Friday, September 29, 2006

Greek Government Fraud And Misdemeanor For EU

A few years ago the previous PASOK-led Greek government was caught falsely inflating economic barometers in order to stay in the EUROZONE, now the ND-led Greek government revised the budget to include "parts of the black economy such as prostitution and money laundering."

Regardless of the stark truth of Greece's bleak economy, the masters in Brussels will forever be determined to keep our beleagured and enslaved Nation inside their serpentine, abstract and anti-Nationalist Union.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A New Scientific Breakthrough!

Ruminations blog charts The Jewish Brain

Healthy Hungarian Nationalist Uprising

Imprisoned historian David Irving's study,UPRISING, of the 1956 Hungarian rebellion against Communist rule, details the anti-Jewish sentiments of the protestors and the extensive Jewish presence in the Communist elite. A rebellion which mainstream Judeo-Western media mis-labelled as merely anti-Communist. This timely article from the TIMES OF LONDON, focuses on the "anti-Semitic" threats of the Hungarian Nationalist movement, which now seems to be much more of a serious threat to the Judeo-Western elite, than the ridiculous Greek "nationalist"factions engrossed in homosexuality, democracy and neo-paganism.

When speaking to reporters, Hungarian nationalists have become more cautious about voicing the kind of anti-Semitism that bubbles over in their closed sessions. “I’m proud to be a Christian, and to be a Hungarian,” was as far as Mr Windberg would go. Their graffiti is less restrained. “Thieving Jew Demszky,” say the daubed slogans, referring to Gábor Demszky, the Mayor of Budapest.

The leader of MIEP, István Csurka, a bear-like white-haired 72-year-old playwright, is one of the most sinister figures in the nationalist undergrowth of Central Europe. His anti-Semitic rhetoric, denouncing Jews for their collaboration with communists and their role in global finance, is familiar territory. But Mr Csurka takes prejudice to crazy heights: 178 Hungarian estate agencies, he claimed, are in Jewish hands in a secret attempt to buy up the country. “This party is anti-Western, anti-capitalist, anti-communist and anti-liberal, and believes that all these enemies are either Jewish or commanded by Jews,” Miklós Haraszti, a former dissident, said.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Photos Of Greek Orthodox Church In Lebanon Attacked By The Jews

Message From +Bishop Christodoulos: Miracle Above Athens! : Quote From St. Photios

Dear Christians,

According to the Julian or "Old Calendar" this Wednesday is September the 14th. That date is the day on which the Church celebrates the Holy, Precious,and Life-Giving Cross.

That the Julian or "Old Calendar" is in fact the calendar that should be used by the Church is supported by the many signs given to us by God Himself. See below for one of these miraculous signs:

Christ be with you,
+Bishop Christodoulos

"How can I not mourn that previous peaceful life, now lost? I knew from the first that the Patriarchal throne was exceedingly stormy and surrounded by great cares. I knew of the difficulties of governing the masses of the people, their mutual quarrels, their envy, rebellions, and mutterings if something is not to their liking, and the scorn and haughtiness that follows unless one gives them their own way. What am I to do now that I have been placed in power? At times I will have to be strict even towards friends; I will have to disregard even kinsmen since I must be sharp and hard with transgressors. All of this will bring out their hatred and envy."

---St. Photios the Great

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Greek Foreign Intelligence?

This Jew blogger has re-posted a dated article from fellow Jew Takis Michas on alleged Greek complicity in the so-called "massacre" of Srebrenica, we all must have heard of these allegations before, and I've even seen press reports and articles from Golden Dawn claiming that they participated, knowing the Greek Foreign Ministry's long record of apathy and incompetence I would just have to doubt ,seriously, the idea of such far flung operations. The Greek involvement in the capture of Kurdish rebel leader Ocalan, just goes to show how pro-American and pro-Turkish the Greek Foreign Ministry and its so-called Intelligence really is,if anything if there were Greeks on the side of Serbian resistance , than it had to be lone ,rare volunteers:

