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My Thoughts On The Execution Of Saddam Hussein

The Americans, the English and moreover, the Jewish-Zionists have been agitating for the destruction of Saddam Hussein 's secular and nationalist Arab regime for many years.

From the Hellenic Nationalist viewpoint, Saddam Hussein was a stalwart enemy of Israel and Turkey. I myself witnessed Jewish lobbyists at Turkish community events linking Saddam to anti-Turkey "terrorism", chief amongst Saddam's anti-Turkey projects was heavy funding and support for the PKK, the Kurdish resistance movement in Turkey.

Sadaam's right hand man until the bitter end was Arab Orthodox Christian Tariq Aziz, and the Orthodox Christians in Iraq, prior to the American-British invasion that commenced three years ago, were by some estimates close to 20percent of the population, arguably the highest Orthodox Christian population in the Muslim-dominated region, and many ,many times higher than the respective Orthodox Christian populations of Israel or Turkey , which are closer to a grim one percent of the overall population.

It's a shame that the liberal/leftist media and government in Greece was always quick to condemn BOTH the American invasion and Saddam, and this attitude extended to your average Greek on the street, who disagrees with the American invasion, yet also speaks disapprovingly of Saddam , due to his "human rights" record! I guess the fact that fellow Orthodox Christians , by the hundreds of thousands, lived in relative peace throughout his reign , is irrelevant to the parochial mindset of a democratic denizen of today's Greece.

Sadly , the spectrum of Greek Nationalist parties,groups,factions, and movements have also not commended Saddam for his benevolent and protective policy toward our fellow Orthodox Christians, who can now face the grim and ever depleting fate of Orthodox Christians in democracies such as Israel and Turkey.

President of Iraq Executed

The following was written by an Anonymous Hellenic Nationalist Comrade:

Today, the president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, after being kidnapped and illegal detained for three years by American terrorist forces that had barbarically bombed and invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq under Israeli mandate, was executed by the American puppet government after a predetermined show trial that can only be regarded as a mockery of justice.

In his letter to his people, Saddam Hussein wrote, "Here, I offer my soul to God as a sacrifice, and if He wants, He will send it to heaven with the martyrs [...]". Prior to his execution, defense lawyer Badie Aref said Saddam Hussein "was in very high spirits" and was preparing himself. He added that, "He told [his half-brothers who were visiting him] he was happy he would meet his death at the hands of his enemies and be a martyr, not just languish in jail". As he stood at the gallows, he refused to have his head covered with a hood and, before the rope was put around his neck, shouted, "God is great. The nation will be victorious and Palestine is Arab".

Many Iraqis lamented the great leader's death. Mosques broadcast recitations from the Koran in expressions of mourning, while thousands of common people took to the streets, carrying pictures of him, firing gunshots in the air, and calling for revenge in many towns. In Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit, there were no signs of the Islamaic Eid celebration. A 35-year old store owner in Baghdad was quoted as saying, "There's no Eid. This is a day for the Persians and not for the Arabs. God have mercy on his soul". Another Iraqi said that he and his family cried when state television reported news of the execution. Voicing the common view that Saddam
Hussein died a martyr, he added, "He had not said or done anything wrong. The Americans made a mistake by occupying Iraq, and relied on mercenaries and stooges who robbed the country and stole Iraq's history, heritage and culture. This day registered a martyr and a
hero who died for his cause". Likewise, Sheik Yahya al-Attawi of the Saddam Big Mosque voiced similar views, stating that, "The president, the leader Saddam Hussein is a martyr and God will put him along with other martyrs. Do not be sad nor complain because he has died the death of a holy warrior". In the words of Najeeb al-Nauimi, a member of Saddam's legal team, "The Baath regime ruled for 35 years. Saddam was vice president or president of Iraq during those years. For Iraqis, he will be very well remembered. Like a martyr, he died for the sake of his country".

The Judeo-Americans, aided by Iraqi traitors, may have hanged Saddam Hussein but, by doing so, they did not destroy him but rather made him a martyr whose legacy will live on. As the previous statements by both Saddam Hussein and his lawyers indicate, Saddam Hussein was very aware of this fact.

Long live the memory of Saddam Hussein, may his legacy not only live on but also influence and guide future Iraqi and non-Iraqi leaders, and may God grant him the mercy that he showed upon the Orthodox!

I now end this message with a prayer:

O Master, Lord our God, Who in Thy wisdom hast created man, and didst honor him with Thy Divine image, and place in him the spirit of life, and lead him into this world, bestowing on him the hope of resurrection and life everlasting; and after he had violated Thy commandments, Thou O Gracious lover of mankind, didst descend to the earth that Thou mightest renew again the creation of Thy hands. Therefore we pray Thee, O All-Holy Master give rest to the soul of Thy servant, Saddam Hussein, in a place of brightness, a place of green pasture, a place of repose, and, in that he has sinned in word, or deed or thought forgive him: For Thou art a good God and lovest mankind and unto Thee do we ascribe Glory, together with Thy Father, Who is from everlasting and Thine All-Holy and good, and ever giving Spirit, now, and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Andre Gerolymatos And Greek historiography

This evening I picked up a copy of the Greek-American newspaper , The National Herald and found another weekly op-ed from Andre Gerolymatos, chair of Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University in Canada.

