cable tv. sitcom about dried-up thirtysomething hags always on the lookout for fornication or to bamboozle some sucker male, is her favorite t.v. show. In her own words, "No matter what men pass through their lives over the years, the female friends always stay friends and manage to stay together" (oooooooo ..)

I noticed a book by The Dalai Lama on their bookshelf, and they (the hags) remarked , "well, we are not religious, but we are very spiritual" How fitting.

These bitches were no spring chickens , by the way. The one who is coupled with my friend, looks exactly like Edith Bunker Pass me a barf bag.....

Towards the end of this evening of shit-kicking fun, the single hag authoritatively barked "Religion is oppressive" I emitted a silent, but stinky, fart on their couch. And hit the road.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Site That Is 'The End All , Be All' Of Jewish Conspiracy Theories....


Friday, May 20, 2005

Anybody heard of Eduard Limonov ?

I just finished reading It's Me, Eddie by Eduard Limonov , the book is, unusual, to say the least. Typically, memoirs written by Soviet era dissidents, and political refugees in general, relating their experiences in coming to America are goofy and sentimental, laced with the obligatory gratitude of wide-eyed innocents in "the land of opportunity".

In this case, the reader is taken on a journey through New York City circa 1974, written in the prose of a proud welfare recipient and ne'er do well who thumbs his nose at both "the worker's paradise" and his new found secular , Anglo-Saxon founded , Masonic nightmare:

" I am on welfare. I live at your expense, you pay taxes and I don't do a fucking thing. Twice a month I go to the clean, spacious welfare office at 1515 Broadway and receive my checks.I consider myself scum, the dregs of society, I have no shame or conscience, therefore my conscience doesn't bother me and I don't look for work, I want to receive your money to the end of my days. And my name is Edichka, "Eddie-baby."


"You don't like me? You don't want to pay? It's precious little-$278 a month. You don't want to pay. Then why the fuck did you invite me, entice me here from Russia, along with a horde of Jews? Present your complaints to your own propaganda, it's too effective. That's what's emptying your pockets, not I. "

An intellectual's literary version of Scorcese's Taxi Driver anti-hero type, this book was hard to put down.

Limonov was bounced from communist Russia to America in the 1970s, worked some dead end jobs as a mover, busboy and butler and left for France in the 1980s, became a literary celebrity and was granted French citizenship, then took off to fight alongside the noble Serbian resistance in the struggle for Sarajevo. Naturally, his French supporters soon distanced themselves and turned their backs on him, for the most part, when he was arrested by the Putin regime in Russia on some sort of arms smuggling charges surrounding his National Bolshevik Front outfit. But that's not in the book.

Good luck finding his books in Greek or English.

"Holocaust" Survivor Dances With Wolves

Quote from the article : "the girl sleeps in forests and is, for weeks at a stretch, fed and protected by packs of friendly wolves..." "

Logical question

"Bartholomaios I" works with Cuban bolshevik leader Fidel Castro, this letter gets to the core of how I begin to feel when thinking of this divisive and liberal Turkish citizen, also known as The EP, Ecumenical Patriarch.

Why does a prelate, hierarch, patriarch or monarch style himself, or allow himself to be styled "The First"?

To be called the First, there have to be _at least_ *two* successors after the first one, of the same name....

Thus "Bartholomaios I" sounds ridiculous to my ears!

If there are _two_ of the same name, one can and should say proteros, hysteros: former -- latter; pere -- fils; senior -- junior (elder -- younger; or as in former times, in the "King James" Bible, greater -- lesser)

For a _primus_, _protos_ to be spoken of, there have to be at least three....

It goes the same as adjectives:
positive: one, absolute, alone: good, great, little, old.
comparative (comparing _two_): -- better, greater, less/lesser, older/elder
superlative (comparing _three_ or more): -- (the) best, greatest, least, (the) oldest/eldest....

Does Bartholomaios I expect to name a namesake heir?

A "filthy website"

One of the many fanatically pro-Jewish posters on Google's Group on Greece posted the link to this "filthy website"

No, it's not obscene, by at least our community standards. It is merely a site dedicated to a peacenik, anti-Zionist Jew.

The Metaxas Project website

An anonymous commentator informed me of the existence of The Metaxas Project website. The site has very useful primary documents and articles on the late, great Hellenic Nationalist leader and an enlightening collection of photos and links.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

May 19th Pontic Greek Genocide Day

Today is May 19th. The day of remembrance for the Pontic Greek Genocide. There is a German company that has a film under production on this tragedy. Here is a link and a page from their site.


History of the Ponto-Greek

The Pontic ( from the Greek: euxinos pontos = hospitable sea) is a Greek community which first settled on the southern shore of the Black Sea about 3000 years ago and later also on the north, east and west coasts. The first settlers came from Militav to Asia Minor at the beginning of the 8th century B.C. and founded the city of Sinopi. Settlers from other Greek cities like Megare and Athens followed. The foundation of these new coastal cities meant the Pontic Greeks were able to control important trade routes. The area was later ruled by the Persians : the Greek cities, however, retained their autonomous status and were governed democratically. The economic power of these Greek cities reached its peak during the time of Alexander the Great and his successors. After Alexander's death, Mithridates (around 320 B.C.) founded the first Pontic state. During Mithridates' dynasty the "Hellenisation" of the hinterland was advanced. In 63 B.C. the kingdom was annexed by the Roman Empire, an action which subsequently provided the Pontic people with wealth and peace.

