Thursday, August 30, 2007

Russia Helps Greece Big Time

There's a theory floating around Greek circles, that America set the fire , in order to cripple Greece , and thus invite USAID to come in and enslave us, and , of course, sell us out to real estate developers...

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Ulsterman escapes fires in Greece
[Published: Wednesday 29, August 2007 - 07:38]

By Victoria O'Hara

An Ulsterman living in Greece last night told how his home was saved from one of the raging forest fires which have swept across the country, claiming more than 60 lives.

Dr David Green (63), who is originally from Belfast, said Russian pilots in firefighting helicopters managed to control a massive blaze which broke out on a mountain opposite his Athens apartment.

Hundreds of forest fires have devastated parts of Greece and killed at least 63 people.

The Greek government declared a state of emergency over the weekend as fires, fanned by hot, gusting winds, continued to break out around the country.

"Our home is opposite Mount Hymettos and that was hit two days ago," Dr Green, a former lecturer, told the Belfast Telegraph.

"The whole of our area was covered in smoke.

"There were huge Russian helicopters which came to help. They were passing our window about every half an hour."

Dr Green said the firefighting aircraft skimmed the sea, lapping up water, before dropping it on the flames.

"Luckily our home wasn't damaged.

"That was the nearest it came to us.

He added: "It was frightening, and it has been pretty horrendous."

Dr Green, who moved to Greece in 1994, said he and his wife, Flora, are concerned about future fires.

"We are actually about 50ft from a forest ourselves.

"Obviously we are very, very concerned.

"But we are a bit more reassured after my wife contacted the local mayor's office and the small forest is patrolled every night by police now.

"If it catches fire we are in real trouble. But we feel a good bit safer," he said.

However the former principal of Antrim Technical College revealed the blazes have had a huge ecological impact.

"There are just tragic sights of sheep and goat carcasses lying burnt out," he said. "There was a deer in the nearby forest with no food because all the forest has been burnt out.

"Undoubtedly this will have a huge ecological effect.

"The local people are in a state of shock, in fear, and afraid to move.

"Athens itself, and the surrounding hills are all forested. It would break your heart to see what has happened to the beautiful pine trees."

However, Dr Green has dismissed suggestions that the cause of the fires is terrorism.

"There are conspiracy theories that it was terrorists, but I frankly don't believe that it was.

"I think there are some unscrupulous developers who are involved, together with extremely hot weather, high winds, and common garden rubbish, such as discarded tins and bottles."

Dr Green added that he has been "touched" by messages from concerned relatives and friends about his safety.

"Both myself and my wife have been lucky, but Greece is now in deep shock and even deeper mourning."

A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5 on the Richter scale struck the fire-ravaged area in the south of Greece yesterday, panicking residents, but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Albanians Involved In Burning Greece

Hellenic Revenge blog has video clips, original reports from Stoxos, and more up-to-date info on Turko-Albanian arson and fire-starting in our homeland and Fatherland.

Report From Eyewitness To Greece Burning


Athens, August 27, 2007

This was a weekend of National Tragedy here in Greece. People from all over the country sat glued to their television sets, calling friends and loved ones in villages all over Greece. We sat fascinated and horrified by the sights and sounds of villages, people, animals burning. There were too few planes, too few firemen, no organization, no planned routes of escape.

The heroes of the weekend turned out to be the newscasters who hour after hour took calls from frightened people begging for help, who then called various Mayors and authorities to send help to those stranded. Amazingly for three days there were no accusations and the country pulled together as a whole. The other heroes were the citizens, the ordinary Greek citizens, who left the safety of their homes and ran to help with the raging fires, with whatever they had in hand, usually branches from trees. The villagers who with tractors and trucks fought to preserve their villages. Alas, it didn't work. It is the fourth day and still Greece is burning.

Friday night we sat and waited for news of the mother and her four children who had called her husband to say she was leaving the village which was close to burning. She and the children never made it. They were found on the road in their car with the mother hugging the four little ones. This is an indescribable horror for us as a nation. We saw videos of burned cars with their victims in their metal tombs, while relatives tried to identify the occupants. Hour after hour, the television relentlessly recorded new catastrophes and we were unable to shut off the sets. New fires, here, there, everywhere. New anxieties about loved ones, even here in Athens when Hymittos was purposefully set on fire and that fire engulfed a 5 story apartment building. The Attiki Road was closed and all cars were routed right into the fire area.