The article was juxtaposition above another weekly op-ed from another Greek diaspora academic named Dr. Kousoulas, who years ago I had issue with over his insistence of the word "riot" to describe the very real pogrom administered by the Turkish goverment on the Greeks of Constantinople in 1955, nevertheless, his is another case of academic prostitution which I hope to address in another future blog entry.

Andre Gerolymatos, has the distinction of sitting in a university chair , made possible by the generous donations of the local Greek diaspora community Vancouver B.C. in Canada, a community which hilariously simply wanted a teacher who could teach their clod kids the modern Greek language, which Andre Gerolymatos, is entirely ignorant of, a major deficiency for a "scholar" who is hired to focus on Greek historiography.

Gerolymatos's tomes which almost entirely rely on other second hand and sometimes first hand sources in English, have the distinction of being reviewed by the Jewish-Zionist Wall Street Journal, and his presence has been featured as key speaker for Onassis foundation events and AHI events, to give play by plays on the Greek revolution and the influence of Western Classicists, and other such tired subjects.

The slant of Gerolymatos comes with a strong liberal and democratic bias, as in this editorial urging a separation of church and state in Greece , for example.

The UJA ( United Jewish Appeal) was also happy to carry his editorial calling for a Turkey in the EU !

It should come to no surprise to anyone knowing the system in the West, that a "historian" must agree to the ruling order's view of history and Gerolymatos is no exception. On many internet flora regarding the Armenian Genocide and the Pontic Greek Genocide , Turkish Genocide-deniers consistently cite Gerolymatos's book on the Balkans (generously reviewed by Jewish-Zionist and Genocide-denialist Wall Street Journal)

The Balkan Wars by Andre Gerolymatos (Greek-Canadian!) drums up second hand figures , often relying on pro-Turkish Genocide-denialist authors such as Stanford Shaw and Justin McCarthy in order to accuse Greeks of war atrocities against Turks!

What a terrible shame that the Greek diaspora funds such a POS.

What is a Andre Gerolymatos ? Is it a sickness? Is it a mental disease? Don't you think it's time that this rotten, sick individual gets flushed down the toilet, where the rest of the waste lies?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Greek Cypriot Converts To Islam

The self hate of some Greek Cypriots apparently knows no bounds.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bush And Blair Banned From Jesus Christ's Birthplace By The Greek Orthodox Church

This is truly more evidence of the divine mission of Greek Orthodox Christianity on this earth,the reason why Greek Orthodox Christians guard and protect our Lord's birthplace as well as his sepulcher. Unlike the many satanic heresies that abound (The Catholics,the OCA et al) whose true calling is money, Americanism and the Jews.

We, the Greek Orthodox Christians do not bow to the Jews the Americans and the English, Bush and Blair are banned from visiting Jesus Christ's birthplace, FOREVER.

"Their entry into the church will tarnish it as [Bush's] hands are covered in the blood of the innocent..."

The Spirit of Christmas consists in spreading Peace and Justice.

The Spirit of Christmas is when War Criminals are banned from the Birthplace of Jesus Christ.

In April 2003 at the height of the military campaign directed against Iraq, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem decided to ban President Bush and Prime Minister Blair from the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

"They are war criminals and murderers of children. Therefore the Church of Nativity decided to ban them access into the holy shrine for ever,"

"Their entry into the church will tarnish it as [Bush's] hands are covered in the blood of the innocent,"

The Church of the Nativity is under the authority of the Greek Orthodox church.

Of utmost significance, the US News media has not reported this story.

Spread the word to Church parishes in the US and around the World.

Unseat the War criminals.

SOURCE: Global Research, 24 December 2006

Monday, December 25, 2006


God Bless All Orthodox Christians Who Celebrate The Nativity Of Our Lord Today

Friday, December 22, 2006

Serbian Children Spend Christmas In Greece

The Greek people show their Brotherhood towards the Serbs by hosting Serbian War Orphans and Refugee children who experienced horrors from the "humanitarians" of the "enlightened" West, the Vatican-backed Croats and the Slavic Muslim chauvinists.

Message From +Bishop Christodoulos:News and Events at the Cathedral and other news...


Our annual trip to the South Street Seaport to hear the Big Apple Chorus Christmas Concert has been rescheduled for this Sunday. We were originally scheduled to go this Friday, but the weather forecast for that day looks bleak. Instead we will leave from the Cathedral of Saint Markella on Sunday after Divine Liturgy. The concert begins at 3:00 PM. If you need a seat in one of our church vans, let me know now. We should be back in Astoria by 7:00 PM at the latest.