In 1461, the city of Trapezount ("the last bastion of the empire") was conquered by the Turks. The Greeks fled in their thousands to the Caucasus, to Russia, Georgia, Armenia and to Kazakhstan, or to the mountains in the hinterland where they founded new Greek cities - cultural centres, where persecuted Greeks were still welcomed with open arms generations later.As a consequence of this, a second Ponto-Greek community grew up around the same time, especially in Russia, which became bigger and stronger through further immigration of refugees throughout the entire period of Ottoman rule. More than half a million Pontic people soon lived in Russia alone and after further immigration in 1918 the number had exceeded a total of 650,000. Many Pontic Greeks were, at the same time, assimilated forcibly by the Muslims.

The last real heyday for the Pontic Greeks occurred at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, when it is possible to speak of a Renaissance of Greek culture on the shores of the Black Sea. These people were traders who built up schools, founded theatre groups and organisations for traditional costumes and published newspapers. The seizure of power by the "Young Turks" in 1908 meant the beginning of the end of the Greeks and of all Christians in the Ottoman Empire. The "Young Turks” set themselves the higher aim of the "Turkisation" of the Ottoman Empire - the Christian communities should be exterminated through genocide and forced assimilation. Kemal Attaturk completed this policy through the means of his so-called "Liberation Revolution". The Lausanne Treaty of 1923 meant the end of the Greek presence in the Ponto region, one which had existed for a thousand years. As part of the obligatory resettlement, 1,250,000 Greeks from Turkey were forcibly expatriated to Greece.

Everyone who managed to survive the strain of their flight or to escape the guns of their persecutors found sanctuary in Greece, Russia and also in Armenia and Egypt. Only the Pontic people who had become Muslims stayed behind (in the area of Tokat and Of). To this day, they still speak their Pontic dialect, one derived from ancient Greek. May 19th is a day of remembrance for the Pontic Greek genocide.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Link Updates

The old and now defunct link on Metaxas has been replaced with a new version. Also the extensive Hellenic Genocide site, designed by philhellene Roberto Lopes of Brazil, is currently being updated and is multilingual, the link is provided on this blog underneath the original. Two new and promising blogs, Hellenic Empire blog and Great Hellas blog, that share Hellenic Nationalist sentiments have recently been linked to on this blog. I encourage visitors and fans to use the links.

Some websites that have been off the web for some time now have been removed, with the exception of Hellenic Nationalist Perspective, one of the finest Hellenic Nationalist sites on the web, we all await its return and it will remain on the link section of this blog in expectation of its return.

Monday, May 09, 2005


The following was posted on a Google Groups thread titled "Antisemitism in Greek Culture":

"Jews have suffered, and Christians have suffered. Mankind has suffered. There is no group with a monopoly on suffering, and no human beings which have experienced hate and hostility more than any other. I must say, however, that it is my impression that Jewish history has been taught with a whine and a whimper rather than with a straight-forward acknowledgment that man practices his inhumanity on his fellow human beings ..."

-- Rabbi Richard E. Singer, Highland Park, Illinois, Lakeside Congregation. Quoted by Alfred Lilienthal, The Zionist Connection. (New York: Dodd, Mead, 1978), p. 401.

The Greek Church And The Homosexual Movement

The newly appointed Metropolitan of The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOARCH) for San Francisco , Bishop Gerasimos had this to say about "gay marriage" in an interview with a San Francisco newspaper:

"They should have the benefits and civil rights of the state, but this is not a sacramental union our church will ever sanctify,'' he said. "But civil marriage, in the spirit of American democracy, they have the right to ask for that.''

Granted the GOARCH is under the canonical jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarch in Constantinople, whose see not only includes the Americas, but also swathes of Greece , such as Macedonia and the Dodecanesian islands. It is understood that America was not even founded by Christian men , but rather by masonic ideologists who envisioned a "separation of Church and State". Yet, our spiritual tradition mandates that , in essence our spiritual leaders must interpret social morality and at the very least pontificate on its standard for their flock and in their see. In effect, this Bishop is abdicating his authority to the world with this public statement and his responsibility as witness, at the very least he is granting an accommodation with the world. Thus far, this bishops radical statements on morality have not been met with a clarification or retraction by his canonical superior(s). It's unfortunate because this makes our public image seem even more liberal than that of the Catholics. Moreover, in this particular case where American culture is counter to basic Christian morality, the church has a responsibility to be counter-cultural, it has failed us miserably in that regard.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Ethnic ghettos and "pop culture"

By way of revealing a little about myself. I live in a New York City neighborhood that is some 99% Negro and/or mulatto. It is interesting that the unwashed cretins who populate this place look like they jumped off the screen of a "Fifty-Cent" rap video, tilted baseball caps maladjusted just right, same barking slang "Yo! Yo! Yo!", reminds one of a yelping chihuahua.