Equally interesting were the activities of a contingent of Greek paramilitaries who were fighting in Bosnia as part of the Drina Corps under indicted war criminal General Ratko Mladic. As it was reported at the time, this group of Greek paramilitaries were in close contact with the Greek intelligence agencies, providing the latter with info concerning military developments on the various fronts of the war. According to the Dutch report, the Greek paramilitaries took part in the Srebrenica massacre and the Greek flag was hoisted in the city after it had fallen to the Serbs. The report bases its findings on telephone intercepts of the Bosnian Serb Army provided by Bosnian intelligence. 'One of the intercepted messages,' Professor Wiebes told me, 'was from General Mladic, who asked for the Greek flag to be hoisted in the city' - presumably to honor the Greek lads.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Deep Thoughts...

Sent from email list....

Are Jewish Intellectuals Beggars?
From Michael Santomauro

Spring 2001

Dear Friend,

A couple of years back I was visiting my old office location, near the Garment district, in New York City. It was late night and I was hungry for a prune Danish. It was around midnight on a cold Saturday night. The only store I found was a large kosher bakery, packed with young ultra-orthodox Jewish customers entering and leaving on a constant basis.

In front of the store was a Hasidic man with a cup. From a distance I was not sure what he was doing. He was getting more dollar bills than coins. I thought maybe he was raising money for a fundraising drive.

As I got closer, the more I saw of this man the more I doubted he was raising money for a cause. The Hasidic was disheveled and the garb he was wearing was filthy. Where I live is the most concentrated block in Manhattan of kosher eateries. It may come as surprise to many outside of New York City, to see a man with a yarmulke in front of a kosher restaurant begging for money. It happens. In my old Jewish neighborhood in the Bronx in the 1970s it was a common sight to see old Jewish people dig through store garbage for food. Even today, in Brooklyn, there are many former Soviet Jews on welfare. Across the street from where I live is a religious Yemenite Jew who begs on the weeknights. Those who attend the same shul as him, know him on a first name basis. One, in particular, I have spoken with, prides in living under the tunnel in a nearby park. His name is Buttons. His clothing is always covered with buttons. All his buttons are political slogans and pictures with a socialist theme. Once I saw him at a food fair, that was being sponsored by the Italian Chamber of Commerce, where free food samples were being offered. He recognized me from the neighborhood and greeted me. I asked him if he liked the food. He would tell me he couldn't eat it, because it wasn't kosher. Go figure. A homeless man searching for free kosher food.

Sorry for the digression. This was the first time I ever saw an Hasidic begging. I couldn't help but stare at him, while I was hailing for an available cab. He was near the curb and I spoke to him. I asked him a stupid question, "are you begging?" He shook his head yes. There was silence on his activity after I asked the question. As the yellow cab stopped to the side of me to enter, he rushed up to me yelling "no!" to say: "a Gentile begs; a Jew asks."

It was mind-boggling. I couldn't get it out of my head the entire cab ride home.

Two years later, I'm listening to Norman Finkelstein at the Brecht Forum I attended this past February (2001). In his talk he said: "American-Jewish intellectuals are diseased." I thought he was being harsh. In reflecting on those remarks, I'm now wondering about the Jewish beggar who says: "A Gentile begs; a Jew asks."

Is it an "ask" or a "beg"? We say a writer is being intellectually dishonest or intellectual honest, when we are referring to his work.

The honest intellectual doesn't "ask" for you to believe him. When you need to have an understanding, the honest intellectual welcomes the question. He will explain his thinking with a response that is artful, logical and cogent. He doesn't "beg" for a cover.

The dishonest intellectual "asks" to believe him. The dishonest intellectual wants to manipulate you. He will often have an artless response. When a dishonest intellectual is caught exaggerating or lying in his "asking" he "begs" for a cover.

Elie Wiesel is caught "asking" the reader to believe in his lying. He "begs" for a cover. By name calling those who question the integrity of his written work. He often says "they are anti-Semitic."