The next Homeless Clothing Run is this Tuesday, December 27th. We leave from the Cathedral at 8:00 PM.


So America's highest court declined to review the 2 to 1 ruling of the United States Supreme Court in Skoros that has allowed New York City to ban Nativity scenes in public school Christmas displays, while permitting a Jewish menorah, a Muslim star and crescent and a Christmas tree. New York City defended the policy by arguing that the Jewish and Islamic symbols, displayed on the Jewish holiday of Chanukah and the Muslim commemoration of Ramadan, were "secular" symbols, while the nativity scene was "purely religious." [Note: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, now pondering a race for the presidency as a third-party candidate, vigorously supports this anti-Christian display policy.]


December 20, 2006

Mount Athos, Greece - In another brutal an unprovoked attack, members of the Patriarch Bartholomew's brotherhood launched a pre-dawn assault on the Esphigmenou building in Karyes, breaking down the door with sledge hammers, and assaulting the Esphigmenou monks inside, sending four to the hospital. Fathers Cleopas, Mardarios, Chrysostomos and Ambrosios were hospitalized at Polygero Hospital, 500 miles north of Athens, after having been attacked with crowbars by monks from Patriarch Bartholomew's brotherhood. According to the attending physician, Dr. Athanasios Papageorgiou, the most seriously injured monk, Fr. Ambrosios, has multiple bodily injuries and a broken skull.

The imposter monks who launched the attack, are under the spiritual authority of Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul, who recognizes these monks as his spiritual children and the monks that have been attacked, assaulted and sent to the hospital as "rebels" who need to return to the fold and obey his personal interpretation of the faith. The monks of the historical monastery of Esphigmenou, who were attacked by the Patriarch's monks, reject all violence as unchristian, and have requested dialogue with Patriarch Bartholomew to clarify his actions and teachings which are in conflict with the teachings of the Orthodox church. So far, Patriarch Bartholomew has ignored these requests for dialogue, preferring instead to persecute them by proxy, using the Greek police and his own sledge hammer wielding monks to do his work.

See the BBC report at the below site:
(Not surprisingly the BBC story is extremely biased against the Esphigmenou monks.)

If the violent attack with crow bars that has hospitalized several monks on Mount Athos has disturbed you... if you feel this is not such a good witness to the world of what Holy Orthodoxy is... if you were outraged.... if you are embarrassed by the behavior of these monks of the Holy Mountain... write to the man who inspired or possibly even requested this unGodly action:

The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew:

Christ be with you,
+Bishop Christodoulos

Just in...A letter from David Irving...says: "Mel Gibson was right!"

Email sent on,
Thursday/Friday, December 21-22, 2006 midnight...

Mr. Santomauro,

Thank you ... . your kind thought is much appreciated, especially as we lost our home and everything on March 20, as a result of Austria's kidnapping me. But now that nightmare is over.

I just checked back into London a few hours ago after two days still held in a police jail in Vienna after being released from the main Vienna prison when our appeal was upheld on Wednesday December 21. I have the fine oratory of my 84 year old defence lawyer Dr Herbert Schaller to thank for the unexpected victory in the appeal court. I spent over 400 days in solitary confinement in Austria's oldest prison, sentenced in February to three years' jail for an opinion I expressed in two talks seventeen years ago. Not nice.

However we shall now gird ourselves for a fresh legal battle in Austria, (1) to overthrow my deportation order, and (2) to put Austria before the UN Court of Human Rights.

The enemy are spitting with rage, and -- with one final quote uttered by me to the Agence France Presse ("Mel Gibson was right!") in a phone interview in the midst of a final police interrogation -- I was out of there and, belatedly, on a plane to London. It got in around 10 pm this evening, too late for all the TV shows that had lined up. But we have made a great dent in "their" cause, and had a real victory for Real History. More soon, and you'll find my website back on line shortly.

David Irving (now back writing in London)
pp Focal Point Publications


"Deep down, I believe that a little anti-Semitism is a good thing for the Jews - reminds us who we are." --Jay Lefkowitz (NYT Magazine. Feb.12, 1995. Page 65).

--Jay Lefkowitz is now Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy.


Michael Santomauro
Editorial Director
253 West 72nd street Suite1711
New York, NY 10023


To subscribe and grow with knowledge or to unsubscribe and Die Stupid? Send an E-mail to:

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American procession For Bethlehem Around The White House To Highlight The Jewish-Zionist Oppression Of Bethlehem

Christmas Procession for Bethlehem
Saturday, December 23
4:00 PM
Meet at Lafayette Park
(16th and Pennsylvania Ave., NW)
Mary and Joseph, with donkey, will lead a candle-lit procession around the White House and National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse Bethlehem, the city where the birth of Jesus was heralded with heavenly joy 2000 years ago, is languishing today in the darkness of a military occupation. All its residents, including Palestinian Christians, are suffering.

