Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Greek Political Establishment Conspires To Topple Greek Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos

I just received this analysis from late breaking news in the Greek and Greek Cypriot press:

Conspiracy now: the fall of Papadopoulos

From Athens in order to not get reelected President

An article in the Athenian press claims that the leaders of the effort are

K. Mitsotakis, Dora Bakoyanni, Kostis Stephanopoulos, Kostas Simitis and Yiorgos Papandreou, who tried to get the President of Greece involved.

Two Athenian newspapers, Kathimerini and Paron, are reporting on efforts from Athens to subvert Tassos Papadopoulos because of his positions on the issue of Cyprus and the European Union negotiations with Turkey. According to the two newspapers, matters get really complicated and the issue assumes huge importance because the masterminds of the subversion operation are in the center of the Greek government.

The newspaper Paron names as the masterminds the following: Konstantinos Mitsotakis (former prime minister and honorary president of Nea Demokratia party), his daughter Dora Bakoyanni (foreign minister), Kostis Stephanopoulos (former president of Greece), Kostas Simitis (former prime minister), and Yiorgos Papandreou (president of Pasok). According to the
newspaper Paron, these figures tried to convince the President of Greece Karolos Papoulias to mediate in order to convince Dimitris Christofias to withdraw AKEL's support for Tassos Papadopoulos and to support a different candidate along with DE.SY. for the presidency of the Republic of Cyprus. Kathimerini does not name names, however gives a snap-shot of Mitsotakis and states that Papadopoulos knows who the subverters are.

The report of the newspaper Paron yesterday included the following:

During the recent meeting between K. Papoulias and K. Mitsotakis, the former prime minister tried to convince the President to participate in an operation to subvert Tassos, whom he characterized as an obstacle to options that will get us out of the deadlock in the Cyprus issue.
Specifically, he asked him to mediate in order to convince Christofias to withdraw his support from Tassos Papadopoulos and instead to support along with DE.SY. a different candidate in the coming elections. Stephanopoulos, Dora, Simitis, Yiorgos, Souflias and others are involved in this effort and have been trying to arrange the Papoulias-Mitsotakis meeting for a month”.

Paron also discusses the barrage of press articles and commentary against Tassos Papadopoulos by mass media and journalists in Athens and states that two journalists of a specific radio station in Athens have been hired for this purpose by Dora Bakoyanni. The newspaper Paron reports that Bakoyanni plays along with the Yes block and that certain dangerous views arising
from Athens are found in many Cypriot newspapers.

48 Nationalist Resistance Fighters Today Sentenced To 7 Months Prison!

Golden Dawn reports on the new martyers of the Resistance.

48 Nationalist Resistance Fighters Held By The "Red" State

The Golden Dawn affiliated blog Resistance -Hellas details the arrest and detainment of 48 Nationalists in Thessaloniki,who are being charged with defending themselves by holding onto a flagpole, all the while singing the National anthem while detained by police.

For everyone's information, Anarchists arrested during the yearly November 17 Communist-Leftist-Anarchist riots in Athens always get out of jail the next morning.

48 Συναγωνιστές όμηροι του "κόκκινου" Κράτους!

Από χτες το μεσημέρι 48 Συναγωνιστές βρίσκονται όμηροι στα χέρια του κράτους.
Η κρατική τρομοκρατία σε όλο της το μεγαλείο. Κράτος και παρακρατικοί, αφού σε τέλεια συνεργασία απαγόρευσαν τον εορτασμό της μνήμης του Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου, αφού επιτέθηκαν στις ομάδες συναγωνιστών που περιφρουρούσαν στον χώρο, τους συνέλαβαν όταν αυτοί προέβησαν σε συμβολική κατάληψη του κτιρίου της ΕΤ 3 για να διαμαρτυρηθούν για τις απαγορεύσεις κατά του εθνικιστικού κινήματος.

48 Νέοι τραγουδώντας τον ύμνο μας οδηγήθηκαν στα κρατητήρια της Κρατικής ασφάλειας. Παραμένουν ακόμη εκεί!

ολα τα καθαρματα δουλεύουνε μαζί

CODOH Issues A Call For Revisionist Papers

The Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) is looking for quality revisionist works for publication to the Website. As you are aware, the recent incarceration of Germar Rudolf has resulted in an abrupt end to the publication of "The Revisionist: Journal for Critical Historical Inquiry." With little in the way of Revisionist publication operations in the English language at present, CODOH seeks to fill in the gap.