Even when the writer is faking it as a Jew. As in the famous case of Binjamin Wilkomirski. He accused his critics (truth-seekers) of the most "begged" cover in the history of our times -- anti-Semitism. When this Swiss writer (his wife is Jewish) was caught lying about his book Fragments the following was the reaction of Jewish intellectuals, as summarized by Mark Weber in the Journal of Historical Review:

Reaction by Jewish Holocaust scholars to the new revelations has been instructive, because they seem more concerned about propagandistic impact than about historical truth. Their primary regret seems merely to be that the fraud has been detected, not that it was perpetrated.

In an essay published in a major Canadian newspaper (Ottawa Citizen, Nov. 18, 1998), Jewish writer Judith Shulevitz arrogantly argued that it doesn't really matter much if Fragments is authentic. Her main misgiving, apparently, is that the deceit was not more adroit: "I can't help wishing Wilkomirksi-Doesseker [sic] had been more subtle in his efforts at deception, and produced the magnificent fraud world literature deserves."

Deborah Dwork, director of the Center for Holocaust Studies at Clark University (Worcester, Mass.), and co-author of Auschwitz: 1270 to the Present (Yale Univ. Press, 1996), agrees that Fragments now appears to be fraudulent. At the same time, though, she expressed sympathy for Wilkomirski, saying that when she met him he appeared "to be a deeply scarred man." Amazingly, Dwork does not blame him for the imposture, "because she believes in his identity." Instead, she takes the publishers to task for having "exploited" Wilkomirski. (New York Times, Nov. 3, 1998).

Deborah Lipstadt, author of the anti-revisionist polemic Denying the Holocaust, has assigned Fragments in her Emory University class on Holocaust memoirs. When confronted with evidence that it is a fraud, she commented that the new revelations "might complicate matters somewhat, but [the work] is still powerful." Daniel Ganzfried reports that Jews have complained to him that even if Fragments is a fraud, his exposι is dangerously aiding "those who deny the Holocaust."

American Jewish writer Howard Weiss makes a similar point in an essay published in the Chicago Jewish Star (Oct. 9-29, 1998): "Presenting a fictional account of the Holocaust as factual only provides ammunition to those who already deny that the horrors of Nazism and the death camps ever even happened. If one account is untrue, the deniers' reasoning goes, how can we be sure any survivors accounts are true ... Perhaps no one was ready to question the authenticity of the [Wilkomirski] account because just about anything concerning the Holocaust becomes sacrosanct. Wilkomirski himself has responded to the new revelations by going into hiding, although he did issue a defiant statement describing the climate of discussion about his memoir as a "poisonous" atmosphere of "totalitarian judgment and criticism."

And so...

For most of the above intellectuals, any constructive criticism (of a Jewish agendum) you make will be construed or twisted as "anti-Semitic." And if you are Jewish as "self-hating."

You have a noted Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein (always accused of being a self-hating Jew) saying "American-Jewish intellectuals are diseased." I've encountered an Hasidic beggar, who thinks only Gentiles are beggars.

Now, I think to myself, what's the difference between a diseased Jewish intellectual who is always trying to explain to me, that his critics are anti-Semitic, or self-hating Jews; if the diseased Jewish beggar is trying to explain to me only Gentiles beg. If you tell the beggar he is lying, why can't he defend himself the same way as the diseased intellectual. Should he meet a

non-diseased Jewish beggar, who disagrees with him, his cover will be, that the other
beggar is a self-hating Jew. In this diseased beggar's mind, if a you are a Gentile that disagrees, his cover will be, that you are anti-Semitic. One begs for your money, the other begs for your brain. For both it's "asking" and "begging" with a cover.


Michael Santomauro
Editorial Director
253 West 72nd street #1711
New York, NY 10023


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jew Blogger Whines About "anti-Semitism" In Greece

Sunday, September 17, 2006

List Of Articles On Greek Orthodox Churches Attacked This Weekend

This Serb Hellenic Forums thread lists several articles detailing attacks on Greek Orthodox churches this weekend, including repeat attacks on a historic church from the Byzantine era. This spree of bombings demands at least some reaction from the Greek state ,which bears responsibility for the welfare of the Helleno-Orthodox presence in the Holy Land.

Moo-slums Attack Greek Orthodox Churches In Response To The Papacy's Anti-Moo-Slum Remarks!