Please help bring light into the darkness by joining a gathering in support of Bethlehem. Our glowing candles and presence will show our concern and love for those who struggle in poverty and isolation.

"The biblical town is now walled in by Israel's West Bank separation barrier, poverty is deepening, and Christians are leaving Bethlehem in droves." (AP 12/10/06)

"Our town has become a prison for those of us who live here; our livelihoods have been strangled by the Israeli wall and the restrictions on movement, which have severed the arteries which for centuries have sustained our little town. It is right that Christians should know this, and that their prayers in this season be directed towards the many people suffering dire poverty in Bethlehem as a consequence of the Israeli occupation...Bethlehem needs the world, and the world needs Bethlehem. We must not let the wall separate us." (Leila Sansour, Chief Executive, Open Bethlehem, in the Tablet, 12/1/06)

To find out more about Bethlehem today, see
Sponsored by the Ad Hoc Committee for Bethlehem
Questions or Comments:

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


A Palestinian boy throws stones at an Israeli tank patrolling the Deheishe refugee camp, near Bethlehem ,July 5, 2002.

(It's interesting how Israeli political groups can freely call for the expulsion of Christians and Muslims from Israel, and the expuslion of non-Jews from lands and sovereign nations where an indigenous Jewish population has never existed, and yet receive no news coverage outside of the Arab world but when any non-Jewish political party calls for stricter anti-immigration laws they are denounced in the Jewish-dominated West by alarmists as "xenophobes," "racists," and all sorts of other absurdities. This alone certainly says a lot about who runs the media, doesn't it?-Anonymous Hellenic Nationalist Comrade)


Orange city lights, light up the street
Immigrants piss off, Jew puppets fuck
Leave now our hometown, we won't let
it down.
We'll regain our peaceful nights, orange
city lights.

I might be a little old but I own a
Come younger fellows let's go to face
the storm.
The immigrants must perish and go
straight to hell
A bunch of human trash, we know them
all so well.


We're sick and tired of that bloody
Albanians - Georgians, Pakistanis, Gypsies still pollute
our nation.

Scum of the underground with brains
full of shit.
Our leaders are fucked up but we
won't ever quit.
Some niggers also appeared when
they escaped the zoo.
They married some white whores and
their children grew.
The yuppies don't react due to
the Jews.
They only care about the call girls they're
supposed to screw.


(Lyrics for ORANGE CITY LIGHTS are from the album Stomping The Mud by Boiling Blood purchased in Logxi bookshop, Athens)

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Zorlu and Menderes also spoke of Greek-Turkish friendship prior to launching the pogrom against the Greeks on 6th September, 1955.

(SOURCE: THE MIRACLE by Constantinople Pogrom survivor Leonidas Koumakis)

"Greek-Turkish Friendship" Propaganda

Hellenic Empire blog provides a superb analysis of the latest propaganda measure by the ruling elite to promote "Greek-Turkish Friendship" by television shows. Gents , I have been following these developments for a long time, and effectively know the Turk's and the Greek's psychology. We , as Greeks, may have those who yearn for justice, but there will always be those Greeks,who still carry the slave mentality, who will back-stab, rat out and turn out any Greek they can, any way they can , in order to gain favor from an unapologetic Turk, welcoming them with open arms, history shows that this never, ever, ends well.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


(The photograph displays a decapitated Aris Velouchiotis, famed leader of ELAS ,the armed wing of the Greek Communists during the 1940s, his severed head strung up in a public square for all to see. In an ironic twist of fate, it had been former Greek Axis security forces (Greek security battalionists), employed by the new post-war Greek government, which hunted down and killed him. The communists say that he "committed suicide" before he was captured and killed,but regardless of the truth of this dubious theory, the fact remains that the former security battalionists killed him, nonetheless --whether directly, or indirectly, matters very little. Their goal was accomplished. Justice was served.--Anonymous Hellenic Nationalist Comrade)

How does it feel to walk amongst the fucking living
How does it feel to laugh upon the dam lie they're fed?
It is true, many years have passed, the self called first
became the dam last.
How does it feel to piss on the graves of the living dead?
How does to feel to aim and fire at their empty head?
It is true many years have passed, the rulers of the
streets, lie tragically crashed.

Their glorious days came to a tragic end.
Their so called comrades, straight into hell were sent.
They pretend to be family man,
Ugly as pigs, they're coming back again.
They dominated everything, now they're going home at
That bunch of bastards worshipped everything real
Anarchists and commies I dedicate to you that song.

How does it feel to smell the fear of a walking corpse?
How does it feel to attack and hunt him with no remorse?
The seventies are over now, your nice looking girlfriend
became an ugly cow.
Consuming humanoid zombies with a frozen heart
The eighties and nineties have proven that you
weren't past.
Of this world, you dirty scum your days are over, now
our time has come.

A mindless pack full of material shit.
With fashion aid they stood upon their feet.

