Monday, November 28, 2005

Did You Know?

9 Facts about the Greek Merchant Fleet Today (from The Hellenic Merchant Maritime Sector: A Historical and Business Overview by Ioannis Michaletos )

1.) In 2004, 13.5 billion Euros were absorbed by Greece from the merchant fleet.

2.) Approximately 23.5 percent of the world’s oil tankers of 73.8 mil. Tn. Dwt belong to Greek ship owners. This is as large as the US and Japanese fleets combined.

3.) Some 20 percent of the world’s ships in gross tonnage over 1000 tn. Dwt belong to Hellenic ship owners. This is around 60 percent of EU 25 combined fleets.

4.) The largest Hellenic shipping conglomerate nowadays, that of the Tsakos family, has a fleet of around 8 million tn. Dwt. This is two times larger than the entire French fleet.

5.) Greek ships transport 70 percent of Chinese imported oil and natural gas.

6.) Around 50,000 professionals work for Hellenic shipping companies in the City of London.

7.) Around $20 billion were spent in Japanese shipyards for the construction of new ships for Greek shipowners, only for the period 2001-2005.

8.) Around 450,000 employees and their family members depend on the merchant navy and related activities in Greece nowadays.

9.) The port of Piraeus is the third largest in the world in terms of passenger transportation. In 2004, some 15 million passengers were transported to the islands via Greek ferries.

Deviant Greek Capitalist Caste

The ship owning families of Greece, have traditionally exerted immense control on the political direction of the Government, the recent fracas over the American porno whore, Paris Hilton, illustrates the mentality of those who really run our country:

Paris Hilton Stars In 'Battle Of The Greek Millionaire's'
by Mitch Marconi
Nov 26, 2005

Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend Paris Latsis and her current millionaire boyfriend Stavros Niarchos were recently involved in a stand off at the American Music Awards. (Link)

NATO And Greece

The American-led NATO organization, guilty of thousands upon thousands of deaths in Serbia, has extended its domain over Afghanistan, and has brought along its Greek servants:

Greek army to run Kabul airport
Saturday November 26, 2005 (2251 PST)

ATHENS, November 27 (Online): SOME 38 Greek Air Force personnel left Athens Friday for Afghanistan, where they will run Kabul airport as part of NATO`s peacekeeping mission (ISAF), the Greek army said in a statement.

Jewish Denial Of Other Holocausts

Ruminations informs us of high-profile Jew efforts , with the ACLU in the lead, to force Massachusetts Board of Education to teach more than one version of the Holocaust that happened to the Armenians (who had the misfortune of not being born Jews).

Democracy: The Great Satan

The following is a prophecy passed on by a Hellenic Nationalist comrade on the satanic nature of Democracy, it actually comes from a site linked to my blog, called Orthodox Heritage, in any case, it concerns how the Anti-Christ will come to power through Democracy, one wonders if the spread of democracy around the world by what at least one Iranian leader often called The Great Satan (i.e. America) is further sign that Satan will come to the end times, by the votes of men:


The venerable Starets Lavrentii of Chernigov spoke frequently of antichrist, saying:

"There will come a time when they will fight and fight, and a world war will break out. And in the very thick of it, they will say, `Let us choose for ourselves a single king over all the inhabited earth.' And they will elect him! They will elect antichrist as the universal king and supreme `peace-maker' of the world. It will be necessary to listen carefully; it will be necessary to exercise caution! As soon as they begin to vote for one single man in all the world, know that it is none other than himself, and that it is forbidden [to Orthodox Christians] to vote [for him]."

World-Wide Jewish Crackdown On Intellectual Dissent

The informative and eclectic site (which paradoxically links to BOTH Communist and Nazi sites and happens to be run by a black guy) has a very illuminating commentary, worth reading.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Jewish-dominated Media Distorting The Truth On French Riots

This MSNBC/AP report seems to try to use old Marxian arguments to explain away the over ten days of escalating violence orchestrated by the Negro or partially Negro youth in France. While it may be true that France has high unemployment rates for youth, it still does not explain the differences between homogeneous societies and multiracial/multicultural constructs.

France is not nearly as bad as Greece , which unlike filthy rich France has no welfare system whatsoever, and has a jobless rate amongst youth estimated at between fifty to seventyfive percent. YET, such a scale of youth violence is unheard of in Greece, despite far worse economic malaise,because Greece is one of the most homogeneous Nations in the world , and congruently is also blessed with hosting one of the smallest Jew communities in Europe.