These moo-slums paint all Christians, nominal or real Greek Orthodox with the same brush, makes one lose a lot of sympathy for their cause, as much as one detests Jews...

Sept. 16, 2006, 11:43AM
Palestinians attack 5 churches after pope comments
Associated Press

George Awad, a cleric at the Greek Orthodox church in Nablus, said he and other Christians have apologized for the pope's remarks and urged Muslims to use restraint.

"There is no reason to burn our churches," he said.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Serpentine Greek Foreign Ministry Favors Muslim/Jewish/American/European Conquest of Kosovo

I wonder who is going to support us when Thrace or Epiros opt for " independence"?....

Greece favors Kosovo compromise
15 September 2006 13:39 Source: UPI

BELGRADE -- A Greek minister says only a compromise solution for Serbia's mainly ethnic-Albanian Kosovo province will ensure stability.Greek Foreign Minister Theodora Bakoyannis told reporters in Belgrade Thursday, “We are convinced that finding a compromise solution, which Belgrade and Priština will accept, is of crucial significance for stability of the region”, news agency Tanjug reported.Before addressing reporters, Bakoyannis met Serbia's President Boris Tadić and Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica, who told her that Kosovo's independence is unacceptable to Serbia.

Greek Establishment Bans Church From Schools "in recognition of Greece's emergence as a multicultural society"

The political establishment takes further steps to destroy the character of the Nation through attacking Orthodoxy, this time by removing Orthodox Christian confession from the educational system. Clearly this shows how much the political establishment and its backers-International Jewry, Europeans, and Americans--are threatened by Greek Orthodox Christianity.

Greece Church Barred from Hearing Student Confessions at School

By The Associated Press
Fri, Sep. 15 2006 ATHENS, Greece (AP) State schools reopened in Greece with the country's Orthodox church barred for the first time from hearing students' confessions on school premises.

Senior clergy in the powerful institution angrily oppose the new regulation, which the conservative government says was introduced partly in recognition of Greece's emergence as a multicultural society.

Nearly a million immigrants including tens of thousands of Muslims from Pakistan and Albania are estimated to live in Greece, a country of about 11 million.

The church's governing Holy Synod said in a statement just ahead of the new school year, which began Monday, that the decision "hurts the children themselves, depriving them of the unique opportunity to convey to a priest their most difficult and, at times, explosive problems." Students' interests "must be placed above any other concern," church leaders said.

The church is rarely challenged in Greece, where some 97 percent of the native-born population is baptized Orthodox, and past governments have shied away from backing a full constitutional separation of church and state.

Many Greeks view the church as a guardian of the nation's values and heritage.

But secular pressures are now growing. Church critics are challenging the institution's privileged position, which includes generous tax concessions and government payment of priests' salaries.

Copyright © 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. The information contained in the AP News report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Message From +Bishop Christodoulos: Video On Why We Orthodox Christians Pray

I recently received this from a dear friend.



Your Grace,

Since we've done the Have Faith video on prayer, I estimate that well over a thousand people have viewed it. I cannot express how pleased I am that we did this video, a more articulate description of prayer is hard to imagine.

At first I put the video on myspace, and many people viewed it, some embedded it into their profiles. To help spread the message even further, today I uploaded our video onto, a site that allows people to upload videos on any subject.

You can see the video here:

If anyone wishes to embed the video into their website, the necessary HTML code for it is below. If for some reason the code isn't visible in your email, you can see it by clicking the link above, to the right of the video there is a window which has a line that says "embed", that is the appropriate code.

In Christ,

- George

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fighting The Homosexual Movement

The Boycott Ford Campaign , backed by the American Family Association has successfully implemented a boycott that reportedly has made Ford sales drop over eleven percent. Economic boycotts , a very effective way to fight the homosexual movement. It is really pathetic to know, that effective anti-homosexual activism exists in America, one of the most liberal countries in the world, yet in Greece, nothing.

The International Abortion Industry

This is news on the international abortion industry , courtesy of The Final Conflict Email Newsletter.