A generation that makes me sick.
They can come and suck my dick.
Hippie cunts identify your selves,
Or hide in the woods like hunted elves.
Out cult is eternal it will never die.
Our soul has no price it's something no one will buy.

A lost generation-Full of frustration-now
A lost generation-A shame for the nation-now.

Remember the times when brave men stood upon their
To protect their nation without a single thought to quit.
Brothers we are your chosen sons, the true believers the
unbeaten ones.
A lost generation absent to any holy fight,
They had no values and now remain out of sight.
Greasy low lifes, puppets,
in love with fuckin' whores.

Flowers and love for pathetic mules
Eastern religions Buddha's fuckin' rules
Their sons ignore who their real father is
Probably a filthy, self destructed anarchist

A lost generation-Full of frustration-now
A lost generation-A shame for the nation-now
A lost generation-Full of frustration-now
A lost generation-A shame for the nation-now

(Lyrics for LOST GENERATION are from the album Stomping The Mud by Boiling Blood purchased in Logxi bookshop, Athens)

Kissinger and Wolfowitz to Advise The Pope!

Over the course of his long and controversial career, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger - a Jew - has had many titles. Now he has one more - "adviser to the Pope".(Beware The Papists! Beware Ecumenical "Orthodox Priests" ! )

How Sick Is This?
Nazi Gingerbread Men

Today is the beginning of Hanukkah, so can't let this one pass just in case you missed it...

Just when you think you’ve heard it all—FOX News reports: “An artist who was forced to remove his Nazi gingerbread men from the window of a hardware store has set up the display in an empty storefront in another town. “The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men” depicts a small gathering at a Nazi rally. Keith McGuckin set up the display in this northeastern Ohio city Thursday night, a day before the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah begins at sundown…

Alternative Tehran, Iran "Review of the Holocaust" International Conference

The radical theocratic revolution in Iran is offering an alternative model for civilization as is evident by its ambitious hosting of a worldwide conference,earlier this week, questioning the official Jewish version of Second World War history and its effects to this day.Of course, the Western press as well as leading Western powers were furious that those who were most affected adversely by this Jewish version of history dare question such a thing in a conference. France and Germany along with a few other Western European countries outlaw questioning of the official Jewish version of the Second World War, many of the participants to this conference are citizens of these "enlightened" countries

In any case I chanced upon two alternative reviews of the conference from the revisionist perspectives of conference attendees, Bradley Smith's codoh site is one source, and the even more extensive Adelaide Institute. A must read is Mathaba's first hand account, The Truth About The Tehran Holocaust Conference-By One Who Was There and the speech by Robert Faurisson published in Radio Islam.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jewish Press Worried Over Turkey's Racism And Hatred To minorities

What's so amazing about these Turks is that they persecute minorities, and even have a long legacy of deporting and massacring minorities. Yet cry "racism' whenever they are asked by Westerners to be held accountable for their Turkish racism to minorities, the Turkish hypocrisy is shameless:

Debate on 'minorities' law worries Turkey's Jews

By Yigal Schleifer, Jewish Telegraphic Agency

"Turkey's Jewish community, for example, has had 22 of its foundations -- synagogues and other property in Istanbul and in parts of Turkey where Jews no longer live -- taken away.

"I was very angry during the debate," said Mihail Vasiliadis, editor of Apoyevmatini, a daily Greek newspaper based in Istanbul. "They were not treating us as citizens. Why should I be treated differently than a Muslim?"

Pinochet: Zionist Junta Leader

'Pinochet's Rule
Jewish individuals were successful under Pinochet's rule from 1973-1988 also. Many returned to Chile after Allende's demise and became active in the government.

Brigadier General Jose Berdichevsky Scher was one of the Air Force officials responsible for the bombing of the presidential palace where Allende died.

Pinochet won some favor among the Jewish community (among those not exiled) because of his views on Israel. Pinochet was a strong supporter of Israel despite the 350,000 Palestinians in the country, the largest group of Palestinians outside of the Middle East. '

The world headlines are blazing wih news about the death of nonagenarian former Chilean dictator and junta leader Augusto Pinochet. The Western press has been quick to condemning his human rights abuses, his "right wing" dictatorship , his anti-Marxist polices etc etc

In actuality, Augusto Pinochet was a Judeo-Centric junta takeover , which very unlike our independent Greek junta, has been exposed in declassified documents as being installed by covert American intervention. Of course, the fanatical Zionist-Jew Henry Kissinger played a major role in installing Pinochet's junta in Chile, in his capacity as American Secretary of State as well as NSA head.The Trial Of Henry Kissinger, covers his involvement in this Zionist war crime along with several other crimes against humanity such as the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

Salvador Allende , the elected government of Chile which the Pinochet Junta overturned in 1973 was a threat to the Jews, Allende had made several public statements condemning Jewish criminality and in his youth was alleged to have even been an admirer of The Third Reich! Many observers now seriously doubt any Marxist plot on the part of Allende, in fact, Allende was actually more of a National Socialist in training.