We returned from our vacation in the Peloponissos last week. The natural beauty and elegance of the mountains and the sea is an unbelievable sight. Or was. To think that now most of it is gone. To think that maybe the grandmas and grandpas who rode along those narrow country roads on their donkeys and who herded their sheep and goats may be a thing of the past. Imagine that we may never again sit in a villager's house and eat and drink everything which is from their own land. Imagine we will never be able to buy fruit, eggs, honey and wine at the road-side stands. How is it possible in only four days? How can our lives change so much?

The press is starting to ask the probing questions. I will leave that to them. Clearly these apocalyptic happenings are not by chance. Is it a new form of terrorism? Is it political?

For us, those who fervently love the earth and its people, the question is: What can we do? How can we help? Whom do we contact? The answer is simple for those of us living here. When the fires are put out, we will go and visit and see what is needed. We will provide whatever we can.

Jane Ressos-Bizos,
Athens, Greece

Who's Setting Fire To Hellas?!

Trans: Panaghia Help!
Today's (Turkish ) ZAMAN newspaper's headline story is [NEIGHBORING GREECE BURNING]

The walls of fire are consuming the Greek heartland of Arcadia and Mani, a Maniati friend told me Meligala is gone, turned to cinder, village after village set ablaze, mothers burned alive with their children.

Who in the world has a history of fire starting?? What "people" would most like to see the homeland of the Greek Revolution--Mani and Arcadia--turned to ash?

Greece is in an official state of emergency, t.v. reports are that canisters were found with cellphones attached to them, dozens of arrests have been made, and even Karamanlis says this is arson.

Who's Setting Fire To Hellas?

David Irving's newsletter gives us this link as to who is the MAJOR Contributor To Wikipedia, Think Of Previous Post On ADL Too!

ADL And Cop, Campus Cop, FBI Connection

The ADL is the spy and propaganda arm of the Israel lobby , working with a operational budget of , varying estimates of $60-80 MM, ADL has been known to spy even on the most minute small political gatherings, some obvious, but many not so obvious. Civic and ethnic groups, the way to find out if there are ADL spooks in your local group: see if they talk about Jews too much, especially new guys, then notice if leaders in your respective community happen to mimic the ADL's position on just about anything. The ADL, according to cases documented on ADL Watch site, employs local cops, even dumb laughing-stock butt-of-all-jokes in your community campus cops, and , of course, FBI...

This posting below was found on a Jewish Forum:

ADL Provides Training to Law Enforcement in Counterterrorism in
>> Washington, DC
>> Posted: August 10, 2007
>> The Anti-Defamation League and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
>> led a full day Law Enforcement and Society training session for eighty
>> senior police officials who were participating in the FBI Academy’s
>> Law Enforcement in Counterterrorism (LinCT) Program. LinCT is the FBI
>> Academy’s newest training initiative, bringing together law
>> enforcement leaders who command counter-terrorism operations in the United States,
>> Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and consisting of three weeks
>> studying counter-terrorism in the United States and the United
>> Kingdom.
Through the examination of the Holocaust and the role played by police
>> in the twelve year descent from the rule of law to Nazi genocide, Law
>> Enforcement and Society provides law enforcement professionals with an
>> understanding of their role as protectors of individual rights and
>> democratic values. Created in 1999 by the ADL and the Holocaust
>> Museum, at the request of Washington, DC, Police Chief Charles Ramsey, Law
>> Enforcement and Society has trained more than 32,000 federal, state
>> and local police and is a required part of training for all New FBI Agents.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

American Congressman Dan Burton's Hateful Anti-Cyprus Speech!