[ says: This is the moral vacuum that the liberal-left inhabit. They want to save African babies from starving, yet they rejoice that European babies are ripped apart in the womb! In 60s America many pacifists joined the Pro Life cause because they were outraged that blood could be spilt in this way... of course the organised [Kosher-led] left has now made the ripping apart of millions of innocent - many working class - children as their credo. Hard to see where social justice and killing babies - rather than say, supporting poor families to have more children, tomorrows builders, plumbers, scientists, bus drivers etc. - meets, unless it's just that the abortionists hate life]:


Peter Singer, who believes it is moral to slaughter 'selected' new born babies, was present on Iconoclasts, Radio 4, last night (06.09.06). He defends animal rights, but supports abortion, euthanasia and infanticide; being 'pro-abortion’ not ‘pro-choice’. Singer was once quoted saying, "Mental defectives do not have a right to life, and therefore might be killed for food if we should develop a taste for human flesh, or for the purpose of scientific experimentation".

Throughout his comments, he said that he donates 10% of his money to Oxfam. By accepting his money, Oxfam are (possibly unwittingly) betraying their own statement of Purpose.

This statement speaks of "working to overcome suffering", "build(ing) a just and safer world", "saving lives", "empower(ing) people", believing that "everyone has the right to life and security...right to be heard, the right to equity", ensuring "everyone's rights are fulfilled and protected", "all human lives" having "equal value", everyone having "fundamental rights" which "must be recognised and upheld at all times" and deploring "unequal power relations based on...disability".

All of these commendable aims are blatantly contravened by Singer's support for abortion, euthanasia and infanticide. As an ethical charity, Oxfam must decide if their statement of purpose is worth more than Singer's money. If he is a member of Oxfam, his membership ought to be terminated and his donations rejected.

LifeLeague would be loathed to launch a campaign against Oxfam, but this kind of moral outrage is clearly unacceptable in a civilised society and must be answered.

Hellenian's Commentary On Orthodoxy, Nationalism and Neo-Pagan Buffoonery

Re-posted, based on the original commentary in this entry.

True Hellenic nationalists place Orthodoxy before all else because they realize that this world is temporal and that, without God, nothing is possible -- including the advancement of the nation.

The notion that religion is secondary -- or even unimportant -- is a foreign belief based on the backwards principles of the so-called "Enlightenment". Unfortunately, some Hellenic nationalists -- in the same vein as those Hellenes who have adopted Socialism, Communism, Liberalism, and other foreign imports -- have found it fit to imitate Westerners by adopting their alien philosophies into their ideologies. Why a nationalist would adopt the ways of a clearly backwards civilization is baffling but, unfortunately, it is a trend found throughout the spectrum of contemporary nationalist ideology: from democratic nationalists of the Right to National Socialists.

In every great epoch of Hellenic history, religion has always had a preeminent position. Only now, in this dark age, has religion been relegated -- and the consequences of this folly have been very clear. Genuine Hellenic nationalism (as opposed to the impure, Western-innovated variant) is nothing like Western nationalism and can be summed up by the following slogan: "The state above all; only God above the state". (It bears mentioning that this ideal was championed during the 4th of August era in the publications of persons such as Aristos Kambanis, the editor of Neon Kratos, and Theologos Nikoloudis, the Minister of Press in the 4th of August government.)

Regarding the status of Orthodoxy in the 4th of August, there can be no doubt that it was championed as one of the core ideals of the government. For instance, in a speech to parents and teachers on 19 October 1939, Metaxas said: [...] the major forces of the society other than the Nation are the Polity or the State and the Church. In the West there is a total separation between Church and State, and the Church is denied a role in education. Here in Greece, Church and Nation constitute one whole. The Greek Nation and the Greek church share the same history since the rise of Christianity. Thus the State in Greece never dared seek anti-religious aims: even the parliament of 1927, when and where there was such an inclination, did not dare undermine the special position of the Orthodox Church. So that one of the conditions that gave rise to the 4th August Regime was the period of irreligion preceding it. But now Family, Nation and Church are the new pillars of the Greek society, nation and the state. State and Church work each in its own way towards the same national goals". In another speech on 8 November 1936 Metaxas declared that the Orthodox Church was "never separated from the Nation". Historian P.J. Vatikiotis describes the 4th of August in the following terms: "A combination of fascist-inspired national socialism and religious fanaticism served as the basis of the Metaxas regime and the background to his 'August 4th' New Era". The same historian admits that Metaxas "passed through an agnostic -- even atheist -- phase" during his youth but "tortured by doubts however he became a believer [...]". Indeed, Metaxas' journal indicates that he was a pious man. In it he writes, "My refuge is God". Metaxas would also frequently appeal to God, especially in times of crisis.