Many years ago I had a relationship with a Jewess who revealed to me that her estranged father was making a lot of money from the Pinochet regime with deals done at the Israeli Embassy in Santiago! Jewish-American and anti-Zionist writer Noam Chomsky has linked Israeli military cooperation with several "right wing" regimes in Latin America that owe their existence to American intervention, chief among them were El Salvador and Chile, making money off of human misery.

While Pinochet may have hunted down Marxists, he also persecuted his own people for foreign profiteers, mainly the Jews and the Americans. He also is commended by such capitalist watchdog publications as FORBES and THE ECONOMIST for forcing Chile to implement laissez-faire free market capitalism. Not all Juntas are what they appear to be, while Pinochet was pro-Capitalist to a fanatical degree, he was NOT a Nationalist. Pinochet was a Zionist Junta leader.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Successful Net Activism!

The European Tribune site and message board sponsoring bloggers and activists involved in "Nation Building" (code for cultural imperialism) not surprisingly hosts the English whore, Devious Diva, who whines and complains about "racist" Greek park benches ,"racist" Greek garbage cans,and a Hellenic Nationalist blog:

Re: Support DeviousDiva (none / 1)
I found out later that this was posted all over. The other copious cr*p was definitely directed at me including this
Remind me to delete this link later

The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil is for enough good people to do nothing
by deviousdiva ( on Mon Dec 11th, 2006 at 05:42:18 PM EDT
[ Parent ]

Re: Support DeviousDiva (none / 1)
Oh... ick. Now I need to go take a shower.
by the stormy present (stormypresent aaaaaaat gmail etc) on Mon Dec 11th, 2006 at 05:57:03 PM EDT
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Re: Support DeviousDiva (none / 0)
Glanced at the blog. Sounds just like their counterparts in Poland. Sorry you had to attract this guy's attention.
by MarekNYC on Mon Dec 11th, 2006 at 06:14:54 PM EDT
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"The Infidel" aka "The Turk Pussy" Has Banned Me From Posting On His Blog

I guess the comments of one or two little Greeks was too much for "The Infidel" and a host of Turks, that's ok "Infidel" and company, go back to holding hands and sticking your butts high in the air.

Isn't It Beautiful?

Isn't it beautiful to piss on Turk flag? Email me for more ways to honor Turkey!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Message From +Bishop Christodoulos

Dear Christians,

I have good news. Thanks to the generosity of all of you we no longer need to solicit used clothing. We have been overwhelmed with donations. There is simply no more room to store the clothing. From here on in we will only be accepting brand new clothing (under wear, socks, boots, gloves, hats, jackets, coats, non-dress pants, etc.). Please do not bring by any more used clothing until further notice.

Many thanks to Gleason Paints! They have donated new thousands of brand new items of outer wear! May Christ grant all of you at Gleason Paints many blessed years!

We still need bottled water...

Our next Homeless Run into the city will be this Tuesday evening. If you will be joining us please let me know so I can reserve a seat for you in our van. We leave the Cathedral at 8:00PM SHARP!

More good news. The Editor of our theological periodical ROMIOSINI, Leonidas Pittos has had a letter published in the National Herald (English Edition). I have pasted the letter at the bottom of this e-mail. Bravo, Leonidas!

May Christ keep you all safe,
+Bishop Christodoulos


To the Editor,

Recent articles in Greek and world media and news outlets have brought international attention to the heart of Orthodox Christian monasticism, Mount Athos. The attention has focused on a dispute between the monks of the Holy Monastery of Esphigmenou and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. I write to you to suggest a viewpoint that has been missing in the world press.

The recent history of the dispute is as follows:

In 2003, the Ecumenical Patriarchate began legal procedures to evict the monks from their monastery. Late in 2005, the Holy Community governing Mount Athos appointed a new Esphigmenou monastic brotherhood, recognized by the Patriarchate, to replace the existing brotherhood and confiscated the Esphigmenou monks assets. Subsequent to this decision, the Greek Police began an embargo on provisions.

The controversial methods utilized by the Greek State and the Ecumenical Patriarchate have even attracted the censure of the United States State Department, at a time when the Ecumenical Patriarchate itself is struggling to protect its legal status in Turkey.

The tragedy is that this dispute has arisen from the Patriarchate's leading role in inter-faith and inter-denominational dialogue. I call this a tragedy in that the Patriarchate appears to be willing to dialogue with representatives of other faiths, yet unwilling to a conduct dialogue within Orthodoxy on the matter of Ecumenism.

The fact is that there is no consensus within Orthodoxy on the matter of Ecumenism. The monks of Esphigmenou are part of a broader trend within Orthodoxy that objects to Orthodox involvement in the ecumenical movement. Many Orthodox Christians, including many leading hierarchs, monks, and scholars, have been troubled by the participation of their own local churches in inter-denominational and inter-religious joint prayer services. Many have seen such gestures as an endorsement of inter-spirituality between world religions and of intercommunionâ with other non-Orthodox Christian communities, contradicting the historical self-understanding of the Orthodox Church and its mission in the world.