We are primarily interested in history, especially as it relates to the Holocaust. We are also interested in freedom of speech topics. Articles may run the gamut from lengthy dissertations to comment and even book or film reviews.

Documents should be sent via email in either Word, Text, or HTML format.
We reserve the right to publish or not publish any work sent to us. If a work requires editing, such details will be worked out between the CODOH Editor and the author of the paper.

Please email any submissions or questions to:

Please include the word "SUBMISSION" in the Subject line of your email.

Jewish Hatred Of non-Jews

This is another example of many from Jewish hate-filled culture that emphasizes Jewish particularism, punishment and revenge on non-Jews.

Purim will never be the same
By Ruth Meisels
June 2006

"Reckless Rites: Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence" by Elliott
Horowitz, Princeton University Press, 340 pages, $35

Allow me to begin with a confession: For as long as I can remember, I never liked the holiday of Purim, with its story of the massacre of the gentiles and its message of revenge and rejoicing at the downfall of others. As if hanging Haman's 10 sons were not enough, the Book of Esther goes on to boast that "the other Jews that were in the king's provinces gathered themselves together, and stood for their lives, and had rest from their enemies, and slew of their foes seventy and five thousand" (Esther 9:16). In addition, we read Esther's appalling request that the Jews of Shushan be granted another day to act "according unto this day's decree" - i.e., to slaughter their non-Jewish neighbors brutally. To eliminate any doubt, the author of the Book of Esther emphasizes that this was not a case of self-defense, and that "no man could withstand them; for the fear of them fell upon all people" (9:2).


I got this news, thanks to the Final Conflict Email Newsletter...

The European National Front gathers in Bucharest
Noua Dreapta (The New Right), La Falange and Die Nationaldemokraten Partei auf Deutschland (NPD), gathered in Bucharest on the 17th of June, for adopting the European National Front’s statute. On this occasion, the European National Front defined itself as a decentralised and pan-European organization, made of independent nationalist organisations and political parties working in the same direction.
The member organisations decided that ENF should act mainly in this directions:

1. defense of the sovereignty, dignity and independence of Europe and of all containing nations. A Europe for the Nations, not for the bankers, economic globalization and regional separatism;
2. promoting the European culture, traditions and Christian faith, as opposed to cultural globalization, illegal immigration and EU integration of non-European culture and geographic location (such as Turkey);
3. promoting an economic system based on a real “social justice”, not based on fierce capitalism or Marxist dogmas.
4. defending Europe against the American imperialism trying to make it’s point through violence;
5. promoting traditional family values and the right of life against abortion, against homosexual “marriages” and gay adoptions.

The next ENF reunion will take place in Madrid at the end of November.
Noua Dreapta -

Last weekend took part in Bucarest, wonderfully organized by our Romanian Comrades, the fifth European National Front meeting from its foundation in 2003.
Although two first years of this Organization were not very significant, now the course of the ENF is being slow but fruitful from its re-foundation in Madrid last November by La Falange, NPD, Forza Nuova, Noua dreapta and Patriotic Alliance from Greece, that had the presence of outstanding European leaders such as Udo Voigt and Roberto Fiore.
In this last meeting, some of the several issues that had been already suggested in previous meetings in Madrid and Athens such as List of ENF Rules, way for new organizations to join ENF and ENF structure has been closed. This structure will have an Assembly consisting on three representatives of each organization, a comittee or executive secretary that will decide on urgent issues which cannot wait to be sorted out until the next Assembly meeting and a Presidency that will be changed every six months and that is already effective, and for which the Spanish Delegation headed by the General Secratary Felipe Pιrez was unanimously designated.
We'd like to thanks everybody for placing their trust in us and we undertake the commitment of the Presidence as a honour and a challenge, that hopefully we'll know how to face up.
From these lines we send our best wishes to the Italian Delegation that couldn't attend the meeting because the accident that they suffered on the way to the airport, and specially to his highest representative, Martin that had to be sent to hospital.
For the Fatherland's EUROPE!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Greek Establishment Advancing Jewish "Holocaust" Claims

The anti-Greek Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece,representing a miniscule minority of some five thousand Jews now living in Greece, which has a long history of coordinating actions with American and European Jewish lobbies , was guest of honor in a Washington DC pro-Jewish "Holocaust" function attended by Greek-American dignitary Senator Paul Sarbanes and officials from the Greek Embassy.