Anyway, I am not here to complain of what I see, only to take note of how the sheep consume all that is given to them. One must analyze music , since it is often the catalyst cultureless empty people cling to , in order to find something to call their own.

How do I deal with it? By being non-conformist. By listening either to the Western classics or to traditional Greek music. Speaking of which there is a blog that ruminates on the issue of music and who creates it. Follow the money and you will find its master, or so goes the old adage.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Designs On "Salonika" By Jewish American Pundits

Thessaloniki has been the subject of several Jewish "Holocaust" pundits throughout the past decade, re-transcribed under the Sephardic Jewish name of "Salonika". As far back as the mid-1990s , Jewish American "Holocaust" pushers have advanced their mythical ethnic story of persecution by Christians to new heights by implicating Greeks in their widely circulated story about the Second World War, Hellenic Nationalist Page duly responded with a then timely analysis of one of the now many Jewish American "Holocaust" pundits.

Robert D. Kaplan, advanced Jewish territorial aspirations for "Salonika" as far back as 1994, with his unscholarly anti-Christian screed Balkan Ghosts. This juvenile tome of Kaplan's went on to become American president Clinton's bedside reading and the major inspiration for Clinton's mission to launch a bombing campaign on Serbia.

In today's Sunday New York Times and in the widely circulated International Herald Tribune Kaplan reviews a fellow Jewish American pundit's book , Jewish "Holocaust" pundit Mark Mazower makes little attempt to hide his pro-Turk ,anti-Greek Jewish bias:

And then, with the Greco-Turkish War of 1921-23, the remnant of Salonika's Turkish population fled to Turkey, while Greek refugees from Anatolia arrived daily. Mazower says that the departure of the city's Muslims in the 1920s presaged the murderous ethnic cleansings of the 1990s.

Nice selective memory there, old Mazower and Kaplan. At least they note that the Turks merely departed, whilst the Greeks had been subject to an original and all too-familiar Holocaust.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Feedback and Comments

Thanks for your comments on the post directly below this one, and thank you to a very special comrade who contacted me personally on my request for comments and suggestions. I now present an albeit incomplete , but thought out, reply.

To answer some of your comments, well, as for translating Golden Dawn's prolific publications , I will take into account that many of the articles in both Golden Dawn's quarterly and in its weekly newspaper tend to be Greek translations from racialist and/or national socialist and/or historical revisionist articles, commentaries and opinion editorials already available on the web or in many widely available publications in English. While flipping through a typical Golden Dawn newspaper or quarterly I've noticed articles available English from such Western writers as Coon, Faurisson, Gliebe etc etc. On the other hand, there are also some timely articles on the late Metaxas which deserve translation into English, so I will take this suggestion into serious consideration. I must say however, that Golden Dawn's affiliated book publisher Logxi is one of the most important scholarly publishers in Greece today, its catalog includes timely reprints of General Grivas's writings during his reign as National resistance leader in the 1940s as well as his classic memoirs written during his time as leader of EOKA, the Hellenic Nationalist resistance to British rule over Cyprus, required reading in Western military academies for the study of guerilla warfare.

As for more studies for immigration, I agree that this recent phenomenon is a cancerous sore that, allowed to fester, will eventually consume the entire body. Many of these immigrants may be of Greek blood , or at least partial Greek blood, I have heard Greeks in Greece stupidly refer to Greeks from Northern Epiros or Pontic Greeks from the former Soviet Union as "not Greek" which is in and of itself a self-destructive misnomer since most , if not all, of these immigrants are fully assimilable and are of great benefit for Greece. Hisorically, free Greece since 1821 was the place for Greeks living under foreign rule to retunr home to, even if Greece as a Nation was under foreign rule for centuries.

In ant case, it is important for us define what immigration is detrimental and what is not. The way that Greek publications such as Athens News promotes immigration is to rehash some half-hearted pro-immigration articles from American sources that praise full immigration as a road to modernity, and juxtaposition a picture of The Statue of Liberty with a picture of an American classroom that has Negroes in the class. This example is absurd in itself, because America pactices an extreme form of "white supremacy" in regards to its immigration until the mid-1960s . Meaning the many, many millions of immigrants who went there were carefully screened solely on the basis of "their whiteness" In no way, am I suggesting that Greece should slavishly follow American models as many in Greek society are prone.

My new approach, hence, with this blog will involve personal notes on my observations as a habitant of the Western world, to help Greeks decide why the prostrate before this model.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hello out there?

If there are any fans to this blog , please do take the time to include your comments or suggestions on what I should write about these days.

I have a severe case of writer's bloc on Nationalist affairs and even on my own personal affairs.

In fact, please post a comment on anything.

I need comments. If there are any fans out there, then please make yourselves heard.

I have been away for some time, both literally and figuratively.