The ΝΟΗΤΙΚΗ ΑΝΤΙΣΤΑΣΙΣ informs us of the Anti-Cyprus speech delivered to the House of Representatives, and links to an Action Alert republished on their (NOHTIKH) forum, emanating from Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA)

CANA even provides an analysis in green, directly below Burton's Anti-Cyprus speech, point by point, here.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Greek Heartland

"Mani gave a lot, took nothing and was proud enough not to beg for anything."--

Man From Mani

Wikipedia finally has an entry on this Greek Revolutionary and quite possibly, one of modern Greece's greatest activists, unfortunately the entry neglects to mention that Nikolaos Michaloliakos has his roots from Mani, the heartland of the Greek Revolution, he himself proudly mentions this in the first few pages of his testimonial book, "Gia mia megali ellada se mia eleftheri evropi" 2nd edition ,2000, published by Askalon Publishers,Solomou 74 ,Athens ,Greece.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

US State Department: Anti-Greek Murderers

Documentary proof was finally exposed to light, detailing how culpable the US State Department was in planning the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, indeed the US State Department is complicit and collaborated in the ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide of our people:

(This article is reproduced for fair use and educational purposes)

Cyprus Weekly August 15, 2007

US gave full backing to Turkish invasion

THE United States gave full blessing to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, even assuring Turkey that it would "get them a solution involving one third of the island.''

This cynical US involvement is revealed in the latest batch of secret official State Department documents released for publication under the 30-year rule.

The American stand has long been known, but this is the first time that it has been confirmed so completely by an official State Department document.

This is clarified in the very first paragraph of the document which is stamped ``SECRET/EYES ONLY.''

It declares that the only conceivable settlement of the Cyprus problem "will have to rest on a de facto division of the island, whatever the form."

While admitting that the United States ``has the clout'' to prevent the invasion, the document nevertheless advises against doing so "before the fighting stops."

The document is dated August 14, 1974, the exact date of the second massive wave of the Turkish invasion of the island. It is headed: ``Memorandum for the Secretary - Cyprus Actions'' from Helmut Sonnenfeldt, one of the top State Department officials dealing with Greco-Turkish affairs.

The document even includes a map detailing the plan of action of the Turkish invasion force. This is headed ``Map done by the Bureau of Intelligence and Research projecting Turkish moves on Cyprus, August 13, 1974.''

It is worth noting that this plan was the one followed exactly by the Turkish troops, a further proof of the close American involvement in the Turkish invasion planning.

Here is the full text of the document:




August 14, 1974



FROM: Helmut Sonnenfeldt

SUBJECT: Cyprus Actions

You wanted some brief ideas on what we do next.

Nothing I can think of will stop the Turks now from trying to secure by force what they demanded in their ultimata. In fact, as has always been true, the only coneivable modus vivendi will have to rest on a de facto division of the island, whatever the form.

If the Turks move fast and can then be gotten to stand down, it may pre-empt Greek counteraction and then give us a chance to try for a deal. (It may also save Karamanlis).

While the Soviets can serve as a bogey, we must keep them at arms length. They cannot become the arbiter between US allies. Their interests differ drastically from ours: we want a modus vivendi between Greece and Turkey, they want a non-aligned Cyprus, preferably with Greece or Turkey or both disaffected from NATO.

Thus, we should

- urgently try to contain Greek reaction; 24 hours at a time;

- bluntly tell the Turks they must stop, today, tomorrow at the latest;

- warn the Turks that Greece is rapidly moving leftward;

- send high-level US man to Athens to exert continuing direct influence on Karamanlis;

- assuming the Turks quickly take Famagusta, privately assure Turks we will get them solution involving one third of island, within some kind of federal arrangement;

- assure Greeks we will contain Turk demands and allow no additional enclaves, etc.

You should not get involved directly till the fighting stops; then you must since there is no alternative and only we have the clout.

I do not think Brussels/NATO is the place to use when the time comes. The Greeks are probably too sore at NATO and the vehicle of a ministerial meeting is awkward. Anyway, you need Ecevit and Karamanlis.

London may be unacceptable to the Turks because of Callaghan’s blast at them.

You should not shuttle.

This may mean Geneva. Washington, at the President’s initiative, would be all right but hard to get the parties to come to. Also provocative of the Russians. New York would make it difficult to keep the Russians away.

You could also try Rome.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Turks Keep Pushing Cypriots (mounakia) Around

More schoolyard bully tactics from Turks, the Cyprus Financial Mirror reports that the abbot of the monastery of Saint Varnavas, named after the Saint who founded the Church of Cyprus, was expelled by Turks in the middle of church services.

Rest assured , if something like this was ever done to a Turk religious person, Greeks, many Greeks would pay....and Cypriots just meekly behave like mounakia ( trans: vaginas) and take it!