In addition, the youth organization of the 4th of August, EON, was characterized as a "Christian organization" by Metaxas in his address to it during the organization's congress on 5 January 1939. He also fixed its ideals as constituting "King, Fatherland, Religion, Regeneration of Greece". Although it's true that Metaxas placed the nation slightly above the level of religion (which was probably the regime's greatest flaw), it is offensive for Neo-Pagan sympathizers to lump Metaxas with blasphemous traitors such as Yannopoulos and Daniilides.

Message From A Hellenic Nationalist Comrade On Greek Official: "Trade is the best way to destroy nationalism"

The following analysis was sent from a Hellenic Nationalist comrade, it reiterates the points I previously made about the ultimate goals of the Greek political establishment and moreover, of the Greek capitalist caste, in regards to Hellenic nationalism and the establishment's "Greek-Turkish Friendship" propaganda and state policy.

Evripidis Stylianidis, the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, stated the following in an interview with P.M. Communications: "I believe that trade is the best way to destroy nationalism and fundamentalism. It may not solve all the problems by itself, but it will definitely become a strong weapon to this end".

Naturally, by "fundamentalism" Stylianidis means to say "devotion to Orthodox Christianity". And, indeed, nationalism and Orthodoxy are the two greatest threats to the Xenokratia -- which is why the Western puppet rulers of Greece have been trying to destroy them for the last 30+ years. The fact that Stylianidis cites "trade" as the "best way" to destroy our culture and religion is important in that it gives further evidence to what we've known all along: that
businessmen and Capitalism are diametrically opposed to nationalism, religion, and other traditional ways of life as such things get in the way of profit.

Those interested in reading the interview in its entirety, may do so by following this link: It's also worth noting that the Turkish Daily News wrote an article praising Stylianidis, entitled "Stylianidis, a promoter of business, democracy, cooperation and human rights" (link:
Considering the man is a Turkophile traitor whose explicit goal is to destroy Hellenic nationalism, why shouldn't the Turks love him? He's one of their own.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Golden Dawn's Leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos On Orthodox Christianity

The following excerpt is my rough translation of an interview with Nikolaos Michaloliakos from page 96 of Nikolaos Michaloliakos' testimonial book "Gia mia megali ellada se mia eleftheri evropi" 2nd edition ,2000, published by Askalon Publishers,Solomou 74 ,Athens ,Greece:

Are you Christian Orthodox?

Of course...I believe that Orthodoxy upholds the Nation, I am clear on this issue...Furthermore,I want to say that there is so much racism to be found in the Old Testament (and we are speaking of Holy Scripture) , that it becomes unfair to regard us as racist...

Do you believe that Christianity destroyed Greece?

This is a very unjust characterization....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Το Νούμερο 31328

Number 31328 is a historical novel by Elias Venezis, subtitled the "book of slavery".

The Jewish-Arab Conflict Extends To Multi-Racial England

"The Riddle of the Jew's Success"

The Noontide Press, which I believe is affiliated with Mark Weber and the IHR, sent me a copy of F Roderich-Stoltheim's "The Riddle of the Jew's Success" today, and it is a fascinating and brilliant work. No surprise this book has been systematically suppressed by Jewish authorities, and is actively banned by and other major book retailers. The following is from Chapter 2:]

The man had Jewish blood in his veins, and gave vent to a feeling, which must be keenly alive in many Hebrews, althought they do not venture to expres it in such a barefaced manner. The Hebrew is incapable of allowing anything to rest in clam peace, which can beturned to some ecnomoic use. Instilled into his mind is the urgent impulse to make everything "liquid", to convert everything into money ...