In September 2004, the School of Pastoral and Social Theology at the University of Thessaloniki sponsored a five-day inter-Orthodox Theological conference entitled Ecumenism: Origins, Expectations, Disenchantment in which sixty speakers from around the Orthodox world participated. The conference called for all autocephalous Orthodox Churches to withdraw from the World Council of Churches and to bring an end to these kinds of dialogues and even suggested the excommunication of church leaders that continue to participate in, and lend support to, the pan-heresy of Ecumenism.

Finally, the proposals of the 2004 Thessaloniki Inter-Orthodox Conference stated an ideal that anyone whether for or against Orthodox involvement in Ecumenism should be able embrace:

“Let inner-ecclesial dialogue among the Orthodox be strengthened and encouraged in the spirit of conciliarity, and not be limited only to the bishops. It is, at the very least, lamentable that dialogue with various heretics and non-Christians is pursued while the differing views of brothers in the faith, who are slandered as fanatics, are rejected.


Leonidas Pittos

Ph.D. Candidate - Byzantine Studies

University of Chicago


( Reproduced for fair use and educational purposes from the original thread TURKISH BACKSTABBERS on )

Originally Posted by golani

Please all of a sudden Jews become friends of Turks LOL. Cut the bs, The only reason Israel is friends with Turkey is monetary and geopolitical, those two cultures have nothing in common, if anything they should be enemies, taking the fact that Turkey was an ally to Germany during WWI. It is just about time Jews will realize the true backstabbing colors of Turkey!

Turkish Authorities 'Harass' Orthodox Patriarchate Staff

Original Turkics = cousins of Mongols !!!

( Reproduced for educational purposes from original post by Zetaman at Balkan Forum)

Original turks were related to Mongols (unlike 80% of populations of todays Anatolia which are turmenized) and came from the region of todays Chinese province called Xinjiang (those Turkds there today are called Uigurs) or as Turks call it eastern Turkestan (which borders Mongolia) and its vicinity.

From there they spread in the direction of central Asia where they intermixed with Persians to a minor degree and from there they further expanded in the Afghanistan, Ural mountains and Siberia, eastern Europe, Iran, Anatolia, etc. Today among the racially purest Turks (when compared to other Turkic groups) are Uzbeks and Uigurs in W.China.


Turkic Languages


Turkic history


Exchanges between East Asians and Central Asians in China (Writen by a Turk).


About how wisepread the Turkic languages are


The Uighur language is a Turkish (or Turkic) dialect spoken by over 10 million Uighur people in Central Asia including 9 million in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China (also known as Eastern Turkestan). The Uighur and Uzbek (another Turkish dialect spoken by the people of Uzbekstan) languages are extremely close. As matter of fact, a lot of linguists still argue about whether or not these two dialects are different at all. So, if you speak Uzbek, you don't have to learn Uighur, you are an Uighur speaker as well.

Picture's of (centralasian) Uzbeks (REAL Mongoloid Turks with Persian admixture.Note: The ones who appear more Mongoloid are more Turkic))

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wanna Insult A Turk?


This blog entry has a letter to the Pope from a Turk and a fight between me and a Turk over fallacies, check it out and please join in!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Turkey's Genocides

Taner Akcam's book on Turkey's Genocides is out and reviewed:

The pope didn't utter a peep about arriving in a country whose predecessor state, the Ottoman Empire, committed the largest genocide in history against Christians.

It may also be that the murder of more than 1 million non-Catholic Christians in the Armenian genocide is a non-homefield matter in the Vatican's current damage-control foreign policy toward Turkey and Islam

True. The Papal heresy supported the Turks all along, they caused mortal damage to Constantinople, helping out the Turkic hordes way back when.., and they only rejoice at the massacre of non-Catholics, the recent Vatican sponsored Holocaust against the Serbs is just the latest on a long list of anti-Orthodox Christian Crimes Against Humanity.

The Armenians have some Catholics and Protestants amongst them, but they are mostly monophyisite ,Apostolic heretics nonethelessss. What Taner and the reviewerer mention, as is not usual with Armenian scholars and Western historians and writers, is the co-victims of the Armenian Genocide, the Greeks and the Assyrians, as documented in Thea Halo's Not Even My Name and remarked about in this Thea Halo letter.

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"Racist" Graffiti

The English whore, Devious Diva, and the leftist fag, Panayote Dimitras , bitch and complain...

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Glory To God And Saint Nicholas!

