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What Really Annoys Jews?

Robert Faurisson: The Influential 'Denier' '
by (Jew) Steven Stalinsky -- The New York Sun

Like other European Holocaust deniers who enjoy rock star status in Iran and the Arab world, Robert Faurisson first appeared on the scene in the 1970s, when he refuted accounts of the gas chambers and the Nazis' systematic killing of Jews.

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Communist Crimes Against Greek Orthodoxy

There will be an attempt to transcribe eyewitness testimonies by Greek Orthodox holy men proving that Communism is anathema to the Greek Nation and to the centuries old evolution of Helleno-Orthodoxy which Communism , a foreign ideology brewed in Western Europe and founded since the very beginning by god-less Greek-hating Jews and imported into Greece, first by Jews, and then fostered by Greek-hating Greeks, seeks to destroy. These Greek-hating Greeks are the same spawn who staff our government and man our institutions The record of Communist Crimes against Greek Humanity is consistently covered up by the corrupt political establishment.

It is my belief however, that good will eventually prevail over the evil, and the evil is today symbolized by the political establishment,the Greek media and the majority of today's Greeks who propagate the myth that Communism and its sister ideologies Anarchism and Socialism are Greek and belong in Greece, they do not, they are a virus. A virus must be destroyed in entirety in order for the body to live, the war, the great ideological war is not over.

Episodes with rebels

Fr. Simon related an event with the rebels which happened at Kyme.

"I had Holy bread and was going to church to do the proskomide and to do the Liturgy. At the time I was elevating the Holy Bread a certain rebel entered the church and in a threatening manner asked me to give him the Holy Bread and to not do the divine Liturgy. I answered him that it was impossible because I had already begun to liturgize. The rebel threatened me
with his rifle and told me that if I didn't give him the Holy Bread, he would pull the trigger and kill me. I immediately stopped the proskomide, turned abruptly, took the rifle from his hands and pushed him back with strength. He didn't realize how he ended up outside of the church. He was stunned seeing such strength, which he didn't imagine, as if an electric current hit him.
I still held the rifle in my hands. I threw it down and went in to continue the proskomede.

"The rebel recovered from the shaking up which I had given him which had taken him out of the Church. Enraged by what had happened to him he put ammunition in his gun and holding the trigger with his finger he came to kill me. He remained like this for a few seconds thus undecided. And in a little while I heard him shouting:

"'What should I do with you? A certain power prevents me this moment, otherwise I would have killed you.' And he left.

"I continued the proskomide and did my Liturgy regularly."

Mr. John Benos also mentioned a related event, which occurred at the same Monastery.

At the Monastery a lot of people had gathered. Some rebels also came there who had brought on a pole the head of a certain priest they had killed. One of them had ascended high on a podium and shouted:

"Long live freedom, down with virginity!"

The Elder hearing this felt the zeal of the Lord of Savaoth overcome him and he set out to give a lesson to the impious one. One of the fathers of the Monastery tried to restrain Fr. Simon.

"What are you going to do, Fr. Simon? Don't you see the head of the priest on the pole"

The Elder didn't pay attention to him. He gave him a push and proceeded towards the rebel. He ascended on the podium where he was speaking and censured him in a very strict manner. And he concluded:

"Everything you're saying is sin. How do you know what virginity is? And how do you dare say such stupidities and foolishnesses about things you don't know about?
You can't say 'long live freedom, down with virginity.' And furthermore you are not allowed to speak in this manner in a holy place as is the Monastery."

Saying these things Fr. Simon grabbed him, and with strength which he did not think this priest had, he lowered him down from the platform.

All the people who were witnesses of that scene remained amazed at Fr. Simon's courage and from the boldness and fearlessness, with which he spoke about virginity.

The rebel felt mortally wounded by this humiliation which had occurred to him before so many people. He grabbed Fr. Simon from the beard. Fr. Simon, even though he could have made him motionless, did not do it. The rebel took him all around the church and
loaded his gun ready to kill him. The other rebel though, who was with him, stopped him saying:

"For the name of God! Don't do this! If you kill him, the whole village will rise up against us, because if this village is still alive, it owes it to this priest. He is a holy person. And furthermore he's done miracles too!"

Thus the evil stopped there. God's intervention was obvious. Mr. Benos related these things.

[Source: "Priestmonk Simon Arvanitis (1901-1988): His
Life and Work" by Monk Zosimas, page 61-63]

Judaism And Black Magic

Honest historians such as Arnold Leese in his landmark study Jewish Ritual Murder had long documented the many strange practices in the "religion" of Jews that involve bloodletting ,demonology and black magic .

The ABC television affiliate in Australia recently exposed the strange Jewish ritual of live chicken swinging by Jews, Greeks should not be fooled into thinking that Judaism is a true religion, it is the world's only "religion" meant to promote a single ethnic group above all others through spite, avarice, and use of demon worship by animal and human sacrifice.

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Dora Bakoyiannis At Georgetown University

A trusted source told me she spoke at Georgetown last week with pride about the coming Mosque in Athens, I told him he should have mooned her, I would have, most definitely.

Mosque In Downtown Athens Is Only Two Years Away!

This news is further proof that Greece has sunk into an abyss. The first mosque will be built since the dark times of Turkish occupation,with Greek funds, despite the fact that no new churches have built in Turkey ever since, if anything Turkey has done nothing more than confiscate and desecrate Greek churches. Alas, the scum who roam Athens will now have a home in which to plan bombings ,rapes and secessionist fifth column foreign immigrant communities convenient to the future Turko-Albanian occupation of Greece.

If now is not the time for a Nationalist Uprising in the Fatherland against EU humiliations and Judeo-Centric/Euro-Centric Greek parliamentary procedures to dismember and eventually destroy the Nation , then alas it will soon be too late. Greece , soon to be a place of nothing, a pissing and crapping ground for degenerates.

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Greek Involvement In White Slavery

The long history of Jewish involvement in the enslavement and trafficking of white women across borders for trade in lascivious purposes is well documented and quite well known,the modern Greeks however are a recent close runner up in terms of moral and sexual degeneracy.

The recent news of Greek involvement in the trade of Ukrainians is just one recent expose. Experience and travel has revealed to me the sad truth that Greeks are involved in the pornography business (i.e. strip bars) throughout the New World, as they are in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Sadly , we (the Greeks) are today rivaled only by Jews in sexual and moral degeneracy.

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Message From +Bishop Christodoulos:Watch Muslims Destroy a Serbian Orthodox Church while KFOR does nothing

Final Conflict Blog

The Third Positionist Final Conflict ezine now has a weblog, check out the illuminating entries on the current Hungarian Nationalist Uprising, here and here.