Was the issue of current Jewish anti-Hellenic activity in Israel or Greece or America on the agenda? What about the issue of a Greek Holocaust , that is real, not imagined?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Degenerate Netherlands Compares Greeks to 'Mice'

I got this news off the Turkish on-line newspaper Zaman:

Laurens Jan Brinkhorst, Dutch Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister, delivered a striking statement at a time when Turkey has been passing a tense period due to Turkey-European Union Affairs and the Cyprus problem.

There may be clashes between elephants and mice; yet the damage that elephants give will always be more important, the Dutch Minister said.

This statement from the Dutch minister sums up the opinion of the ruling economic powers of the EU, which Greeks so aspire to a part of and to identify with as, 'master race'.

If you want to know my opinion of the Dutch, please refer to the last line in this succinct blog entry.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Turks Want Money For the Weapon They Lost While Killing A Greek Over Greek Territory

This fits perfectly with the "give them an inch, they'll take a yard" Turkish mentality--which Greece is entirely to blame for...

Turkey eyes bid for warplane compensation from Greece

Gulf Times Published: Thursday, 15 June, 2006, 11:58 AM Doha Time

ANKARA: Turkey signalled yesterday that it is likely to seek financial compensation from Greece following a mid-air collision between two F-16 warplanes last month.

The crash occurred above the Aegean Sea on May 23. The Greek pilot was killed but the Turkish pilot bailed out in time.

Serpentine Greek Government Supports 'Balkanization'

More proof that this is a great emissary of Ankara and a few scumbag Greek capitalists, as much as times change , so much so ,things stay the same...

June 15, 2006
Greece recognizes independence of Montenegro

Greece has recognized Montenegro's independence via a letter by Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis addressed to her Montenegrin counterpart Miodrag Vlahovic, the foreign ministry announced on Wednesday.

Greece "recognizes the independence of the Republic of Montenegro and welcomes it to the family of sovereign states," said the statement by the Foreign Ministry.

The Paradox Would Be Too Funny If It Were Not True

Finally! Some Good News!

'Barbarians' Threaten Europe, Warns British Expert
The Sunday Times (Britain)

One of Britain’s most senior military strategists has warned that western civilization faces a threat on a par with the barbarian invasions that destroyed the Roman empire. In an apocalyptic vision of security dangers, Rear Admiral Chris Parry said future migrations would be comparable to the Goths and Vandals while north African "barbary" pirates could be attacking yachts and beaches in the Mediterranean within ten years. Europe, including Britain, could be undermined by large immigrant groups with little allegiance to their host countries — a "reverse colonization" as Parry described it. These groups would stay connected to their homelands by the internet and cheap flights. The idea of assimilation was becoming redundant, he said.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


ABC News

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan June 03, 2006- Pakistan on Saturday banned cinemas from showing "The Da Vinci Code" because it contained what officials called blasphemous material about Jesus.

Although the film has not been screened in any theater in mostly-Muslim Pakistan, authorities decided to ban it out of respect for the feelings of the country's minority Christians.

Earlier this week, Christians staged protests in two Pakistani cities against the movie, demanding a global ban. Christians make up about 3 percent of Pakistan's 150 million people.

The film version of Dan Brown's murder mystery novel is based around the premise that Jesus Christ and one of his followers, Mary Magdalene, had children whose descendants are still alive.

"Islam teaches us to respect all prophets of Allah mighty, and degradation of any prophet is tantamount to defamation of the rest," Minister for Culture Ghulam Jamal was quoted as saying by the Associated Press of Pakistan.

Shahbaz Bhatti, a prominent Christian leader, thanked the country's leadership and said the ban will go a long way to ensuring sectarian harmony.

"The Da Vinci Code is a sacrilegious act in the guise of freedom of expression and fiction," Bhatti said Saturday. "It has hurt the religious sentiments of Christians and Muslims throughout the world."

He also criticized Brown, saying the author had "evil intentions" and wanted "to undermine the historical as well as theological truth about Jesus Christ."

Message From Israel Shamir On An Orthodox Christian Church Desecrated In Israel

A Church Desecrated in Israel.