The racial element is tantamount to understanding the escalating violence.The Jewish Question in France , host to Europe's largest Jew quotient, is the major reason France cannot deal with the situation it is in, and is also why it is in the situation it is in....Insofar as a lack of national cohesion and a fractured society.

To sum up: fewer Jews and more homogeneity equals a family atmosphere during hard times. More Jews equal more hostile elements and less cohesion. And don't expect the Jewish-dominated Western press to EVER portray reality. This is a Jew's world, it's motto being:


43 Percent Of Serial Killers Are Homos

Male homosexual make up 1% of the population but are 43% of the serial killers! And this number does not include the fags they kill by passing on AIDS to their "lovers".

Skopjian Persecution Of Orthodox Christianity

Not very long ago it was reported here that the Skopjian government is persecuting Orthodox Christian clergy.

The conspiratorial "Macedonian Orthodox Church" , but moreover, the persecution of Archbishop Jovan is covered by a blog, now linked to Hellenic Nationalist blog. Worth taking a look at... if we ever have a state that is concerned about real territorial and cultural attacks on the Helleno-Orthodox realm, then we would be able to do something about this sad case. Now all that is to be done is to read news about it and complain , perhaps, to "human rights" organizations , who are inherently or ,rather, consistently anti-Orthodox Christian.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Message From +Bishop Christodoulos On The Un-Holywood

Dear Christians,

There was a time when the eastern Europeans immigrants who founded and invented Hollywood produced movies with such titles such as, "Ben Hur, A Story of the Christ" or "King of Kings" or "The Bells of St. Mary's." Somehow, the children of those immigrant film pioneers have become consumed by a burning hatred for Him and all of His followers.

Below is a recent letter I received from a spiritual son.

Christ have mercy on us all,
+Bishop Christodoulos


Despota Bless,

There is a weekly series called, "Trading Spouses." My wife and I watched it because we were interested in a women whose reaction to a family she was with was kind of erratic. What it really got down to was that this was a Christian woman placed in a family that practiced satanic rituals. This women fought every inch of the way against their beliefs and practices and refused to participate in any of their so called "change of seasons" rituals.

The worse part was how the Christian women and her friends were portrayed as intolerant and crazy. The Christian woman was shown yelling at the satanic family because of their devilish practices.

So one once again on TV, believers in Christ are portrayed as being intolerant
and crazy.

You are always in our prays,

Thursday, November 03, 2005


"Being ill, Raskolinkoff dreamt that the whole world was doomed to a peculiar but dreadful, unknown plague, sweeping from the depths of Asia towards Europe. Everybody had to perish with the exception of several, very few chosen. There appeared some kine of new germs, microscopical creatures which penetrated into human bodies...

Men who were affected by them immediately became possessed with a devil, falling into madness. But never, indeed never, did men feel themselves more clever and more firm in their beliefs than those affected by the disease. Never did men consider their judgments, their scientific conclusions, their moral convictions and faith more steady and firm.

Entire communities and cities, whole peoples, became affected by this disease and acted as insane. Everybody was alarmed and nobody understood, each being convinced tht the truth was in him alone, and everybody suffered, looking at others, beating their chests and wringing their hands in despair. It was not known who would be persecuted, nor how, nor what should be considered as being evil or good. Neither was it known who should be accued, who should be defended. People slew each other in a state of irrational fury. Armies were raised against each other; but while on their march they suddenly began to tear themselves to pieces, their ranks became destroyed, and soldiers attacked each other, killing, biting and devouring one another. In the cities alarm bells were rung all day long. People were calling together but nobody knew who was making the appeal nor for what purpose and everybody was alarmed.

The usual trade was discontinued because everybody insisted upon his own thoughts, presenting his own amendments, and no agreement could possibly be rached. Agriculture was suspended. In some places men gathered in groups, agreed upon something and took oath not to part, but immediately after that they began to do something quite different from what they themselves had anticipated and then they began to accuse and to slay each other. Fires broke out and famine started."
(Crime and Punishment, Epilogue, Translation from the Russian, Raskolinkoff Dostojevsky; The World At The Cross Roads, Boris Brasol, pp. 37-38).


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

African-Muslim Immigrants Riot In Paris; Called "Scum" By French Minister

The most hostile of France's "colorful" immigrant communities are the loads of Algerian and Moroccan migrants, and their descendents, many of whom adopt the American "hip-hop" way of life.