This morning I went to attend Divine Liturgy at Saint Spyridon church in Manhattan, the new priest , Father George, delivered a beautiful sermon on how Saint Nicholas smacked Ariunnus in the face and was justified by God, for acting in reverence and piety not in passion. In fact, this is an example of how violence is sometimes necessary to defend the faith. Saint Nicholas was said to donate everything he had to keep people out of hardships, and insisted that he not be known for giving gifts for the sake of salvation. The most interesting point, however, was the point Father George made about the Protestant hatred of Saints. Saint Nicholas as Santa Claus, he explained, was just a mockery by the protestants of a great Saint who they could not force the public to forget, so they paint him as a fat man who smokes tobacco pipes, in order to make him appear as un-saintly as possible. Father George mentioned that Greece isn't Protestantized into accepting Santa Claus, in essence, a mockery of Saint Nicholas . In Greece Saint Basil is associated with the Christmas season. However, on my last visit to Greece I did see statues and mannequins of Santa Claus.

Around noon I attended a artoclassia , a blessing of the bread and a recital of prayers, officiated by Archbishop Dimitrios, at the site of the destroyed Saint Nicholas church right by the famous bombed WTC. This is the only Greek Orthodox church in the New World physically destroyed by an act of human violence.

And in the evening I attended a Paraklesis evening service of prayer to Saint Nicholas at Saint Nicholas church in Brooklyn.

Because of the day I forgave a friend, who has lost his way, but is fastly returning to Greek Orthodoxy

My name saint , and my grandfather's name saint, I spent all day worshipping. Glory To God And Saint Nicholas!


Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
The truth of things hath revealed thee to thy flock as a rule of faith, an icon of meekness, and a teacher of temperance; for this cause, thou hast achieved the heights by humility, riches by poverty. O Father and Hierarch Nicholas, intercede with Christ God that our souls be saved.

Kontakion in the Third Tone

Saintly One, (St. Nicholas) in Myra you proved yourself a priest; for in fulfilling the Gospel of Christ, venerable One, you laid down your life for your people and saved the innocent from death. For this you were sanctified as One learned in divine grace.


This Saint lived during the reign of Saint Constantine the Great, and reposed in 330, As a young man, he desired to espouse the solitary life. He made a pilgrimage to the holy city Jerusalem, where he found a place to withdraw to devote himself to prayer. It was made known to him, however, that this was not the will of God for him, but that he should return to his homeland to be a cause of salvation for many. He returned to Myra, and was ordained bishop. He became known for his abundant mercy, providing for the poor and needy, and delivering those who had been unjustly accused. No less was he known for his zeal for the truth. He was present at the First Ecumenical Council of the 318 Fathers at Nicaea in 325; upon hearing the blasphemies that Arius brazenly uttered against the Son of God, Saint Nicholas struck him on the face. Since the canons of the Church forbid the clergy to strike any man at all, his fellow bishops were in perplexity what disciplinary action was to be taken against this hierarch whom all revered. In the night our Lord Jesus Christ and our Lady Theotokos appeared to certain of the bishops, informing them that no action was to be taken against him, since he had acted not out of passion, but extreme love and piety. The Dismissal Hymn for holy hierarchs, The truth of things hath revealed thee to thy flock ... was written originally for Saint Nicholas. He is the patron of all travellers, and of sea-farers in particular; he is one of the best known and best loved Saints of all time.

Reading courtesy of Holy Transfiguration Monastery
Apolytikion courtesy of Holy Transfiguration Monastery
Kontakion courtesy of Narthex Press
Icon courtesy of Theologic Systems

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Divine Liturgy Under Turkish Guns

Although I abhor the Papacy and above all, ecumenicalism, I found this blog entry an interesting read from the perspective of a visitor to the Phanari when the Papacy visited the Patriarchate of Constantinople last week:

On this day, the minaret and all the surrounding rooftops are occupied by Turkish soldiers. They look down upon us in the courtyard and glare. There is security and insecurity in their presence: they will assuredly protect us from any Islamist who would seek to wreak mayhem -- though none, not even unfriendly crowds, are in evidence -- and they are assuredly not our friends. The Patriarch himself, Bartholomew I, once served in the Turkish Army, in keeping with the Turkish state's stricture that the occupant of that office must hold Turkish citizenship. I looked up at the soldiery, and reflected on the pity of this state, which he served, that is now bent upon squeezing his ancient office out of existence.

Modern Greece: Barbaric Wasteland

It's a shame that modern greece has no programs and no help whatsoever for the disabled:

Greek disabled mostly jobless

Eight in 10 disabled people in Greece are unemployed while the rest scrape by on low incomes, advocates for the handicapped said yesterday on the occasion of International Day of Disabled Persons.

Organizations representing disabled people said that physically challenged Greeks remain marginalized because they are excluded from education, public services, entertainment and transport. Advocates said that 84 percent of disabled people in Greece do not have jobs.

Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos said in a statement that the government is implementing a program to provide the disabled better access to public buildings and the Internet.

The minister admitted that the government is “not happy with what we have done so far” and that more effort is needed to help disabled Greeks.