The Orthodox Christian Church in the predominantly Jewish town Migdal Ha’emek (a former Palestinian village of Majdal near Nazareth) was attacked, its icons vandalised and the tombs of priests desecrated. The church was built in 19th century but lost its worshippers in 1948, when the Jews expelled the Christian population of the Palestinian village Majdal and repopulated it with new immigrants. However, last year the church was repaired and the services recommenced as many of new Russian immigrants increasingly turn to Christ. The church priest and worshippers received many threats from the local Jewish community led by Rabbi Grossman. The church was attacked a few times in the past, and Israeli media reported on it, but the recent pogrom is a new step on the scale of anti-Christian violence.

While every graffiti on a wall of a synagogue anywhere in the world receives full (and justified) coverage and condemnation of the US President and of the UN Secretary General, the desecration of an Orthodox Church in the Jewish state attracted little publicity, and was not condemned by the Jewish leaders, said Archbishop Theodosios Atallah Hanna, a leading Palestinian cleric of the Orthodox Church, in a statement condemning the attack. Archbishop Atallah called upon the Jewish religious and civil leaders to dissociate themselves from the pogrom and bring the vandals to justice. The worshippers have little doubt that anti-Christian instigations of Rabbi Grossman are connected to the assault, as he was on record of demanding the church to cease its services “in the land of Jews” as he put it. The church is not connected to electric grid and has no running water, the city did not even allow to put up a fence or guard. The Israeli authorities are too lenient to desecrators of Christian shrines, said the Archbishop.

Characteristically, the Haaretz newspaper carried recently an article Jews for Jesus are Evil, containing threats towards the immigrants who converted to the Christian faith.

More about the pogrom: and

Church Subdued

In this weekend edition of the Haaretz newspaper, there is a long feature by Meron Rapoport (see below) which provides a clear evidence that the State of Israel abuses its responsibilities in respect of the Orthodox Church of the Holy Land. The feature offers an insider’s proof that the State allowed the manager of Ateret Cohanim Yeshiva, the most anti-Arab, anti-Muslim and anti-Christian body in the country, to decide whether a patriarch will receive an approval of the State of Israel.

The feature quotes an official of the Yeshiva saying: “Matti [Matti Dan, the head of the Yeshiva] will decide if the patriarch will be patriarch… The previous patriarch (Irineos) - four years he wasn't patriarch. Why? Because Matti hadn't given his agreement.” The article exposed the long-established policy of state-authorised extortion by the Yeshiva and its high-placed protectors against the Church; apparently the State collaborated with the Yeshiva in order to force the Church officials to “sell” the lands and the properties to the Jews.

Ateret Cohanim is an extremist Jewish body with proclaimed purpose to destroy the mosques of Jerusalem and install a Jewish temple in their stead. The article refutes the usual Jewish claim that their extremists are but a tiny and unimportant section of population: to the contrary, these antichrists are the guiding light of Jewish nationalist right.

In view of this revelation, there can be only one answer: the Church must cease immediately the practice of applying for recognition of the State of Israel. This application of approval is a relic of the Ottoman days, and this is not based on the law of the state of Israel. Indeed, no other church in the Holy Land applies for such an approval, neither the Orthodox Churches in other lands do it. The Church should issue a paper stating that this old practice is to be discontinued, in light of the public knowledge that the State of Israel abused its powers.

Israel Adam Shamir

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Deviant West, International Jewry et al Gain Another Victory

The Canadian Press gleefully reports that non-Orthodox places of "worship" can get licensed in Greece without Church of Greece approval.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

More Balkanization

Some scholar told me once that "Balkans" in Turkish means, chopped up. Makes sense, it is exactly what's been happening to any potential enemy of the Turks, take the flip-flop example ,courtesy of Estavisti blog, of Montenegro.

German Magazine Defies 'Holocaust Denial' Law

Mathaba says

The first cracks in the political and legal edifice to protect the Holocaust industry from criticism have started to appear and are likely to widen over time. The German magazine Der Spiegel has landed a major coup in its latest edition not for doing a rare exclusive interview with the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, but for allowing him to express views which would have resulted in a lengthy prison sentence had they been stated by a German national. It is not clear whether this was the intention of Der Spiegel, which in an editorial distanced itself from the remarks by the Iranian president ...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Who's Behind The "Da Vinci Code" ?