While I respect Arabs and their civilization, I must note that the Algerians and Morrocans have a high incidence of Negro admixture, and that can't help but accentuate their propensity toward taking on the underman role exemplified by American Negro culture.

Another multicultural/multiracial pipe-dream coming home to roost:

Paris Is Burning
11/2/2005 12:57:49 PM
LSN Staff

Paris, France -- Paris is burning, with more than 150 fires reported as of this morning, as African "scum" in nine Paris suburbs have continued a sixth straight day of rioting and armed insurrection against police, who are refusing to make substantial arrests and who are being ordered not to return live gunfire coming from the mostly black and North African rioters. (Link)

What The UN Is Really Doing In Occupied-Kosovo

International bodies ,so self-righteously involved in "humanitarian interventions" , are doing what they do best, in occupied territories:

Publish Date : 11/2/2005 9:33:00 AM
Source : World News A court in Serbia's UN-governed Kosovo province sentenced a UN official to three years in prison after finding him guilty of sexual abuse of a minor, the United Nations said today

The United Nations has been hard-hit in recent years by allegations of sexual misconduct by UN peacekeepers and civilian staff. Rape, pedophilia and enticing children with food or money in exchange for sex have been among the abuses (Link)

David Versus Goliath: Serb Discusses Downing The American "Stealth"

The Serbian commander, who downed the F-117A , that was broadcast on Serbia TV, and led to the American bombardment of Serbian TV, in order to save the US the embarrassment of being knocked down by a far smaller opponent, now talks about his great feat:

Serb discusses 1999 downing of stealth Posted 10/26/2005 9:18 AM
SKORENOVAC, Serbia-Montenegro (AP) Col. Zoltan Dani was behind one of the most spectacular losses ever suffered by the U.S. Air Force: the 1999 shooting down of an F-117A stealth fighter.

Dani said that his unit has had annual reunions on every March 27 since 1999 when a cake in the shape of the F-117 is served.(Link)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Persecution Of "Holocaust" Skeptics Rages On

The Belgian government is now set to politically persecute scholars who question the Jews' Hollow-Cause on the internet:

Belgian Holocaust Skeptic to Face Trial in Germany

26 October 2005
Belgian Holocaust denier Siegfried Verbeke is to face trial in Germany for claiming the Nazis did not murder six million Jews. On Wednesday, Le Soir reported that a court in Amsterdam had agreed to extradite Verbeke, who comes from Kortrijk in Flanders. He was arrested at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam in August and charged with racism and xenophobia and of spreading negationist opinions on the internet. (Link)

Coincidentallyy, there is at least one country in the entire world which is concerned over this flagrant disregard for intellectual freedom in the Western world. The souce of the enlightenment is the theocratic republic of Iran. According to the IHR (Institute for Historical Review) News and Comment e-mail list:

A new Iranian television movie, "Holo causte," is a dramatic portrayal of the real-life persecution of scholars in various countries who courageously challenge the orthodox Holocaust story, which has a venerated status in the US and western Europe. "Holo causte" was broadcast on Iran's Sahar television network on October 28, 2005. Produced by Sahar television, it was filmed in Lebanon. The characters speak in French, English, and Arabic.

Clips of this movie could be found on the website of the Jewish-Zionist dominated Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

It would be interesting if one could obtain this movie and translate it into Greek...

"The Jewish Brain" And "The Big Lie Theory"

Today, I came across a fine little review of a recent article published in The New Yorker magazine titled "The Jewish Brain"

Those of us who have ever spent any time around Jews know very well just how full of themselves, and, concurrently , just how full of sh.. the Jews are when around non-Jews.

This review addresses two great myths advanced by Jews --the myth of Jewish intellectual superiority to the rest of us, and yet another falsehood about a great European who led a failed war of liberation from Jewish domination,namely in regards to this leader's "Big Lie Theory":

Jewish IQ is around 115 but this results from a verbal IQ of about 125 while the rest of their IQ dimensions score near 100.

It is reasonable to suggest "The Big Lie" is related to "chutzpah". "The Big Lie" derives from what is popularly referred to as "The Big Lie Theory" which is a reference to something Hitler said in Mien Kampf -- and attributing it to Nazi propagandists.

However, upon doing a web search for it, I came across the following passage from "Mein Kampf" on "The Big Lie Theory" attributing it to not to Hitler's belief in what is justifiable as a propaganda technique, but to heritable predispositions among Jews!

Jew-Liar. A synonym if there ever was one.


From time immemorial. however, the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited.

Therein, lies the powers of the Jews. If you want to survive in this world, you must know the truth, which means good research methods and questioning every single word, written or spoken, by the propeller-headed liars.

Message From +Bishop Christodoulos

Dear Christians,

Yesterday, on the subways of New York City, I was thinking about an elderly man that I had just buried. Then I saw this poem on an advertising board of the train.

Old Men

by Ogden Nash
People expect old men to die,
They do not really mourn old men.
Old men are different. People look
At them with eyes that wonder when
People watch with unshocked eyes;
But the old men know when an old man dies.

As lame as that poem is, it was actually quite refreshing to see something other than images of glamour, sex, and blasphemy in a prominent place in New York's transit system. I found it quite ironic to see the poem right next to an advertisement for Slim Fast with Anna Nicole Smith. I thought of the man in the coffin. I thought of the hymns we had just been chanting at St. Markella's Cathedral...

"Where is the pleasure in life which is unmixed with sorrow? Where is the glory which on earth has stood firm and unchanged? All things are weaker than shadow, all more illusive than dreams; comes one fell stroke, and Death in turn, prevails over all these vanities. Wherefore in the Light, O Christ, of Thy countenance, the sweetness of Thy beauty, to him whom Thou hast chosen grant repose, for Thou art the Friend of Man."

"Vanity are all the works and quests of man, and they have no being after death has come; our wealth is with us no longer. How can our glory go with us? For when death has come all these things are vanished clean away. Wherefore to Christ the Immortal King let us cry: "To him that has departed grant repose where a home is prepared for all those whose hearts You have filled with gladness.""

"Where is now our affection for earthly things? Where is now the alluring pomp of transient questing? Where is now our gold, and our silver? Where is now the surging crowd of domestics, and their busy cries? All is dust, all is ashes, all is shadow. Wherefore draw near that we may cry to our immortal King, "Lord, Your everlasting blessings vouchsafe unto him that now has gone away. bringing him to repose in that blessedness which never grows old.""

I have been asked why we kiss the body of the newly reposed person at an Orthodox funeral. The American mind set finds this repulsive. Below is what we chanted yesterday.

"Brethren, come, and let us a farewell kiss give to him whom death has taken, and offer thanks to God. For he has departed from the bosom of his kin; and he hastens to burial, no longer remembering vanity, nor yet the flesh which is often sore distressed. Where are now his kindred and comrades? Now is come the hour of partings: let us pray to the Lord to bring him to his rest.

"Looking on me as I lie here prone before you, voiceless and unbreathing, mourn for me, everyone; brethren and friends, kindred, and you who knew me well; for but yesterday with you I was talking, and suddenly there came upon me the fearful hour of death: therefore come, all you that long for me, and kiss me with the last kiss of parting. For no longer shall I walk with you, nor talk with you henceforth: for to the Judge I go, where no person is valued for his earthly station: Yea, slave and master together stand before Him, king and soldier, rich man and poor man, all accounted of equal rank: for each one, according to his own deeds shall be glorified, or shall be put to shame. Therefore I beg you all, and implore you, to offer prayer unceasingly for me to Christ our God, that I be not assigned for my sins to the place of torment; but that He assign me to the place where there is Light of Life.

"The death which Thou hast endured, O Lord, is become the harbinger of deathlessness; if Thou had not been laid in Thy tomb, then would not the gates of Paradise have been opened; wherefore to him now gone from us give rest, for Thou art the Friend of Man."

May Antonios' memory be eternal!

May the Lord's Peace be with you all,
+Bishop Christodoulos

David Irving's Visit To Greece Was A Smash!

Seems that all that organized Jewish complaining by Greece's tiny Jewish community, just got Greeks in media,from across the political spectrum , even more interested in what historian David Irving had to say about the Second World War.

Another Month Is Over

Today is the beginning of November. The blog was extremely slow because of some new work obligations as I explained in a previous post. The new gig has gotten to wind down recently and I have not seen any money...I suppose that's what I get for working for 'The Man' , what's that old adage about making a deal with the devil?

Not only that , after last week's post about my return, my internet connection was suddenly shot out. All fixed finally today, when the cable guy at last, found my computer on his route.

Another month, another day , soon it may be another year of life in this epicenter of social decadence and nihilistic rot and gluttony.